IT Orizzonte class

CNGF class

Guided-Missile Destroyer


Guided-Missile Destroyer Orizzonte class

The Horizon class , known in italian service as Classe Andrea Doria, replaced the Audace and Ardito


1Naval Radar long range search S1850M

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
IT Italian Navy NHI NH90 NFH 12
IT Italian Navy Agusta AB212 02


IT Fincantieri Riva Trigoso - Sestri Levante2

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2007--ITItalian NavyD 553Andrea DoriaIADO
2009--ITItalian NavyD 554Caio DuilioIADU

2 units


2002Laid downLaid down IT D 553 Andrea Doria
2003-sepLaid downLaid down IT D 554 Caio Duilio
2005-oct-15LaunchedLaunched IT D 553 Andrea Doria
2007-oct-23LaunchedLaunched IT D 554 Caio Duilio
2007-dec-22CommissionedCommissioned IT D 553 Andrea Doria
2009-apr-03CommissionedCommissioned IT D 554 Caio Duilio
2014-jul-22DeploymentDeployment IT D 553 Andrea Doria Combined Task Force 150 Flagship of the european mission
2015-oct-03DeploymentDeployment IT D 553 Andrea Doria Exercise Joint Warrior 15-2 participated in JW 15-2 off north west coast of Scotland
2016-nov-18DeploymentDeployment IT D 553 Andrea Doria Esercitazione Mare Aperto 2016 with SH90 MM81595 on board
2017-decDeploymentDeployment IT D 553 Andrea Doria Operation Sea Guardian Flagship, Task Group 440.03
2019-nov-06AircraftAircraft IT D 554 Caio Duilio EH101 2-08 crashed during night training flight on the Tyrrhenian Sea. No fatalities
2022-sep-28Port VisitPort Visit IT D 553 Andrea Doria arrived in Portsmouth. Later that day, Navy SH-90A MM81618 / 3-43 was ranged on deck.
2024-apr-29DeploymentDeployment IT D 554 Caio Duilio Operation Aspides handed over to ITS Virginio Fasan as flagship for EUNAVFOR Operation Aspides.

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