List of Aircraft Carrier classes (CV)


Derivatives / Succeeded by
1917 UK Courageous class
1940 UK Illustrious class
1944         united kingdom Implacable class
1942 US Bogue class
1942 US Essex (short hull) class
1944         usa Essex (long hull) class
1943 UK Nairana class
1943 US Independence class
1951         france La Fayette class
1943 US Casablanca class
1944 UK Colossus class
1948         united kingdom Majestic class
1965         AO united kingdom Triumph class
1944 US Commencement Bay class
1945 US Midway class
1951 UK Audacious class
1953 UK Centaur class
1954         united kingdom Modified Centaur class
1959         united kingdom Improved Centaur class
1955 US Forrestal class
1961         usa Kitty Hawk class
1965                 usa America (1965) class
1968                         usa John F Kennedy class
1961 FR Clemenceau class

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