UK air direction radar Type 984

Naval Radar


  Used by

1940UK Illustrious class aircraft carrier CV 1
1959UK Improved Centaur class aircraft carrier CV 1


1950-oct-23 UK HMS Victorious R38 Aircraft Carrier Illustrious class until Dec 1957, major refit and modernisation to include an 8.75° angled flight deck, new radars and lengthened to 240m, two larger centreline lifts and first British carrier to be fitted with Jet Blast Deflectors (JBD), recommissioning on 14 Jan 1958
1959-oct-30 UK HMS Eagle R05 Aircraft Carrier Audacious class at HMD Devonport until May 1964, major refit to have flight deck angle increased to 8.5 degrees, 2 new steam catapults, a Type 984 radar installed and her guns replaced with 6 (not 4) Seacat missiles. 1st Carrier to fire a Seacat in 1964.

  In Service

UK Royal Navy
IN Indian Navy

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