Part II

Agusta Helicopters Part III

1994 : Agusta A119 Koala An 8 seats, light single turbine helicopter, for passenger transport and aerial works, powered with a Pratt & Whitney PT6B-37 single turboshaft engine of 1000 shp
A119 Koala

December 18, 1995 : NH Industries NH-90

Bell - Agusta Aerospace

1999, Oct 4 : EH101 First flight of Italian Navy production helicopter (M.M.I. 01)

1999, Oct 8 : Agusta / Bell AB139 A medium twin helicopter for the civilian market announced

2001, Feb 3rd : AB139

First flight at Agusta's flight test facility in Cascina Costa di Samarate, Italy.


2001, Feb 12 : The completion followed both the agreement drawn up by Finmeccanica SpA of Italy and GKN plc of the UK on July 26 2000 and the subsequent European regulatory approvals. The Joint Venture company is 50% each owned by Finmeccanica and GKN. AgustaWestland is a single European company trading as Agusta SpA in Italy and as Westland Helicopters Ltd in the UK.

2001, Oct : Agusta A109K2 A109K with two Turbomeca Arriel-1K1 engines each generating 771 shp, for carrying out flight operations at high altitude or hot temperatures.

2002 : Bell / Agusta BA609 Tiltrotor

2002, March: US Coast Guard MH-68A "Mako" Stingray

Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron 10 (HITRON-10), based at Cecil Air Field in Jacksonville, FL.

US Coast Guard MH-68A HITRON

2002, Nov 21 : Last delivery of EH101 for UK MoD

2004 : Agusta Grand At FARNBOROUGH 2004 airshow, a new top-of-the-line light twin was unveiled by AgustaWestland to fill the gap between its A109 Power and the AB139 now entering service. Designated the A109S but to be known as the "Grand" the new helicopter has been flying in prototype form for around 18 months now and is set to achieve certification in early 2005.

2005 : EH101 wins US Navy VXX presidential helicopter competition

Lockheed Martin's US101 proposal of the AgustaWestland EH101 is officially designated the VH-71A Kestrel.

The US101, meanwhile, is also competing for the US Air Force's CSAR-X combat search and rescue requirement. If it wins, it will presumably become the MH-71B but will eventually lose against the Boeing HH-47


2005, Nov 21 : In a realignment of the Joint Venture with Bell Helicopters they sold its 25 percent interest in the AB139 later to be known as AW139

2006, February : AB139 Programme Update

2006, July : Portuguese Air Force receives 12th and final EH101

2007, April : AgustaWestland and Saab Training Systems launch helicopter Cabin/Door Gun Training System

2007, June : AgustaWestland delivers the 100th AW139

2007, December 11 : Delivery of the first batch of AW109N light twin helicopters to the Italian Carabinieri took place at the company's Vergiate plant, Italy.

2009, September 28 : First flight of the T129, the Turkish A129 Mangusta variant


2009, November 12 : First flight of the AW159, the new Lynx

2009, November 13 : First flight of the AW149

2010, July 19 : AW169

2011 : AW189

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