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Bell Helicopter Part II

1949 : Bell 54 ( YH-15 ) A utility helo for the USAF with a gross weight of 1225 kg
first class graduates helicopter school

1950 : Bell 48 ( R-12 / YH-12 ) 13 units built.

1951 : Bell Helicopter division moves to Hurst, Texas

1952 : Agusta Spa licencesing aggreement to built Bell helicopters in Italy


March 4, 1953 : Bell 61 ( HSL-1 ) Bell's only tandem rotor. In 1950 wins an US Navy contract for an antisubmarine helicopter. 53 units built but the HO4S (S-55), which the HSL-1 had been intended to replace, remained in service until the introduction of the HSS-1 (S-58)

April, 1953 : 1000th helicopter rolls off the Bell assembly line.

Bell 61

1954 : Bell 201 ( XH-13F ) A derivative of the Bell 47, it is Bell's first turbine helicopter. Powered by a Continental CAE XT51-T-3 turboshaft engine (425 shp), a license-built Turbomeca Artouste.


August 23, 1955 : Bell 200 tilt-rotor ( XH-33 / XV-3 ) This aircraft converts from takeoff in helicoper mode to straight and level flight like an airplane. Starting built in 1953, this experimental aircraft flew until 1966, proving the fundamental soundness of the tiltrotor concept and gathering data about technical improvements needed for future designs. The airframe returned to texas in 2004 for restoration.


October, 1956 : Bell 204 "Huey" ( UH-1 )
US Army 's first production-line turbine powered utility helicopter and the most representative helicopter of the Vietnam era.

1957 : Name changed to Bell Helicopter Corporation

Huey helicopters

1958 : The XV-3 makes the first conversion of tilting prop-rotor aircraft.

1960 : Spacecraft Recovery Rotor

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