US Yellowstone class

US Samuel Gompers class

Support Ship


Support Ship Yellowstone class

Destroyer Tenders


20200full load (tn)
196length (m)
26beam (m)
8.20draught (m)
20max speed (knots)

1Naval Engine steam turbines


US NASSCO San Diego - 4

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19801996USUS NavyAD-41USS Yellowstone
19811994 sunk 2010USUS NavyAD-42USS Acadia
19821995USUS NavyAD-43USS Cape Cod
19831996USUS NavyAD-44USS Shenandoah

4 units


1977-jun-27Laid downLaid down US AD-41 USS Yellowstone
1978-feb-14Laid downLaid down US AD-42 USS Acadia
1979-jan-27LaunchedLaunched US AD-41 USS Yellowstone
1979-jan-27Laid downLaid down US AD-43 USS Cape Cod
1979-jul-28LaunchedLaunched US AD-42 USS Acadia
1980-jun-28CommissionedCommissioned US AD-41 USS Yellowstone
1980-aug-02LaunchedLaunched US AD-43 USS Cape Cod
1980-aug-02Laid downLaid down US AD-44 USS Shenandoah
1981-jun-06CommissionedCommissioned US AD-42 USS Acadia
1982-feb-06LaunchedLaunched US AD-44 USS Shenandoah
1982-apr-17CommissionedCommissioned US AD-43 USS Cape Cod
1983-aug-15CommissionedCommissioned US AD-44 USS Shenandoah
1994-dec-16DecommissionedDecommissioned US AD-42 USS Acadia
1995-sep-29DecommissionedDecommissioned US AD-43 USS Cape Cod
1996-jan-31DecommissionedDecommissioned US AD-41 USS Yellowstone
1996-sep-03DecommissionedDecommissioned US AD-44 USS Shenandoah
1999-apr-07StruckStruck US AD-43 USS Cape Cod
1999-jul-04StruckStruck US AD-41 USS Yellowstone
2001-jul-28StruckStruck US AD-44 USS Shenandoah
2007-dec-13StruckStruck US AD-42 USS Acadia
2009 US AD-43 USS Cape Cod still at James River Reserve Fleet in Fort Eustis, VA
2010-decFate: sunkFate: sunk US AD-42 USS Acadia as a target

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