UK Polar Circle class




91length (m)
17.90beam (m)
8.50draught (m)
6500range (nm)
15max speed (knots)

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
UK Royal Navy Westland Lynx 22


NO Ulstein Verft (Ulstein-Hatlo) - 1

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19911992UKRoyal NavyA176HMS Polar Circle
19922009 A171 HMS Endurance (1992)

1 units


1991-nov-21CommissionedCommissioned UK A176 HMS Polar Circle as HMS Polar Circle for Antarctic support duties
1992-octDecommissionedDecommissioned UK A176 HMS Polar Circle renamed HMS Endurance (A171)
1992-octFate: transferedFate: transfered UK A176 HMS Polar Circle renamed HMS Endurance (A171)
1992-octCommissionedCommissioned UK A171 HMS Endurance (1992) ex HMS Polar Circle, renamed; aka The Red Plum.
1992-dec UK A171 HMS Endurance (1992) assigned to BFSAI
1998-augPort VisitPort Visit UK A171 HMS Endurance (1992) on board Lynx XZ241
1998-aug-28DeploymentDeployment UK A171 HMS Endurance (1992) International Festival of Sea Participated in IFoS 1998.
2001-aug-24Port VisitPort Visit UK A171 HMS Endurance (1992) International Festival of Sea 2001 Present at IFoS Portsmouth.
2005-jun-28DeploymentDeployment UK A171 HMS Endurance (1992) Fleet Review: Trafalgar 200 Review ship, carrying HM Queen Elizabeth II to review the fleet
2005-octDeploymentDeployment UK A171 HMS Endurance (1992) left Portsmouth for Antarctic survey mission with 2 Lynx embarked, returned May 2006.
2008-octAircraftAircraft UK A171 HMS Endurance (1992) embarked 815 NAS 212 Flt Lynx HAS.3ICE XZ238 and XZ246 from RAF Mount Pleasant for Antarctic summer support mission
2008-dec-17 UK A171 HMS Endurance (1992) Engine room flooded whilst underway in Magellan Straits. Towed to Punta Arenas and returned to UK via Falklands on heavy lift vessel mv Target by Apr 2009. Entered Portsmouth 10 Apr for repair assessment.
2010-apr UK A171 HMS Endurance (1992) Deployed 815 NAS, 212 Flight Lynx on board HMS Ark Royal, on loan until Aug 2010
2016-jun-01Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped UK A171 HMS Endurance (1992) departed Portsmouth under tow, for scrapping in Turkey

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