Landing Ship/Platform Dock Absalon class

Classified as combat support ships they are built with an internal multipurpose deck (or flex deck) and a stern vehicle ramp. These ships are highly versatile and can serve as command vessels, hospital, transport a company-sized landing force or for mine-laying/cleaning operations for example.


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6300full load (tn)
137.50length (m)
19.50beam (m)
6.30draught (m)
9000range (nm)
22300power (shp)
1Naval Gun Mark 45 5/62 inch (127mm)
2Close-In Weapon System Oerlikon Contraves (Rheinmetall) Millenium GDM-008
2Chaff and decoys Terma SKWS DL-12T 130mm


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    Typical Max
DK Royal Danish Navy Westland Lynx 12
DK Royal Danish Air Force AW EH101 12

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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DK Odense Staalskibsvaerft - 2

List of Ships

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DKRoyal Danish Navy L16KDM AbsalonOUFA2004--
DKRoyal Danish Navy L17KDM Esbern SnareOUFB2005--

2 units


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2004-feb-25LaunchedDK L16 KDM Absalon
2004-jun-21LaunchedDK L17 KDM Esbern Snare
2004-oct-19CommissionedDK L16 KDM Absalon
2005-apr-18CommissionedDK L17 KDM Esbern Snare
2005-jul-1Port VisitDK L17 KDM Esbern Snare Present at International Festival of the Sea, Portsmouth
2010-janDeploymentDK L16 KDM Absalon Combined Task Force 150 to Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean as NATO Counter-Piracy Flagship (Task Force 508), until Mar 2010.
2010-jun-7DeploymentDK L17 KDM Esbern Snare BALTOPS 10 participated with BALTOPS 2010
2010-jun-28Port VisitDK L16 KDM Absalon Fleet Review: 100th anniversary of Canadian Navy visited Halifax for MARLANT Fleet Review
2010-aug-10Port VisitDK L16 KDM Absalon Fleet Review: 500 years anniversary of RDN on board (hangar) Lynx S-134
2013-oct-7DeploymentDK L16 KDM Absalon Exercise Joint Warrior 13-2 participated in two week exercise off NW Scotland
2015-apr-11DeploymentDK L16 KDM Absalon Exercise Joint Warrior 15-1 participated in JW 15-1, off NW Scotland
2015-jun-5DeploymentDK L16 KDM Absalon BALTOPS 15 deployed to Baltic Sea for BALTOPS 2015.
2016-oct-9DeploymentDK L16 KDM Absalon Exercise Joint Warrior 16-2 Participated in Ex JW16-2
2017-mar-24DeploymentDK L16 KDM Absalon Exercise Joint Warrior 17-1 Participated in Joint Warrior 17-1, in Scottish Training Areas
2018-aug-22DeploymentDK L17 KDM Esbern Snare Exercising with Japanese Training Squadron in the Baltic, which included JDS Kashima and JDS Makinami.
2019-marDeploymentDK L16 KDM Absalon Exercise Joint Warrior 19-1 Mar 2019, NATO SNMG1 amphibious support ship, participated in JW19-1; noted operating MH-60R N-976.

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