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    Aircraft Carrier



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    UK Vickers-Armstrong - High Walker1

    List of Ships

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    UKRoyal Navy47HMS Furious19171948

    1 units


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    1915-jun-8Laid downUK 47 HMS Furious as a Light Battlecruiser but design altered during build.
    1916-aug-15LaunchedUK 47 HMS Furious with forward gun turret removed and replaced by a hangar and flight deck, sloping towards the prow.
    1917CommissionedUK 47 HMS Furious work completed on 4 Jul 1917.
    1917-aug-2TrialsUK 47 HMS Furious first ever deck landing on a carrier.
    1919-nov-21RefitUK 47 HMS Furious entered Rosyth for a period in reserve, before a refit essentially stripped her back and rebuilt her asa flush-deck carrier.
    1926-may-6DeploymentUK 47 HMS Furious performed first ever deck landing at night of a 462 Flt Blackburn Dart.
    1935-sep-9TrialsUK 47 HMS Furious first rotary wing landing on a British carrier underway, conducted by Avro Rota K4230.
    1948DecommissionedUK 47 HMS Furious

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