IT Cavour class

IT Garibaldi class

Aircraft Carrier V STOL


Aircraft Carrier V STOL Cavour class


30000full load (tn)
244length (m)
39beam (m)
8.70draught (m)
7000range (nm)
29max speed (knots)

4Naval Engine gas turbine - General Electric LM2500

2Naval Gun Oto Melara 76 mm

2Naval Radar fire direction radar Selenia Orion RTN-25X

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
IT Italian Navy AW EH101 120
IT Italian Navy NHI NH90 NFH 00
IT Italian Navy Agusta AB212 00


IT Fincantieri Riva Trigoso - Sestri Levante1

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2008--ITItalian Navy550Conte di CavourIASM

1 units


2001-jul-17Laid downLaid down IT 550 Conte di Cavour
2004-jul-20LaunchedLaunched IT 550 Conte di Cavour
2008-mar-27CommissionedCommissioned IT 550 Conte di Cavour
2009-junHomeportHomeport IT 550 Conte di Cavour La Spezia
2010-janDeploymentDeployment IT 550 Conte di Cavour Operation Panlake despatched to Haiti as part of Operation White Crane, the clean up operation following the Jan 2010 Haiti earthquake
2015-jun-26DeploymentDeployment IT 550 Conte di Cavour Operation Sophia First flagship ov the operation with 2 EH 101 helicopters for one year till june 2016 relieved by the other italian Aircraft Carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi
2016-oct-03DeploymentDeployment IT 550 Conte di Cavour Exercise Emerald Move 2016 Participated in Tyrrhenian Sea exercise
2021-feb-15TrialsTrials IT 550 Conte di Cavour F35-B trials
2021-mar-20TrialsTrials IT 550 Conte di Cavour F-35B qualifications off US east coast with USS Gerald R Ford until 27 Mar.

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