US Independence class

Aircraft Carrier


    Derivatives / Succeeded by
FR La Fayette class 1951


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11000light (tn)
15100full load (tn)
190length (m)
21.80beam (m)
7.90draught (m)
12500range (nm)
31.50max speed (knots)


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    Typical Max
ES Spanish Navy Sikorsky S-61 H-3 04
ES Spanish Navy Sikorsky S-55 H-19 04
ES Spanish Navy Bell AH-1G Cobra 04
ES Spanish Navy Agusta AB204 04
ES Spanish Navy Agusta AB212 04

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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US New York Shipbuilding - 3

List of Ships

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USUS NavyCVL-24USS Belleau WoodNFGN19431947
La Fayette class FR French Navy R97 Bois Belleau 19531960
USUS NavyCVL-27USS Langley19431951
La Fayette class FR French Navy R96 La Fayette 19511963
USUS NavyCVL-28USS CabotNFDY19431955
ES Spanish Navy R-01 Dedalo 19671989

3 units


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1941-aug-11Laid downUS CVL-24 USS Belleau Wood as Cleveland class cruiser, USS New Haven
1942-marOrderedUS CVL-28 USS Cabot
1942-mar-16Laid downUS CVL-28 USS Cabot
1942-apr-11Laid downUS CVL-27 USS Langley Yard No 443
1942-dec-6LaunchedUS CVL-24 USS Belleau Wood
1943-mar-31CommissionedUS CVL-24 USS Belleau Wood
1943-apr-4LaunchedUS CVL-28 USS Cabot
1943-may-22LaunchedUS CVL-27 USS Langley
1943-jul-24CommissionedUS CVL-28 USS Cabot
1943-aug-31CommissionedUS CVL-27 USS Langley
1947-jan-13DecommissionedUS CVL-24 USS Belleau Wood at Alameda NAS
1951-mayUS CVL-27 USS Langley To France as La Fayette
1955-jan-21DecommissionedUS CVL-28 USS Cabot
1959-may-15US CVL-28 USS Cabot re-designated AVT-3 as an Aviation Transport
1967CommissionedES R-01 Dedalo
1967-aug-30Fate: transferedUS CVL-28 USS Cabot Loaned to Spanish Navy
1969-octDeploymentES R-01 Dedalo Exercise Emanuel Faron IV, western Mediterranean, off Barcelona
1972-nov-8ES R-01 Dedalo Sold to Spain after loan period
1977-octDeploymentES R-01 Dedalo Exercise Sea Canaries, in eastern Atlantic, off Canary Islands
1978-aug-9DeploymentES R-01 Dedalo anti-submarine exercises in western Mediterranean, off Cartagena, with SNS Baleares, SNS Extremadura, SNS Lepanto and SNS Roger de Lauria.
1989StruckES R-01 Dedalo
1989-augDecommissionedES R-01 Dedalo
2002Fate: scrappedES R-01 Dedalo In the US after failed preservation attempt

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