RU Project 1164 Atlant class

Guided-Missile Cruiser



9380light (tn)
11490full load (tn)
186.40length (m)
20.80beam (m)
8.40draught (m)
10000range (nm)
32max speed (knots)

2Naval Engine propulsion system: COGOG

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
RU Russian Navy Kamov ka-27 Helix 01


UA 61 Communard - 1

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19832000RURussian Navy121RFS Slava
20002022 sunk 2022 121 RFS Moskva

1 units


1976Laid downLaid down RU 121 RFS Slava
1979-julLaunchedLaunched RU 121 RFS Slava
1983-jan-30CommissionedCommissioned RU 121 RFS Slava
1991RefitRefit RU 121 RFS Slava Into refit to re-emerge in 1998 as RFS Moskva
2000HomeportHomeport RU 121 RFS Moskva Sevastopol, as flagship of the Black Sea fleet
2000-aprCommissionedCommissioned RU 121 RFS Moskva after refit as ex RFS Slava
2004-octPort VisitPort Visit RU 121 RFS Moskva visited Malta
2013-augPort VisitPort Visit RU 121 RFS Moskva to Havana in early Aug 2013
2015-julPort VisitPort Visit RU 121 RFS Moskva visited Luanda
2022-apr-14Fate: sunkFate: sunk RU 121 RFS Moskva off Odessa, heading for Sevastopol for repairs.

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