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  • F421 HMNZS Canterbury

    NZ Royal New Zealand Navy

    1971 to 2005    


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    Flight Deck: CA
    Call Sign: ZMCR
    See Also: L Canterbury class L421


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    History of NZ F421 HMNZS Canterbury

    1969-jun-12Laid down
    1972-augarrived in NZ from UK, with Wasp HAS.1 NZ3903 embarked.
    1973-julDeploymentMururoa Atoll relieved HMNZS Otago, on station outside the French nuclear test zone, in protest at continued atmospheric testing.
    1977-jun-25Deployment Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen Present at Silver Jubilee Fleet Review off Mother Bank
    1986-oct-4Deployment Fleet Review: 75th anniversary of RAN Present at 75th anniversary of the RAN Fleet Review.
    1987-novRefitMid Life Refit, until c Jun 1990
    1995Refitrefit until Mar 1996, including installation of Phalanx CIWS and enlargement to hanger for Seasprite programme
    2007-nov-3Fate: sunkDeep Water Cove Bay of Islands as artifical reef at Deep Water Cove, Bay of Islands



        Typical Max
    NZ RNZN Westland Wasp 11
    NZ RNZN Kaman Seasprite 11

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    



    UK Yarrow, Scotstoun

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