Helicopter Accidents


Owners not available accidents

Aerospatiale Alouette II 22
Aerospatiale Alouette III 5
Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma 3
Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil 56
Aerospatiale AS355 ecureuil 2 13
Aerospatiale Gazelle 20
Aerospatiale SA330 Puma 15
Aerospatiale SA360 Dauphin 1
Aerospatiale SA365 Dauphin 2 7
Agusta A109 Hirundo 13
Agusta A109E Power 9
Agusta A119 Koala 1
Agusta AB205 1
Agusta AB206 10
Agusta AB412 2
Agusta AB47 9
AgustaWestland AW109 9
AgustaWestland AW119 Koala 3
AgustaWestland AW139 2
AgustaWestland AW169 1
Airbus Helicopters as350 5
Bell 204 20
Bell 205 21
Bell 206 224
Bell 212 22
Bell 214 5
Bell 222 24
Bell 230 1
Bell 407 21
Bell 412 16
Bell 429 4
Bell 430 7
Bell 47 9
Boeing 414 - H-47D Chinook 1
Boeing-Vertol 107M H-46 Sea Knight 1
Boeing-Vertol CH-47 Chinook 1
Brantly B-2 1
Bristol Type 171 Sycamore 9
Cierva Air Horse 1
Cierva C.30 1
Dornier UH-1D 4
Enstrom 280 9
Enstrom 480 3
Enstrom f-28 7
Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil 94
Eurocopter AS355 Ecureuil 2 3
Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin 2 4
Eurocopter EC120 14
Eurocopter EC135 8
Eurocopter EC145 1
Eurocopter Super Puma/Cougar 1
F+W Emmen SA316B Alouette III 1
Fairchild-Hiller FH-1100 2
Fuji 204 1
Guimbal Cabri G2 8
Hiller 360 7
Hughes 269 10
Hughes 369 / 500 / H-6 27
IAR 316 1
Kaman Huskie 2
Kaman K-MAX 12
Kamov ka-26 1
Kamov ka-32 3
Kawasaki Heavy Industries bk117 2
MBB Bk117 7
MBB Bo105 22
McDonnell Douglas md500 13
McDonnell Douglas MD520N 11
McDonnell Douglas MD900 Explorer 1
MD Helicopters MD500 1
Mil Mi-2 Hoplite 4
Mil Mi-26 Halo 1
Mil Mi-8 Hip (1st Gen) 13
Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen) 7
Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (3rd Gen) 2
Piasecki Helistat 1
Piasecki PV-18 2
PZL SW-4 1
PZL W-3 Sokol 2
Revolution Helicopter mini 500 3
Robinson R22 63
Robinson R44 106
Robinson R66 17
Rotorway exec 5
Saunders Roe Skeeter 2
Schiebel Camcopter S-100 1
Schweizer 269C / 300 21
Schweizer 330 (269D) 1
Sikorsky S-55 H-19 13
Sikorsky S-58 H-34 60
Sikorsky S-60 1
Sikorsky S-61 H-3 14
Sikorsky S-62 HH-52 2
Sikorsky S-64 CH-54 3
Sikorsky S-70 H-60 2
Sikorsky S-76 14
Sikorsky S-92 1
Westland 30 1
Westland Lynx 2
Westland Scout 6
Westland Sea King 1
Westland Sioux 26
Westland Wasp 1
Westland Wessex 12
Westland Whirlwind 5

2000 204 CH36 JA9145 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2
Shin Nihon Helicopter JA9145 : Shin Nihon Helicopter Co Ltd 1993; w/o 27mar00 Katashina Tone-gun, Gunma Prefecture Airfield
2017 204b 2020 CF-RSR : reserial to C-FRSR
C-FRSR : Heli Voyageur Ltee at Val DOr, QB, canc May82
Great Slave Helicopters C-FRSR : Great Slave Helicopters 1989-May90
C-FRSR : Airborne Helicopters at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Apr01-May02
C-FRSR : Resource Helicopters Ltd at Langley, BC May02-Ju1l3
C-FRSR : 14sep08 pictured (pic1) at Langley, BC
Eagle Copters C-FRSR : Eagle Copters Feb/Aug 2014
VH-EQF : South West Helicopters Pty Ltd at Cootamundra, NSW from Oct14; w/o 21jun17 at Pureora Forest Park 18km W Lake Taupo: pictured (pic2)
2010 204b 2053 N120LA : ex N7904S, to C-GYHU
Yellowhead Helicopters C-GYHU : Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd Jan90-Aug08
Heli Austria GmbH OE-XBT : Heli Austria GmbH; w/o 23jul10 crashed transporting concrete for building work in mountainous region near Dienten am Hochkönig, Salzburg, Austria. 1 fatality
2011 204b 2196 VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GVVI : Vancouver Island Helicopters, ex N1304X, canc Jul86
C-GVVI : Appeared in orange and white livery in the the 1984 film Iceman
Eagle Copters C-GVVI : Eagle Copters, canc Apr87
Great Slave Helicopters C-GVVI : GSH Jun87-Nov07
Eagle Copters C-GVVI : Eagle Copters Mar/May 2008
Servicios Aereos De Los Andes OB-1891-P : Servicios Aereos Los Andes; w/o 21may11 at Alejandro Velasco Astete Airport, Cusco, Peru during testing flight
OB-1891-P : the belly of a yellow striped 206 had this number in Jan17
2007 204b 2197 Air America N1305X : Air America; 10,000 flight hours in South Vietnam; Apr75 fall of Saigon flown to USS Kirk (FF-1087)
N1305X : Omni Aircraft Sales at Washington, DC, canc Apr77
Air Greenland OY-HCA : Air Greenland Denmark 1977-1982
C-GVEL : Turbowest Helicopters at Calgary, AB Aug83-Sep89
Yellowhead Helicopters C-GVEL : Yellowhead helicopters 1989-2001
Great Slave Helicopters C-GVEL : Great Slave helicopters Nov01-Jul07
Eagle Copters C-GVEL : Eagle Copters Jul/Aug 2007
Servicios Aereos De Los Andes OB-1866-P : Servicios Aereos Los Andes; w/o 13dec07 at Oil exploration camp 216m NW Iquitos near Curaray-Loreto, Peru
2017 204b 2199 Bell Helicopter N1307X : Bell 1965
Air Greenland OY-HCB : Grønlandsfly "Sujugdleq" (den første) Denmark 1977-1982
C-GVEG : IMS Ltd at Calgary, AB 1982-Mar83
C-GVEG : Turbowest Helicopters Ltd at Calgary, AB Feb87-Jan89
Yellowhead Helicopters C-GVEG : Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd at Valemount, BC Jan89-Aug06; Northern Mountain Helicopters Inc at Prince George, BC Jun/Oct 1989
OE-XRK : Kitz Air; w/o 22jun17 hard landing at Alpbach, Tyrol
2015 205A 30009 Evergreen Helicopters N4750R : Evergreen Aug85-Sep07, 205A-1 type
Guardian Helicopters C-FTGK : Guardian Helicopters Oct07-Feb12
C-FTGK : Airspan Helicopters at Sechelt, BC Feb/Apr 2012
Guardian Helicopters C-FTGK : Guardian Helicopters from Jun12; w/o 04feb15 NE Springbank Airport
unknown 205A 30020 ERA Helicopters N4049G : ERA Helicopters Dec68-Apr77
VR-BGJ : Bristow Brunei, w/o unk
unknown 205A 30032 VR-BGK : to EP-HBV
Bristow Masayu Helicopters PK-HCE : Bristow Masayu, to VH-NSQ
C-GFHT : Frontier Helicopters at Abbotsford, BC May87-Jan91
Tasman Helicopters C-GFHT : conv 205A-1 type; Tasman Helicopters Jan/Apr 1991
C-GFHT : Frontier Helicopters Apr/Aug 1991, rtn to VH-NSQ
C-GFHT : Frontier Helicopters, Canc Aug86, rtn VH-NSQ
C-GFHT : Conair Aviation at Abbotsford, BC from Mar92; w/o unk; canc Dec99
2011 205A-1 30081 FAASA EC-GAS : FAASA; ex C-GFHQ
CC-CID : w/o 24mar11 2230hs tail rotor malfunction at San Clemente, Chile. 1 fatality
1996 205A-1 30154 ERA Helicopters N365EH : ERA, noted 1978
N68HJ : Heli-Jet Corp at Eugene, OR from May89; w/o 21mar96 near Grove Hill, Alabama; canc May96
unknown 205A-1 30160 ERA Helicopters N368EH : ERA, noted 1978, canc Aug80
PT-HJW : Brazil, w/o unk
1998 206a 08 Bell Helicopter N1369X : Bell 206A, cn8, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1369X, unk; conv 206B JetRanger II, unk;
C-GQKV : xfer Helico Air Services, Canada as C-GQKV, unk; w/o during post maintenance check flight, near Trenton, NS, 2 fatalities, 31Mar98.
1983 206a 102 CF-WPJ : Bell 206A cn102, ff:?; del Shirley Helicopters Canada as CF-WPJ, unk; w/o 25Oct83?; reg canx 30Nov93.
1982 206a 106 D-HABL : Bell 206A cn106, fF:?; del Sud-Helicopter Ortner-Haberl, Germany as D-HABL, Nov67; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
HB-XGD : xfer Bodmer Air Taxi, AG, Switzerland as HB-XGD, 15Sep76; dbr at Jungfraujoch, 22Jun82, stored, reg canx 13Mar03.
1978 206a 144 N713EM : Bell 206A cn144, ff:?; del US as N713EM, unk
I-AGUD : xfer Servizi Elicotteristici Italiani Spa, Italy as I-AGUD, unk; w/o Calosso , Italy, 08Jul78
1974 206a 166 D-HILD : Bell 206A cn166, ff:?; del Germany as D-HILD, unk
Helitrans AS LN-ORI : xfer Helitransport AS, Norway as LN-ORI, unk; w/o Lyngenfjord, 18Sep74
1989 206a 167 Bell Helicopter N6201N : Bell 206A cn167 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N6201N, unk; del US as N6201N, unk
N273E : xfer US as N273E, unk; w/o Bedminster, NJ 27Apr89
1978 206a 170 Bell Helicopter N6265N : Bell 206A cn170 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N6265N, unk; del US as N6265N, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
N4ZH : xfer Corvallis Aero, US as N4ZH, unk; w/o during logging opns near Tillamook, OR. Cable caught on left skid, damaged beyond repair, 15May78.
1993 206a 179 Bell Helicopter N4009G : Bell 206A cn179 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N4009G, unk; del US as N4009G, unk
F-BSUY : xfer Ste Cooperative DUtilisation de Materiel Agricole / Travagi, France as F-BSUY, 07Aug79; xfer several time sin France until reg canx by Air Affaires EJA, France SARL, 10Apr80
OO-JMG : xfer Transport Noterman, Amougies, Belgium as OO-JMG, 11Apr80
Heli Holland PH-HRH : xfer Heli Holland, Netherlands as PH-HRH, 28Feb90; suffered accident at Leerdam, NL, 07Aug93; since stored at Heli Hollands base at Emmen, reg canx, 31Aug95.
2003 206a 18 CF-JAD : Bell 206A, cn18, ff:?; xfer Canada as CF-JAD, 1967
C-FJAD : rereg Canada as C-FJAD, unk; w/o 10Jun03.
1977 206a 180 EI-ASW : Bell 206A cn180 ff:1968; del Ireland as EI-ASW, unk
G-BADS : xfer UK as G-BADS, unk
osterman helikopter SE-HGH : xfer Ostermans Aero AB, Sweden as SE-HGH, unk; w/o 17May77
1969 206a 181 G-AWJL : Bell 206A cn181 ff:?; del Point To Point Helicopters Ltd, UK as G-AWJL, 16May68; w/o damaged beyond repair during landing, Broughton, Northamptonshire, UK, 22Jul69
2017 206a 222 Bell Helicopter N933NR : Bell, 206A type
CF-FKD : Canada, reser C-FFKD, 206B type
C-FFKD : Ainsworth Lumber Co at 100 Mile House, BC, canc Jul83; Fraser Pulp Chips Ltd at Surrey, BC Apr84-May13; Pacific Rim Merchandising Ltd at Surrey, BC Jul13-Oct15
RA-01625 : Aviation Training Center Boomerang, Russia; w/o 05jul17 during training. 1 fatality
1972 206a 23 D-HEZF : Bell 206A, cn23, ff:?; xfer Germany as D-HEZF, unk
SE-HBN : xfer Jamtlands Aero AB, Sweden as SE-HBN, unk; w/o 29Jun72
1971 206a 235 5R-MVK : Bell 206A cn235 ff:?; del Madagascar as 5R-MVK, unk
Heliswiss International AG HB-XDD : xfer Heliswiss AG, Switzerland as HB-XDD, 24May70; dbr at Boven Nickerie/Surinam, 30Mar71; reg canx 17Sep71.
2008 206a 238 N70SP : Bell 206A cn238, ff:?; del US as N70SP, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk; xfer Larry Boven as N70SP, unk; w/o when engine stopped and aircraft crashed into trees, Chipman Preserve, Comstock Township, Michigan, 16May08, 1 fatality.
1994 206a 239 Bell Helicopter N4085G : Bell, to G-AWOL
G-AWOL : many private Aug68-Jan77
G-AWOL : 1971-192 in various episodes in the TV series The Persuaders
G-AWOL : TV series The Persuaders episode A Home of One's Own
G-AWOL : Express Helicopters Ltd Feb/Sep 77; Gleneagle Gelicopters Service, Scotland Sep77-Feb82; Gemton Ltd Feb83-Oct84; Tagshaw Ltd Oct84-May87
G-REVS : private May87-Apr92
G-REVS : Helispeed Ltd from Apr92; w/o 17Sep94 during landing, Hambleton Hotel, Hambleton, Leicestershire; Feb95 canc
1981 206a 255 PT-HBY : Bell 206A cn255, ff:?; del Brazil as PT-HBY, unk; w/o 12Jul81.
1989 206a 256 Bell Helicopter N4706R : Bell 206A cn256 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N4706R, 1968; xfer US as N4706R, unk; covn Bell 206B-2, unk
OO-WTC : xfer Belgium as OO-WTC, unk
F-BSTQ : xfer France as F-BSTQ, unk
HB-XNO : xfer Helitrade AGas HB-XNO, 12Nov82; xfer Sauter & Huber AG, 21Jan83; xfer Säntis-Heli / Marquart Jürg, 13Jun83; xfer Heli Business Flights, lsd Marquart Jürg, 28Mar85; xfer Marquart Jürg, 12Jun85; xfer Thur-Heli AG, 20Feb86; crashed at Trin-Schlucht/GER, 18Oct89.
2001 206a 276 Bell Helicopter N4714R : Bell 206A cn276 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N4714R, unk; xfer US as N4714R, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
C-GNXQ : xfer Canada as C-GNXQ, unk
G-BVWR : xfer UK as G-BVWR, unk
G-OBAY : xfer UK as G-OBAY, unk; w/o when pilot flew into Lake Windermere, Lancashire at night, 05Jan01
2002 206a 29 ZS-HCD : Bell 206A, cn29, ff:?; del South Africa ZS-HCD, unk
G-BBFE : xfer UK as G-BBFE, unk
9J-ADT : xfer Zambia as 9J-ADT, unk
G-BBFE Heli Leeds: type:Bell206B from 1975 to 1983 toward new owner
EC-EFE FAC Helicopters: from Aug87 to 1995, toward PJ-PLD
politie PJ-PLD : Politie from 1995, w/o 1mar02. ex EC-EFE
1970 206a 294 N830JA : Sky Crane/JetAir Corp at Everett, WA from Nov68; w/o 28may70 near Deadhorse, AK; canc Feb72
1980 206a 299 N8030 : xfer US as N8030, unk; dmg when suffered hard ldng dur auto rotation practice, Rimersburg, PA, 22Mar73; conv Bell 206B-2, unk; xfer Blain Helicopter as N8030, unk; w/o on ambulance mission ivo North Red Lodge, MT, 30Aug80, 3 fatalities.
1973 206a 302 Bell Helicopter N4789R : Bell 206A cn302, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N4789R, unk
VH-AND : xfer Australia as VH-AND, unk, [ntu?]
VH-UHJ : Helicopter Utilities/Airfast Services Jun69, ex N4789R; w/o 09apr73 ditched off Masthead Island, near Gladstone, Qld
1993 206a 316 N1713B : xfer US as N1713B, unk
N85TA : xfer US as N85TA, unk
N165FD : xfer US as N165FD, unk
N855B : xfer US as N855B, unk
N114DP : xfer US as N114DP, unk
N855B : xfer US as N855B, unk; w/o due to hard lndg, Parks, AZ, 29Jan93
1974 206a 332 G-AXAY : xfer Alan Mann, UK as G-AXAY, unk; lsd Plessey Company, unk; w/o Inkpen Hill, Hungerford, Berkshire, on 07Mar74, 2 fatalities.
1970 206a 336 N1416W : Bell 206A cn336, ff:?; del US as N1416W, unk; w/o due to hard lndg, Chignik, AK, 19Mar70
1989 206a 341 N1418W : Bell 206A, cn341, ff:?; del US as N1418W, unk
N131AT : xfer US as N131AT, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk; w/o during instructional flight mishap, Corona, CA, 13Mar89
1970 206a 353 N1450W : Bell 206A, cn353, ff:/; del US as N1450W, 1969; w/o due to engine failure, Waianae, HI, 01Jul70.
2006 206a 355 N1425W : Bell 206A cn355, ff:?; del US as N1425W, unk
N83MT : xfer US as N83MT, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
CC-CTA : xfer Chile as CC-CTA, unk; w/o after ditching in Lago Querto Falls, Chile while engaged in load slinging operations, 10May06
2004 206a 358 VH-PMR : Bell 206A cn358, ff:?; del Vowell Air Services as VH-PMR, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
VH-CSH : xfer Australia as VH-CSH, unk; w/o 12km SW Dunedoo, NSW, 22Nov04.
2003 206a 36 Bell Helicopter N7844S : Bell 206A cn36, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N7844S, unk; conv Bell 206B JetRanger II, unk
G-BAML : xfer UK as G-BAML, unk; w/o near Crag Lough, 4mi NE of Haltwhistle, Northumberland, 30May03. Loss of tail rotor effectiveness caused aircraft to complete several revolutions before impacting the ground from low height at slow speed. Three occupants suffered only minor injuries. Aircraft damaged beyond repair.
1985 206a 366 N1434W : Bell 206A cn366, ff:1969; xfer Ted T Kennedy, Las Vegas, NV, oper by Blue Bird Express Helicopters as N1434W, unk; w/o when suffered hard lndg during attempted auto rotation due to power loss, San Diego, CA 31Mar85, 1 serious injury
1970 206a 368 N1462W : Bell 206A cn368, ff:?; del Trans Alaska Helicopters as N1462W, 1969; w/o when collided with radio mast during maneuvering, Hurricane, AK, 10Jul70, 1 fatality.
1969 206a 373 N1430W : Bell 206A cn373, fF:?; del Sea World Inc as N1430W, 1969; w/o (damaged beyond repair) due to improperly installed cylcic balance spring clip, San Diego, CA, 30Apr69, 2 fatlaities
1969 206a 374 N1431W : Bell 206A, cn374, ff:?; del US as N1431W, 1969; w/o (dbr) when pilot autorotated to hard landing while low on fuel, Banksville, NY, 01Aug69.
2002 206a 378 Bell Helicopter N1442W : Bell 206A, cn378, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1442W, unk
N1442W : seen carrying the Rolling Stones during the first half hour of Gimme Shelter. Marked as Crescent Airways
C-GMLS : xfer Standard Ag Helicopters, Canada as C-GMLS, unk; w/o when suffered hard lndg (substantial dmg) due to engine failure, ivo Newfield, NY, 25Jul02.
C-GMLS : 19aug89 hijacked by two women, Rebecca Brown and Patricia Gonzales, who chartered the helicopter and then forced the pilot to land in a prison near Ordway, Colorado, and picked up two inmates, Ralph Brown and Freddie Gonzales, one of which flew the helicopter out of the prison by learning how to fly it from books. They were recaptured in Holdrege, Nebraska
1986 206a 401 Bell Helicopter N3523T : Bell 206A cn401 ff: 1969; reg Bell Helicopters as N3523T, unk; xfer US as N3523T, unk
N352AT : xfer CAVENAUGH AVIATION INC as N352AT, unk; conv 206B-II unk; w/o Humble, TX, 14Jul86
2005 206a 405 Bell Helicopter N1469W : Bell Helicopters 1969
G-AXMM : Court Line, UK 1969-1974
G-ROGR : xfer Thamesdown Helicopters as G-ROGR, 1974; dmg Sherdley Park, St, Hellens, Merseyside, UK 27Jul91; rprd & rts, unk
G-RODY : xfer UK as G-RODY, unk
G-WLLY : xfer UK as G-WLLY, unk
G-OBHH : xfer UK as G-OBHH, unk; conv Bell 206B-II, unk
G-WLLY : xfer UK as G-WLLY, unk; w/o 3nm North-east of Coupar Angus, Tayside, Scotland, 21Dec05
1978 206a 416 G-AXGO : Bell 206A cn416, ff:?; del UK as G-AXGO, unk; xfer Tradewinds Helicopters Ltd, as G-AXGO, 24Oct75; Converted to a Bell 206B-II, unk; w/o when crashed into River Severn at Denby Island on 02Mar78.
1999 206a 421 N10MP : Bell 206A, cn421, ff:?; del US as N10MP, unk
N99UC : xfer US as N992UC, unk; conv Bell 206B-2 unk; w/o 01Apr99
Papillon Grand Canyon N992UC : 12mar99 type: B-3 Papillon Helicopters at KGCN
1999 206a 422 State of New York N10SP : Bell 206A, cn422, ff:?; del New York State Police as N10SP, unk
N10SZ : xfer US as N10SZ, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
ZK-HYF : xfer New Zealand as ZK-HYF, unk; w/o when during the course of agricultural spray operations, the helicopter collided with 11 kV power lines and crashed 10NM NE Stratford, New Zealand, 07Oct99, 1 fatality.
1984 206a 423 Bell Helicopter N1495W : Bell 206A, cn423, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1495W, unk; del US as N1495W, unk
ZK-HVH : xfer New Zealand as ZK-HVH, unk; w/o 17Oct84
1970 206a 434 N11DL : Bell 206A, cn434, ff:?; del US as N11DL, unk; w/o when pilot diverted attention to turn off landing light at critical point during over water approach to poorly lighted helipad. Helo impacted water and suffered substantial damage, South Hampton, NY, 25Aug70.
1989 206a 440 CF-HHJ : Bell 206A cn440, ff:?; del Canada as CF-HHJ, unk
C-FHHJ : rereg Canada as C-FHHJ, unk; w/o unk
C-FHHJ : w/o 07sep89 I was in it when it hit the water at the head of Ramsey Arm, west coast British Columbia. Glassy water effect
2011 206a 443 Bell Helicopter N2224W : Bell 206A, cn443, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2224W, unk; del US as N2224W, unk
C-GGJJ : xfer Canada as C-GGJJ, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
N2162L : xfer US as N2162L, unk
C-GGOZ : xfer Delta-Helicopters as C-GGOZ, unk; w/o ivo Calling Lake, about 200km north of Edmonton, CA, 23May11.
1974 206a 454 Bell Helicopter N2284W : Bell 206A, cn454 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2284W, unk
N32TA : del Interwest Corp as N32TA, unk; w/o ivo Berthoud Fields, CO when aircraft rolled 390 ft downhill after impact with mtn slope. Density alt abt 14000ft, 03Aug74, 1 fatality.
1999 206a 457 CF-CEH : Canada
Trans North Helicopters C-GTND : Trans North; w/o 18Jan99 destroyed by hangar fire, Ross River, Yukon
1967 206a 46 Bell Helicopter N7846S : Bell 206A cn46, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N7846S, 1967
N7846S : reg Mobil Oil as N7846S, 1967; Lost control over Gulf of Mexico, helo sank, not recovered, 4 fatalities, 15Aug67.
1972 206a 460 N25BB : Bell 206A cn460, ff:?; del private US N25BB, unk; w/o when main rotor retention strap failed and helo crashed ivo New Cumberland, PA, 26Jun72, 4 fatalities.
1975 206a 47 Bell Helicopter N7847S : Bell 206A cn47, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N7847S, 1967
N7847S : del US operator as N7847S, 1967; damaged when pilot misjudged clearance distance and struck gas pump handle during clearing turn, Carpinteria, CA, 17Jul67; repaired & conv Bell 206B JetRanger II, unk; w/o when settled into water during hovering, ivo Morgan City, LA, 02Nov75; reg canx, unk.
1979 206a 473 N43RC : Bell 206A cn473, ff:?; del US as N43RC, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
N3500M : xfer Island Helicopter as N3500M, unk; w/o ivo Old Westbury, NY 06Oct79
1997 206a 478 Bell Helicopter N2281W : Bell 206A cn478, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2281W, unk; del US as N2281W, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
C-GVQK : xfer Northern Mountain Helicopters Inc, BC as C-GVQK, unk; w/o when helo descended into fog and struck mountainside ivo Bear Valley, British Columbia, 30Jul97
2011 206a 484 N112FL : Bell 206A cn484, ff:1969; del US as N112FL, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
C-GFAJ : xfer Canada as C-GFAJ, unk
Heliswiss International AG HB-XXH : xfer Heliswiss / Helitrade AG as HB-XXH, 03Oct90
HB-XXH : xfer Sirius AG / Helitrade Agas HB-XXH, 23Nov90
Heliswiss International AG HB-XXH : xfer Heliswiss / Helitrade AG as HB-XXH, 23Jan91
Eliticino / Tarmac HB-XXH : xfer Eliticino SA as HB-XXH, 19Apr91
I-ETBR : xfer Italy as I-ETBR, 06Oct95; suffered minor dmg when blades contacted grnd and helo rolled onto rt side, ivo Champoluc, Aosta, Italy, 02Mar11; reg canx unk.
2010 206a 487 CF-QGP : Bell 206A cn487, ff:?; del Canada as CF-QGP, unk
C-FQGP : rereg Canada as C-FQGP, unk
N35BA : xfer US as N35BA, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
N111EL : xfer US as N111EL, unk [ntu?]
N35BA : xfer US as N35BA, unk
State of California N729LA : xfer Los Angeles Police as N729LA, unk [ntu?]
N35BA : xfer US as N35BA, unk
PR-HQB : xfer Brazil as PR- HQB, unk; w/o ivo Federal University of Sergipe, at Aracaju, BZ 21Dec10.
2005 206a 492 N15FD : Bell 206A cn492, ff:?; del US as N15FD, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
C-GCQT : xfer Far West as C-GCQT, unk; w/o helo contacted water during sampling flight, Devels Lake, British Columbia, 26Oct05, 1 fatality.
1970 206a 50 Bell Helicopter N7850S : Bell 206A cn50, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N7850S, 1967;
N7850S : del US as N7850S, unk; w/o when pilot took hands and feet from controls to retrieve pencil. Aircraft became airborne, spun into sea from Shell Oil platform, ST26, Gulf of Mexico, 14Dec70.
2001 206a 501 N8104J : del US as N8104J, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk; w/o due to fire, 22Oct01.
1982 206a 502 D-HKLW : mfg. 1970; del Germany as D-HKLW, unk
HB-XMX : xfer Säntis-Heli, Switzerland as HB-XMX, 21Oct81; crashed at Ellikon, ZH, 01May82; reg canx 17Nov82.
1997 206a 507 N99MC : Bell 206A cn507, ff:?; del US as N99MC, unk
N99KC : xfer US as N99KC, [ntu]
N99MC : retained US as N99MC, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
C-FAXU : xfer Canada as C-FAXU, unk; w/o when longline attached to aircraft became entangled in fuel drums during takeoff and aircraft crashed to ground, Whitecourt, Alberta, 20Apr97, no inujuries.
2013 206a 509 PT-HCH : Bell 206A, cn509, ff:?; del Brazil as PT-HCH, 1970; conv Bell 206B-2, unk; dbr & w/o when aircraft made ​​an emergency landing in a farm in the municipality of Icém in São Paulo, shortly after takeoff, 07Jul13.
2008 206a 515 N67AR : Bell 206A cn515, ff:?; del US as N67AR, unk; w/o when crashed ivo Barnesville, PA, 22Aug08
1978 206a 520 N17S : Bell 206A cn520, ff:?; del US as N17S, unk
PHI Inc N7979S : xfer Petroleum Helicopters, Inc as N7979S, unk; conv Bell 206-2, unk; w/o when helo lifted off from oil platform and impacted water, ivo Cameron, LA, 06Jul78
1988 206a 529 G-AYCM : Bell 206A cn529, ff:?; del UK as G-AYCM, unk; passed through several owners until w/o Hapton Valley Colliery, Burnley, Lancashire, 02Oct88.
1993 206a 533 Bell Helicopter N8145J : Bell 206A cn533, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N8145J, 1970
Okanagan Helicopters CF-CQC : xfer Okanagan Helicopters Ltd as CF-CQC, unk
Okanagan Helicopters C-FCQC : xfer Okanagan Helicopters Ltd as C-FCQC, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
N502AH : xfer US as N502AH, unk; w/o when ditched into Lake Powell, UT, 26Jul93
1974 206a 543 N4833 : Bell 206A cn543, ff:?; del So-Nat-Gas Co as N4833, 1970; w/o flew into river on approach to heli-pad, Gloria, LA 08Mar74, no fatalities.
1998 206a 549 Bell Helicopter N8157J : Bell 206A cn549, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N8157J, unk
VH-PMO : xfer Australia as VH-PMO, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
P2-PMO : xfer Papua New Guineu as P2-PMO, unk
VH-PMO : xfer Australia as VH-PMO, unk; w/o 13Feb98
1999 206a 56 Bell Helicopter N7856S : Bell 206A, cn56, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N7856S, unk; conv Bell 206B JetRanger II, unk
N28SL : xfer US as N28SL, unk
N98Q : xfer US as N98Q, unk
N206DW : xfer US as N206DW, unk
N565KS : xfer Elmo Air Center Inc as N565KS, unk; w/o ivo Cottage Grove, MN, 2 fatalities, 01Nov99.
1980 206a 562 N77HB : Bell 206A cn562, ff:?; del US as N77HB, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk; w/o due to engine failure on take-off, Shelbyville, KY, 04Jan80
1983 206a 566 D-HORI : mfg 1970; xfer Germany as D-HICY, [ntu]; xfer Germany as D-HORI, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd HB-XKK : xfer Executive Heli Service / Heuberger Paul, Switzerland as HB-XKK, 30Jul79; xfer Soltermann Ueli, 09Dec80; xfer Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd, 12May81; crashed at Zermatt/VS, 18Jan83; reg canx 20May83.
2003 206a 569 Bell Helicopter N8191J : Bell 206A, cn569, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N8191J, unk; del US as N8191J, unk; conv B206B-II unk.
C-GAHB : xfer Canada as C-GAHB, unk
N242TK : xfer US as N242TK, unk; w/o ivo Malone, TX, 06Jun03.
1975 206a 576 N293FW : Bell 206A, cn576, ff:?; del US as N293FW, unk
G-BCCZ : xfer Somerton-Rayner Helicopters as G-BCCZ, Apr74; ditched in Thames River 05Aug75.
2014 206a 580 Angkatan Tentara Udara Diraja Brunei AMDB-104, : Royal Brunei Air Force, test serial N7049J, to PK-EBL
PK-EBL : Indonesia, conv to Bell 206B type; to PK-OCO
Airfast PK-OCO : Airfast, to VH-BNG
VH-BNG : Australia from Feb05; Shadforth Civil Engineering Contractors from Feb10; Coral Coast Helicopters from Sep12; w/o 20feb14 during agricultural operations at banana farm Near Mission Beach, Queensland
2004 206a 587 Bell Helicopter N7053J : Bell 206A cn587, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N7053J, unk
G-AYMW : xfer UK as G-AYMW, unk; suffered heavy landing and w/o ivo Megalithic Passage Tomb due to loss of tail rotor effectiveness (LTE) at Newgrange, Co. Meath, Ireland, 05Apr04. 3 inj.
EI-BJR : xfer Ireland as EI-BJR, unk;
Bristow G-AYMW : xfer Bristow as G-AYMW; conv Bell 206B-2, unk;
1971 206a 593 9V-BCY : Bell 206A cn593, ff:?; del Heli Orient (Singapore) as 9V-BCY, 02Jan71; reg canx 13May71
XW-PHT : xfer Lao Air Development as XW-PHT, May71; w/o Jul71.
1995 206a 594 Bell Helicopter N7057J : Bell 206A cn594, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N7057J, unk; del US as N7057J, unk; conv B206B-2, unk
N84TA : xfer Trans Alaska Helicopters, Inc as N84TA, unk; crashed while conducting a rescue operation on Tazlina Lake, about 20 miles southwest of Glennallen, Alaska, 10Sep95.
1990 206a 597 N2258W : Bell 206A cn597, ff:?; del US as N2258W, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
G-EYEI : xfer Clyde Helicopters as G-EYEI, unk; w/o when the engine flamed out in snow and reduced visibility during police operations. The helicopter struck a building and crashed, killing one of the four persons on board, Giffnock, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland, 24Jan90.
2006 206a 600 Bell Helicopter N7056J : Bell 206A, cn600, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N7056J, unk; del US as N7056J, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
N23SP : xfer US as N23SP, unk
C-GRHM : xfer Canada as C-GRHM, unk; w/o 04Jul06. The Remote Helicopters (NWT) Ltd. Bell 206B, registration C-GRHM, was conducting bucketing operations in support of forest fire suppression activities approximately 25 nm northeast of Wabasca, AB. The helicopter collided with trees and came to rest in an inverted position. The pilot, the sole occupant, was fatally injured.
2006 206a 606 VH-AAL : Bell 206A cn606, ff:?; del Vowell Air Services as VH-AAL, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk; w/o after loss of control, Palmers Island, NSW, 02Nov06, 2 injured.
2000 206a 611 Bell Helicopter N7079J : Bell 206A cn611, ff:?: reg Bell Helicopters as N7079J, unk
N156P : xfer US as N156P, unk; conv B206B-2, unk; lsd Mt. Pleasant Corp, as N156P, unk; w/o when a/c crashed while maneuvering near Chascomus, Argentina, 29Apr00, 4 minor injuries.
1997 206a 672 Gobiernos Provinciales LV-LED : Gobierno de San Juan DPA, Bell serial N7952J; dmg 07aug87, 1991 wfu
CP-2223 : Bolvia, to HK-4098X
HK-4098X : Taca Ltd Colombia, w/o 18feb97 impact terrain at Guaymaral-Suba, Cundinamarca. 2 serious injured
1990 206a 75 D-HJEF : Bell 206A cn75, ff:?; del Germany as D-HJEF 1967; conv Bell 206B-2 JetRanger II, unk
Eliticino / Tarmac HB-XOU : xfer Heli Neuchatel, Switzerland as HB-XOU, 11Apr84; xfer Eliticino SA, Switzerland as HB-XOU, 11Apr85; dbr during training flight, Locarno, Switzerland, 15Dec90, subsequently w/o; reg canx 19Mar99.
1999 206a 83 VH-FVR : Bell 206A cn83, ff:?; del Australia as VH-FVR, unk
VH-SJJ : xfer Australia as VH-SJJ, unk
Bristow G-BHMV : xfer Bristow Helicopters, UK as G-BHMV, unk
HB-XOR : xfer Sipal SA, Switzerland as HB-XOR, 23May84; xfer Aeroleasing / Heli Geneve as HB-XOR, 13Dec85; conv Bell 206B JetRanger II, 06Jan86; xfer Heli Geneve as HB-XOR, 06Jan86; dmg at Lausanne, 11Aug91
F-GKYR : xfer France as F-GKYR, 17Feb92
G-BXAA : xfer UK as G-BXAA, unk; conv Bell 206B JetRanger III, unk
G-OPNI : xfer UK as G-OPNI, unk; w/o 2 miles south of Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK, 05Apr99
1975 206a 84 N6218N : Bell 206A cn84, ff:?; del US as N6218N, unk
D-HANS : xfer Dr Hans Riegel, Germany as D-HANS, unk; w/o Crashed after main rotor failure at low altitude, Hiddesen, Blomberg, 4 fatalities, 23Oct75.
1998 206a 86 TG-JET : Bell 206A cn86, ff:?; del Pinarsa, Guatemala as TG-JET, unk; w/o crashed due to engine fire ivo Rio Hondo, TX during ferry flight, 2 fatalities, 24Mar98.
2014 206a 87 N384RF : to N394F
N394F : to N949FM
US Helicopters Inc N949FM : US Helicopter from Aug06; w/o 23jul14 during agricultural operation at Wenatchee, WA. Pilot killed
2010 206b-2 1226 Canadian Coast Guard C-GCHB : Bell 206B-2, ff:?; del Canadian Coast Guard as C-GCHB, unk;
C-GCHB : xfer Essential Helicopters as C-GCHB, unk; The helicopter hit a communications tower before it crashed to the ground near Elk Lake in Ontario. The aircraft was destroyed and the two occupants were fatally injured. w/o 23Jul10
2008 206b-2 1249 Canadian Coast Guard C-GCHE : Bell 206B-2, ff:?; del Canadian Coast Guard as C-GCHE, unk
C-GCHE : xfer Big Horn Helicopters as C-GCHE, unk; under contract to BC Hydro, when crashed into residential area, Cranbrook, British Columbia, w/o 13May08, 4 fatalities
1987 206b-2 1265 Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil N-5021 : Marinha IH-6A type d/d May74; 1986 to PT-HSV
PT-HSV : from Nov87; w/o unk
2014 206b-2 1283 VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FANC : Vancouver Island Helcopters 1982
C-FANC : Dam Helicopters at Nelson, BC Sep09, lsd
VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FANC : VIH Helicopters Nov09-Feb11
C-FANC : Valhalla Helicopters at Kelowna, BC from Feb11; w/o 12aug14 12m W Whitecourt airbase
2017 206b-2 1285 C-GCDM : Essentials Helicopters; w/o 10oct17 at North Bay Airport, ON
2013 206b-2 1322 N59518 : Crossbow Helicopters; w/o 10feb13 03:40am impact terrain during filming of a reality TV show at Polsa Rosa Ranch, Acton, CA. 3 fatalities
2013 206b-2 1342 C-GHGG : Maple Leaf Helicopters at Kelowna, BC, canc May82; Geddes at Kelowna, BC, canc Jun84; Meridian Heliflight at Prince George, BC, canc Dec84; Peace Helicopters at Peace River, BC, canc Dec85; Northern Mountain Helicopters at Prince George, BC, canc Jan01
VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GHGG : Vancouver Island Helicopters Apr01-Mar04
C-GHGG : Nunasi Helicopters at Yellowknife, NT Jun04-Jul05
Wood Buffalo Helicopters C-FZWB : Aurora Helicopters from Jul05; Wood Buffalo Helicopters; w/o 29may13 collided with terrain 75nm N Fort McMurrray, AB. 2 fatalities; Jul13, canc
2000 206b-2 1376 Gobierno de Mexico XC-GUW : Mexico, ex N5450M, to N1PE
G-BOUY : Three Oaks Finance Nov88-Apr90
G-BOUY : Clyde Helicopters Apr90-Feb91
G-GOBP : Clyde Helicopters Feb91-Apr94
G-OBRU : Clyde Helicopters Apr94-Feb96
Bond Aviation Group G-OBRU : Bond Helicopters Feb96-Mar97
Scotia Helicopters G-OBRU : Scotia Helicopters Mar97-Jan99
G-LGRM : Aeromega Ltd from Jan99; w/o 09nov00 crashed on a hillside during pipeline survey in North Wales, no fatalities
unknown 206b-2 1381 Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil N-5029 : Marinha IH-6A type d/d Aug74; to PT-HTR
PT-HTR : w/o unk
unknown 206b-2 1398 Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil N-7032 : Marinha UH-6 type d/d Aug74, reser N-5034
Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil N-5034 : Marinha IH-6A type; 1986 to PT-HSX
PT-HSX : w/o unk
2013 206b-2 1399 Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil N-7033 : Marinha UH-6 type d/d Aug74, reser N-5035
Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil N-5035 : Marinha IH-6A type; 1986 to PT-HTU
PT-HTU : canc Apr12
Helisul Taxi Aereo PT-HTU : Helisul Taxi Aereo ?; w/o 04oct13 at São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo,
Helisul Taxi Aereo PT-HTU : eyewitness crash at Praça da Bíblia 04oct13 around 1 PM
2015 206b-2 1401 N59554 : USA canc Sep95
G-RAMY : R and M International Sep95-May96
G-RAMY : Eastman Aviation May96-Aug99
G-RAMY : private Aug99-Nov00
G-RAMY : Lincair Ltd from nov00; 20dec05 pictured at Humberside
G-RAMY : w/o 06jun15 at 33rd Milestone, Baldwin Valley, Mountain Road, Isle of Man. 1 fatality
1980 206b-2 1448 N142RD : to N442FD
State of Illinois N442FD : Chicago Fire Dept Apr/Jun 1977
C-GLLP : Codiac Helicopters Ltd, canc Sep87
C-GLLP : Coyote Helicopters out of Moncton NB; crashed in summer of 1980 near Trout Lake, SW corner Northwest Territories (NWT) while working a forest fire due tail rotor failure. No Fatalities
2010 206b-2 1468 OY-HBF : ?
Air Alpha Greenland OY-HBF : Air Alpha Greenland 1994-2000
SX-HEV : w/o 05aug10 hit power lines at Kastellakia, Rethumnon, Crete, Greece
2016 206b-2 1472 N158P : Helicopter Aviation Services Corp at Mt Pleasant, PA Jul/Oct 1999
VH-WHU : Australia from Nov99
VH-WHU : Heli-Central Pty Ltd at Emerald, QLD from Oct15; w/o 25mar16 at Cane field off Carmila West Road, Carmila West, QLD. 1 fatality
2014 206b-2 1481 N460AS : to N218AL
Air Logistics N218AL : Offshore Logistics Oct83-Aug91
YV-455C : Venezuela, to YV2537
YV2537 : Aerocopter Venezuela; w/o 23sep14 Aircraft missing 24km Tumeremo. 3 on board
2013 206b-2 1519 Jamaica Defence Force JDFH-14 : JDF; to N241SJ
N828AC : Maricopa Helicopter Llc at San Joaquin, CA from 2005
N828AC : w/o 02jan13 at Spangler Road, Delano, CA during low level frost control flight over a vineyard. 1 fatality
2010 206b-2 1613 YV2191 : ex N297CP Helibase 99 inc; 19feb10 in flight from Base Miranda to Yaracal crash near Carayaca, Caracas Venezuela 4 fatalities
2013 206b-2 1624 PK-DGD : Indonesia, to PK-DAL
PK-DAL : Ambulance; w/o 30dec13 crashed at Hospital Efarina Etaham, Berastagi, Karo, North Sumatra. 1 fatality
1993 206b-2 1695 ERA Helicopters N389EH : ERA, noted 1985
N37741 : Jack Harter Helicopters at Lihue, HI from May90; w/o 23jul93 at Waialeale,Kauai, Hawaii. 5 fatalities; canc Dec03
1989 206b-2 1701 Air Logistics N151AL : Air logistics, to PT-HRA
PT-HRA : Brazil from Sep89; w/o unk
2001 206b-2 1703 Air Logistics N152AL : Air Logistics, to G-BGYF
G-BGYF : Helicopter Hire Ltd Jul79-Aug81
G-BGYF : 1980 Heli Hire in Hopscotch
N152AL : S-TEC Corp from May97; w/o 08jan01 at Mineral Wells, TX; canc Aug01
2015 206b-2 1884 Canadian Coast Guard C-GCHJ : Department Of Transport Mar86-Aug94
N69PH : Heartland Helicopters at Fort Worth, TX Aug94-Jun09
N342WT : to N69PH
C-GYBK : Société de Gestion Pragy Inc at Sept-îles, QC from Jun09, op by Heli-North; w/o 02sep15 near Sept Iles. 2 fatalities
2016 206b-2 1935 N44PS : USA, to N326AC
N326AC : Ecolift Corp at San Juan, Puerto Rico
N326AC : Alpha Racing Copter Corp at Bayamon, Puerto Rico Nov07-Jul11
N326AC : Clear View Aviation Llc at Dover, PA from Jul07; Sky River Helicopters; w/o 16apr16 near Baltimore Intl Airport, MD
2015 206b-2 1958 TG-RAJ : Guatemala 1976-1985
State of Georgia N206ED : Georgia Dept of Public Safety (DPS) Jun85-Jul09; Georgia Aviation Authority Jul09-Feb13
N206ED : Hawkeye Helicopter Llc at Wellsville, KS from Jan13; w/o 29may15 Michigan
2015 206b-2 2025 N43CM : Helo Llc at Dallas, GA from Nov07
N43CM : DC Helicopters at Wilmington, DE from Jun13; w/o 24mar15 near James Island, Maryland
2013 206b-2 2088 N16673 : w/o 28oct13 crash into South Umpqua River, Days Creek, Oregon
2012 206b-2 726 Gobierno de Mexico XC-SYT : Mexico, ex XA-BIZ, to XA-UKL
XA-UKL : Aero Elite Acapulco; Secretaria de Seguridad Publica (SSP), Policia Estatal de Zacatecas; w/o 16may12 crashed on police heliport during takeoff
1997 206b-2 779 N2946W : to N196P
N196P : to N196PB
N196PB : to N2VC
N2VC : Edwards and Assoc at Bristol, TN Oct92-May96
G-OBTW : BTW Allen May96-Jul97; w/o 16mar97 at Gravesend near Albury, Hertfordshire
2000 206b-2 866 D-HKLI : German private 1973-1981; to HB-XMT
Heli-TV SA HB-XMT : HeliTV 1981-1988; ex D-HKLI; 26jul85 damaged on autorotation near Carena, TI. repaired
HB-XMT : TUI Air nov88 - jul91
Heli Bernina AG HB-XMT : Heli Bernina winter 1997
HB-XMT : Heli Cats jul91 - 1997
HB-XMT : Airport Helicopter Basel d/d 1998; w/o 21apr00 crash mountain at Vorabgletscher. 2 fatalities
1993 206b-2 962 United States Park Police N22PP : US Department Of Interior, USPP ?, to N19UD
N613 : US Department Of Interior, to N3202A
N3202A : FDS Helicopters at Van Nuys, CA; w/o 12jan93 at Hayward, CA
1982 206b-3 2281 ZK-HLH : w/o 09dec82 near Ohakune, New Zealand
1990 206b-3 2338 Omniflight N16933 : Omniflight Aircraft Corp at Charleston, SC from Oct88; w/o 27aug90 crashed into a hillside near Elkhorn, WI at night in dense fog, killing blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, his wife and three others
N16933 : Vaughan was not married at this time. No female persons among the victims
1999 206b-3 2622 N28W : to N94WF
Helicopter Applicators Inc N94WF : Helicopter Applicators from Apr96; Agricultural spray; w/o 17jun99 Delaware River, Tinicum, PA
2016 206b-3 2662 N143CD : Mercedes Benz Atlanta Classic Cars, noted 2004-2009
N143CD : Air Pro Jet Inc at Peachtree City, GA Aug09-Jan11
HK-4764 : Helifly Aerotaxi, Colombia; w/o 22mar16 at Santa Rosa de Osos, Antioquia. 3 fatalities
2016 206b-3 2687 Air Lloyd Deutsche Helicopter Flugservice GmbH D-HAKY : Air Lloyd Deutsche Helicopter Flugservice GmbH Oct87, test serial N2755C; 22jul98 damaged
OE-DXU : Austria, rtn to D-HAKY
N80918 : Manulele Aviation at Waianae, HI from Jul06
N80918 : private at Kailua, HI from Aug15
N80918 : Genesis Aviation tour helicopter; w/o 18feb16 near Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, HI. 1 fatality
2018 206b-3 2711 N2762P : San Juan Aviation LLC; w/o 17jun18 hit powerlines at Douglas County, Cascade Foothills, Orondo, WA
1984 206b-3 2732 N27598 : to N51DC
State of Nevada N51DC : Sundance Helicopter from Apr81 w/o 27jan84 at Stuart, FL. 1 fatality
2005 206b-3 2779 N2774L : 1976 in Gobi desert shot of Close Encounters of a third kind
N2774L : Appears in the first 10 minutes of Quincy, ME episode "The Money Plague", first shown 15nov79
N2774L : noted in Pilot Episode of Hill Street Blues Television Series, airing on January 15, 1981
N2774L : to N230CA
N230CA : Go Interest Llc at Manvel, TX from Aug04; w/o 07sep05 New Orleans, LA conducting a photo mission with three passengers onboard in the wake of Hurricane Katrina; canc sep07
2008 206b-3 2795 OE-XRH Aerial Heli: w/o 02feb08 hit cableway wire near Totes Gebirge, Austria
2018 206b-3 2851 C-GAVK : Heli Voyageur at Val D'Or, QC 1979-Sep85
N206BZ : USA from Oct85
N10CV : Rotary Power Group Inc at San Juan, PR from Nov00; w/o 30jun18 at Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. 1 fatality
2010 206b-3 2956 N302MC : to N302MG
Helicopter Applicators Inc N302MG : Helicopter Applicators from Apr07; w/o 19jul10 during agricultural survey hit powerlines at Roseville, PA. Autorotate and impacted on river. pilot uninjured
2006 206b-3 2971 State of Oklahoma N2877F : Oklahoma City Police Dept (OCPD) 1980-1985 ex N10851
N2877F : Ritel Copter Service at Hudson, IA from Aug85; w/o 30jun06 wirestrike at Walford, IA
2013 206b-3 3118 JA9265 : to N436R
N436R : Independence Memorial Airport Llc at Lees Summit, MO from Nov07
N207JA : Aircraft Guaranty Corp Trustee at Onalaska, TX from Aug10
N207JA : Club de Golf Las Lomas, San Luis Potosi, Mexico; w/o 07jun13 crash at golf complex. 4 fatalities includiing politician Juan Ignacio Torres Landa
2018 206b-3 3146 PT-HKY : Mapa Empreendimentos e Participações Ltda; w/o 09may18 crash into sea at Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. 1 fatality
2007 206b-3 3171 N678LW APM USA Inc: w/o 26dic07 Merchtem, Belgium
2011 206b-3 3313 CC-PJI Comercial Punta Arenas: ex N39123,CC-CIP; w/o 27apr11 crash at Maule foothills, two onboard rescued one day later
1997 206b-3 3345 N2034C : to N42SS
State of Nevada N42SS : Sundance Helicopters from Aug94; w/o 24feb97 at Mountain Spring, NV
2014 206b-3 3349 N2035N : 1981-Aug88
VH-HPO : Australia from Aug88
VH-CLR : Great Barrier Reef Helicopter Tours, noted May02; 2007 still
VH-CLR : GBR Helicopters Pty from Dec11
VH-CLR : Great Barrier Reef Helicopter Tours; w/o 07oct14 9km SE Cooktown Airport, Mount Cook, Queensland
2013 206b-3 3369 N20620 : El Aero Services Inc at Elko, NV; w/o 18feb13 struck power line 30 miles east of Eureka during agricultural work. 1 fatality
2013 206b-3 3591 N3172N : to G-BMVH
G-BMVH : Northern Helicopters Jun86-Sep87
VH-UPT : from Oct87; to VH-ZMN unk
Heliwest VH ZMN : Heliwest
Channel 10 Perth VH ZMN : w/o 19jan13 crashed during traffic accident filming at Baskerville, north-east of Perth
2007 206b-3 3619 N2293V : to N912SP
State of Georgia N912SP : Georgia Department of Public Safety GSP; Governor Drug Task Force; w/o 05jun07 crashed heavily wooded area near Cedartown, Georgia
2015 206b-3 3624 RLC N22743 : Rotorcraft Leasing Co at Broussard, LA from Jun07
N22743 : Applebee Aviation; w/o 02nov15 Agricultural tasks at Sheridan, Polk County, OR
2015 206b-3 3626 N648CA : Chem-air Inc at Shreveport, LA from Jul09; w/o 24sep15 at Tyler County, W of Woodville, TX
2017 206b-3 3661 ZK-HSP : New Zealand, to C-GWPI
C-GWPI : Western Pulp Inc at Richmond, BC, canc May91
3A-MLS : Monaco 1991-2001
F-GPPH : Avignon Helicopteres SARL Apr/Dec 2002; F-GNPH ntu
F-GPPH : Jet Helico Jan03-Nov05
F-GPPH : Eurl Mike Helico from Nov05; w/o 15mar17 approching to private helipad at Lissac-et-Mouret, Lot. 1 fatality
2015 206b-3 3745 CS-HDN : Portugal, to G-HEBE
G-HEBE : Heli-Hire Ltd Feb97-Mar98; MGGR UK Ltd Mar98-Jul04; M and E Building and Civil Engineering Contractors Ltd Jul04-Dec08; Helispan Ltd Dec08-Sep09
5H-MWK : Tanzania, to 5Y-MWK
5Y-MWK : Keys Aviation Company, Kenya; w/o 07jul15 Leguruki section of Meru
2014 206b-3 3757 HI-411 : Dominican Republic, to HI-419CT
HI-419 : SAP Group; w/o 01nov14 impacted terrain near San Pedro de Macorís. 1 fatality
2014 206b-3 3797 Keisatsu-chō JA9388 : Hyogo Prefectural Police Dec96-May06
osterman helikopter SE-JKP : Osterman Helicopter from 2007; 03jun12 pictured at Linkoping-Malmen Flygdag air show. Alouette 2 LN-OCK on background
SE-JKP : Heliair Sweden; w/o 09jan14 during power lines control
2013 206b-3 4002 ZS-HSR : w/o 23mar13 at Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
2017 206b-3 4013 A2-HAE : Botswana, to Z-HOT
Z-HOT : ZimParks, Zimbabwe; w/o 23aug17 at Hwange National Park, Matabeleland North Province
2013 206b-3 4061 N407FK : Wilbur-Ellis Co; w/o 24jun13 Royal City, WA
2012 206b-3 4119 N55AJ : Austin Jet Corp at Austin, TX Aug/Oct 1990
ZS-HRZ : w/o 27may12 shortly after take off from Grand Central Airport, coming to rest against a concrete fence in an abandoned industrial park. The two occupants were severely injured
2016 206b-3 4124 N94AJ : Marathon Air at New York, NY Jun92-Jun94
ZS-RFC : Swaziland from Jun94
ZS-RFC : Big Game Heli Services; w/o 28sep16 at Kgapane Village, near Tzaneen, South Africa. 1 fatality
2014 206b-3 4156 N43MA : Minuteman Aviation at Missoula, MT from Apr91; w/o 04apr14 during take off at Missoula Intl airport, Missoula
2008 206b-3 4185 Royal Thai Army 4185 : Bell 206B-3, ff:?; xfer Royal Thai Army as 4185, [ntu]
VH-NBP : del Australia as VH-NBP, unk; w/o when crashed in dense scrub near Arcadia, NE of Sydney, 01Mar08.
2010 206b-3 4198 N527TK Patoair Inc: w/o 29jul10 crash on Rio de la Plata on route from Montevideo,ROU-San Fernando,ARG. The passenger, an adviser to the Uruguayan president, died.
2015 206b-3 4229 Bell Helicopter Canada C-FONY : Bell Canada Aug/Oct 1992
LV-VFD : 24apr11 pictured (pic1) at Buenos Aires
LV-VFD : w/o 12dec15 crash in Potrerillos Dam, Mendoza during filming for U.S. MTV Reality Show The Challenge. 2 fatalities
LV-VFD : 21dec15 pictured (pic2) after salvage from the Potrerillos dam by divers of the Argentine Navy rescue service ( Servicio de Salvamento de la Armada, SISA )
2011 206b-3 4249 Helicopter Express Inc N868 : Helicopter Express Jun06-Sep09, ex N860
C-FCSL : 9209-9977 Quebec Inc from Sep09; w/o 23may11 near Near Lake Bruce, Quebec
1995 206b-3 4263 LV-WFZ : Heli-Air; w/o 15mar95 hit powerlines at Km 211 Route 9, Ramallo, San Nicolas. Argentine presidents son, Carlitos Menem Jr and racer pilot Silvio Oltra killed.
2013 206b-3 4271 VH-SMI : Cape York Helicopters; w/o 31jul13 7km NE Horn Island, Queensland
2018 206b-3 4300 Bell Helicopter N2155K : Bell, test serial C-GFNP
N206AJ : USA, reser N743BT
N743BT : IJB & Associates Llc at Roscoe, NY 6-19 Jan05
G-OPEN : Gazelle Aviation Llp at Wetherby from Jan05
G-OPEN : w/o 30may18 near Aldborough, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. 1 fatality, pilot Barry Dodd CBE, the Lord-Lieutenant of North Yorkshire
2018 206b-3 4351 D-HMAS : Germany, test serial C-GFNP
OE-XHF : Hubi-Fly, Austria; w/o 30sep18 hit by wind on landing at Vöslau airfield, Bad Vöslau
2015 206b-3 4405 N1405B : test serial C-GBUB
N1405B : to N717HK
N717HK : Markwood Ford-mercury Inc at Keyser, WV Jul06-Nov09
YV2349 : Compañía SS Ferrominera Orinoco, Venezuela; w/o 09sep15 ditch in Orinoco river near Curiapo, Municipalidad de Antonio Diaz
2016 206b-3 4421 PT-YSJ : Brazil Oct97-Sep01, test serial N6283D
N206R : Pumpco Inc at Giddings, TX
N206R : Arrow Aviation at Lebanon, TN Feb08-May12
N206R : Translift Inc at Holly, MI Jun12-Jan16
N206R : Helidon Inc at Staten Island, NY from 05feb16; w/o 06feb16 during practising landings at Linden Airport
2017 206b-3 4468 PT-YHH : Icaraí Turismo e Táxi Aéreo from Dec06; w/o 17mar17 at Araucária , Paraná
2015 206b-3 4477 PT-YDY : Lotear Empreendimento Imobiliária Ltda; w/o 16jun15 Mata dos Palmitos, Santa Rita de Ouro Preto , Minas Gerais. 3 fatalities
2017 206b-3 4526 Bell Helicopter N2353S : Bell, test serial C-FOEP
VT-DDA : Dhillon Aviation, India; w/o 26apr17 Chintagupha Camp, Sukma District
2015 206b-3 4542 Bell Helicopter N9145Z : Bell, test serial C-GADP
RP-C4542 : Philippines, to B-31127
EP-Air B-31127 : Emerald Pacific Airlines; w/o 22nov15 New Taipei City, Banqiao, Taiwan. 2 fatalities
2017 206b-3 4552 N2015P : Bell, test serial C-GFNK; Honduras ntu
EP-Air B-31118 : Emerald Pacific Airlines; w/o 10jun17 at Fengbin Township, Hualien County, Taiwan. 3 fatalities
2013 206b-3 4661 N106LL : canc Nov10, to PR-JBN
PR-JBN : w/o 21jan13 Crashed over house at Jaragua, north of Sao Paulo. 1 fatality
2018 206b-3 4688 Bell Helicopter Canada C-GEAV : Bell Canada Jan/Jul 2010, test serial C-FOFG
Bell Helicopter N409GP : Bell Jul/Oct 2010
Helisul Taxi Aereo PR-HBB : Helisul from Jun11
PR-HBB : Avalon Taxi Aereo Ltda (?); w/o 08mar18 at Joinville, Santa Catarina. 3 fatalities
2016 206l 45081 N16760 : private at Miami Lakes, FL from Oct86
N16760 : Smoky Mountain Helicopters, Sight seeing helicopter ; w/o 04apr16 at Sevier County between Sevierville and Pigeon Forge, TN. 5 fatalities
2004 206l 45089 HP-1225HE : Panama, to N34CA
Panther Helicopters Inc N34CA : Panther Helicopters Jan97-Apr06; w/o 29sep04 Gulf Of Mexico, no fatalities
2012 206l 45113 ERA Helicopters N403EH : ERA Aviation May89-Mar03
C-FBHV : Bailey Helicopters at Fort St John, BC Mar03-Mar13; w/o 18oct12
2007 206l 45121 N102MM : 1977-1987
Cougar Helicopters C-GCHA : Cougar Helicopters May87-Apr00
Newfoundland Helicopters C-GCHA : Newfoundland Helicopters from Apr00; w/o 03oct07 at Postville, Labrador, main rotor contacted a AS350 sling; Jul08 canc
2003 206l 45132 PH-HMH : Netherlands, test serial N16845
SE-HSV : Sweden, to G-IANG
G-IANG : Lothian Helicopters from Jan98; w/o 30apr03 struck power cables in low cloud near Oxenfoord Castle, N of Pathhead. Minor injuries to 3 POB; canc Oct04
2015 206l-1 45227 G-LONG : Air Hanson Ltd May79-Aug91
G-LONG : Walsh Aviation Aug91-May97
G-LONG : Plane Talking Ltd at Elstree aerodrome May/Dec 1997
N43027 : Aerostar Intl at Austin, TX Jan/Feb 1998
TG-MIX : Guatemala from 1998; w/o 07aug15 at Petén Itzá lake
2002 206l-1 45235 N400CE : to N400SL
Omniflight N400SL : Omniflight Helicopters at Addison, TX from May92; Air Ambulance; w/o 09sep02 at Doland, SD. 4 fatalities; canc Feb06, repl by N509MT
2013 206l-1 45356 PHI Inc N1071B : PHI Jan90-Apr94, to Venezuela
YV-897C : Venezuela, to CC-CNB
CC-CNB : Helifire Chile; w/o 30oct13 hit powerlines during aerial fumigation flight at Santa Rosa de Catemu, San Felipe. 1 fatality
1994 206l-1 45358 ERA Helicopters N514EH : ERA, noted 1985
N1084S : Easton Aviation at Lasalle, CO from Nov94; w/o unk; Sep00 canc as destroyed
2017 206l-1 45429 ERA Helicopters N519EH : ERA, noted 1985, test serial N1084Z
GM Leasing N519EH : GM leasing Co at Broussard, LA from Sep02
N519EH : w/o 01feb17 at Carson City Airport, NV
1997 206l-1 45525 N5751W : to C-GGHA
C-GGHA : Huisson Aviation at Timmins, ON canc Jun84
Government of Canada C-GGHA : Ministry Of Natural Resources Province Of Ontario (OMNR) Dec91-Apr94
C-GGHA : Les Helicopteres Abitibi Ltee Jun/Nov 1994
C-GGHA : Skylink Aviation at Mississauga, ON from Nov95; w/o 01nov97 at Mavrovo Lake, Macedonia. 4 fatalities
2007 206l-1 45544 N900RP : Mattingly Construction at Cumberland, MD 1980s
N60DG : to N60YH
N60YH : rtn to N60DG
N400EA : to N90AE
Air Evac Lifeteam N90AE : Air Evac EMS from Oct05; w/o 28jul07 on take off at Quitman County Hospital, Marks, MS. No fatalities; canc Nov08
2015 206l-1 45560 State of Oregon N832AH : Hillsboro Aviation Inc
N50KH : Hlw Aviation at Lumpkin, GA from Mar10
US Forest Service N50KH : w/o 30mar15 Harrison County, ENE of Saucier, Mississippi. 2 fatalities. Contracted by USFS
unknown 206l-1 45631 ERA Helicopters N210EH : ERA, noted 1985
VH-HJX : Australia, to N8061V
N8061V : Joda Llc at Missouri 11apr01; w/o unk; canc as destroyed
2014 206l-1 45659 Bell Helicopter N39118 : Bell Helicopter 1981
5N-PAA : Nigeria, to N850SS
N850SS : Heliworks Leasing at Wilmington, DE Dec06-Aug10
Air Evac Lifeteam N335AE : Air Evac EMS from Dec10
Air Evac Lifeteam N335AE : w/o 04oct14 Wichita Falls, Texas. 1 fatality
2013 206l-1 45681 N2018R : reg Jul81
GM Leasing N2018R : GM Leasing Co Llc at Broussard, LA from Jan05
State of Arizona N2018R : AZDPS; w/o 28aug13 force landing Tonto National Forest,
2013 206l-1 45693 TG-WOB : Guatemala, to N66187
VH-SWL : Australia from Sep91; Seaworld Helicopters, noted Feb01; to VH-VDZ
VH-VDZ : Vichea Helicopters Pty Nov02-Feb06; Choppair Helicopters Pty from Feb06; w/o 02nov13 at Olympic Park, Melbourne. Apparently hired by another helicopter service to cover the heavy workload during the Melbourne Cup Week.
2009 206l-1 45745 VH-MJO : w/o 09dic09 Dorrigo, Australia
2016 206l-1 45771 N97N : News-Talk 850 WFTL, FL /Sky85 traffic helicopter noted 2006, ex N3177L
N97N : Rotorcraft Assets at Broussard, LA Jul11
HK-5049 : Helifly, Colombia; w/o 30mar16 40m S Carepa, Antioquia. 3 fatalities
2017 206l-1 XB-NHR : Mexico private; w/o 21jan17 near Monterrey. Found on 23. 2 fatalities
unknown 206l-3 51022 Bell Helicopter N2770X : Bell, conv to Bell 407 prototype f/f 29jun95; reser N407LR
N407LR : Bell, reser N407LP
N407LP : to N510BH
Bell Helicopter N510BH : Bell, conv to 206L-4
? : to Chile as unk; w/o unk
2016 206l-3 51142 N101LP : to N101NP
N101NP : 101 Logistics Inc at Miami, FL Jun/Jul 2006
YV250T : Transcomander, Venezuela; w/o 06feb16 near Bejucal, San Casimiro Aragua state en route Hato Altamira to San Juan de los Morros. 1 fatality
2016 206l-3 51152 N36VA : to N83VA
N83VA : F C CORP DBA at Euless, TX Jul01-Jun02
HELIDOSA HI770 : Helidosa; w/o 27nov16 off La Vacama Beach, Bavaro, Punta Cana. 2 fatalities
2014 206l-3 51197 Bell Helicopter N3203W : Bell Helicopter Dec00
PT-HTQ : w/o 03may14 crashed into the sea at Beach of Presidio, Aquiraz, região metropolitana de Fortaleza, Ceará
2003 206l-3 51253 JA9775 : Japan, to N64AJ
N207DS : to N6184D
Airwest Helicopters N6184D : Airwest Helicopters from Jan01; w/o 26jul03 struck trees at Whiteriver, Arizona. 2 fatalities
1998 206l-3 51286 N500SC : to N500SQ
N500SQ : to N96CW
US Helicopters Inc N96CW : US Helicopters from Apr96; 1998 pictured appear on the U.S. Marshals movie
US Helicopters Inc N96CW : w/o 25may98 adverse weather at Indian Trail, NC. 5 fatalities; canc Jan00
2002 206l-3 51305 RP-C8888 : Philippines, test serial N21139
RP-C8088 : Philippines, to ZS-RIM
ZS-RIM : South Africa, to N43GA
N43GA : Rapid Air Llc at Canon City, CO Jan01; Royal Gorge Helitours; w/o 30aug02 hit wires near Canon City, CO; canc Jun04
2013 206l-3 51371 N93AJ : Austin Jet Corp at Austin, TX Jun/Dec 1990
Gobiernos Provinciales LV-RCB : Gobierno de San Juan from 1991, reser LQ-RCB
Gobiernos Provinciales LQ-RCB : San Juan Province; w/o 01feb13 at Gendarmeria post Las Frias (approx 80m WSW SANU, 12400 ft) Calingasta, San Juan
unknown 206l-3 51442 N353AL : Offshore Logistics at Lafayette, LA Feb/Apr 1991
2013 206l-3 51466 N54SN : to N54LP
Panther Helicopters Inc N54LP : Panther Helicopters from Nov04; w/o 09oct13 crash in the Gulf of Mexico. 1 fatality
2016 206l-3 51515 D-HWPM : Germany, test serial C-FLQX
F-GIRK : France, to N2175J
N2175J : Sun Aero Helicopters Inc at Lansing, IL Aug04-Nov10
Platinum Helicopteros CC-ADR : Platinum Helicopters SA; w/o 08dec16 while installing a mobile phone antenna at Alto Bio-Bio, Chile
2015 206l-3 51536 N4375D : Airsupport Services Corp at Miami, FL Apr/Nov 1992, test serial C-FLXQ
Polícia Civil PT-HKW : Governo do Estado de Alagoas, Mar93
Policia Militar do Brasil PP-ELA : Polícia Militar de Alagoas (PMAL) w/o 23sep15 at Maceió, Alagoas. 4 fatalities
2014 206l-3 51538 N66LR : first reg Dec91, test serial C-GLZY
N66LR : Intersouth Inc at Dover, DE Dec97-Dec01; to Dominican Rep as unk
HK-4462 : Sociedad Aeronautica Santander (SASA), Colombia; w/o 09jan14 at mountainous terrain north of Anorí. 5 fatalities
2014 206l-3 51546 Bell Helicopter Canada C-FMEE : Bell Canada Dec91-Feb92
D-HTAB : Germany, to N46EA
N207DS : Delta Bravo Sierra Inc (DBS Helicopters) at Rifle, CO from Nov97; w/o 27jan14 crahed near Silt, CO during powerline survey work for Holy Cross Energy. 3 fatalities including DBS owner Doug Sheffer
2014 206l-4 52004 Bell Helicopter N6057N : Bell Helicopter 1992, test serial C-GFNK
TG-NOV : Guatemala, to TG-NOW
TG-NOW : to N57AW
N57AW : N57aw Llc at Glendale, AZ from Aug04
Airwest Helicopters N57AW : Airwest; 17feb13 pictured parked at Grand Canyon Valle airport
State of Arizona N57AW : Cochise County Sheriff Dept, op by Airwest; w/o 31dec14 near Benson, Cochise County, AZ. 2 fatalities
2018 206l-4 52030 ZS-REG : w/o 28apr18 Polokwane, South Africa
2018 206l-4 52035 Bell Helicopter N2154T : Bell, test serial C-GTHE
HK-4484 : Helifly Colombia; w/o 15apr18 trying to sling load another helicopter at Argelia, Cauca. 1 fatality on the ground
2001 206l-4 52061 Niagara Helicopters C-FYEZ : Niagara Helicopters May94-May96
Bell Helicopter N6252Q : Bell Helicopter Jun96-Apr99, conv to LT TwinRanger
OK-YIR : Czech Republic from 1999; w/o 2001
2015 206l-4 52106 VH-RHC : Australia, to P2-HFZ
P2-HFZ : Helifix PNG; w/o 15feb15 Bobcat-1, Wabo area NW Kerema, Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea
2005 206l-4 52150 N187H : Helicopter Aviation Services Corp at Mount Pleasant, PA Oct95-Apr06, test serial C-GLZO
9M-BCT : Hornbill Skyways, Malaysia; w/o 25jul05 impact mountain Balaga, Sarawak during flight for the National Survey and Mapping Department
2015 206l-4 52182 Bell Helicopter N1188A : Bell, test serial C-GBUK
N413ML : M And M Limited Liability Co at Las Vegas, NV
State of Utah N413ML : Bank Of Utah Trustee Dec10-Sep11
CC-APP : Inversiones Santa Francisca, Chile; w/o 31mar15 near Copiapó. 4 fatalities including relative of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet
2015 206l-4 52214 Bell Helicopter N82412 : Bell Dec98-Mar99
YN-ISA : Helinica / Nicaragua SA; w/o 17nov15 Near Santa-Fe bridge, San Juan river, Southern Nicaragua. 4 fatalities including ex-minister Antonio Lacayo Oyanguren
2014 206l-4 52258 N207AW : test serial N91283
N207MY : Coy Leasing Llc at Broussard, LA from Apr10
Westwind Helicopters N207MY : Westwind Helicopters; w/o 11jun14 ditched in Gulf of Mexico. 2 fatalities
2004 206l-4 52261 C-GLZY :
N61504 :
Hornbill Skyways 9M-BDM : w/o 12jul04 crashed in Sarawak,Malaysia. 7 fatalities.
2016 206l-4 52367 N2664B : AfricaAir Inc at Miami, FL Aug/Sep 2008
Kenya Police 5Y-COP : Kenya Police 2008; w/o 22aug16 training flight at Nairobi / Wilson airport
2013 212 30524 uganda air force 5X-UWH : Uganda, ex serial N7968J, reserial PAW-2
G-BKGI : Autair Ltd Jul/Sep 1982
NSCA VH-NSC : NSCA National Safety Council of Australia, noted Nov84
VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FNSA : Vancouver Island Helicopters Jun02-Jul03
N144WA : Aug03-Nov04
VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FNSA : VIH Dec04-Jan05
VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FNSA : Vancouver Island Helicopters Jan/Feb 2005
VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FNSA : VIH Jul06-Mar09
N144WA : Wells Fargo Bank Mar09-Feb11
HRT Participações em Petróleo SA PR-HRZ : HRT Participações em Petróleo SA (HRT Oil and Gas, HRT O&G); w/o 14jun13 at Tefé, 522km Manaus. 2 fatalities
2008 212 30534 VH-HCO : Australia, to P2-HCO
P2-HCO : Papua New Guinea, to N7964J
US Department of State N7964J : US Dept State Sep89-Jun01, INL/A
TRAGSA EC-IAV : Tragsa; w/o 21feb08 firefighting at Grado, Asturias
2004 212 30547 Elitos I-SNAE : Elitos; to P2-PAW
P2-PAW : w/o 15sep04 shot down 60km SW Kandahar, Afghanistan
2004 212 30550 Bell Helicopter N14845 : Bell Helicopter Sep72
British Airways Helicopters G-BAFN : BAH Oct72-Sep83; 10feb73 pictured (top) at North Denes, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
British Airways Helicopters G-BAFN : 07oct75 pictured (bot) at North Denes
Lloyd Helicopters VH-NSA : Lloyd Australia, noted Aug94
VH-NSA : w/o 02jun04 East Timor
unknown 212 30600 Bristow Malaysia 9M-ATB : Bristow Malaysia, to VR-BGB
Bristow Bermuda VR-BGB : Bristow Bermuda, to EP-HBW
EP-HBW : Iran, to G-BGLL
Bristow G-BGLL : Air And Ocean Aids Ltd Mar/May 1979
Bristow Bermuda VR-BGB : Bristow Bermuda, to PK-HCI
PK-HCI : Indonesia, reser ,P2-PHJ
P2-PHJ : Papua New Guinea, Bristow; 1987 pictured with team barge Pegasus Sepik River
Bristow G-BGLL : Bristow Helicopters Jul88-Apr90
Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-AQW : Bristow Nigeria from Apr90; w/o unk
2003 212 30722 Okanagan Helicopters C-GOKT : Okanagan Helicopters, noted 1977
YV-324C : Venezuela, rtn to C-GOKT
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GOKT : Canadian Helicopters, canc Jan83
Airlift AS LN-OLK : Airlift AS; w/o 18dec03 fall down hole in ice, Svalbard Islands, Norway; Dec11 wreckage found by Remus 100 autonomous underwater vehicle
2013 212 30758 guyana defence force 8R-GEO : Guyana, to N5306T
N5306T : East West Helicopter at Harrison, OH Oct88-Jan89
C-GAHZ : ex N5306T
Helicopter Transport Services Canada C-GAHZ : Helicopter Transport Services from Apr11; w/o 12may13 near Dewar Lakes, NU while working for Dept of National Defence
unknown 212 30784 N9926K : to C-FOKC
Okanagan Helicopters C-FOKC : Okanagan Helicopters from 1985; w/o unk; canc Mar90
1980 212 30880 N378KA : Kenai Air Alaska, canc Jan80
9M-SAA : Malaysia, w/o unk
2007 212 30913 G-GLEN : Valley of Gleneagles Mar79
Lufttransport AS LN-OQS : Lufttransport AS at Tromsø; w/o 23dec82 totally destroyed at Kapp-Wijk, Svalbard. Crashed on final approach to the hunting Station; rebuilt in England and reg G-GLEN; to Pacific Helicopters in Papua New Guinea where it was written off after fire 12apr07
G-GLEN : Autair International Oct83-Jul89
Pacific Helicopters P2-PAV : Pacific Helicopters from 1989; w/o 12apr07
1992 212 30914 N5009L : to OY-HEA
OY-HEA : Strandfaraskip from 1988; w/o 16dec92 Bordoyarvik off Bordoy, Faroe Islands; canc 2003
2012 212 30926 N2756X : to N412AX
N412AX : reg May81
PT-HPZ : Brazil, canc Jul93, rtn to N412AX
HK-3849X : Colombia, to HK-4129X
HK-4129X : rtn to N412AX
N412AX : Miami, FL, canc Sep06
Eagle Copters C-FHVC : Eagle Copters Sep/Oct 2006
Servicios Aereos De Los Andes OB-1845-P : Servicios Aereos de los Andes; lsd Transportadora de Gas del Peru; w/o 06oct12 destroyed at night parked at Kiteni Airfield, Cusco by bomb attack
OB-1845-P : w/o 06oct12 destroyed in a terrorist attack at Kiteni, Cusco, Peru
2011 212 30932 XA-IOX : to HK-3937X
HK-3937X : to HK-4221X
INAER Chile CC-CIS : INAER Chile, ntu?
INAER CC-CIS : INAER; w/o 30sep11 collided with EC-GIC during firefighting Near Bienservida, Albacete, Spain
1996 212 30980 PT-HQM : Brazil; ex N1083L; to FAP
Fuerza Aerea del Peru FAP-685 : FAP OB-1518 d/d 1986; ex PT-HQM; w/o 22aug96
1988 212 30986 TR-KCM : Gabon, Bell serial N1067L Aug88; w/o unk
TR-KCM : w/o 28jun85 crashed in Gabon. 2 crew members, 12 passengers and one engeener officier were onboard. 10 persons died, aircraft completely destroyed
1997 212 30995 XA-KAZ : ASESA, as N1084A Jun/Sep 1980 Sim-Air Airzona
Gobierno de Mexico XC-JBO : Estado Nuevo Leon; w/o 30mar97 crash at Monterrey. 1 fatality
2003 212 31122 N1079U : Turbines Ltd at Denton, TX from May95
NSF N1079U : NSF; w/o 17jan03 McMurdo Station, Antarctica
2013 212 31149 Highland Helicopters C-GMUJ : Highland Helicopters Ltd, canc Sep91; F-GLEE ntu
Qatar General Petroleum Corp A7-HAT : Qatar General Petroleum Corp, to VT-HGC
United Helicharters VT-HGC : United Helicharteres Pvt Ltd, lsd from Qatar General Petroleum Corp, from Sep03; w/o 29sep13 in route from Mumbai Juhu airport to Aurangabad hit power cables near Murbad village, Thane. 5 fatalities
- : May18 for sale as IFR Offshore helicopter unserviceable and is a great Teardown Candidate
1989 212 31173 ZS-SBB : to N3901B
N3901B : canc May84
Air Greenland OY-HDG : Grønlandsfly/Air Greenland from 1984; w/o 30nov89 at Lake Ferguson
2018 212 31176 C-GELR : Canada, test serial N3910K
C-GBPH : Canada, rtn to N3910K
Heliswiss International AG HB-XPO : Heliswiss Nov85-May86
EP-HUA : Iranian Helicopter Services Company ( IOOC ); w/o 17apr18 offshore oil rig Persian Gulf. 4 fatalities
1999 212 31180 Abu Dhabi Aviation A6-BBT : Abu Dhabi Aviation; 1997 ADA
EC-GUY : Aviser; ex A6-BBT; w/o 05feb99
2011 214B-1 28010 5N-AVW : Nigeria 1976-1977
Rotorflug GmbH D-HOOK : Rotorflug 1977-1979
Heliswiss International AG HB-XKH : Heliswiss 1979-1996
N75JK : private Yorba Linda, CA Mar/Jul 1996
HL9131 : South Korea Aug96
HL9131 : Hongik Air Service Co; w/o 19oct11 Sammun-ri, Jangyu-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do.
2001 214B-1 28021 helitourist AS LN-ORA : Helitourist AS 1977-1982
N2948G : to N114RM
N114RM : Seoul Air Leasing at Norwalk, CA Jul90-Oct96
HL9133 : Seoul Airlines International; w/o 22jun01 Halla Mountain, Jeju island
1990 214B-1 28042 9V-BKK : Singapore, to LN-ORN
helitourist AS LN-ORN : Helitourist AS 1980-1986
Lufttransport AS LN-ORN : Lufttransport / Heliwest 1986-1990
Heliswiss International AG HB-XVX : Heliswiss / Helitrade from Jun90; w/o 21nov90 at Gemsstock
1998 214B-1 28045 LN-OSP : Mørefly from 1980, ex N2757G
I-CODA : Elifly, Italy 1995-1996, lsd
Lufttransport AS LN-OSP : Lufttransport; w/o 05aug98 near Kunna, Meløy. 2 fatalities
2010 214B-1 28048 C-GTWH : to N3127U
LN-OPV : Polar Helicopter AS 1987-1988
Lufttransport AS LN-OPV : Lufttransport 1988-1990
Air Grischa Helikopter AG HB-XVZ : Air Grischa Helikopter AG Aug90-Apr99
Heliswiss International AG HB-XVZ : Heliswiss Apr99-Feb03
C-GTWV : Transwest Helicopters from May03; w/o 29jul10 at Yalokom Valley, near Lillooet, BC
2000 222 47023 RP-C1724 : Bell 222 cn 47023, ff:?; reg Philippines as RP-C1724, unk.
N111RS : sold Falcon Helicopters Inc, Lees Summit, MO as N111RS, 23Nov98; w/o unk, reg canx 13Sep00.
2004 222 47039 JA9554 : del Aichi Prefectural Police as JA9554, Nov80; wfu Apr02
N38KK : sold K K Aircraft intl, LLC as N38KK, 01Apr04; w/o 2004, reg canx 03Dec04.
2008 222 47062 Bell Helicopter N2221W : Bell f/f 13may81
N303CK : USA, to N230LB
N230LB : USA, to N992AA
N992AA : Air Angels Inc at Bolingbrook, IL from Mar99; w/o 15oct08; canc Jul09
N992AA : Air Angels EMS helicopter; w/o 15oct08 hit a radio tower at Aurora, IL near Chicago. 4 fatalities ( pilot, flight paramedic, flight nurse and patient )
1995 222 47064 N38TH : Sony Aviation Inc at Teterboro, NJ Jan/Apr 1991
HSD Luftrettung D-HHSE : HSD; w/o 08dec95 crashed near Ahrensdorf. 3 fatalites
2006 222 47066 N2105J : Bell 222 cn 47066, ff: 1981; del Anglo Services Inc, Wilmington, DE as N2105J, unk; w/o 2006, reg canx 23Aug06.
2005 222 47078 N1982P : Bell 222 cn 47078, ff:?; reg US as N1982P, unk
N18UC : xfer US as N18UC, unk
N990JB : xfer US as N990JB, unk
C-GSVD : xfer Canada as C-GSVD, unk
N32GH : xfer US as N32GH, unk
XA-SII : xfer Mexico as XA-SII, unk
N444MA : xfer US as N444MA, unk
5R-MOH : xfer Armée de lAir Malgache as 5R-MOH, unk; Caught fire on landing, Antananarivo, Madagascar, 12Oct05. President Marc Ravalomanana and wife and five others evacuated safely, w/o 12Oct05.
2004 222 47079 Bell Helicopter N2291W : Bell 222A cn 47079, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2291W, unk
N66UT : conv Bell 222UT unk; xfer US as N66UT, unk
D-HKSL : xfer Germany as D-HKSL, unk
C-FFXX : xfer Foxair Heliservice, Canada as C-FFXX, unk; noted Quebec, 16May04; destroyed by fire, 31Oct04.
1998 222 47087 Bell Helicopter N31764 : Bell 222A cn47087, ff:1983?; reg Bell Helicopters as N31764, 1983
N415J : xfer US as N415J, unk
N462 : xfer US as N462, unk
N213ML : xfer Action Helicopter Service Center as N213ML, unk; Crashed during take-off from Las Vegas Motor Speedway, 04Oct98.
2006 222B 47131 Bell Helicopter N2226W : Bell 222B cn47131, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2226W, unk
JA9645 : del Japan as JA9645, unk
D-HRIC : xfer Germany as D-HRIC, unk
CS-MHD : xfer Portugal as CS-MHD, unk
N8159Z : xfer US as N8159Z, unk
N306CH : xfer Central Helicopters as N306CH, unk; w/o when crashed into Gulf of Mexico, 19Feb06.
1990 222B 47149 Bell Helicopter N3263D : Bell 222B cn47149, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3263D, unk
HB-XKB : xfer Tui Air as HB-XKB, 30Mar87; dbr & w/o near Villigen/AG, 02Jul90.
1998 222B 47150 JA9658 : Bell 222B cn47150, ff:?; del Japan as JA9658, unk
N753JC : xfer US as N753JC, unk
State of California N911RA : xfer Rogers Helicopters as N911RA, unk; crash landed hard and rolled over when lost visual contact with the ground due to dust near Tranquility, CA, 29Jul98. w/o. .
1986 222ut 47502 N3177G : del private owner as N3177G, unk; w/o in vicinity of La Habra, CA, 26Jan86.
2010 222ut 47515 VH-LAI : Australia, to JA9959
JA9959 : ex VH-LAI; to N911MK, N515MK
CareFlite N911MK : xfer Careflite as N911MK, unk [to N515MK]
CareFlite N515MK : ex JA9959, N911MK; w/o 02jun10 at Midlothian, Texas. 2 fatalities
2015 222ut 47522 Bell Helicopter N77UT : Bell
PT-HXC : Tirreno Taxi Aereo Ltda at Diadema, São Paulo, Brazil Jun91-Jul01
Air Alpha Greenland OY-HIC : Air Alpha Greenland 2001-2006
OY-HIC : Air Alpha 2006-2009
LN-ODY : Norway, to 9G-HIC
9G-HIC : Ghana, reser 9G-AEM
9G-AEM : Ghana unk
9G-AEM : w/o Jun15 crashed in Ghana. Scrapped
2002 222ut 47527 Bell Helicopter N3188L : Bell 222UT, cn47527, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3188L, unk; leased Heli Serviço, Portugal, unk
CS-HDI : xfer Heli Serviço as CS-HDI, unk
N72442 : xfer UK as G-BXED, [ntu], xfer US as N72442, unk
Mercy Air N417MA : xfer Mercy Air as N417MA, unk; w/o near Nipton, CA when helicopter fell to ground and exploded, during transfer flight, 3 fatalities, 07Sep02.
2010 222ut 47536 N911SB : Bell 222UT, cn47536, ff:?; del US as N911SB, unk
JA9917 : xfer Japan as JA9917, unk
N911SB : xfer US as N911SB, unk
LV-ZCB : xfer Argentina as LV-ZCB, unk
N232ML : xfer US as N232ML, unk
YV2223 : xfer Venezuela as YV2223, unk; w/o near La Cava Colonia Tovar, Bolivia, 06May10.
1985 222ut 47538 Bell Helicopter N3194M : Bell 222UT, cn47538, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3194M, unk
N3149M : del Pumpkin Air as N3149M, unk; w/o when crashed during landing on oil platform, Gulf of Mexico, 24Oct85.
2000 222ut 47539 N101UM : Bell 222UT, cn47539, ff:?; del US as N101UM, unk
N101MM : xfer US as N101MM, unk
N101NM : xfer US as N101NM, unk
N96NY : xfer New York State Police as N96NY, unk
N225LL : xfer Air Methods as N225LL, unk; suffered uncontrolled forced landing on a warehouse roof top after mechanical failure. Crew minor injured. w/o 14May00.
1990 222ut 47541 HI-462CA : Bell 222UT, cn47541, ff: 1985; del Dominican Republic as HI-462CA, 1985; w/o near La Vega, DomRep, no fatalities, 14May90
1993 222ut 47546 N31976 : Bell 222UT, cn47546, ff: 1985; del US as N31976, unk
PT-HTO : xfer Brazil as PT-HTO, unk; w/o 14Feb93 near tatui, Brazil
PT-HTO : Crash near Tatui, Brazil. I was on board. 20 years ago
2009 222ut 47551 N222LL : Bell 222UT, cn47551, ff:?; del US as N222LL, unk
N911ED : xfer Air Methods as N911ED, unk; xfer US as N554AM, [ntu]; remained with Air Methods as N911ED; w/o when destroyed by fire 30Apr09; reg canx 06Nov09.
2017 222ut 47554 Bell Helicopter N3123T : Bell
N111DS : USA unk
N111DS : Turbines Ltd at Denton, TX Feb/Jul 2008
ET-AMR : Ethiopia from 2008
ET-AMR : w/o Apr17 crashed Addis-Ababa. Scrapped
2010 222ut 47556 HK-3262 : Bell 1222UT, cn47556, ff:?; del Vertical de Aviación, Colombia as HK-3262, unk; w/o collided with a MDH/Hughes 500/530 of the Colombian Air Force and crashed while performing maneuvers on a military garrison located very near the town of Chaparral, Tolima, 20Apr10.
unknown 222ut 47568 JA9698 : Japan, to N270AM
Air Methods N270AM : Air Methods, reser N415MA
Mercy Air N415MA : Mercy Air Service Inc at Rialto, CA from Dec93; /Mercy Air 11; canc 11jun13
Mercy Air N415MA : crashed and killed all three occupants. date unk
2011 230 23010 Bell Helicopter Canada C-GAED : Bell Canada
Bell Helicopter N230TX : Bell, to N230TB
N230TB : USA, to RP-C8858
RP-C8858 : Philippines, to N230RM
N230RM : Pacific Aircraft Trading Llc at Wilmington, DE
D-HHHC : Germany, rtn N230RM
N230RM : Unified Recovery Group Llc at Baton Rouge, LA Sep06-May08
ZS-HMP : South Africa 2008
ZS-HMP : Nacional Airways Corp; w/o 13sep11 crashed landing in soccer field in Mpumalanga Province; Totally consumed by fire. No injuries or fatalities
2011 269a 114-0015 Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil N-5005 : Marinha IH-2A type
PT-HGP : Aeroclube Escola De Pilotagem De Maricá, RJ; w/o 11jan11
1999 269a 121-0033 N575PF : Brown Helicopter Services Inc at Flint, TX Feb97-Mar00; w/o 18Dec99
2014 269B 123-0011 N9309F : Metco Helicopters at Springdale, AR Nov99-Oct10
ZK-ING : w/o 11apr14 Fish River near Haast Pass, New Zealand. 2 fatalities
2015 269B 21-0459 N9567F : private at Newport, TN Dec97
N9567F : w/o 25sep15 East Eustis, Lake County, FL after taking off from Umatilla Municipal Airport
1972 269B 35-0176 PH-KAH : from dec69 ex Belgium w/o 15feb72
2018 269C / 300 21-1031 N11047 : private; w/o 15mar18 hard landing and rollover at Stinson Municipal Airport, San Antonio, TX
2000 269C / 300 90-0041 G-AYLX : First reg 28Oct70; 28apr73 pictured at Denham in Air Gregory markings (registered to Medminster Ltd); 1999 to G-ZAPS
G-ZAPS : reg 26Nov99; w/o 08mar00 at Hare Hatch near Twyford, Berkshire. 3 killed after tail boom detached due to fatigue; canc 19Oct00 as destroyed
2014 269C / 300 93-0241 G-BCHI : Autair International Ltd Jun74-Apr76
F-GALG : France, to D-HNAH
D-HNAH : Germany, to PH-OKE
PH-OKE : Ryfas Helicopters, Netherlands; w/o 13mar14 at Hilversum airport
2017 269C / 300 S1785 C-GNAB : Canada, to N521AR
N521AR : Canyon State Aero; w/o 27apr17 at Pinal County, San Tan Valley, AZ
2016 280c 1019 N508H : to C-GWHL
Gateway Helicopters Ltd C-GWHL : Gateway Helicopters at North Bay, ON Feb96-Nov04
N133AB : USA, private many owners since 2004
N133AB : w/o 24jan16 Near Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl Airport Phoenix, AZ
1991 280c 1056 N581H : Toward G-MEAD
G-MEAD : from Feb86 to Nov87 ex N581H toward SE-HOO
osterman helikopter SE-HOO : Osterman from Nov87
SE-HOO : Bjornerud Gard AB from Nov91; w/o 27Dec91 hit power line
2018 280c 1168 C-GVOC : Northland Helicopters Alta Ltd at Edmonton, AB
C-GVOC : Big Sky Helicopters Ltd at Edmonton, AB Nov93-Aug95
C-GVOC : private San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California, Aug95-Apr02
N67RE : GHL Inc at Yakutat, AK 2003-Apr09
N67RE : private w/o 10may18 near Highway 287 and FM 309, Navarro county, TX
2015 280c 1187 G-BIBJ : several owners Aug80-Mar11
VH-YHD : w/o 28feb15 at Deception Bay, QLD, Australia
2018 280c 1189 SE-HKX : Sweden, to D-HGBX
D-HGBX : Germany, to D-HAAR
D-HAAR : Germany private; w/o 12jun18 at Berne Wesermarsch, Lower Saxony
2015 280fx 2002 N5690E : Enstrom Feb79
N86235 : C G Franke & Son Llc at Wilmington, DE from Mar03
N86235 : Avhub Llc at Hayward, CA Feb/Aug 2014
N86235 : New Course Aviation Co at Golden, CO from Aug14; Mountain One Helicopters; w/o 26jan15 during training. 2 fatalities
2014 280fx 2014 N214NG : to N704G
N704G : to N409LH
N409LH : Family Tree Corp at Lakewood, CO, noted 2006
N409LH : New Course Aviation Co at Golden, CO from Jun09; w/o 08dec14 near Platte Valley Medical Center, Weld County, CO
2013 280fx 2039 Ejercito de Chile H176 : Ejercito Chile 1989-2002, to C-GZYK
C-GZYK : 940412 Alberta Ltd Aug02-Jan05; 1114621 Alberta Ltd Jan05-Feb06
SP-GMB : Poland from 2006; w/o 12oct13 Wolica Kozia. 2 fatalities
2014 280fx 2086 G-DDOD : Sunseeker Sales UK Nov99-Jun01
G-OJMF : JMF Ltd Jun01-Feb09
G-OJMF : Manchester Helicopter Centre Ltd Feb09-Mar13
G-OJMF : Reidinger Helicopter Gmbh, Austria from Mar13; w/o 05apr14 crash in night flight at Kirchham, near Gmunden, Austria. 1 fatality
1983 30-100 005 Westland G-BKFE : Westland Jun/Dec 1982, , test serial G-17-29
N5830T : Airspur Helicopters at Huntington Beach, CA from Oct83; w/o 07nov83 off-airport Long Beach, California
2013 300c RA-2097G : w/o 06dec13 at Rostov Oblast, Russia. 2 fatalities
2014 300c S1204 OY-HDW : Denmark 1985-1987, Schweizer serial N41S
LN-OTS : Norway, to SE-JAY
SE-JAY : Sweden, to G-BWAV
G-BWAV : Leisure and Retail Consultants Ltd Feb95-Mar96
G-BWAV : Oxford Aviation Services Mar96-Feb99
G-BWAV : HeliHire from Feb99; 12jun14 crash at Dunsfold aerodrome
2011 300c S1228 OE-XCG Rotorsky: w/o 24mar11 during landing near near Pogusch, Austria. 3 onboard (a family) w minor injuries
2015 300c S1263 N41S : USA, to SE-HSC
SE-HSC : Sweden, to LN-OTW
LN-OTW : Norway, rtn to SE-HSC
I-GASF : Elicuneo, Italy; w/o 29jul15 during agricultural spraying at Gratosoglio
2016 300c S1405 G-BRNR : CSE Aviation Ltd Dec89-Sep97
ZK-IAG : New Zealand, to VH-NTZ
VH-NTZ : Southern Heliwork Pty Ltd at Bridport, Tasmania from Nov15; w/o 20jul16 hit powerlines during spray at Deloraine, TAS
2014 300c S1426 ZK-HDP : Motor Holdings Aviation Ltd at Ardmore, New Zealand from Jan90. Schweizer test serial N41S
ZK-HON : Airmec at West Melton from Nov04
ZK-HON : w/o 06jul14 7km N of Ward
ZK-HON : Forced to crash in Ward On hunting expedition
2005 300c S1428 G-HFLA : Heli-Flair Dec89-Mar92
Sterling Helicopters G-HFLA : Sterling Helicopters from Mar92
Sterling Helicopters G-HFLA : w/o 28may05 at Norwich after encountering windshear on final approach.
2015 300c S1494 G-STEP : UK from Oct90; many owners
G-STEP : Sôr Air Sociedade de Aeronáutica, Portugal from Sep13; w/o 20nov15 during training at Ponte de Sor
2015 300c S1516 N6042K : to D-HFAB
D-HFAB : S.P. Helicopter Service GmbH at Schönhagen Airfield from 2003; 28mar06 crash at Leipzig canc 15may07
D-HHLB : Schönhagen Airfield, 2012; w/o 12sep15 at Delitzsch
2015 300c S1537 N290R : Oregon Roses Inc at Forest Grove, OR from Jun91; w/o 18sep15 spraying crops N of Forest Grove, OR
2015 300c S1619 9M-FAG : Malaysia, test serial N60237
N17YS : w/o 19aug15 North Las Vegas airport
2014 300c S1749 SX-HMA : Greece, Schweizer serial N41S
D-HPIF : Germany Mar/May 2003
OO-JCS : Ramimmo, Belgium; w/o 13jun14 during training flight at Cerfontaine airport. 1 fatality
2016 300c S1801 D-HRIM : w/o 19feb16 at Sendelbach airfield
2015 300c S1804 C-FMKS : private at Avonport, NS May00-Jul04, test serial N41S
C-FBSZ : private at Avonport, NS Jul04-Apr05
Bel Air Aviation OY-HHB : Bel Air
C-GNET : 9075-4573 QUÉBEC Inc at Saint-André-Avellin, QC Feb14-Jun15
C-GNET : 535584 Yukon Inc at Dawson City, YK from Jul15; w/o 22sep15 badly damaged during landing 53m S Dawson City
2015 300cbi 0015 JA7926 : Japan; w/o 07jun15 Greenpia Miki, Miki city, Hyogo prefecture
2015 300cbi 0053 N20059 : Adirondack Helicopters at Remsen, NY
N20059 : Fly North Inc from Jul11; w/o 01feb15 at Black River NW Carthage, New York
2014 300cbi 0058 Fuchs Helikopter HB-XJU : Fuchs Jun97-Dec99
I-EAHS : Millenium Helicopters
CS-HFD : Nortavia Portugal, noted 2004-2006
CS-HFD : G Air, Portugal; w/o 04dec14 at Ponte de Sor during training. 2 fatalities
2016 300cbi 0085 RP-C337 : Philippines; w/o 10jun16 at Binalonan, Pangasinan
2014 300cbi 0144 N152CC : Acepilot Training; w/o 17jun14 near Hangar 7, Lehigh Valley International Airport, Allentown, PA
2014 300cbi 0368 N86G : Schweizer, to VH-FTY
VH-FTY : Flight Training Adelaide Pty from May09; w/o 24dec14 at Parafield airport during training
2008 316B 1845 YR-ELA : Present at Paris Air Show, 9 Jun 1979, Paris code 320.
YR-ELA : Romanian Intelligence Service; w/o jun08 destroyed in emergency landing post-fire during training exercise. Crew injured
2011 330 0022 OO-GUN Heli-Hopper: 1997 heli-hopper
OO-GUN : 08oct97 Heli-Hopper at Groningen
Heli Holland PH-HHF : Heli Holland in 2000
Heli Holland PH-HHF : w/o 11may11 near Veghel, southern Netherlands, pilot unharmed
2006 369d 0720D N500DG : to N812CE
State of California N812CE : Southern California Edison (SCE) from Jun86; w/o 06sep06 at Somis, CA. 2 fatalities canc May08;
2016 369d 10-0634D N58436 : to N81GG
N81GG : private at Honolulu, Hawaii; w/o 16nov16 at Puko`o Gulch, Molokai, Maui County, HI. 2 fatalities
2018 369d 100-0830D N369BJ : USA Oct80, ex N10963
N369TH : Evergreen Equity Inc at Mcminnville, OR from Jul89
State of Washington N369TH : Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife, op by Mccall Helicopters; w/o 27jan18 during survey at Garfield County, 30 mi W Clarkston, WA. 1 fatality
2014 369d 1098D N51338 : to JA9419
JA9419 : Japan, to C-FGHS
Great Slave Helicopters C-FGHS : Great Slave Helicopters Apr03-Sep09
N89ZC : Extreme Helicopters Inc at Baxley, GA from Sep09
N89ZC : DAH Aircraft Llc at Lewes, DE from May12
N89ZC : Rotor Blade; w/o 29jul14 during trimming trees with an underslung saw at Logan County, Ohio
2016 369d 11-0887D C-GLHY : to N24TR
N24TR : to C-FCSP
C-FCSP : Equipement Val Ltee at Roberval, QC Jul88-Jul89
ZK-HMD : New Zealand, to VH-HWD
VH-HWD : Australia, to 4X-BJQ
4X-BJQ : Israel, to VH-PLY
VH-PLY : Aeropower Pty Ltd; w/o 17jul16 engine failure during powerline inspection flight 39km NW Hawker, South Australia
1982 369d 117-0193D YV-261C : Venezuela, to Surinam
Surinaamse Luchtmacht SAF-100 : Surinam from 1982; w/o 31mar82, 4 fatalites
2014 369d 1188D N5200U : to N444NW
N444NW : to N4NZ
N4NZ : to N166PJ
PJ Helicopters N166PJ : Pj Helicopters at Red Bluff, CA from Dec07 reser N516PJ
PJ Helicopters N516PJ : PJ Helicopters from Dec07; w/o 02sep14 West of Willows-Glenn County airport, Willows, CA
1993 369d 129-0633D VH-XTX : 16jun93 w/o ex ZK-HVL
2015 369d 18-0256D N8653F : to N666LM
N666LM : private at Frostproof, FL Jul02-Nov08
N555JC : C F M C Inc at Tampa, FL from Dec09
Haverfield Aviation N555JC : Haverfield International Inc at Gettysburg, PA from May12; w/o 06apr15 impacted Tennessee River Lauderdale County, Natchez Trace Parkway bridge, Alabama
2016 369d 21-0898D State of Oregon N1107T : Precision Helicopters Inc at Newberg, OR from Jul01-Dec12
N1107T : Aircraft Guaranty Corp Trustee at Onalaska, TX Jan13-Sep14
N1107T : Aviation Advantage Llc at Tabor City, NC from Oct14; w/o 15feb16 during agricultural flight at Boone County, SSW of Danville, WV
2013 369d 30-0700D N1091W : Last Frontier Air Adventures Ltd at Sutton, AK Mar06-Jun07
C-GMDT : K & M Ventures Ltd Jul08-Dec12
C-FYAP : Bighorn Helicopters at Cranbrook, BC from Dec12; w/o 05jun13 crash after contact tower during powerlines working
2017 369d 300678D US Department of Justice N68GS : USA, canc Mar96, test serial N1088L
C-GRJR : Whl Whistler Helicopters Ltd at Whislter, BC Mar/May 1996; Northern Air Support Ltd at Kelowna, BC Apr96-Mar97
Lakelse Air C-GRJR : Lakelse Air Ltd at Terrace, BC Jun97-Feb11
D-HARY : Germany 2011
SE-JVI : Visimind AB / First European Aviation Company Spz; w/o 26sep17 near Högheden airport, Älvsbyn, 1 fatality
2015 369d 41-0942D N500DW : ex N11060; to C-FOHE
C-FOHE : Oceanview Helicopters at Powell River, BC from Jan 98; w/o 22oct15 wirestrike during work on power lines at North Saskatchewan River near Paynton, Saskatchewan. 2 fatalities
2016 369d 79-0543D N779FA : USA, to SE-HNO
SE-HNO : Sweden 1984, to Germany
D-HERD : Deutscher Helikopter Dienst at Ochtendung; to N343M
N343M : Pacific Aircraft Trading Llc at Wilmington, DE 06-18 May05
SE-HNO : HeliAir Sweden 2010-2012
OH-HNO : Heliwest Oy, Finland; w/o 19apr16 at Corte, Haute-Corse, Corsica, France
2018 369d 89-0559D ZS-HXN : South Africa, ex N58334
N338HW : private at Houston, TX Nov12-May13
N338HW : Heliwild Investments Llc at Austin, TX from May13; w/o 12feb18 at Currant Creek in Wasatch County, UT
2018 369e 0014E State of California N888SD : Summit Helicopter Inc from Feb02; 21mar14 pictured at Ballarat (Death Valley), CA
N888SD : private at Pacoima, CA from Feb14
N618SG : Helicopters Unlimited Llc at La Crescenta, CA from Jan15; w/o 01feb18 roll over during landing at East Blue Ridge/Mountain High, Angeles National Forest, Los Angeles County, CA
1978 369he 59-0101E N9011F : to HB-XDO
Fuchs Helikopter HB-XDO : Fuchs Robert Nov71-Mar73
D-HACC : Inter-City-Flug Mar73-1976
OY-HCC : Denmark from 1976; w/o 18mar78 Nyborg
2018 369hm 61-0209M Flyvevåbnet H-209 : RDAF Esk724; last flight 12sep05
N604AG : Aircraft Guaranty Corp Trustee at Onalaska, TX Mar07-Mar14
N4QX : N101SY Llc at Missoula, MT Mar14-Feb15
N4QX : Vista I Inc at Bowling Green, OH from Apr15; Power lines surveillance, for FirstEnergy; w/o 15jan18 at Troy Township, Wood County, OH. 2 fatalities
2013 369hs 114-0671S N9229F : to ZK-HPY
ZK-HPY : to N471M
N471M : Jerrys Helicopter Service Inc at Port Vila, Vanuatu from May08
N471M : w/o 02mar13 crash on fishing boat off Majuro, Marshall Islands. One fatality
2005 369hs 116-0870S N8677F : to N500SD
State of New Mexico N500SD : Bernalillo County Sheriffs Office (BCSO) fromSep 00; w/o 06aug05 Albuquerque
2015 369hs 21-0293S N9068F : Whirlwide Helicopters at Port Vila, Vanuatu from May08; w/o 02sep15 crash in water 200m Pago Pago, American Samoa. 1 fatality
1995 369hs 64-0611S Ilmavoimat HH-2 : Ilmavoimat, w/o 22jul82 at Utti; repaired, to OH-HIU
OH-HIU : ex HH-2
OH-HIU : w/o 24aug95 night ferry flight, hit trees in low visibility. 1 fatality
1981 369hs 76-0829S N8304F : Hughes Helicopters Mar/Aug 1977
State of California N191BB : Sonoma County Sheriff Office (SCSO), CA from Aug77; w/o 24apr81; May81 canc as destroyed
2017 369hs 92-0414S N222PE : Sea Gem Corp at San Diego, CA Jun88-Jan98
Gobierno de Mexico XC-TIJ : Tijuana; Secretaria de Seguridad Pública Municipal (SSPM) /Pegasso; w/o 22nov17 at La Morita, Tijuana, Baja California. 2 fatalities
2018 407 53046 Air Logistics N416AL : Air Logistics at New Iberia, LA canc Apr05, test serial N1116H
Heliservicio Campeche XA-UEB : Heliservicio Campeche 2005-2013
C-FNAK : Northern Air Support (2012) Ltd at Kelowna, BC Apr13-Feb14
Great Slave Helicopters C-FNAK : Great Slave Helicopters from Feb14
Great Slave Helicopters C-FNAK : Sahtu Helicopters; w/o 19jul18 Forced landing in Mackenzie Mountains, near Nowman Wells, NWT
2017 407 53063 N34EA : USA, to 9M-LCT
9M-LCT : Malaysia, reser 9M-SAZ
9M-SAZ : Malaysia, to N407LH
N407LH : Cessna Finance Corp at Wichita, KS May06-Mar09
INAER Chile CC-AQH : Helicopteros del Pacifico, Ltda; w/o 12jan17 during firefighting under Conaf contract at Alhué
2010 407 53074 Bell Helicopter N1202U : Bell Nov96-Feb02, to Chile
HR-BKH : private Honduras; w/o 23apr10 hit power cables near Francisco Morazan (El Cajon) dam. 2 onboard minor injuries
2003 407 53105 Bell Helicopter N4116 : Bell Feb/May 1997
P2-IHJ : Papua New Guinea, to VH-HTD
Lloyd Helicopters VH-HTD : Lloyd Helicopters, Ambulance
Australia Air Ambulances VH-HTD : RACQ CQ Rescue, op by Lloyd Helicopters; w/o 17oct03 off Cape Hillsborough. 3 fatalities
2014 407 53123 N142MA : Minuteman Aviation at Missoula, MT from Mar97
N142MA : Minuteman Aviation, op by Greenriver Energy; w/o 11sep14 9m from Moab, UT
2017 407 53182 PT-YGN : ZPG Participacoes Ltda, Sao Paulo Jan02-2005, test serial N5984D; to N415AG
Bristow US Llc N415AL : Bristow Us Apr05-Feb10
N1371 : Arrow Aviation at Broussard, LA Nov14-Feb15
GM Leasing N1371 : GM Leasing Co at Broussard, LA from Mar15
Westwind Helicopters N1371 : Westwind Helicopters; w/o 27feb17 at Terrebonne Parish, Bayou Barre, LA. 1 fatality
2011 407 53238 LV-YRC : Argentina 1999-2008, test serial N43313
C-FNAK : Northern Air Support Ltd at Kelowna, BC from Feb08; w/o 05aug11 20nm S Hackett River Camp, Nunavut ; canc Feb12
2017 407 53257 Bell Helicopter N61732 : Bell 1998, test serial C-GLZU
PT-YSZ : Air Commander S C Ltda em São Paulo Sep98-Feb04
N1TY : USA, to N999XX
N999XX : 4201 Congress ST LLC at Charlotte, NC 2005-2008
N999XX : Jet Sales of Stuart Llc at Stuart, FL Oct08-Sep10; PP-CSC ntu
Heli Niugini Ltd P2-HSE : Niugini Helicopters 2010; w/o 15feb17 at Kiunga Airport, North Fly District, Western Province.
2013 407 53282 N44504 : Bell Helicopter Jul98-May00
EI-STR : Ireland, to N937GR
N937GR : Grj Flying Service Llc at Wilmington, DE from Aug10; Two Bears Aviation; w/o 25apr13 Mount Aenaes, Jewel Basin, Montana
2013 407 53319 N2RW : Bell serial N58EA, to N98FH
N98FH : to N53LP
Panther Helicopters Inc N53LP : Panther Helicopters at Belle Chasse, LA from May05; w/o 13aug13 ditched near Oil Rig Trinity V Gulf of Mexico, a/c recovered subst damaged
2007 407 53365 ZS-RPC : South Africa private; w/o 24jan17 at Chinko wildlife park, Central African Republic. 3 fatalities
2014 407 53373 N6051G : to N969SB
N969SB : to N977MY
N977MY : American Helicopters Llc at Kirkland, WA, Jun06; Silver State Helicopters Llc at North Las Vegas, NV, Dec06
RLC N373RL : Rotorcraft Leasing Co at Broussard, LA from Jul08; w/o 11nov14 ditched Gulf of Mexico, off Louisiana
2015 407 53450 State of Virginia N408FC : Fairfax County, VA FCPD
State of California N408FC : American Airborne EMS at Fresno, CA from Jul11; Rogers Helicopters
N408FC : SkyLife ambulance; w/o 10dec15 at Bakersfield, CA. 4 fatalities
2016 407 53490 N34FW : Rotor Wing Inc at Mount Olive, AL Jan05-Jun16, test serial N4055S
Survival Flight N361SF : Air ER Llc at Corinth, TX from Jun16; Survival Flight; w/o 29sep16 crashed on Gore Boulevard outside the the Comanche County Memorial Hospital, Lawton, OK during a night flight. Still of reg as N34FW
2015 407 53794 Bell Helicopter Canada C-FPUE : Bell Canada Sep/Dec 2007
Henley Air ZS-RRJ : Henley Air
ZS-RRJ : w/o 25nov15 crash landing flying from Johannesburg (FAGM) to Vereeniging. Went down over R59
2011 407 53806 Bell Helicopter Canada C-FROT : Bell Canada Nov07-Mar08
G-CFDB : private Mar/Oct 2008
Patriot Aviation G-CFDB : Patriot Aviation Ltd Oct08-Jan09
VT-SWA : Consolidated Aviation Manag Corp India from Feb09; Swajas Air Charters Ltd; w/o 19jun11 Ladpur jungles near Raipur, Dehradun, India
2012 407 53869 N407HL : Teton County Sheriff Office (TCSO); Ambulance; w/o 15feb12 impacted trees and terrain in Bridger Teton National Forest, Moran Junction, Wyoming. 1 killed, 2 severly injured
2017 407 53889 Bell Helicopter Canada C-FXDK : Bell Canada Nov08-Mar09, test serial C-GAJR
Bell Helicopter N368CF : Bell Mar09-May10
RA-01927 : Basma; w/o 06nov17 near Innopolis, Verkhneuslon district, Tatarstan. 1 fatality
2016 407 53926 Bell Helicopter N368SB : Bell Mar/Nov 2009, test serial C-GAED
PR-CBB : Ale Costa Negocios e Participacoes Ltda, Brazil; w/o 26jun16 crashed and caught fire near Jundiaí, SP. 5 fatalities
2013 407 53959 N445MT : Bell serial N4618C; Mercy Medical Center, Iowa HEMS; w/o 02jan13 north of Ventura, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. 3 fatalities
2015 407 53978 Bell Helicopter N389AB : Bell Oct09-Apr10, test serial C-GADH
HR-AWI : Honduras; w/o 21nov15 near Masaya, S of Managua
2013 412 33001 ERA Helicopters N412EH : ERA, canc Aug07
Australian Helicopters VH-EMZ : Australian Helicopters from Aug07; w/o 17jun13 at Torres Strait, Prince of Wales Island, Queensland
VH-EMZ : date unk, Movie Set on the Gold Coast Filming San Andreas
2002 412 33003 I-MDCV : Alba Aeroservizi; to OE-FXN
OE-FXN : HeliJet Austria; ex I-MDCV; to Colombia
Armada Nacional de Colombia ARC-215 : Colombia Navy 215 d/d 1998; ex OE-FXN; w/o 04sep02 34km off pacific coast near Cabo Corrientes, 2 fatalities
1988 412 33008 C-GKHS : Kenting Earth Sciences at Ottawa, ON, canc Feb88
C-GKHS : May81 pictured at Vancouver, BC
ERA Helicopters N163EH : ERA Aviation from Apr89; w/o unk; Nov99 canc
2006 412 33014 ZS-HKG : ex N2070E
Air Zermatt AG HB-XRP : Air Zermatt 1987-1997; to I-AIVO
Airgreen I-AIVO : Airgreen; w/o 27nov06 near Monasterolo di Cafasse, Italy
I-AIVO : Molare 2006 Esercitazione
2004 412 33028 XA-LUO : Mexico; to XA-SIL
JA9916 :
N4083S : Miami
Fuerza Aerea de Chile H-41 : fach. grupo 8. w/o 27nov04
2015 412 33061 XB-HAV : Mexico private, to N32EA
N32EA : Edwards
State of California N120LA : LACoFD Jan90, reser N56151
State of California N56151 : LACoFD, reser N412LA
State of California N412LA : County of Los Angeles from Feb90; LACoFD County Of Los Angeles Fire Department; reser N56151 from Sep07; reser N412LA from Nov10
State of California N412LA : LACoFD; w/o 16aug15 hard landing in a cemetery near the Rio Hondo River in Montebello, CA
2000 412 33085 JA9583 : test serial N2101Q
ERA Helicopters N174EH : ERA Aviation from Apr90-Oct02
N174EH : US Dept Interior; w/o 13aug00 at Cold Springs, NV. 1 fatality
2005 412 33087 State of California N301FD : LAFD Air Operations 1983-2003
N9043S : Edwards and Assoc at Bristol, TN Feb/Aug 2004
Eagle Copters C-FBWY : Eagle Copters Aug/Sep 2004
Helisureste EC-JCE : Helisureste; w/o 13jul05
2010 412ep 36240 XA-TPH : Mexico, Bell serial N63860 Nov99, to Colombia
HK-4571 : to XA-UNI
ASESA XA-UNI : ASESA, w/o 13nov10 crashed in mountainous terrain near Trujillo, Colombia. 3 fatalities
2010 412ep 36337 Bell Helicopter N45388 : Bell Helicopter Aug04, test serial C-GFNM
Heliservicio Campeche XA-HSI : Heliservicio; 01jun10 ditched on sea 2m of Bacab Platform-A, Gulf of Mexico. 11 rescued
RotorLink - : Rotor Link in Canada has the fusalage. The flight controls and some other parts were refurbishied and used in a simulator
2011 412hp 36063 Bell Helicopter N6199J : Bell Apr/Sep 1993, test serial C-GBUP
Policie České Republiky B-4363 : Czech Police 1993-, reser OK-BYO
Policie České Republiky OK-BYO : Czech Police, canc 2010
Agrarflug Helilift GmbH D-HAFQ : Agrarflug Helilift Jun/Dec 2010
VH-MHQ : Australia from Dec10
Nyaman Air PK-FUG : Nyaman Air; w/o 03aug11 crashed into Mount Dua Saudara, eastern Indonesia. 10 fatalities
2002 412hp 36076 OE-XMM : Air Ambulance; to D-HHXX; Bell serial N2038G
HDM Flugservice D-HHXX : HDM Flugservice; w/o 24nov02 crash on landing at Pritzwalk, Brandenburg. 1 fatality
2011 412sp 33137 YV-O-CVG-12 EDELCA: Electrificacion del Caroni (EDELCA); Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana (CVG); to YV-O-TWH-3
YV-O-TWH-3 EDELCA: ex YV-O-CVG-12; On 2007 EDELCA became Corpoelec; to YVO126
Corpoelec YVO126 : Corpoelec; w/o 15oct11 crashed at 10m, Macagua, estado Bolivar, Venezuela. 1 seriously injured
1995 412sp 33171 N3208P : 1988 to B-6612
B-6612 : Taiwan; ex N3208P; to SE-JBL
SE-JBL : ex B-6612; to 9M-BCL
Sabah Air 9M-BCL : Sabah Air; w/o 29nov95 off the coast of Labuan, Malaysia. En-route to an offshore oil rig. 10 fatalities
2001 412sp 33197 HL9241 : Colombia, test serial N3217K
PHI Inc N141PH : reser N412SM
N412SM : St Marys Hospital Medical Center at Grand Junction, CO from Oct00; w/o 28feb01 test flight following maintenance at Grand Junction, CA
2011 412sp 34019 PK-OCV Airfast Indonesia: Nurtanio NB19; Airfast Indonesia w/o 25sep11 crash at Sumbawa. 2 fatalities
2018 429 57157 Bell Helicopter Canada C-GWEJ : Bell Canada 2016, test serial C-GADP
B-70QC : Goldrawn Air Leasing Company Ltd at Beijing, China Nov16-May17; Beijing Huabin Star General Aviation Company Ltd at Beijing, China May17
Reignwood B-70QC : Reignwood Star Aviation; w/o 30jul18 11am crash landing in a parking lot near the Jixiangsi bridge in North Beijing
Reignwood B-70QC : pilot recovered control after loss of power. 4 on-board, no fatalities
2018 429 57186 Bell Helicopter Canada C-GZAH : Bell Canada Jan14-Jan15, test serial C-GFNQ
PK-WSX : IMIP / Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park at Sulawesi Tengah, Indonesia from Feb15, op by Whitesky Aviation
Whitesky Aviation PK-WSX : PT Whitesky Aviation by 2016
Whitesky Aviation PK-WSX : w/o 20apr18 09:45hs crash and total loss at location of IMIP / Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park at Sulawesi Tengah; 10 person on board were safe some with injuries but 1 people on land was died hit by cracked main rotor blade
2016 429 57197 Bell Helicopter Canada C-GZQF : Bell Canada Mar/Aug 2014, test serial C-GADL
RA-01617 : Flash Energy LLC; w/o 01jan16 Fisherman Farm, Aksaisky district, Rostov oblast
2017 429 57249 Bell Helicopter N544NB : Bell Apr15, test serial C-FHYQ
N598PB : private at Center, TX from Dec16; w/o 15feb17 impacted Wallace Lake, DeSoto Parrish, LA. 2 fatalities
2000 430 49015 Bell Helicopter N4579C : Bell 430, cn49015, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N4579C, unk
B-55531 : xfer Daily Air Corp, Taiwan as B-55531, unk; Overturned into water during attempted emergency landing on river bank following wire strike over Da Jia River. One occupant injured. dbr & w/o, 08May00.
2017 430 49024 Bell Helicopter Canada C-GBUQ : Bell Canada 1997
ZS-RPM : JCI - Anglo American, South Africa
ZS-VDM : VodaCom, South Africa
ZS-VDM : w/o 22apr17 M/R blades struck Tailboom on landing at a PVT Helipad West of OR Tambo Intl Airport causing structural damage to the airframe
1999 430 49038 LV-ZPV : N52097 Tavistock; LV-ZPV w/o 04oct99 30 km Bariloche (SAZS), Argentina. Wreck found 60 hours later
2009 430 49049 Bell Helicopter N8236B : Bell 430 cn49049, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N8236B, 1998
VT-APG : xfer Andra Pradesh Government, India as VT-APG, unk; w/o in heavioy wooded area near Rudrakonda, Kurnool District, India, 02Sep09, 5 fatalities.
2002 430 49055 Bell Helicopter N81061 : Bell 430 cn49055, ff:?; reg Bell helicopters as N81061, 1999
XC-DPC : xfer State of Vera Cruz, Government of Mexico as XC-DPC, unk; destroyed upon impact with terrain following a loss of control during a missed approach near Jalapa, State of Veracruz, 18Oct02.
2008 430 49065 Bell Helicopter Canada C-GLZE : Bell 430 cn49065, ff:?; reg Bell helicopters Canada as C-GLZE, 1999
Bell Helicopter N2416P : xfer Bell Helicopters US as N2416P, 2000
N5NA : xfer Range Flyers Inc, Wichita, KS as N5NA, 30Aug07
VT-REO : xfer India as VT-REO, 16Nov07; w/o when flew into hill after encountering bad weather, near Venketpuram, Andhra Pradesh, India, 03Aug08, 4 fatalities.
2018 430 49123 Bell Helicopter N4324X : Bell 2007
G-NAVA : Vasileios Konstantakopoulos, Athens Greece Apr/Jul 2018
SX-HNG : Greece, to TC-HYU
TC-HYU : Ünver Aviation; w/o 06sep18 into the sea off coast of Bostanci, Istanbul. 1 fatality
1998 47 254 US Army Aviation 51-2516 : US Army H-13D then OH-13D; to N755E
N755E : w/o 28sep98; 27mar99 pictured wreck near Jackson AP, TN
2014 47g-1 1706 N7895B : Bell 47G; w/o 03may14 at Whittier Narrows, Rosemead, CA
2017 47g-2 1459 TI-BGH : Heli Green of Costa Rica; w/o 18sep17 during spraying at Llano Bonito, Cariari district, Pococí de Limón. 1 fatality
2016 47g-2 2706 CF-OIS : Canada, to N64702
N64702 : Hendrickson Flying Service Inc; w/o 21apr16 hit powerline during Agricultural tasks at Cameron County, NW of Los Fresnos, TX
unknown 47g-5 25023 G-AYMY : reg Nov70-Feb82, several owners
Bristow G-AYMY : Jul79 pictured at Coventry (to be confirmed)
5B-CEQ : w/o unk
2014 47g-5 25032 N7089J : Reynolds Aerial Service at Mansfield, IL from Jul11; w/o 12aug14 hit powerlines at Mansfield, IL. Pilot killed
1984 47h 1538 SABENA OO-SHW : Bell 47H-1; 1958 pictured at Brussels with Sikorsky S-58 OO-SHO
G-AZYB : Twyford Moors Helicopters Jul72-Feb73; George Watt Feb73-Apr85; w/o 21apr84 at St Mary Bourne, New Andover
G-AZYB : 24jul93 picture at International Helicopter Museum (IHM), Weston-Super-Mare
OO-SHW : Preserved at International Helicopter Museum (IHM), Weston-Super-Mare in Belgian Antarctic Expedition colours
2016 480 5022 Forces armées du Burkina Faso XT-480 : Burkina Faso, reser XT-BOK
XT-BOK : Burkina Faso
G-TRUD : Ardore Ltd Feb01-Jan02
G-TRUD : Sussex Aviation Jan02-Aug11
LZ-VID : Fortuna Air, Bulgaria; w/o 09sep16 Cherna skala, near Kardzhali, Kardzhali province
2015 480 5034 G-IGHH : George Henry Harding Housemakers Dec98-Jan04; private Jan04-Jan06
G-IGHH : Axecroft Ltd Jan06-Nov07
G-IGHH : Raw Sports Ltd from Nov07; w/o 09sep15 at Church Farm, Station Road, Aldbury, near Tring, Hertfordshire
2017 480B 5110 State of Utah N480W : Bank of Utah Trustee at Salt Lake, City from Jul07
N480W : w/o 10may17 in mountainous area near Fundres, Bolzano, Italy. 1 fatality
2003 a109a 7220 AgustaWestland Philadelphia N4210W : Agusta Corp, to N502RP
N502RP : 1996 pictured (pic1) (pic2) in movie Eraser. First scene white livery probably same helicopter. Final scene N502RP all black New York City Police (NYPD) helicopter
N502RP : 1996 in the film Broken Arrow Same livery scheme.
N21TE : to N25RX
N25RX : Mediplane Inc at Santa Rosa, CA from Oct98; Redwood Empire Air Care Helicopter; w/o 23dec03 collided with terrain near Redwood Valley, CA. 3 fatalities
2010 A109a-II 7285 HB-ZIP : ex I-GATE; w/o 01mar10 at Bernina Pass, Graubünden Switzerland
2016 A109a-II 7301 I-CRMD : Italy, to N109W
N109W : One Zero Nine-FTO Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Jul15; w/o 19nov16 near Induno Olona, Varese. 1 fatality
2003 A109a-II 7317 N109GG : USA, to N1CL
N1CL : to JA9695
JA9695 : Japan, to N295CA
HB-XJA : Hoppe AG from Feb95; w/o 10apr03 at Piz Terza. Repl by HB-ZFK
1995 a109c 7601 N1WD : Leffler Transportation Company at Richland, PA from Jun93; w/o 18jan95 at Jackson Twp, PA. 3 fatalities
2003 a109c 7604 N90LW : test serial N1VN, to D-HAAB
D-HAAB : conv to A109C Max; Rotorflug GmbH Jun92-Sep98
N109MX : from 1998
N109MX : Oak Brook Aviation, IL from Apr02
N109MX : Air Angels Ambulance; w/o 28jan03 impacted terrain near West Chicago, IL. Pilot killed
2002 a109c 7612 3A-MIS : Monaco, to D-HLAT
D-HLAT : Grohmann Air GmbH
F-GTLP : from Apr01; w/o 31oct02 crashed into the sea near Sud de l ile des Rimains, Cancale. 2 fatalities
2009 a109c 7615 I-MDGL : ex I-IRAS, to N244AM
N244AM : Aeroservices Intl at Wilmington, DE Oct96-Mar98
PT-YFP : Brazil, private; w/o 05jan09 crash at Itupeva, 73km NW Sao Paulo. 1 fatality
1996 a109c 7616 D-HFZF : to OE-XCB
OE-XCB : Goldeck-Flug; w/o 08aug96 at Lavant Valley, Austria. 5 fatalities
unknown a109c 7629 HK-3661X : Colombia, to HK-3661G
HK-3661G : Jul06: 1004 hrs; w/o unk
2006 a109c 7647 OO-WGW helimo: 1995 Helimo
OO-WGW helimo: 4feb97 Helimo visit Schiphol; toward OE-XSL
OE-XSL Sky Liner: Sky Liner d/d 2001. w/o 20mar06 crashed near Niestetal Heiligenrode (Kassel) Germany on route from Wien to Bremerhaven to be shipped to Venezuela
2004 a109c 7663 OO-AAI : Agusta 109C cn7663, ff:?; del Belgium as OO-AAI, unk
N109JN : xfer US as N109JN, unk
N51BL : xfer US as N51BL, unk
HB-ZCD : xfer Maniso Aviation Est. Vaduz, Switzerland as HB-ZCD, 10Feb00
N109BS : xfer US as N109BS, 28May02
VH-ZZN : xfer Australia as VH-ZZN, 30May03; w/o when right main gear punctured pontoon helipad and helo rolled over when attempted to takeoff, Brisbane Australia, 30Jul04.
2013 a109e 11017 HB-XQM : Eliarco Feb98-Jan01, repl by HB-ZCT
N709AT Castle Helicopters Inc: Castle Helicopters Inc at Wilmington, DE Aug06-Apr07
Castle Air Charters G-CRST : Castle Air Apr/Nov 2007, oper Rotormotion
G-WRBI : Fuel the Jet LLP Nov07-Feb11
G-WRBI : used in British TV drama series Survivors
Castle Air Charters G-CRST : Castle Air from Feb11; 08may11 pictured at Popham
Castle Air Charters G-CRST : Dec12 2284 total hours, on sale U$S 2.5M
Castle Air Charters G-CRST : w/o 16jan13 hit a crane and crashed to ground at Vauxhall, London. 2 fatalities
2015 a109e 11023 I-MALL : 1998-2003
sherkate tara EP-TRK : Tara Air 2003
sherkate tara EP-TRK : Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC); w/o 13jul15 crashed 15m off Abouzar oil platform, West of Kharg Island. 4 fatalities
sherkate tara EP-TRK : Down in Persian Gulf when carrying two men from oil rig near khark to a hospital. tail of heli found in sae.
2000 a109e 11036 Sloane Helicopters G-JRSL : Sloane Nov98-Feb99
G-JRSL : Perment Ltd from Feb99; w/o 14jan00 crash at Romney Marsh, Kent
G-JRSL : Cabin only on dump at Kemble airport near Boeing 737 N389DF by Apr16
2001 a109e 11042 I-CLRM : CoLaRi w/o 08mar01
2001 a109e 11050 PP-MPA : w/o 27jul01 ditched off Sao Paulo
2014 a109e 11067 Elitaliana / Free Air I-RMPW : Freeair, HEMS/Police
D-HBPM : from Feb10
TriState CareFlight N507CF : TriState Care Flight from Sep12; w/o 17jul14 near Newkirk, New Mexico. 3 fatalities
2010 a109e 11089 XA-LSA : Aerosaba/Grupo Saba 2000-2002, test serial N1NQ
N962MS : Middlegate at New York 2002, rtn XA-LSA
XA-LSA : Aerosaba/Grupo Saba from Oct02; w/o 10jan10 crashed at Mexico City. 5 fatalities including businessman Moises Saba Masri
2004 a109e 11092 G-PWER : Powersense Ltd Nov00-Jan04
G-PWER : Island Spice Overseas Ltd from Jan04; w/o 03mar04 crash on approach at Pitt House Farm, Bournemouth. 2 fatalities
2002 a109e 11105 I-FOOD : w/o 17aug02 at Positano
2005 a109k2 10035 ZS-RRB : National Ports Authority, South Africa; w/o 03sep05 at Richards Bay Harbour
2005 a119 14009 YV-265CP : Helimedical
TriState CareFlight N403CF : TriState Careflight from Jul04; w/o 30jun05 crashed at Marcos, Colorado
2002 ab205a 4010 Ejercito del Aire HE.10A-5 : EdA 78-61; ex EC-BDF,EC-SSH, Z.10-5. HD.10A-5; wfu 13dec91; sold as ab205a-1 EC-GJL
EC-GJL : 2001 DGAC France reported inconsistencies with type and documentation; w/o 14jun02 broke in flight at Torallola, provincia de Lerida, Spain. 8 fatalities; more (Spanish)
1978 ab206a 8086 Agusta Spa I-AGUP : 29jun69 at Cannes salon
I-AGUP : Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi; w/o 23sep78 Passo Lagistrello, wfu
1990 ab206a 8094 G-AWOY : private Aug68-Sep69; United Marine Ltd Sep69-Jun71; Autar Intl Jun71-Jan74; 21apr72 Jet blast from Seaboard World DC-8 blew helicopter against alouette F-BPFF in Malta
SE-HEP : Sweden, to LN-OQA
LN-OQA : Norway, to SE-HOT
SE-HOT : Ostemann Aero Sweden; w/o 11oct90 35m NW of Masi. 1 fatality
2017 ab206a 8130 Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte 3C-JC : Austria 1969-2009
VH-DPU : Australia from Apr11
VH-DPU : private from Jun12; w/o 17mar17 approaching Keppel Creek, Curtis Island, SE of Rockhampton, QLD
1996 ab206a 8212 D-HAVA : ntu, reser D-HEZF
D-HEZF : Germany, to LN-ORS
LN-ORS : Heli-Scan, Norway; w/o 13dec96 Hedhavn
1972 ab206a 8296 LN-OQS : K/S Helikopter Service; w/o 06may72 Kap Wijk
2016 ab206b 8722 HB-XUW : Switzerland Mar90-Feb98, many owners
BB Heli AG HB-XUW : BB Heli Jan98-Jun16; 24jan14 at Zurich heliport
RA-01630 : Russia from Jun16; w/o 24sep16 at Yeniseysky district, Krasnoyarsk region. 2 fatalities
1997 ab206b-2 8339 G-BAKS : from 28dec72, several owners;
G-BAKS : 1981 appears on 007 film For Your Eyes Only
G-BAKS : Stephenson Marine Co Ltd from Jun94; 11jun95 picture at Biggin Hill
G-BAKS : w/o 14nov97 crashed in fog, Cocking Hill, near Chichester, West Sussex. 1 fatality.
2018 ab206b-3 8563 G-BGGX : Willow Brook Intl 1978-1982
G-FLCH : Quakebrook Ltd 1982-1988
G-NATO : Defence Products Ltd 1988-1989; Proteus Pretroleum Aviation 1989-1990; to OO-VWE
OO-VWE : 11aug07 pictured over Knokke beach
OO-VWE : Jan13 at Knokke-Heliport
F-HGJL : private France from Aug17
F-HGJL : Pilot Air; w/o 02may18 Regina, Belizon, French Guiana. 2 fatalities
2014 ab206b-3 8567 G-BTWW : T.W.Walker Ltd from 26Jul78
EI-BJV : Ireland, from 16Oct80
PDG Helicopters G-BTWW : Dollar AS from 25Apr85, restored; PLM Dollar Group from 09Nov95
G-BYBC : RCR Aviation from 31Mar98; Mainstreet Aviation from 18Sep00;Sky Charter from 29Jun04
Aerospeed Ltd G-SUEX : Aerospeed from Sep09
Aerospeed Ltd G-SUEX : 30jan13 pictured at Norwich
Aerospeed Ltd G-SUEX : w/o 16sep14 crashed into the sea near the Flamborough Head lighthouse, Scotland 2 fatalities
1999 ab206b-3 8593 G-HYDE : Hyde Industrial Holdings Ltd May/Nov 1980; Hyde Tool Company Ltd nov80/Mar81; Hyde Helicopters Ltd Mar81/Aug84
G-HYDE : Alan Mann Helicopters Ltd at Fairoaks airport Mar81-Aug84
HB-XBA : Heli Air AG Aug84-Oct89
HB-XBA : Rüdisühli Helitransport Oct89-Jul90
HB-XBA : Säntis-Heli Jul90-Oct91
HB-XBA : Heliba Oct91-Apr95
HB-XBA : Heli Air AG Apr95-Mar97
HB-XBA : Schafer Urs Mar97-Aug98
HB-XBA : Jetclub Ltd from Aug99; w/o 28dec99 at Horboden
2012 ab412 25502 G-BVYN : RCR Aviation Feb/Apr 1995, ex I-INGO
VR-BQC : Bermuda May95
EC-GDE : Spain, ex EC-863, to Colombia
Armada Nacional de Colombia ARC-214 : Colombia Navy 214 d/d 1998; w/o 05jan12 ditch at Bajito Vaqueria, Tumaco. 1 fatality
2004 ab412 25503 I-MGPE : toward 11339
armen 11339 : Armen type:HKP11 leased from Agusta from 1993 to 1994 ex I-MGPE toward EC-757
EC-757 : ex 11339 toward EC-GBE
INAER EC-GBE : Helisureste from Jul95; w/o 14Nov04 at Gelves, Sevilla
2001 ab47g-2 1619 Aviazione dell'Esercito MM80431 : Esercito E.I.60 d/d 04oct67 ; 05jun82 wfu, to VH-SHP
VH-SHP : Australia; Helicopter Exchange from 19nov92; Enviro Remote Sensing from jan97; w/o 29aug01
1982 ab47g-2 239 Luftwaffe 74+08 : also seen as AS+383,last seen as D-HASI
D-HASI : w/o 15apr82 Augsburg
1965 ab47g-2 45 G-AODK : CAA Reg canx as destroyed 09aug65
1980 ab47g-3b 1546 Army Air Corps XT135 : AAC Sioux AH.1; noted Biggin Hill Airshow 1968 displaying with The Blue Eagles, 31oct77 to G-MACD
G-MACD : Private: 15jun78 to Switzerland as HB-XHT
HB-XHT : Private w/o 18Aug80
1984 ab47g-3b 1555 Army Air Corps XT143 : AAC Sioux AH.1 Sold 11oct77 to G-BFEJ
XT143 : to Cranfield CIT 1977 as /F, still there by Mar 1978
G-BFEJ : Reg with Trent Helicopters Ltd, Luton - EGGW until 01may81
G-BFEJ : Change of owner 05jun81 to Copley Farms Ltd, Brabaham, Cambs until w/o 18aug84 canx by CAA 31dec84 with 5443 hrs
1991 ab47g-3b 1556 Army Air Corps XT144 : AAC Sioux AH.1 Unk to OE-CXP
OE-CXP : Unk to HB-XOJ
HB-XOJ : Unk to EC-DUV
EC-DUV : Unk revert to HB-XOJ
HB-XOJ : w/o 18aug91
1968 ab47g-3b 1562 Army Air Corps XT150 : AAC Sioux AH.1 d/d 05mar65; w/o 06feb68 Asahan Ranges, Malacca; to 7883M; AeroVenture, Doncaster
Army Air Corps XT150 : Jul05 Gate Guard Netheravon
XT150 :
1983 ab47g-3b 1564 Army Air Corps XT102 : AAC 652 Sq by Aug 1977. Sold 1978.
Army Air Corps XT102 : Apr/May 1976 flew this at Middle Wallop when training under Advanced Rotary Wing
G-BGHN : M H Wills, Alchester from 15jan79; w/o 05dec83
1980 ab47g-3b 1570 Army Air Corps XT107 : AAC Sioux AH.1 Unk to Malaysia 9M-AUN
9M-AUN : Private , w/o 16May80
1950 Air Horse W11/1 VZ724 : ff 8 Dec 1948 at Eastleigh. Also carried G-ALCV. Crashed and w/o 13 Jun 1950.
1987 as332c 2012 C-GQRL : Hydra Management; ex N5789B; w/o 03oct87 crash during logging at Quatam River, BC
2009 as332L 2170 Bond Aviation Group G-PUMI : Bond Helicopters Jan86, all red livery; 1999 to Bristow
Bristow G-PUMI : Bristow 1999-2004, to PR-CFM
CHC Scotia G-PUMI : Sep02 noted still red livery and CHC logo
Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-CFM : Aeroleo, from G-PUMI
Bristow G-PUMI : Bristow 2005-28feb08
Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BKJ : Bristow Nigeria 2008, ex G-PUMI
Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BKJ : w/o 11dec09 heading to SeaBird Exploration seismic vessel Kondor Explorer ditched near Agbami oil rig, Nigeria. 18 onboard safe
5N-BKJ : Feb14, Port of Houston, Texas, USA enroute to Kansas. Fuselage only
2011 as332L1 2352 Helikopter Service LN-OBU : to VH-LAG;
CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LAG : CHC Australia; ex LN-OBU
CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LAG : w/o 21jul11 at Port Keats Airport Wadeye. While taxiing in the vicinity of two parked aircraft for departing to Offshore gas rig, Joseph Bonaparte Gulf, NT the main rotor blades contacted a light pole. As the main rotor disintegrated, the helicopter was propelled towards the pole and rolled onto its left side. 2+4 minor injuries
N474WZ : Turbines Ltd at West Point, NE, 2013
2018 as332l1 2820 4L-SSS : Georgia Gov, test serial F-WWOS
GBP-10020 : Border Police of Georgia; w/o 12jul18 in Kakheti
2012 as350b 1017 Aerospatiale F-WZFA : Aerospatiale toward SE-HIA
SE-HIA : from 1978 ex F-WZFA toward LN-OMY
LN-OMY : from 1993 ex SE-HIA
Helitrans AS LN-OMY : Helitrans; w/o 05dec12 declared missing on route from Lubeck, Germany to Halmstad, Sweden. 2 onboard
1987 as350b 1190 G-BHIU : reg 14 Dec 1979, to G-MORR 15 Jan 1980
UK Police Forces G-MORR : On charter (?) to Devon and Cornwall Police from Colt Car Company. Noted operating from Middlemoor 16 Feb 1982.
G-NOEI : to G-NEOI 16 Jan 1984.
G-NEOI : crashed late 1986 / early 1987
2013 as350b 1429 JA9281 : to VH-HRQ
VH-HRQ : first reg Jun01, conv B2 type; Helicopter Resources, noted from 2004
VH-HRQ : Helicopter Resources Pty at Tyabb, Vic from Dec05; chartered by the Australian Antarctic Division; w/o 01dec13 crash 150nm Davis station, David Plateau Skiway, Antarctica
2016 as350b 1477 Heliswiss International AG HB-XMI : Heliswiss May81-May84
I-ELTE : Italy from 1984
I-ELTE : Ariane Srl; w/o 21dec16 during training at Sondrio Caiolo Airport , Lombardy
2015 as350b 1529 JA9308 : Japan, to DQ-IHB
DQ-IHB : Fiji, to VH-SFX
VH-SFX : GBR Helicopters Pty Ltd at North Cairns, QLD from Sep11, AS350BA type; w/o 02nov15 during aerial weed survey at Whyanbeel near Port Douglas, 70km NW of Cairns
2001 as350b 1556 N58043 : to N911NT
State of California N911NT : Enloe Medical Center, Enloe FlightCare, AS350BA type; w/o 22sep01 Butte Meadows, Sierra Nevada Mountains, 33 miles E of Chico, CA. 1 fatality
2015 as350b 1572 ZK-HNM : New Zealand, to VH-WCG
VH-WCG : Australia, rtn to ZK-HNN
State of Washington N572JR : JR Helicopters at Yakima, WA May06-Apr09, AS350BA type
ZK-IBT : New Zealand, to DQ-IBT
DQ-IBT : Island Hoppers, Fiji; w/o 23dec15 at Treasure Island
1987 as350b 1593 D-HAFD : 29jun86 pictured ta Dorsten-Flugplatz am kanal Recklinhausen
N350AE :
D-HAFD : w/o 30jun87
2001 as350b 1598 Eurocopter France F-WQED : 1996 type B2 Eurocopter France; Previously flew in the USA; To Germany
D-HEEH : EHC Euroheli Cargo from Jul96 to w/o 02oct01
2013 as350b 1612 Republic of Singapore Air Force 274 : RSAF as350E type, to F-OHNX
F-OHNX : conv AS.350B std, to 9V-BMW
9V-BMW : to 9N-AEX
Air Dynasty Heli Service 9N-AEX : Air Dynasty, ex 9V-BMW
Air Dynasty Heli Service 9N-AEX : w/o 26sep13 caught fire after it hit the wire fence of the Lukla airport
2017 as350b 1713 helicopter service Hannover D-HENY : Helicopter Service Hannover
EI-IRV : Harrcops Ltd at Weston Airfield 2003-2007
VH-KCE : Aviation Specialists Toowoomba Pty Ltd from Jan12; w/o 30mar17 at Wellcamp, Toowoomba, QLD
2012 as350b 1774 RP-C668 : to N516FB
N516FB : ex RP-C668 to N8837K, conv as.350ba
Smart Elicotteri I-MIAE : Smart Elicotteri, ex N8837K; w/o 20nov12 at Trichiana, Belluno, Regione Veneto during agricultural tasks, 2 fatalities
unknown as350b 1830 Rotorflug GmbH D-HFMW : Rotorflug GmbH Jul85-Apr86
LN-OTR : w/o unk
2003 as350b 1864 N58050 : to N1889A
N1889A : to N1839A
N1839A : to N270SH
State of Nevada N270SH : Sundance Helicopters from Jun99, AS350BA type; w/o 20sep03 collision with a canyon wall at Descent Canyon, GrandCanyonWest, AZ. 7 fatalities. canc Jun06
2016 as350b 1928 JA9433 : Japan, to RP-C4880
RP-C4880 : Philippines, to N62LB
N62LB : USA, to N74KT
N74KT : Redhawk Air at Hialeah, FL, canc Jul04
HI850 : Dominican Republic
HI850 : 30dec14 at La Isabela
HI850 : w/o 22jan16 La Leonor de Toma, Dominican Rep
2017 as350b 2015 JA9488 : Japan 1988-2000
VH-RLU : Australia from Apr00
VH-BAA : Skyplan Australia Pty Ltd at Rosny Park, TAS from Jun10, AS350BA type; w/o 07nov17 landing at Hobart airport. 1 fatality
2016 as350b 2262 C-GHML : Heli-Max Limited / Heli-Max Limitee at Trois-Rivieres, QC Dec89-Jul93
N7087X : USA, to N911MV
N911MV : Southwest Helicopters Inc at Tucson, AZ Apr96-Mar99; canc as DESTROYED (?)
ZK-HDM : New Zealand, to RDPL-34162
Lao Skyway RDPL-34162 : Lao Skyway; w/o 26apr16 during mining survey flight near Long Tieng , Laos
2011 as350b 2300 C-GHMV : Heli-Max Ltd Jul90-Jul93, to N7067M
N111AK : to C-FZYQ
Eurocopter Canada C-FZYQ : Eurocopter Canada Apr/Jul 1997, AS350BA type
State of Nevada N37SH : 13nov10 type B2 Sundance Helicopters at Las Vegas
State of Nevada N37SH : Sundance Helicopters from Apr97; conv to AS350B2 type; w/o 07dec11 impacted terrain between Lake Mead and Henderson, NV. 5 fatalities
2017 as350b 2364 JA9891 : Japan, to SE-JFL
SE-JFL : Sweden, to LN-ODR
LN-ODR : Norway, rtn to SE-JFL
F-HLBT : Heliberte at Aéroport Le Mans-Arnage from May17, AS350B2 type
F-HLBT : Héliberté; w/o 26aug17 at Guerande, Loire-Atlantique
2014 as350b 2422 N6044B : to N543DC
N543DC : to C-FXGP
C-FXGP : AS350BA type; Memento Mori Investments Ltd at Toronto, ON Jan11-Jan14
C-FXGP : Horizon Helicopters at Whitehorse, YK Aug12-May13, lsd
N425U : Tumbleweed Leasing at Salt Lake City, UT from Jun14; w/o 13nov14 at Panguitch Municipal Airport, UT
2016 as350b 2499 JA6102 : Japan, test serial F-WZKL
PP-MBN : Transportes Fox e Comercio de Madeiras May14; w/o 21mar16 hit powerlines at Nazaré, Jaguaripe, Bahia
2011 as350b 2500 JA6110 : Ace Helicopters Japan, to ZK-HIG
ZK-HIG : conv AS.350BA; conv AS.350B2; Helisika, New Zealand; w/o 23nov11 crash while main rotor hit a cable during setting up seven storey high Telecom-sponsored christmas tree in Auckland Viaduct Harbour. no injuries
2015 as350b1 1903 Heli-Linth AG HB-XPK : Heli-Linth May86-Aug87
Heli Gotthard AG HB-XPK : Heli Gotthard Aug87-Jun89
Air Grischa Helikopter AG HB-XPK : Air Grischa Jun89-May91
Heliswiss International AG HB-XPK : Heliswiss May91-Jan94
Eliticino / Tarmac HB-XPK : Eliticino Jan94-May02; 2000 conv to AS350B2 type
C-GTQH : 528470 Alberta Ltd at Haines Junction, YK Jun02-Oct05
DQ-IHI : Island Hoppers Fiji; w/o 08jun15 crashed on Beqa Island during inspection works
2013 as350b1 1950 D-HAHI : test serial F-WZKX, to D-HACC
D-HACC : canc 1988
Air Glaciers SA HB-XSO : op Heli-TV SA
Heli-TV SA HB-XSO : Heli-TV from Feb88; 19aug90 dmg, conv to AS.350B2
Heli-TV SA HB-XSO : Heli-TV SA; w/o 29jun13 crashed near Lodrino, Swiss. 4 fatalities
2007 as350b1 1963 N518R : Lynton Aviation Services 1995; New Jersey
PDG Helicopters G-BWFY : PDG Helicopters; to EI-IHL
Irish Helicopters EI-IHL : Irish Helicopters; ex G-BWFY; w/o 12jul07 at Co Clare during power lines inspection in the Ballynacally area, pilot injured
1998 as350b1 2086 F-GIHI : Helifrance; 07may88 pictured at Hannover; w/o 04jan98
2011 as350b1 2155 SACC JA9793 : SACC Nov92-Apr07
Excel Air Service JA9793 : Excel Air Service Apr07
C-GJUP : Pemberton Helicopters at Pemberton, BC Sep07-May08
Lakelse Air C-GJUP : Lakelse Air Ltd at Terrace, BC May08-Jun10
Quantum Helicopters Ltd C-GJUP : Quantum Helicopters Ltd at Terrace, BC from Jul10; w/o 16sep11 Tulameen area, near Coquihalla mountain, BC
1999 as350b1 2177 Aerospatiale F-WZFP : Aerospatiale toward 661
Fuerza Aerea del Peru FAP-661 : FAP d/d 1989; ex F-WZFP; 1995 to civ F-GJAQ
ZK-HTL Heliquip: Heliquip from dec97 ex ??? toward C-GPTK
C-GPTK Northern Moutain Helicopters: Northern Mountain Helicopters from dec98 ex ZK-HTL; 09feb99 w/o
2014 as350b2 2328 JA9889 : Japan, to N350CR
N350CR : Reeder Flying Service Inc at Twin Falls, ID from Jun97; w/o 29jun14 at Dietrich, ID
2009 as350b2 2411 SAF Helicopteres F-GIRF : SAF
F-GIRF : w/o 10sep09, collision with power lines during firefighting operations at Le Brusquet
2010 as350b2 2418 State of Florida N157BC : BcSO, Broward county, FL, noted Dec96
N157BC : Ge Business Financial Services from Nov07; w/o 05feb10 El Paso Texas 3 fatalities
2018 as350b2 2576 Aerospatiale F-WZKH : Aerpspatiale 1991
OE-XHG : Austria, to I-ISAR
I-ISAR : Italy
I-ISAR : EliCampiglio; w/o 10sep18 during power lines inspection in Verano near Merano, South Tyrol, Italy
2000 as350b2 2622 N351HW : to N851HW
State of Tennessee N851HW : Hospital Wing Memphis; 30mar99 pictured at Le Bonheur Medical Center Heliport, Memphis, TN
N851HW : w/o 11may00 during flight instruction at Mesa-Falcon Field, AZ
2016 as350b2 2766 Eurocopter France F-WYMI : Eurocopter France, to I-MEDT
I-MEDT : EliMed Friuli, noted 2004
Fishtail Air 9N-AKA : Fishtail Air from Mar12
Fishtail Air 9N-AKA : 24oct14 crash at Dolpa
Fishtail Air 9N-AKA : ambulance; w/o 08aug16 at Betani jungle of Madanpur, Nuwakot district. 7 fatalities
2017 as350b2 2773 F-OGVR : BNP Lease Jan94-Jan00, F-GJIP ntu
G-BYZE : private Feb00-Aug05
ZK-IAX : New Zealand 2005-?
Aero Peace HL9170 : Aero Peace, South Korea; w/o 16nov17 at Boseong-gun
2007 as350b2 2883 N613TV : KTVK TV Inc at Dallas, TX Aug07-Feb08; w/o 27jul07 mid-air collision with N215TV in Phoenix. 8 fatalities
2016 as350b2 3119 McAlpine Helicopters G-MSMS : McAlpine Aug/Oct 1998
G-MSMS : Fairview Securities Investments Ltd Oct98-Sep00
N53G : USA, to N350LF
Metro Aviation N911GF : Metro Aviation Apr03-May14
State of Alabama N911GF : Haynes Ambulance Life Flight at Wetumpka, AL from May14; w/o 26mar16 at Coffee County, NNE Goodman, AL. 4 fatalities; pictured
2014 as350b2 3129 F-GPRP : France, to D-HEHC
Helicopter Travel Munich D-HEHC : HTM 2002-2005
OE-XTM : HTM Austria 2006
nordurflug TF-HDW : Nordurflug Iceland from 2007
nordurflug TF-HDW : w/o 01may14 at Eyjafjallajökull Glacier, South Iceland
2014 as350b2 3669 N1293A : to N250FB
Helicopters Inc N250FB : Helicopters Inc from Oct07
N250FB : KOMO-TV / KING 5 newscopter; w/o 18mar14 crash after taking off from Komo Tv Heliport, Seattle, WA. 2 fatalities
2017 as350b2 3816 I-BLBU : Eurojet Italia 2004, test serial F-WQDG
HB-ZTM : Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd from Sep11; w/o 13may17 rolled over during landing at Gebirgslandeplatz Petersgrat, 1 fatality
2010 as350b2 3886 American Eurocopter N196AE : American Eurocopter
PHI Inc N354P : Phi Apr05-?
ZK-HYY : w/o 27sep10 Mount Ajax, New Zealand
2015 as350b2 4113 N110GP : to N275W
N275W : to N919EM
EagleMed N919EM : Eagle Med Llc at Wichita, KS from Dec11; w/o 12mar15 West of Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma. 1 fatality
2018 as350b2 4149 N127LN : Fifth Third Leasing Co at Cincinnati, OH Apr07-Apr11
N127LN : Regions Equipment Finance Corp at Birmingham, AL from Mar11
Air Methods N127LN : Air Methods from Jun12
State of Wisconsin N127LN : Ministry Health Care, Ministry Saint Mary’s Hospital at Rhinelander WI from Jun11 /Ministry Spirit 2
State of Wisconsin N127LN : May14 pictured (pic1) at official opening of the ambulance garage and new hangar at Howard Young Medical Center, Woodruff, WI
State of Wisconsin N127LN : Ascension Wisconsin, /Spirit 2, op by Air Methods; w/o 26apr18 22:55hs crashed into a heavily wooded area 12m S of base the Howard Young Medical Center, Woodruff, WI. 3 fatalities
2015 as350b2 4738 Eurocopter Canada C-GJPW : Eurocopter Canada Aug/Nov 2009
C-GJPW : Airspan Helicopters at Sechelt, BC from Nov09; w/o 21jan15 18km SE Key Lake
2018 as350b2 4997 Eurocopter Canada C-GKDR : Eurocopter Canada Oct10-May11
C-GKDR : Capitale Hélicoptère Inc at Québec, QC Jul11-Dec15
C-GKDR : Go Heli Co Inc at St-Hubert, QC Dec15-Mar17
C-GKDR : Access Helicopters Ltd at Kelowna, BC from May18; w/o 10jul18 during spay near Reward, SK
2018 as350b2 7654 American Eurocopter N581AE : American Eurocopter Jul13
N350LH : Meridian Consulting I Corp Inc at Kearny, NJ from Oct13
State of New York N350LH : Liberty Helicopters, NY; w/o 11mar18 in NYCs East River. 5 fatalities; The pilot in the New York City helicopter crash told investigators that one of the passengers bags may have inadvertently hit the emergency fuel shutoff button, causing the fatal crash
2009 as350b2 9032 N417AE : Enchantment Aviation at Fairacres, NM
N417AE : GE Business Financial Services Inc at Danbury, CT from Nov07
State of Texas N417AE : Southwest Life Flight, Texas, noted 2003-2004
N417AE : w/o 25sep09 near Georgetown County Airport (GGE), South Carolina
2013 as350b2 9057 F-GRME : to I-MCDT
I-MCDT : Italy, to VH-DHQ
VH-DHQ : Australia, to ZK-IMJ
Precision Helicopters Ltd VH-DHQ : PHL
The Helicopter Line Ltd ZK-IMJ : The Helicopter Line, NZ; w/o 28oct13 crash into parked helicopter at Tyndall Glacier
2013 as350b2 RA-04060 : Aerogeo, based at Krasnoyarsk, Cheremshanka, Russia
RA-04060 : w/o 09dec13 near Uzhur, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia
unknown as350b3 3097 ZK-IWI : Rural Aviation, New Zealand, noted May99
CP-2430 : Bolivia, to N32TJ
N32TJ : Eagle Jets Llc at Jonesboro, GA Dec03-Jan07; w/o unk
2018 as350b3 3285 American Eurocopter N23EK : American Eurocopter
N354LA : B3 Partners Llc at Oregon City, OR May06-Feb13
Roberts Aircraft Company N354LA : Roberts Aircraft Co at Cheyenne, WY from Feb13
Trans Aero Helicopter Services N354LA : Trans Aero; w/o 25jul18 during sling load ops 23m NE of Kobuk, AK
2016 as350b3 3326 N824BT : Vertical Lift Llc at Naples, FL Mar01-Jun10
CC-AAL : Helifire Limitada; w/o 29feb16 during firefighting at embalse Cerro San Cristobal (dam) , Santiago, Chile
2004 as350b3 3417 McAlpine Helicopters G-CBBJ : McAlpine Jul/Nov 2011, to HB-ZCB
HB-ZCB : Helicoptere Service Nov01; w/o 07sep04 crash at Val de Bagnes, 1 fatality
2018 as350b3 3467 Eurocopter Japan JA350D : Eurocopter Japan Dec01-Jan02
JA350D : Japan private Jan02-Aug15
JA350D : Iris Airways Aug15-Sep16
Excel Air Service JA350D : Excel Air Service from Oct16; w/o 07jun18 onEast China Sea, 10 nm SE Agni Airport
2011 as350b3 3559 JA6522 Shikoku Air Service Co: w/o 20sep11 during a powerline inspection flight destroyed by fire after emergency landing at Hikita Sports Park baseball stadium Higashikagawa, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
2017 as350b3 3608 JA350M : Japan 2002-2005
N381TA : Terralliance Technologies Inc at Newport Beach, CA Jan06-Jun13
N381SH : Skydance Northwestern Inc at Minden, NV Jul13-Apr16
N357PJ : Helibro Llc at Red Bluff, CA from Jul16; w/o 11jul17 hit tree during routine survey of PG&E’s hydroelectric facilities at Donner Summit, near Kidd Lake, Kingvale, CA
2017 as350b3 3677 LN-OMA : Norway, to OY-HGM
Air Greenland OY-HGM : Air Greenland A/S 2005-2006, rtn to Norway
Helicsa EC-KDO : Helicsa, noted 2007
INAER EC-KDO : INAER; firefighting
INAER Chile CC-ARK : Helicoptero Calquin; w/o 09feb17 during inspection of power lines at Los Toros, Maule
2015 as350b3 3689 I-GBVD : Star Work Sky; w/o 21aug15 impacted a hillside at Arzana, Sardinia
I-HORT : Italy, to CS-HIA
Everjets CS-HIA : Everjets
Everjets CS-HIA : Autoridade Nacional de Protecção Civil op by Everjets /26 ; w/o 08aug15 as during fire fighting at Lapa, Refoios de Cima, Arcos de Valdevez, Minho
2015 as350b3 3737 American Eurocopter N146AE : American Eurocopter 2003
N146AE : Wells Fargo Bank from Jul06
State of Utah N146AE : Bank of Utah Trustee from Jun13
- : Oct14-Feb15, sold Eurocopter AS350B-3 2003. Litter Kit, Pop Out Floatation Gear, EMS Interior, Wire Strike Protection System, FDC Aerofilter, Double Sliding Door, Dart Heli Access Steps (LH/RH)
N146AE : w/o 02sep15 total lost during emergency landing at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
2014 as350b3 3805 Sky Helicopteros EC-IYT : Sky Helicopteros, test serial F-WQDJ
RA-04032 : NanoStroyInvest; w/o 20nov14 at Kstovsky district, Nizhny Novgorod. 5 fatalities
2013 as350b3 3899 I-VIEW : Altitude Srl at Bergamo (Simone Moro), test serial F-WQDA; Apr13 to Nepal
Fishtail Air I-VIEW : Fishtail Air from Apr13; w/o 19jun13 crash at Muchu village, 235km NW Kathmandu. 1 fatality
2015 as350b3 4210 I-CMCM : Elitellina, test serial F-WWXN; w/o 31jul15 near Valtellina, Sondrio. Found 2 days later at Alpe Zocca. 3 fatalities
2013 as350b3 4249 SE-JJS : AS350B3+ type; Laroy Flyg Sweden 2007, test serial F-WWPX
LN-OVO : Fonnafly AS, Norway from Nov08; w/o 27apr13 crash during Roldal Freeride Challenge at the Røldal Ski Center in Hordaland, Norway
2017 as350b3 4289 fin air trade sas F-GIER : Fin Air Trade SAS Jul07, test serial F-WQDU
YR-DEX : Dunca Expeditii; w/o 29nov17 at Muntele Mic, near Caransebes
2015 as350b3 4302 XA-DSO : Telmex; w/o 27mar15 San Martin de Porres, Oaxaca. 4 fatalities
2015 as350b3 4308 F-OIAO : Heliloc SNC Jan08-Dec13
Hélicocéan F-OIAO : Hélicocéan from Jan14; w/o 04oct15 at Near Voh, New Caledonia
2011 as350b3 4349 JA508A Toho Air Service: Toho Air Service; w/o 03oct11 Chojayashiki Camping Ground, Kiyokawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
2015 as350b3 4368 3A-MWW : Monaco, to 9J-VTM
9J-VTM : Zambia, to C-FGEO
Gateway Helicopters Ltd C-FGEO : Gateway Helicopters Jun09-Apr10
C-FGEO : Geotech Aviation at Garson, ON Apr10-Jun11
PR-VTM : Geotech Aerolevantamento, Brazil from Oct11
ZS-HTS : Geotech Aviation South Africa (GASA); w/o 09apr15 at Mazabuka, Ekushiya Farm. 1 fatality
2018 as350b3 4442 I-NSAM : S.A.M. Italia Apr08
ZS-HHI : South Africa; w/o 09apr18 near railway line at Honey Lotus, Balfour
2018 as350b3 4479 SE-JKE : Airlift Helicopter Sweden 2008-2013, test serial F-WWPS
Airlift AS LN-OXG : Airlift Helicopter AS Feb14-Jul17
HB-ZOJ : Lions Air Skymedia AG from Aug17; w/o 11jun18 during sling load at Surenen Pass, 3nm SW of Seedorf, Uri. 1 fatality
2017 as350b3 4514 fin air trade sas F-GTHF : Fin Air Trade SAS 01/08Sep08
YR-GPH : Romania 2008-2012
fin air trade sas F-HFAT : Fin Air Trade SAS Jan/Mar 2013
RA-07277 : CHP Holding from 2013; w/o 07dec17 reported missing near Chistiy, Bratsk district
2018 as350b3 4516 SE-JKF : Airlift Helicopter Sweden from Jun08; w/o 09jan09 near Arlanda Airport in Stockholm; 144 total hours; Airlift Helicopter Sweden went bankruptcy on Sep13
2010 as350b3 4524 Cat Helicopters EC-KUJ : Cat Helicopters; 09may10 pictured at Helipuerto de la Autoridad Portuaria, Barcelona
EC-KUJ : HeliTecnics; w/o 17aug10 at Bakhta Corso, 6km S Boumerdes, Algeria. 2 fatalities
2016 as350b3 4563 American Eurocopter N550H : American Eurocopter Apr08
N57RP : AS350 Llc at Missoula, MT Jun09-Jun12
N57RP : All American Aviation at Spring, TX Jun12-Feb15
State of Utah N57RP : Bank of Utah trustee Mar15-Apr16
PK-INA : PT Indo Star Aviation from May16; w/o 30oct16 at Warem in Nduga regency, Papua, Indonesia
2017 as350b3 4699 Eurocopter Canada C-GTWZ : Eurocopter Canada Apr/Oct 2009
TG-IEM : Guatemala 2009, to Honduras
Fuerza Aerea Hondureña FAH-905 : impounded 02may11; FAH Jun12; w/o 16dec17 in bad weather at Yerbabuena Mountain, Rincon de Dolores, Lepaterique. 6 fatalities including President Juan Orlando Hernandez sister
2015 as350b3 4842 XB-LNA : Mexico private, to OB-1941-P
OB-1941-P : Heliflight Peru for Gasoducto Sur Peruano SA; w/o 23sep15 at Padre Chayocm near Machu Picchu, Cusco. 5 fatalities
2016 as350b3 4902 I-CMSZ : Elitellina srl; w/o 21may16 at Castelrotto Bolzano
2015 as350b3 4917 F-HCSC : CDC Group SARL from Mar10, test serial F-WWXL
SAF Helicopteres F-HCSC : SAF Helicopteres; w/o 16sep15 hard landing at Marais rock, Boisses, Haute Savoie
2015 as350b3 7027 ZS-HDK : CK Aerial Surveys, South Africa, noted 2011-2013
5Y-DKK : General Aviation, Tanzania; w/o 15oct15 crashed at Selous Game Park reserve. 4 fatalities. Chartered by the CCM party
2015 as350b3 7048 Europavia SA HB-ZLF : Europavia (Suisse) Oct10-Feb11
VT-JKB : Himalyan Heli Services Pvt Ltd, India from Mar11; w/o 23nov15 near Katra ferrying pilgrims to the Vaishno Devi temple. 7 fatalities
2011 as350b3 7053 VH-XXW : Woodland Securities, Australia; w/o 13may11 at Bankstown Airport
2017 as350b3 7148 OE-XTM : HTM Austria
Everjets OE-XTM : Everjets; Aug17 op for Portuguese Gov during fire fighting season (DECIF2017) based at Armamar in Viseu district; w/o 20aug17
2016 as350b3 7314 EcoCopter CC-AFW : EcoCopter Chile; 15jan15 pictured as Dakar2015 /MIKE2 at Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
CC-AFW : Suma Air; w/o 11apr16 crash in Andes mountains near Los Bronces mine, Santiago Metropolitan Region
2013 as350b3 7319 N353DL : reg Apr12; w/o 24mar13 during load lifting operations 12m from Stevens Village, Alaska
2013 as350b3 7646 F-HTOM : Heli-Max; w/o 12nov13 crashed during maintenance operations on a chairlift at ski resort of Serre Chevalier, Saint-Chaffrey (Hautes-Alpes). 2 fatalities
2018 as350b3 7704 RA-07272 : Russia; w/o 03oct18 near Vonyshevo, Kostroma Oblast. 4 fatalities
2014 as350b3 7718 American Eurocopter N748AE : American Eurocopter, to N840PA
N840PA : American Helicopters Llc at Kirkland, WA from Jan14
Papillon Grand Canyon N840PA : Papillon / Grand Canyon Helicopters; w/o 18may14 at Grand Canyon West Airport, Peach Springs. 1 fatality
2015 as350b3 7806 B-7445 : Hubei Tongcheng General Aviation Company; w/o 21sep15 near Baiyun Mountain. 2 fatalities
2018 as350b3e 7126 Eurocopter Southeast Asia F-OKFS : Eurocopter Southeast Asia Jan/Oct 2011
Simrik Air 9N-AJV : Simrik Air 2011-2012, to be confirmed
AZUR Helicoptere F-HYDE : Azur Helicoptere at Cannes-Mandelieu Jan13-Jun17
Airbus Helicopters France F-HYDE : Airbus 14-22/Jun17
4L-AVK : Kazbegi Helicopters; w/o 19mar18 roll over on landing in snow at Gudauri, Georgia
2015 as350b3e 7370 Scandinavian Helicopter Group SE-JLI : Scandinavian Helicopter Group 2012, test serial F-WWXE
LN-OZQ : Norway from Jun13, ntu
F-HOLD : Butterfly at Thyez, France Jun14-Jun15
F-HOLD : Oceor Lease Reunion at Sainte-Clotilde from Jun15, op by Mafate Helicopteres
F-HOLD : Mafate Helicopteres; w/o 31dec15 at Rempart du Maïdo, La Réunion Island. 1 fatality
2016 as350b3e 7525 Heliconia F-GXOP : Heliconia Helicopters at Tallard, France Dec12-May13
RA-07275 : CJSC Yeltsovka from 2013; w/o 01nov16 near Vesyoloye, Sochi. 2 fatalities
2014 as350b3e 7593 - : noted with russian flag on tail. unknown
Pegasus Helicopter LN-OSY : Pegasus Helicopter from May14; w/o 24jun14 on take off at Hjerkinn
2016 as350b3e 7602 N493XA : Asia Helicopters Inc at Wilmington, DE from Jun13
RP-C6828 : Skyline Aviation; w/o 05may16 at Batang Lupar River, near Sebuyau, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia. 6 fatalities including gov minister
2018 as350b3e 7740 B-7460 : Yunnan Feng Xiang General Aviation; ambulance; w/o 16jun18 10nm W of Kunming City. 3 fatalities
2016 as350ba 2858 Eurocopter Southeast Asia F-OHNI : Eurocopter South East Asia Apr95-Jun96
RP-C2688 : Macroasia Corporation, Philippines; w/o 22aug16 at Quezon Province. 2 fatalities
2017 as350ba 3060 Lloyd Helicopters US N402LH : Lloyd Apr98; to be conf
N402LH : Maloney Aviation at San Antonio, TX Apr/Oct 2002
TI-AZA : Costa Rica, to N122HC
N122HC : Nielsen Support Systems at Boise, DE Nov14-Nov15
TI-AZA : w/o 09oct17 at Rio Savegre in Quepos, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
2007 as350ba 3167 F-OHVK : to RP-C8818
RP-C8818 : to N24TW
US Helicopters Inc N215TV : conv to B2 type; US Helicopters Mar03-Sep09; w/o w/o 27jul07 mid-air collision with N613TV in Phoenix. 2 fatalities
1996 as350d 1069 N354RM : USA, to C-GRGK
C-GRGK : Maple Leaf Helicopters at Richmond BC, canc Feb86, AS.350B type
C-GRGK : 529617 Ontario Ltd Jan/Sep 1988
Okanagan Helicopters C-GRGK : Okanagan Helicopters Sep88-Oct89
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GRGK : Canadian Helicopters 1994, AS.350BA type; w/o 26apr96 McCulloch Creek, 50nm Revelstoke, BC. 3 fatalities
2014 as350d 1126 N3597T : Aris Helicopters; 12mar96 pictured at San Jose, CA
HeliFlite N3597T : conv to AS.350B; Heli-flite Inc at Riverside, CA from Apr07; w/o 01aug14 at Buck Island lake, WNW of Lake Tahoe Airport, South Lake Tahoe, CA
2015 as350d 1132 N3598F : RTS Aircraft Services Corp at Montvale, NJ Dec93-Dec94
N3598F : USA 1979
ZK-HKU : New Zealand from Jan95;
ZK-HKU : private from Oct14; Alpine Adventures; w/o 21nov15 crash Fox Glacier NE of Karangarua, Westland, South Island. 7 fatalities
1997 as350d 1141 Metro Aviation N3599C : Metro Aviation; 13mar95 pictured at Patterson-Williams Memorial AP, LA
American Eurocopter N3599C : American Eurocopter; conv to AS.350B; canc Jul95
ZS-RGF : Helibip; w/o 03jul97 at Kasane, Namibia, 1 fatality
2007 as350d 1168 C-GONB : Air Switch at Medicine Hat, Alberta, canc Jul86; conv to AS.350B; Les Helicopteres Abitibi Ltee at La Sarre, Quebec, canc Feb92
N20875 : Aug94
N354NT : Jan Leasing at Las Vegas, NV from Jul97, AS.350BA type; Heli-USA Airways; w/o 08mar07 at Princeville, HI. 4 fatalities
2018 as350d 1207 American Eurocopter N36033 : Aerospatiale Helicopter Corp; canc 1980; to C-GBEW
PDG Helicopters G-PLMB : PDG Helicopters; conv. AS350B; to F-HFPP
F-HFPP : Mar12 for sale in Marseille, France by Aeromecanic
- : Sep/Oct 2015, sold Eurocopter AS350B 1980
N36033 : Sky West Aviation Inc Trustee at Albuquerque, NM from Jun17
N36033 : sold in Bulgaria
N36033 : 24mar18 landed in Crema, northern Italy
N36033 : w/o 20jul18 landing at Wolfsberg Flugplatz, Austria
2014 as350d 1218 N3610D : to ZK-HZL
ZK-HZL : reg Oct92; conv to AS.350B; conv to AS.350BA;
ZK-HZL : Search And Rescue Services from Oct09, Ambulance; w/o 19apr14 landed heavily in a field beside Taupo Hospital, Taupo, New Zealand
2015 as350d 1277 American Eurocopter N3610R : Aerospatiale Corp, canc Apr81
C-GBPS : Heli-Quebec at Bellefeuille, QC, Canc May82; Apex Helicopters at Saskatoon, SK, Jun/Jul 1982
Government of Canada C-GBPS : Coast Operations, Ontario Canc Jun84
Viking Helicopters C-GBPS : Viking Helicopters at Les Cedres, QC Apr88-Mar93, AS350B type
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GBPS : Canadian Helicopters from Jan01, AS350BA type; w/o 30jul15 during work at hydro site near Rigolet. 1 fatality
1997 as350d 1288 ERA Helicopters N216EH : ERA Helicopters, to N369SF
N369SF : to N103TV
N103TV : to N37SH
N37SH : to N61TV
N61TV : Sterling Corp at Philadelphia, PA from Aug86, AS350B type; w/o 28jul97 at Philadelphia, PA
2017 as350d 1360 N266MP : USA, test serial N5771F
N909BA : to ZK-HDV
ZK-HDV : New Zealand, to VH-HBK
VH-HBK : Australia, to ZK-HKW
ZK-HKW : Way To Go Heli Services, AS350BA type; w/o 14feb17 at Christchurch, Port Hills. 1 fatality
2009 as350d 1476 N5793P : conv to as350ba; 14nov09 impact terrain near Doyle, California. 3 fatalities
2009 as355e 5030 N128NH : to N355EA
N355EA : to N355HR
Africair Inc N355HR : reg Feb00; Aug02 noted Manhattan heliport; Africair Inc at Miami, FL October 2003
Briko Air Services Ltd 9Y-TJO : Briko Air Services from Oct03, as F1 type w/o 20mar09
1999 as355e 5100 ERA Helicopters N5789X : ERA, noted 1985
N57809 : to N355MF
N355MF : Southwest Helicopters at Tucson, AZ Aug96-Jan00, as350F1 type; w/o 12feb99 at Toledo, Ohio
2004 as355f 5118 N5791X : to N944MS
State of Washington N944MS : Northwest MedStar; pictured
N944MS : RTS Helicopter at Oklahoma City, canc Jan03
Knaus Helicopter GmbH OE-XRW : Knaus Helicopter, conv AS.355F1 type; w/o 25feb04 near St. Johann, Austria. 1 fatality
1993 as355f 5150 N57933 : USA, to N916EG
N916EG : USA, canc May90
VH-NPS : Australia, to VH-PHM
Australia Police VH-PHM : NSW Police, AS355F2 type; w/o 05mar93 1km S Little Beach, NSW
2017 as355f 5249 McAlpine Helicopters G-BKJX : McAlpine Helicopters d/d 29oct82 for G-TOFF
G-TOFF : reg 30oct82 to Mailam Ltd and then Atlantic Computer Leasing on 04feb83
G-STVE : reg 08apr88 to James Wilkes PLC
G-BTVS : reg 25jul90 to Walsh Aviation and BLS Aviation on 19dec90
G-OHCP : reg 14mar94 still to BLS Aviation then Cabair Helicopters on 15may94; Plane Talking Ltd on 06jun01; ABRAXAS Aviation 08apr03; AJJ developments on 14oct04
Atlas Helicopters G-OHCP : Staske Construction on 23apr08 (op by Atlas Helicopters); 22may12 pictured (pic1) as AS.355F1 type with Atlas Helicopters at Daedalus Airfield, Lee-On-the-Solent, UK
G-OHCP : 18jun13 pictured (pic2) at Ascot heliport
G-OHCP : V21 t/a Helicopter Services; w/o 30mar17 crashed in Rhinog Mountains, Snowdonia, North Wales. All five onboard died including Kevin and Ruth Burke
2009 as355f1 5167 N548SA Heli USA Airways: 06dic09 substantially damaged when the left engine cowling door opened in flight near Temple Bar, Arizona. no fatalities
2018 as355f1 5182 State of Pennsylvania N5797X : Used by STAT MedEvac
N5797X : USA Mar83-Nov07
C-FFCE : Eclipse Helicopters Ltd at Penticton, BC from Feb08; 15dec17 pictured at Langley Regional
C-FFCE : w/o 27may18 north of Pitt Lake, BC; after landing toppled on its side. wildfire erupted
unknown as355f1 5186 N5801J : USA, to N101UC
State of Pennsylvania N101UC : Used by STAT MedEvac; unknown years
N101UC : RTS Helicopters Services Corp at Oklahoma City, OK from Apr97; w/o unk; Jun00 canc
2017 as355f1 5292 PH-SLC : Netherlands, test serial F-WZFU
F-GFCP : France, many owners Nov87-Mar00
3A-MVV : Monaco, to 9M-SSZ
Layang Layang Aerospace 9M-SSZ : Layang Layang Aerospace, AS355F2 type; w/o 15nov17 at Kota Kinabalu International Airport
1998 as355f1 5326 I-DEDA : to F-GIVX ntu, to G-PASK
G-PASK : Medical Aviation Services Ltd at Gloucestershire Jan/May 1996
G-MASK : Medical Aviation Services Ltd at Gloucestershire May96-Dec98
UK Air Ambulances G-MASK : Kent Air Ambulance; w/o 26jul98 hit power cables near Burham. 3 fatalities
2007 as355f2 5348 G-BYPA private: w/o 01may07 hit terrain near Peterbotough, UK
2016 as355f2 5456 N5738K : USA, to N335FP
N335FP : St. Petersburg, FL;
N409MR : Partner Aviation at Farmingdale, NY Nov06-Mar08
HI861 : AviaJet SA, Dominican Republic; w/o 14aug16 at Santo Domingo / La Isabela
2010 as355f2 5480 McAlpine Helicopters G-BTNM : McAlpine May91-Apr93
G-DANS : GB Dee Knitwear Ltd Jul93-Apr95
G-DANS : Frewton Ltd Apr95-Jun99
G-OFIN : Salehurst Aviation Ltd Jun99-Aug00
Veritair G-SEWP : Veritair Aug00-Jul08
UK Police Forces G-SEWP : East and South Wales Police 2000-07, op by Veritair
UK Police Forces G-SEWP : Gryphon Aviation Llp from Jul08; Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI); w/o 28oct10 at Shanlieve Hill, Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland; canc Jul11
2016 as355n 5701 3A-MRG : Monaco, to F-GJSN
F-GJSN : Transworld Helicopter Leasing And Services Ltd at London, UK Jun02-Nov04
MHS Helicopter Flugservice GmbH F-GJSN : MHS Mar06-Jul12
Министерство внутренних дел RF-29011 : Ministry of Internal Affairs (Police); w/o 04mar16 near Krasnoe, Yuryev-Polsky District, Vladimir Oblast. 2 of 4 fatalities
2016 as355np 5751 Eurocopter France F-WWXU : Eurocopter 2007, to F-HOLF
fin air trade sas F-HOLF : Fin Air Trade SAS Aug07-May09
F-HOLF : Sable Air ApS May09-Jan10
Heli-Alps SA HB-ZOO : Heli-Alps Jan10-Feb15
HB-ZOO : Heli-Lausanne SA from Feb15; w/o 22may16 during sightseeing near Hengill volcano, Iceland
1997 as365n2 6421 JA6681 : Toyota Motor Corp, op by Nihon Flying Service; w/o 24jan97 hit trees in poor weather at Okazaki, Toyokawa. 8 fatalities
2014 as365n3 6598 21702 : test serial F-WWOO; South Korean Emergency Service 119, to HL9461
South Korea Fire Fighting Departments HL9461 : Gangwon Fire Headquarters Dec07; w/o 17jul14 crashed at Gwangju. 5 fatalities
2011 aw109e 11118 G-JERL : to EI-LAL
EI-LAL : Ireland; to HB-ZJN
HB-ZJN Eliticino: w/o 11nov11 near Marcucci, Cingoli, Italy. 3 fatalities
2015 aw109e 11138 RP-C2726 : Malate Tourist, Philippines from Jun02
RP-C2726 : w/o 05jul15 crashed in mountainous area at Barangay Pinagkaisahan near Mount Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas. 2 fatalities
2006 aw109e 11175 I-NRDS Air Dimension: w/o 28nov06 near Montemelino (Magione) Italy
2017 aw109e 11510 AgustaWestland Italy I-PAWR : AgustaWestland; conv to A109LUH prototype 92(SE); restored to AW109E type
Raytheon Australia VH-NPZ : Raytheon Australia from Apr07
Fleet Air Arm (RAN) N42-510 : RAN jun07-2012
AgustaWestland Australia Pty Ltd VH-NPZ : AgustaWestland Australia from Jan14
XA-SJC : Helivan & Hawk; w/o 10feb17 initial climb 1km Poza Rica airport
2009 aw109e 11630 SP-HXA : w/o 20nov09 Bemowo, Warszawa, Poland
2008 aw109s 22008 PR-IPO : w/o 30apr08 crashed after departure from Parati/Condominio Laranjeiras heliport, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2 fatalities
2016 aw109s 22014 I-JJOO : Joguvi Srl Nov06-Dec14
State of Minnesota N91NM : North Memorial Healthcare at Brooklyn Center, MN from Jan15; North Memorial Air Care; w/o 17sep16 crashed at night, Lake Winona, near Alexandria, MN
2018 aw109s 22176 PR-JMB : Bauminas Logística e Transportes Ltda; w/o 16jun18 at Espirito Santo do Dourado, Minas Gerais. 2 fatalities
2018 aw109sp XA-TZA : Gasera TOMZA, Mexico; w/o 08mar18 crashed on a truck during take-off at San Juan Ixhuatepec, Tlalnepantla
2015 aw119 14513 N7UQ : USA, to TC-HSS
TC-HSS : Turkey, to I-AWCD
Pellissier Helicopter I-AWCD : Pellissier Helicopter; w/o 08feb15 during heliski operations at Valgriesenche
2018 aw119 14529 AgustaWestland Philadelphia N65TG : AgustaWestland, PA Mar07
N65TG : Milltown Helicopter Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE Aug07-Feb12; Ireland
FAASA Chile EC-LQB : operated for Forestal Arauco, Chile; w/o 17jan18 destroyed by Mapuche activists in protest for Pope Francis visit
2017 aw119kx 14840 AgustaWestland Philadelphia N582SH : AgustaWestland, PA
VT-NRK : Krestal Aviation; w/o 10jun17 on take off at Badrinath, Uttarakhand. 1 fatality
2012 aw139 31131 VT-APC : Andhra Pradesh Gov, India d/d Sep08; w/o 17dec12 in hangar fire at Hyderabad airport hangar
2014 aw139 31421 G-LBAL : Haughey Air Ltd from Sep12; 18jun13 pictured at Ascot heliport
G-LBAL : 14jan14 at Battersea Heliport
G-LBAL : w/o 13mar14 crash at Gillingham near Beccles, Suffolk en route to Northern Ireland due to fog. 4 fatalities including owner.
2018 aw169 69018 G-VSKP : Congress International Finance 8/20 Jul16, test serial I-EASI; Replaced AW109S G-LCFC
G-VSKP : Foxborough Ltd from Jul16; Leicester City football club ; 14aug16 at Redhill aerodrome
G-VSKP : 31aug16 pictured (pic1) at Leicester City stadium
G-VSKP : Aug17 pictured (pic2) at London heliport
G-VSKP : 08aug18 at Fairoaks
G-VSKP : 27oct18 crashed on Take Off from Leicester City Stadium
G-VSKP : -
G-VSKP : w/o 27oct18 after the Leicester City FC / West Ham match, the AW169 helicopter used by Leicester City FC's club owners impacted a car park just outside the King Power Stadium after taking off from the pitch. A post impact fire erupted. 5 fatalities
2016 B-2 428 N2266U : Skyview AG Imaging LLC; w/o 25mar16 at Stone County, Missouri
2006 bk117a1 7032 N4493U : USA, test serial D-HBMG
State of Pennsylvania N117LG : STAT MedEvac as Johns Hopkins LifeLine, Bk117A3 type; to N912EF
N912EF : to N913EF
N913EF : PNC Bank NA Trustee at Pittsburgh, PA; CJ Systems Aviation Group; air ambulance; w/o 22jun06 at Ponce de Leon, FL
2003 bk117a1 7050 MBB D-HBMY : MBB cnvt. to type:BK117A-3 toward C-GMCL
C-GMCL ALC Airlift Canada Inc.: from Sep85 ex D-HBMY toward N507AL
N507AL ?: from Mar91 ex C-GMCL toward N401PH
PHI Inc N401PH : PHI from May93 ex N507AL toward N911WJ
N911WJ Martin County Fire Rescue: Martin County Fire Rescue from Aug98 ex N401PH w/o 16Dec03
2017 bk117a1 7059 MBB D-HBNG : MBB 1985
MBB Helicopter Corp N159BK : MBB Corp
N271 : USA, to N236KH
N236KH : Canal Air Llc at Danbury, CT Aug06-Sep13, A3 type
N236KH : Helifleet 2013-01 Llc at Danbury, CT Sep/Dec 2013
ZK-IED : New Zealand from Mar14
ZK-IED : Precision Helicopters Ltd from Oct14 at Urenui, NZ; w/o 02may17 carrying under slung telegraph poles at Pauatahanui Inlet, Porirua Harbour
2003 bk117a3 7066 ZS-HRJ Transkei Defence Force: TDF toward 383
Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 383 : SAAF 15 sqd. ex ZS-HRJ. w/o mar03
2000 bk117a3 7088 N428MB : USA from Sep86, test serial D-HBPI
State of Pennsylvania N428MB : WPAHS AHN LifeFlight
State of Utah N428MB : Rocky Mountain Helicopters; air ambulance; w/o 25apr00 near St. Petersburg , FL
2012 bk117a3 7099 N911BK : Rockford Memorial Hospital EMS, ex N525MB, N540H; w/o 10dec12 in route from Rockford base to Mendota to pick up a patient, 3 fatalities
2013 bk117a4 7125 MBB Helicopter Corp N9021D : test serial D-HBCT, to N117CW
N117CW : Tactical Helicopters Llc at Fort Worth, TX from Sep11
HK-4866 : Sociedad Aerea De Ibague Ltda, Colombia; w/o 09jul13 hit powerlines at Teorama during a pipeline repair for Petronorte. 5 fatalities
2013 bk117b-1 1059 JA6624 : to ZK-HKL
ZK-HKL : New Zealand, to B-77009
Sunrise Airlines B-77009 : Taiwan Sunrise Airlines, conv to 117B-2 type; w/o 16oct13 crash 500 meters E of the Central Weather Bureau observation station Jade Mountain. 3 fatalities
2009 bk117b-1 1082 JA6661 : to ZK-HTK
ZK-HTK : New Zealand, to B-77088
Sunrise Airlines B-77088 : Taiwan Sunrise Airlines; w/o 10jul09 ditch into sea on approach to Kinmen, 2 fatalities
1993 Bo105 S-153 N90748 : MHC demonstrator, test serial D-HDEU
N127GW : Andes Aviación, Argentina w/o 1993
1995 105a S-3 MBB D-HECV : MBB 1970
Boeing Helicopters N1149B : Boeing Vertol 1970-1972; Nov71 used in FAA certification, pictured at Toronto International airport
Heeresflieger 98+08 : Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung (BWB) , test serial D-9609; conv to Bo105C
D-HEBV : DLR Flugbetrieb; w/o 14may95 near Uenglingen. 2 fatalities
1970 105a V5 MBB D-HAPI : MBB toward N197R
N197R : ex D-HAPI w/o jun70
1987 105c S-127 HB-XEK : Swiss Ambulance Polizei 1974-1978; to D-HDDT
Norsk Luftambulanse D-HDDT : Norsk Luftambulanse d/d May78; to LN-OSH
Norsk Luftambulanse LN-OSH : Norsk Luftambulanse d/d 1980; ex D-HDDT; w/o 24oct87 at Fokstua, Norway
2014 105c S-186 N90762 : 1974-1990, test serial D-HDFX
N2951W : 1991 conv to 105CB type
State of New York N505TJ : Mercy Flight WNY from 1991
State of New York N585TJ : Mercy Flight WNY from 2011 and wfu; sold to Australia; w/o 03jan14 fell off from a trailer on Interstate 90 at Pembroke, between Rochester and Buffalo, New York
2004 105c S-80 MBB D-HDCE : MBB, conv to 105D; Feb75 to Helicopter Marketing Ltd, UK as G-BCXO
Bond Aviation Group G-BCXO : Bond Helicopters Feb76-Mar92; 1992 preserved as G-BOND at Land End Landmark, England; 1996 preserved reser G-CDBS
G-BCXO : Rotortech rebuilt as Bo.105DBS-4 type c/n S-80/859 G-THLS
Bond Aviation Group G-THLS : Bond Helicopters Feb92-Aug99, Bo.105DBS-4 c/n S.80/859
Bond Aviation Group G-THLS : Bond Air Services Aug99-Oct04
Trinity House G-THLS : Trinity House, op by Bond Air Services; 21jul02 pictured during 15th anniversary of the Cornwall Air Ambulance at Royal Cornwall Showground, Wadebridge
Trinity House G-THLS : Trinity House, by Bond Air Services; w/o 16sep04 ditched into sea after broke free off ship
Trinity House G-THLS : LS slipped off the back of the Trinity House Vessel Patricia in poor weather off the coast of North Wales. Fortunately no one was in the aircraft at the time.
2010 105c S-86 JA9515 : Japan 1973, test serial D-HDCK; 1990 to New Zealand as ...
Helicopter Resources VH-JXO : conv bo105cbs-4; Helicopter Resources, Australia 1991
N73PL : Biscayne Helicopters at Miami, FL 01 May 1995 for Argentina
LV-WJX : Air Rescue AMIL from 1995; News channel 9 (canal 9) from 2005; 2006 all dark green livery
C5N LV-WJX : C5N from 2007; Jul08 pictured at San Fernando
C5N LV-WJX : w/o 18jun10 crash near Villa Martelli Buenos Aires. 2 fatalities
1986 105cbs-2 S-551 N9364N : ex D-HDNZ, to N425EH
ERA Helicopters N425EH : ERA, noted 1985; w/o 20feb86 at Lake Charles, LA Apr95 canc
1996 105cbs-2 S-567 ERA Helicopters N126EH : ERA Helicopters
HK-3755X : Colombia, rtn to N126EH
9Y-TIM : Trinidad and Tobago, rtn to N126EH
ERA Helicopters N126EH : ERA Aviation from Oct95, conv CBS-4 type; w/o 10feb96 crash into Gulf of Mexico. 2 fatalities Jan99 canc;
2009 105cbs-2 S-595 N3129U : ex D-HDQR, to N131EH
ERA Helicopters N131EH : ERA, noted 1985; w/o 06sep09 at Schriever, LA
1995 105cbs-2 S-597 N29121 : ex D-HDQT, to N132EH
ERA Helicopters N132EH : ERA, noted 1985
N105AG : Associated Aircraft Group; w/o 26oct95 3m SW League City, TX. 2 fatalities
2013 105cbs-2 S-616 VH-NSL : Australia, noted May88; to United Arab Emirates unk
Policia de Venezuela YV-O-PM-8 : Policia Venezuela, reser PM-8308
Policia de Venezuela CPNB-8302 : Policia Nacional Bolivariana, Venezuela; w/o 23may13 crashed in western Caracas during an attempted rescue of two kidnapped engineers. 5 fatalities
1994 105cbs-2 S-643 MBB D-HDTM : MBB toward N2785X
N2785X : Eckhart Helicopter Sales Inc. 1984-1992 cnvt. to type CBS-4
SOS Helikoptern Gotland SE-JBS : SOS Helikoptern Gotland CBS-4 type 1992-1994; 31oct94 w/o
1991 105cbs-2 S-644 C-GSTV : MBB Canada; conv 105S CDN BS-4 Coast Guard; canc Jun85
Okanagan Helicopters C-GSTV : Okanagan, Jun-Aug 1985
C-GSTV : Alc Airlift Corp Aug85-Jan89
N750H : Deutsche Credit Corp at Deerfield, IL from Jul89; canc Apr93
Omniflight N750H : Omniflight ambulance; w/o 09dec91 at De Ruyter, NY. 3 fatalities
2018 105cbs-4 S-752 PHI Inc N721MB : PHI 1986-1992, test serial D-HDXN
State of Florida N721MB : Florida Hospital (?) 1992-2007
State of Louisiana N911HD : Acadian Air Med 2007-?; 2014 expired
HP-1924HA : Panama; w/o 15feb18 at Rio Colorado, Ngabe Bugle
1994 105cbs-4 S-783 N204PC Pacificorp Trans: Pacificorp Trans 1988; ex D-HDYS; w/o 06jan94 collision with wires at aprox 5m E Clearwater, OR. no fatalities
1996 105cbs-4 S-807 N81552 : test serial D-HDZQ, to N299EH
ERA Helicopters N299EH : ERA Helicopters from Oct01; w/o 10oct96 at Cameron, LA. 1 fatality; canc Nov99
1998 105cbs-4 S-835 N41854 : test serial D-HFCS, to N297EH
ERA Helicopters N297EH : ERA Helicopters from Mar91; w/o 16jul98; canc Nov99
2008 105cbs-4 S-853 D-HAWI Heliservice International: w/o 02mar08 crashed in route from research ship Polarstern to station Neumayer II in Antarctica
2003 105ls 2055 C-GFUI : Canada
Lesotho Defence Force LDF-51 : MBB Bo-105LSA-3, cn 2055, ff:?; del Lesotho Defence Force Air Wing as LDF-51, 10sep01; w/o 20may03.
Lesotho Defence Force LDF-51 : Crashed into the Katse dam. Pilot and one passenger killed. Three survivors. It sank after the crash and the wreck was salvaged two weeks later.
2013 105m 5018 Heeresflieger 80+18 : HEER 8018; 22jun86 HFWS at Volkel
Heeresflieger 80+18 : HEER in 1997 HFR15
RP-C3699 : Aviation Enterprises; w/o 24nov13 ditch on Manila Bay near North Harbor, Philippines during Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts after engine failure. 2 onboard rescued by US Marines.
1999 105s S-612 ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HOFF : Christoph-19 based at Uelzen. w/o 20nov99 near Broeckhoefe, Germany when a truck crashed into it after landing
ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HOFF : ADAC; after te 1999 accident the helicopter was stored at Bonn-Hangelar; from 2005 preserved at Feuerwehrmuseum, Berlin as Christoph Hubschrauber carrying serial N4573T Chistoph 31 Berlin because after WWII only Allies nations can fly over Berlin nevertheless crew is German
N4573T : preserved as N4573T
1958 C.30 705 G-ACUI : C.30A built by AV Roe (1934). Reg G-ACUI Aug 1935.
Royal Air Force HM581 : impressed into RAF service by Sep 1942.
G-AHTZ : To G-AHTZ Jun 1946, w/o 4 Mar 1958. Reg marked wfu Jul 1958.
2010 Cabri G2 1007 D-HETA : from 08Apr10; w/o 19Apr10
Motorflug D-HETA : Operated by Motorflug Baden-Baden on behalf of Eurocopter
2016 Cabri G2 1009 Hélicoptères Guimbal F-WWHY : Guimbal, to D-HAVB
Heli Aviation GmbH D-HAVB : Heli Aviation, to ZK-IIH
ZK-IIH : Velocity2 Aviation Ltd, Taupo, New Zealand from Jun15
ZK-IIH : w/o 15apr16 emergency landing and destroyed by fire in Rotorua
2015 Cabri G2 1073 SP-NHE : w/o 08sep15 training at Sochaczew-Bielice airport
2016 Cabri G2 1099 Guidance Aviation N201GA : Guidance Aviation
N503DS : Crosswind Leasing Llc at Prescott, AZ Oct/Dec 2015
N503DS : 503 Delta Sierra LLC at Channel View, TX from Dec15; w/o 30jan16 at Beaumont Municipal Airport, TX
2016 Cabri G2 1120 PR-EFC : Efai Escola De Pilotagem at Chácara Boa Vista, Contagem, MG, Brazil from 06nov15; First Latin American Cabri G2; w/o 16sep16 crashed on take off at Contagem, MG
2018 Cabri G2 1143 OK-BRI : Lion Helicopters s.r.o., Slovakia, test serial F-WZEC; w/o 07apr18 training at Letisko Spisská Nová Ves
2018 Cabri G2 1164 G-PERH : private from Sep16
Helicopter Services Ltd G-PERH : Helicopter Services Ltd / HeliGroup, noted Oct16
G-PERH : w/o 08jun18 at Goodwood Aerodrome, West Sussex
2017 Cabri G2 1178 ZK-IMZ : Kapiti Aero Club Inc, New Zealand; w/o 24aug17 near Waikawa Beach, S of Levin, Horowhenua.
2015 Camcopter S-100 ? : Libya rebel group; w/o 15jan15 shot down by gov forces near Al-Watiyah AFB (Uqba Ibn Nafa Air Base)
1993 ch-124 61-289 Royal Canadian Navy  (1945-1968) 4023 : RCN CHSS-2 1965; to CH-124A as 12423 Oct1968
Canadian Armed Forces 12423 : 02dec91 at West India Dock, London
Canadian Armed Forces 12423 : CAF, ex 4023; w/o 27Feb93
12423 : Oct13 pictured at NADEP Pensacola, FL
2014 ch-136 44070 Canadian Armed Forces 136270 : BuNo 71-20935, to N6346E
N6346E : Southeastern Equipment Co Services at Augusta, GA Oct97-Mar04
VH-OSQ : reg Dec03
VH-OSQ : private Australia from Nov08; w/o 17apr14 at Coffs Harbour airport, New South Wales
2000 ch-3c 61-558 US Air Force 65-12783 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-558 ff?; del USAF as CH-3C 65-12783 unk; conv HH-3E unk; stor AMARC unk; sold US as N650DC unk; sold NZ as ZK-HYK unk; w/o Feb 2000 while log lifting. Fuselage stored at Palmerton North Airport, NZ.
US Air Force 65-12783 : 1980 HH-3E type pictured with 106 ARRG / 102nd ARRS, New York Air National Guard at Suffolk County AFB (now Francis S. Gabreski ANGB )
N650DC : private Wilmington, DE; 1995-1999
ZK-HYK : w/o Feb00 during log lifting; Fuselage stored at Palmerston North International airport, New Zealand
1989 ch-47c b-848 Boeing Helicopters N37056 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA717
Royal Air Force ZA717 : RAF Chinook HC1 MA029 d/d 23feb82
Royal Air Force ZA717 : 20may82 as 18Sq /BK landed on mv Contender Bezant in Plymouth Sound for South Atlantic after a night stop over at HMS Drake
Royal Air Force ZA717 : Fleetlands by Mar 1982; 18 Sq/BK May 1982; Chin Det until Mar 1983; 1310 Flt/B by 1986; 7Sq /EM by Jun 1987; w/o 25jul89 following gearbox failure in Falklands as 78 Sq /ET; to 9238M Cranwell
Royal Air Force ZA717 : 1994 fuselage at Fleetlands
Royal Air Force ZA717 : Used as loadmaster training aid at RAF Cranwell
ZA717 : Feb18 fuselage acquired by the Newark Air Museum
2011 ch-47d M.3295 US Army Aviation 89-00141 : US Army cnvt. from ex CH-47C 68-15834 ; d/d 20Mar90; B Co 5-158 AVN, "Big Windy", USAREUR, Germany by Jan09
US Army Aviation 89-00141 : Apr09 asg 5-158 AVN in UK for support HMX-1
US Army Aviation 89-00141 : w/o 05aug11 in Afghanistan
? : Dec16 at East/West Industries, New York
2010 ch-54a 64-018 US Army Aviation 67-18416 : Sikorsky S-64A, c/n 64-018, ff?; del US Army as CH-54A, 67-18416, unk; stor AMARC as HGxxxx?, unk.
N4099Y : Silver Bay Logging Co
Erickson N229AC : sold Erickson Air Crane as N229AC, unk; conv S-64E unk; The helicopter crashed deep in the jungle near Long Pelutan, Baram, Malaysia, 25Jun10 whilst logging timber, killing the pilot William Charles Scott (51) and injuring the co-pilot Davit William Bergin (49).
Erickson N229AC : w/o 25jun10 in Sarawak,Malaysia during heli-logging. 1 fatality, 1 survived.
1996 ch-54a 64-035 US Army Aviation 68-18433 : Sikorsky S-64A, c/n 64-035, ff?; del US Army as CH-54A 68-18433 unk; stor AMARC as HG000? unk; sold as N5504 unk; sold Silver Bay Logging Co as N541SB unk; w/o 16mi NNE of Ketchikan, AK, 13Jul96.
N541SB : Sikorsky S-64A, c/n 64-035, ff?; del US Army as CH-54A 68-18433 unk; stor AMARC as HG000? unk; sold as N5504 unk; sold Silver Bay Logging Co as N541SB unk; w/o 16mi NNE of Ketchikan, AK, 13Jul96.
1995 ch-54a 64-056 US Army Aviation 68-18454 : Sikorsky S-64A, c/n 64-056, ff?; del US Army as CH-54A 67-18454 unk; stor AMARC as HG000? unk; sold to unk as N7089L; rereg N64AR; w/o in Emigrant Gap, CA 26Aug95.
N64AR : sold to unk as N7089L; rereg SCO Matt Inc, N64AR, unk; w/o while logging near Emigrant Gap, CA 26Aug95 when right engine suffered compressor stall and lost power, crew attempted to jettison cargo, helo desceneded to dry river bed, rotors clipped trees and aircraft rolled onto left side, damaged beyond repair, 2 injuries.
2018 EC120B 1034 American Eurocopter N5224G : American Eurocopter
ERA Helicopters N120EB : ERA Helicopters Aug99-Jun08
LN-OTO : private; w/o 25may18 on landing at Skogn airstrip, Trondelag county, Norway
2009 EC120B 1184 Eurocopter France F-WQDB : Eurocopter toward SE-JME
SE-JME : owner unknown ex F-WQDB to new owner
osterman helikopter SE-JME : Osterman helikopter from 2006 w/o 28oct09
2016 EC120B 1267 Eurocopter Canada C-GJUH : Eurocopter Canada Jan02-Feb05
C-GJUH : Silverline Helicopters at Holland Landing, ON Feb05-Apr06
C-GIWD : private at Toronto, ON from May06; w/o 06feb16 impacted trees near Brampton Airport, Caledon, ON
2012 EC120B 1278 D-HALX : Germany private at Laichingen from Dec01; w/o 09sep12 during demo flight at Rossfeld Glems. 1 spectator killed
2004 EC120B 1308 PR-HBR : w/o 20aug04 at Rio de Janeiro
2014 EC120B 1315 EC-IHQ : Spain, test serial F-WQDE
RA-07232 : w/o 18may14 at Lepsari, Leningrad Oblast, Russia. 2 fatalites
2013 EC120B 1341 McAlpine Helicopters G-CCIL : McAlpine Jul/Dec 2003, ex F-WQDS
EI-DDB : Irish Abrasives, noted Jul04; to SE-JNG
SE-JNG : 2011-Aug12
RA-04049 : from Aug12; w/o 21jul13 at Kola Peninsula, near Murmansk. 3 fatalities
2010 EC120B 1379 F-OISB : Test reg F-WWPC
RP-C2579 : 15Jun06 sold in the UK
G-LHCC : 15Jun06 registered to Devris Ltd, 17Jan08 MCJ Helicopters, 08Aug08 Private; 15Feb10 sold in Germany
D-HHLF Heli Flight: crash 02apr10 at Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2 injured

2017 EC120B 1530 SE-HJT : Stålkråkan III, test serial F-WWXQ
F-HDBB : Montel Invest SAS Apr10-Sep12
F-HDBB : Rotor France Industries SARL Sep/Dec 2012
RA-07226 : Stal-M; w/o 27nov17 near Shinovka, Kirsanovsky district, Tambov Region. 2 fatalities
2009 EC120B 1548 N871SA Cessna Finance: 15oct09 impacted terrain en route from San Domingo to San Jose de Ocoa at Dominican Republic. 3 fatalities
N871SA : Apr13 the debris are in a storage of the helicopter owner in Dominican Republic, engine was sent to Texas to the Arrius manufacturer
2011 EC120B 1581 F-HACI : to OO-HCI
Heli and Co OO-HCI : Heli and Co; ex F-HACI; w/o 18oct11 during a pipe-line inspection crashed at residential area at Soumagne, Belgium. 2 fatalities
2013 EC120B 1592 Lloyd Helicopters US N120LH : Lloyd Helicopters US May10-Apr11, ex F-OKES
OM-ECI : w/o 03mar13 struck wire and fell into river at Horni Cepen, Slovak Republic. One fatality
2013 EC120B 1593 HB-ZIX : Europavia Mar09-Nov10
Europavia SA HB-ZIX : 26mar10 Europavia at Bern
HB-ZIX : Own-A-Heli AG from Nov10
HB-ZIX : w/o 26sep13 blades hit building on takeoff at Schwyz
2018 EC120B 1603 VH-WII : Whitsunday Air Services; w/o 21mar18 at sea near Hardy Reef pontoon, off the Whitsunday islands, North Queensland. fully submerged. 2 (of 5) fatalities
2007 ec130b4 3685 N130WS : Sunshine Helicopters at Kahului, HI from Aug03; w/o 20apr07 at Makawao, HI; Sep09 canc
2016 ec130b4 3784 N168JB : JBNB Falcon at Newport Beach, CA, 2006
N168JB : private at Laughlin, NV Jan11/Jan12
Chop Air TG-BAM : Chop Air Guatemala, to TG-MCN
Chop Air TG-MCN : Chop Air
TG-MCN : Sep15-Feb16, sold Eurocopter EC-130-B4 2004. 1616 Total Hours. Turbomeca Arriel 2B1 engine, GPS Receiver GNS430
TG-MCN : w/o 01sep16 ditched into Petén Itzá lake, Petén,San Andrés, Guatemala. No fatalities
2015 ec130b4 3882 F-GOLH : Solair SARL Feb05-May13, test serial F-WWXA; F-GSNB ntu
Mont Blanc Helicopteres F-GOLH : Mont Blanc Helicopteres from Jun 13 w/o 24oct15 at Megève Airfield
2016 ec130b4 4004 ZS-RZL : Beltimar (Pty) Ltd, South Africa; w/o 02jan16 between Parys and Vredefort, Free State
2011 ec130b4 4054 N130NV Djl Properties: Djl; to N130AL
N130AL Sweetwater: Sweetwater Helicopters; w/o 03nov11 crashed at Noblesville, IN
2014 ec130b4 4073 D-HSTS : Johan Lafer Heli Gourmet May06-Nov07, test serial F-WQDE; 16-20may06 at Berlin air show ILA 2006
Skymedia AG HB-ZJC : Skymedia Nov07-Jun10
HB-ZJC : Heli Partner AG Jun10-Jan14
HB-ZJC : Héli-Lausanne from Jan14; w/o 02oct14 at Bart, near Montbéliard (Doubs), France. 5 fatalities
2016 ec130b4 4351 D2-EPJ : Sociedade Agropecuária de Angola EAPA; w/o 19oct16 at Palanca, Kilamba Kilamba district, Luanda. 2 fatalities
2010 ec130b4 4471 UR-IVAN : w/o 08may10 Yalta, Ukraine
2015 ec130b4 4813 Eurocopter Southeast Asia F-OKEX : Eurocopter South East Asia, Singapore from Jul09
PK-BKA : Penerbangan Angkasa Semesta, Indonesia; w/o 11oct15 chartered helicopter missing in Northern Sumatra
2015 ec130b4 7006 American Eurocopter N356AM : American Eurocopter Jul10
N356AM : PNC Bank NA Trustee from Jan11
Air Methods N356AM : ARCH Air Medical Services, Missouri op by Air Methods; w/o 06mar15 parking lot Saint Louis University Hospital, St Louis, MO. 1 fatality
2018 ec130b4 S2-AHW : Impress Aviation, Bangladesh; w/o 11oct18 at Rajshahi’s Godagari upazila
1998 ec135p1 0019 N44NY : Debis Financial Services Inc at Norwalk, CT from Apr98; Aerial Films, electronic news gathering; w/o 03dec98 at Newark, NJ
2006 ec135p1 0069 N601FH : CJ Systems Aviation, test serial N5207E
State of Pennsylvania N601FH : Used as a STAT MedEvac spare aircraft
State of Florida N601FH : Florida Hospital Medical Center, noted 2002; /Florida Flight 1
State of Maryland N601FH : GE Business Financial Services Inc at Danbury, CT from Apr03; MedStar Transport Washington; w/o 30may06 fadec failure on approach to hospital helipad. 1 of 4 fatalities
2005 ec135p2 0336 N136LN : Wells Fargo Bank NA at Salt Lake City, UT from Jul04, test serial D-HECG
LifeNet Inc N136LN : LifeNet Inc /Life Evac 2; w/o 10jan05 crashed into the Potomac River near Oxon Hill, Maryland en route from DC08 to KRMN. 2 fatalities
2009 ec135p2 0406 SP-HDV unknown: w/o 31jan09 turkey
2010 ec135t1 0094 N127TS Services Group Of America Inc: w/o 14feb10 Cave Creek Arizona 5 fatalities
2015 ec135t1 0103 VH-GKK : private at Terrey Hills, NSW, Australia from jul99; w/o 07nov15 Watagans National Park, south of Cessnock, NSW. 3 fatalities
2015 ec135t1 0135 Aero Asahi Corporation JA08TV : Aero Asahi from Apr09, test serial D-HECN
N130KK : K K Aircraft International at Wilmington, DE Aug/Sep 2011
PZ-HJE : Hi-Jet Helicopter Services from Sep11; w/o 23may15 from Sipaliwini Airstrip (SMSI) to its base at Zorg en Hoop Airport (SMZO)
2009 ec135t2 0432 F-HBMA Matrix Air: w/o 02jan09 near Molesmes-Yonne, France
2011 ec145 9322 American Eurocopter N899AE : American Eurocopter Apr10, test serial D-HMBC
N245AF : Vulcan Aircraft Inc at Seattle, WA from Oct10; w/o 30jan11 ditched off Ushuaia, Argentina while operating from Paul Allen s Yacht Octopus; canc Apr11
2011 ec155b1 6780 TC-HET : w/o 06apr11 crash near Lake Iznik, Bursa, Turkey. One fatality, two injured
2015 ec155b1 6909 PP-LLS : 13jun12 pictured at at Aeroporto Estadual de Jundiai / Comandante Rolim Adolfo Amaro
PP-LLS : Seripatri Participações Ltda, Feb15
PP-LLS : w/o 02apr15 17:20 in Carapicuíba, São Paulo. 5 fatalities including the son of São Paulo state Governor Geraldo Alckmin
2014 162f 6109 N78291 : private at Merced, CA from Apr13; w/o 03jun14
2014 162f 6615 N43691 : private at Columbus, OH from Mar06; w/o 24apr14 NE Magnetic Springs, OH
2015 162f 6873 N162RB : private at Port Lavaca, TX from Sep06; w/o 31jan15 at Calhoun County, near Seadrift, TX. Reg as Experimental Butler built, said to crashed due to a technical (engine) failure.
2015 162hdf 6509 F-PPCO : France, test serial F-WPCO; w/o 28jun15 between Montséret and Thézan, D613, Aude
2016 90 5226 C-FMAP : w/o 24sep16 near Langley Regional Airport, Vancouver, BC
1975 f-28a 012 N4460 : to UK as G-AVUK
G-AVUK : ex N4460. Reg G-AVUK Sep 1967 by Twyford Moors. Crashed 3 Dec 1975; wreckage at Shoreham by Mar 1990
2013 f-28a 303 N287Q : w/o 26jul13 Danbury, TX
2018 f-28c 479 N5691Y : J&J Shop Heliair LLC; w/o 07oct18 Bridgeville, Sussex County, DE
2017 f-28c 505 N5697B : F-28C-2 c/n 505-2; Du Bous Aviation; w/o 19jul17 crashed in Chino cow pasture during training
2015 f-28f 732 N8623Y : USA, to C-FIDA
C-FIDA : Gregco Industries at Delta, BC, Canc Oct91
C-FIDA : Vertical Air Ltd at Port Moody, BC, Feb/May 1992
C-FIDA : Prism Helicopters at Pitt Meadows, BC Apr92-Jun93
C-FIDA : Trans North Turbo Air Ltd at Whitehorse, YK Jun94-Feb95
N8011Q : USA from Jun96; private at Newton, IA from Jul10
N8011Q : Longhorn Helicopters; w/o 06may15 near Argyle, S of Denton Municipal airport, Denton, TX
2016 f-28f 756 N756H : BRD Equipment Llc at Adams, OR from Mar13; w/o 12jan16, fuel starvation, near Ritter Butte Lookout, Grant County, OR
2014 f-28f 803 N213BL : w/o 07aug14 crashed during spraying cornfield, Tunnel City, Wisconsin
2000 FH-1100 162 N550F : to N1NJ
State of New Jersey N1NJ : New Jersey State Police (NJSP); to N88860
N250AD : 1990s, worked on by Rick Naylor at Clearwater Helicopters
N250AD : Floating Czech Inc at Valparaiso, IN from Aug98; w/o 19aug00
2016 FH-1100 502 N4035G : Helicopters of NW Florida Inc at Navarre, FL Sep05-Jun16
N4035G : Helicopter Connection Llc at Minneapolis, MN from 19aug16
N4035G : w/o 06oct16 crashed in Lino Lakes, MN. Report not yet available but it broke apart in flight (witness reports say rotors were not spinning) killing both pilot and passenger. Large post crash fire
N4035G : I saw it happen and the back(rear) rotor shaped in half and blow up the engine causing the heicoper to spin to its death in the field where the jet fuel started the fire.
1971 h-19b 55-617 US Air Force 52-7526 : Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-617, ff:?; del USAF as H-19B, 52-7526, Jan54.
N5096V : Trans Alaska Helicopters at Anchorage, AK Jun69; w/o 12aug71 at Valdez, Alaska
1979 h-19d 55-1186 US Army Aviation 57-1625 : Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-1186, ff:?; del US Army as H-19D, 57-1625, 24Mar58.
N5755 : sold US as N5755, unk.
N824T : sold US as N824T, unk.
Heliswiss International AG HB-XDS : sold Eisenhut AB as HB-XDS, 1972; leased various operators, most notably HeliSwiss; conv S-55T by Pilatus, unk.
Norrlandsflyg AB SE-HHY : sold Norrlandsflyg AB as SE-HHY, 1977, w/o 15Aug79 while taking off from Sitasjaure (near Ritsem), the aircraft struck a power line and crashed. Five fatalities.
1971 h-34a 58-1122 Armée de l'Air 1122? : Sikorsky H-34A c/n 58-1122; del France Armee de l'Air as 1122?, unk;
Sikorsky Helicopters N1172U : 10jan71
N1172U : w/o 22jan71
1972 h-34a 58-1128 Armée de l'Air 1128 : Sikorsky H-34A c/n 58-1128; del France Armee de l'Air as 1128, unk
Sikorsky Helicopters N1164U : Sikorsky 1970-1972, to Australia
Sikorsky Helicopters N1164U : 15jun71
VH-UHV : w/o 25mar72 after departure Oil Rig 137 miles from Darwin ditched in the harbour at Darwin. Tail rotor separate from the aircraft in flight
1978 h-34a 58-1129 Armée de l'Air 1129? : Sikorsky H-34A c/n 58-1129; del France Armee de l'Air as 1129?, unk;
Sikorsky Helicopters N1165U : 15jun71
VH-UHW : 23jul71
B-15111 : 1973
VH-UHW : 25jan74
PK-OAF : sep74
PK-OAF : w/o 13sep78
1980 h-34a 58-1186 US Marine Corps 148072 : Sikorsky HUS-1, cn 58-1186, ff:? del USMC as HUS-1, 148072, unk; redesig UH-34D, Oct62; status unk.
US Marine Corps 148072 : w/o 15mar68, Vietnam
Heil Ha'Avir 18 : apr60
Sikorsky Helicopters N4375S : 72
N4375S : 9may74
N4375S : w/o 22dec80
1974 h-34a 58-330 Armée de l'Air SKY.330 : Sikorsky H-34A c/n 58-330; del France Armee de lAir as SKY.330, 16Jul56; coded GE, unk; coded DW, unk; coded VP, unk; soc 22Jul70; rtnd Sikorsky
Sikorsky Helicopters N1145U : rtnd Sikorsky as N1145U, 1970; conv S-58ET, unk
Okanagan Helicopters CF-OKR : 31may72
C-FOKR : sold Universal Helicopter, Canada as C-FOKR, unk; accident 20Aug74.
1978 h-34a 58-374 Armée de l'Air SKY.374 : Sikorsky H-34A c/n 58-374; del France Armee de lAir as SKY.374, 10Oct56; coded WP, unk; coded VU, unk; soc 16Jul70.
Sikorsky Helicopters N1151U : rtnd Sikorsky as N1151U, by Jul72; conv S-58T, unk;
Sikorsky Helicopters N1151U : 15nov72
CF-FSK : xfer Quaser as S-58T, CF-FSK, 18Nov73
N90888 : xfer Wright Airlift as N90888, unk
PK-UHW : xfer National Utility Helicopter as PK-UHW, Jan74; w/o 30Sep78 after crashing 100 miles off Songkhla Province on 29Sep78.
1994 h-34a 58-77 US Army Aviation 53-4515 : del US ARMY as H-34A, 53-4515, 21Mar56; to CH-34C Jun64; DA2410 shows "unreptd fly hrs, RVN" Mar70-Jul70; xfer Mississippi National Guard, Aug70-Jun72; wfu & xfer MASDC as XJ109, 09Jul72; sos 26Mar79, 2835.5 hrs.
N2769P : xfer Richard J. Salter as S-58E, N2769P, Jun82; "NTSB: "30Jan88: Sanford FL. Main rotor struck ground during check flight."; sold William L. Mitchell, III, Feb88; lsd Helicopter Logging Services, 1994; FAA reports cancelled destroyed 13Jul94.
1978 h-34a 58-844 US Army Aviation 57-1700 : del US ARMY as H-34A, 09Apr58; conv CH-34C, Jan64; soc Atlanta Government Depot, May71; xfer Mississippi National Guard, Jul71-Jun74; wfu & xfer to MASDC as XJ0189, 30sep74; soc 29Jun75
US Army Aviation 57-1700 : 1964-1966 asg A Company 504th Aviation Battalion, 4th Armored Division as a VIP; was placed in storage , Katterbach Germany (Ansbach Army Airfield) 1966
US Army Aviation 57-1700 : 12jun68 pictured in static display area of the 3rd Salone dell Aeronautica e dello Spazio at Turin/Caselle airport, Unfortunately the show was discontinued after the 1972 edition. As you can note, this Choctaw was wearing the badge of U.S. Army Southern European Task Force (SETAF), the winged San Marco Lion with open book over a three-color shield, and was then based at Verona/Boscomantico airport, in the Veneto region.

In origin, this winged lion was the symbol of the Republic of Venice in peace time, when a war was under way the book was closed. The same symbol was used by the Italian 87th Squadriglia during World War I. The Ansaldo SVA biplanes of this unit, under the command of poet-warrior Gabriele d Annunzio, performed a leaflet bombing over Wien in the closing period of the Great War. A true forerunner of the psychological air warfare.

Fuerza Aerea de Nicaragua FAN519 : conv S-58T, unk; del Nicaraguan AF as FAN519, unk; w/o 17Nov78.
- : reported by JH Helicopter Services, Jun99.
1984 h-34a 58-956 Armée de l'Air 956? : Sikorsky H-34A c/n 58-956; del France Armee de l'Air as 956?, unk;
Sikorsky Helicopters N1162U : 12apr74
Heli-Union F-BVJI : nov74
F-BVJI : w/o 22aug84
1982 h-34a 58-960 US Army Aviation 57-1743 : del US ARMY as H-34A, 57-1743, unk; to civil registry as N47246; w/o Siletz, OR, Apr 6, 1982.
N47246 : 1jul74
1975 h-34a 58-977 Armée de l'Air 977? : Sikorsky H-34A c/n 58-977; del France Armee de l'Air as 977?, unk;
Sikorsky Helicopters N1163U : 1971
Okanagan Helicopters CF-OKH : 15may73
CF-OKH : w/o 29apr75
1980 h-34g.III 58-1458 Heeresflieger QA+464 : Sikorsky H-34G.III, c/n 58-1458, ff?; ordered by USN under MDAP as 150733, unk; del W. Ger Heeresflieger as QA+464, unk; recoded QW+761, unk; recoded PZ+454, recoded 80+49, unk; sold Votec Taxi Aereo, Brazil as PT-HGK, unk; w/o near Belem, Brazil, 03Apr80.
Sikorsky Helicopters N62511 : 30may74
VOTEC Servicios Aereos Regionais PT-HGK : 13sep74
PT-HGK : w/o 3apr80
1986 h-34g.III 58-1493 Heeresflieger QB+468 : Sikorsky H-34G.III, c/n 58-1493, ff?; ordered by USN under MDAP as 150735, unk; del W. Ger Heeresflieger as QB+468, unk; recoded QA+474, unk; xfer Luftwaffe as LA+QQ, unk; recoded GD+241, unk; recoded 80+51, unk; sold US civil registry as N82818, conv S-58T, unk; xfer Peru, OB-T-1006, unk; xfer USA as N4247S, unk
Sikorsky Helicopters N82818 : 31may75
Ejercito del Peru OB-T-1006 : 1apr76
N4247S : nov81
N247S : w/o 4nov86
1979 h-34g.III 58-1503 Heeresflieger QC+402 : Sikorsky H-34G.III, c/n 58-1503, ff?; ordered by USN under MDAP as 150737, unk; del W. Ger Heeresflieger as QC+402, unk; recoded QA+475, unk; recoded PZ+468, unk; recoded 80+53, unk; sold USA as N82819, unk; conv S-58T, unk; sold Brazil as PT-HHO, unk; rtnd USA as N12230, unk; reserialed as N12220, unk.
Sikorsky Helicopters N82819 : 1may75
VOTEC Servicios Aereos Regionais PT-HHO : 3oct75
PT-HHO : w/o 16mar79
1975 h-34g.III 58-1538 Heeresflieger QB+482 : Sikorsky H-34G.III, c/n 58-1538, ff?; ordered MDAP by USN as 150752, unk; del W.German Herresflieger as QB+482, unk; recoded QW+403, unk; recoded 80+68, 1967; wfu & sold Brazil as PT-HFR, unk; w/o 28Feb75.
Sikorsky Helicopters N93200 : 26nov73
VOTEC Servicios Aereos Regionais PT-HFR : 10jan74
PT-HFR : w/o 28feb75
1980 h-34g.III 58-1551 US Navy 150758 : Sikorsky H-34G.III, c/n 58-1551, ff?; ordered by West German goverment, as H-34G.III, MDAP nmbr 150758, ntu; acc US Navy, BWR FR, Stratford as CH-34A 150758, for Germany, 21Nov62 (US Navy records show soc Nov62?)
Heil Ha'Avir 150758 : del IDF/AF (as part payment for war reparations) as 150758, 21Nov62; status unk.
Sikorsky Helicopters N4388S : rtnd Sikorsky (as part payment for S-65C) as N4388S, by Jul72; conv to S-58ET, by 1973
N4388S : xfer Western Helicopter as N4388S, unk; xfer Midwest Helicopter as N4388S, 09Jan74; w/o when suffered partial power loss during lifting operations, damaged/destroyed: Chicago, IL, 02Mar80.
1994 h-34g.III 58-1561 Heeresflieger PZ+347 : Sikorsky H-34A c/n 58-1561, ff?; ordered MDAP by USN as 150761, 1961; del W.German Herresflieger as H-34G.III, PZ+347, 27Nov62; xfer Luftwaffe as CA+353, unk; recoded 80+74, 1967; rtnd Sikorsky, 1971.
Sikorsky Helicopters N82832 : rtnd Sikorsky [trade-in on CH-53G deliveries] as N82832, 1971; conv S-58ET, 1974.
Air Greenland OY-HBC : sold Gronlandsfly as OY-HBC, named "Tuujuk", 02May74; soc 15Sep78.
Chicago Helicopter Airways N4995G : sold Chicago Helicopters as N4995G, Nov78.
N4995G : sold Air One as N4995G, Aug88; Crashed & w/o due to loss of power, San Jose, CA, 28Jan94.
2003 h-34g.III 58-1563 US Navy 150763 : Sikorsky H-34G.III, c/n 58-1563, ff:1962; del BWR FR, Startford as H-34A, 150763, 12Dec62; soc 12Dec62
Heeresflieger 150763 : del W. Germany Herresflieger as H-34A 150763, 12Dec62; coded QB+484, unk; coded PZ-007, unk; coded PZ+349, unk; coded 80+76, 1967;
Sikorsky Helicopters N82835 : rtnd Sikorsky as N82835 (as part payment for S-65), 1970?; modified for seismic research?
Bundesministerium des Innern D-HBWR : 1975 conv at Hentschel Flugzeugwerke, Kassel, Germany. Was used by the German Government for airborne geophysical Survey; 1986 sold ARIS Helicopter San Francisco; I was D-HBWR Chief Eng 1976 till 1986
D-HBWR : 15may76
N15AH Aris Helicopters: Aris S-58ET; 1990 pictured in Alaska
N15AH : xfer Aris Helicopter as N15AH, 12Sep86; conv S-58ET, unk; xfer Hi-Lift Helicopter as N15AH, unk; rtnd Aris Helicopter as N15AH, unk; destroyed in crash at Miraleste Intermediate School, Rancho Palos Verdes CA, 12Jul03; FAA reports Undel Tri.
1983 h-34g.III 58-1565 Heeresflieger QK+578 : Sikorsky H-34G.III, c/n 58-1565, ff?; ordered MDAP by USN as 150765, unk; del W.German Herresflieger as QK+578, unk; recoded QW+406, unk; recoded 80+78, 1967; wfu & sold USA as N83836, unk; conv S-58ET, unk; sold Brasil as PT-HBO, unk;
Sikorsky Helicopters N82836 : 18oct74
VOTEC Servicios Aereos Regionais PT-HGO : 29jan75
PH-HGO : w/o 25aug83
1976 h-34g.III 58-1570 Heeresflieger QA+478 : Sikorsky H-34G.III, c/n 58-1570, ff?; ordered MDAP by USN as 150767, unk; del W.German Herresflieger as QA+478, unk; recoded PZ+473, unk; recoded 80+82, 1967; wfu & sold USA as N74485, unk; conv S-58ET, unk; sold Brasil as PT-HBQ, unk;
Sikorsky Helicopters N47785 : 26nov73
VOTEC Servicios Aereos Regionais PT-HFQ : 10jan74
PT-HFQ : w/o 1apr76
1987 h-34g.III 58-1612 US Navy 150780 : Sikorsky H-34G.III, c/n 58-1612, ff?; ordered by West German goverment, as H-34G.III, MDAP nmbr 150780, ntu; acc US Navy, BWR FR, Stratford as CH-34A 150780, for Germany, 09Apr63 (US Navy records show soc 19Apr63)
Heil Ha'Avir 150780 : del IDF/AF (as part payment for war reparations) as 150780, 09Apr63.
Sikorsky Helicopters N4378S : rtnd Sikorsky (as part payment for S-65C) as N4378S, by Jul72; conv to S-58ET, by 1973
N4378S : 18apr73
PK-UHY : xfer National Utility Helicopter as PK-UHY, Mar74;
Airfast PK-OBL : xfer Airfast Services as PK-OBL, unk; w/o when ditched in Java Sea off Madura Island, 09Nov87.
1974 h-34g.III 58-1614 US Navy 150782 : Sikorsky H-34G.III, c/n 58-1614, ff?; ordered by West German goverment, as H-34G.III, MDAP nmbr 150782, ntu; acc US Navy, BWR FR, Stratford as CH-34A 150782, for Germany, 09Apr63 (US Navy records show soc 19Apr63).
Heil Ha'Avir 150782 : del IDF/AF (as part payment for war reparations) as 150782, 09Apr63.
Sikorsky Helicopters N4380S : rtnd Sikorsky (as part payment for S-65C) as N4380S, by Jul72; status unk.
Sikorsky Helicopters N4380S : 11jun73
OB-T1042 : SAASA
OB-T1042 : w/o 30jul74
1990 h-34g.III 58-1617 US Navy 150812 : HSS-1N; xfer as CH-34G to West Germany 80+94
Marineflieger 80+94 : former WE+555 and SC+255, last seen as LN-OSE
D-HKAA : feb73
D-HOSE : 15jul74
LN-OSE : 26jul74
EC-DDR : oct78
EC-DDR : w/o 13mar90
1995 h-34g.III 58-1646 US Navy 150791 : Sikorsky H-34G.III, c/n 58-1646, ff?; ordered by West German goverment, as H-34G.III, MDAP nmbr 150791, ntu; acc US Navy, BWR FR, Stratford as CH-34A 150791, for Germany, 27May63 (US Navy records show soc 31May63).
Heil Ha'Avir 150791 : del IDF/AF (as part payment for war reparations) as 150791, 27May63.
Sikorsky Helicopters N4385S : rtnd Sikorsky (as part payment for S-65C) as N4385S, by Jul72; conv to S-58ET, 1973
Sikorsky Helicopters N4385S : 9jun71
CF-OIA : xfer Ontario Hydro as CF-OIA, Jun73
C-FOIA : rereg Ontario hydro as C-FOIA, unk; soc Jun91
N1099T : xfer Glacier Helicotper as N1099T, 12Jun91; NTSB: "13Feb95: Marblemount WA. Main rotor driveshaft failure."; FAA reports Undel Tri, unk
1980 h-34g.III 58-1663 Marineflieger 81+01 : former WE+575, as QC+463 from HFlgBtl 100, last seen as PK-OMB
N82846 : 1974
N82846 : 25jul74
ZK-HIH : 25nov74
PK-OBM : 1979
PK-OBM : w/o 4nov80
2012 h-34g.III 58-1672 Heeresflieger QE+462 : Sikorsky H-34G.III, c/n 58-1672, ff?; ordered MDAP by USN as 150803, unk; del W.German Herresflieger as QE+462, unk; recoded PY+346, unk; recoded 81+05, 1967; wfu & sold US as N37723, unk; conv S-58ET, unk; reg Taiwan as B-13104, unk; reg Canada as C-FISH, unk; reg US as N37723, unk; reported sold to owner in Peru Mar06.
N37723 : to B-13104
B-13104 : Taiwan, to C-FISH
C-FISH : Sitka Helicopters Ltd at Port Clements, BC Nov93-Feb01; conv to S-58ET type
N37723 : first reg Mar01; Obrien International at Kissimmee, FL Feb04-Mar06
Heli Cusco OB-1840-P : Heli Cusco 2006
Heli Cusco OB-1840-P : 07jun12 reported missing near Cusco, Peru
Heli Cusco OB-1840-P : w/o 06jun12, crashed in the Peruvian Andes near Hualla Hualla, 14 fatalities
2002 h-34g.III 58-1673 Marineflieger 81+06 : former WE+578, as QE+463 from HFlgBtl 200, last seen as C-GAIV
81+06 : nov74
LN-OSF : feb75
Management Aviation Ltd. G-BFAG : 25aug77
LN-OSA : mar78
C-GAIV : may82
Helicopters NZ Ltd ZK-HNJ : 5sep83
C-GAIV : may84
N580US : 7aug85.
N580US : w/o 10jul02
2011 h-34g.i 58-727 Heeresflieger 80+05 : Sikorsky H-34G.I, c/n 58-727, ff?; del W.Germany as H-34G.I, AS+345, 19Nov57; xfer Luftwaffe as PJ+365, unk; xfer Heerenflieger as PY+332, unk; recoded 80+05; wfu & sold Sikorsky as N33602, unk.
Sikorsky Helicopters N33602 : rtnd Sikorsky as N33602, unk; conv S-58FT, unk; xfer Chicago Helicopter, unk; xfer Staloki, byJan76
Sikorsky Helicopters N33602 : 8mar74
Briles Wing and Helicopter N33602 : xfer Briles Wing and Helicopter, unk; xfer Catalina Airlines, 1975? [possibly leased from Briles, photo dated Jul80]; xfer Queen City Helicopter, 27Sep82; xfer Heli-Flite, "Little Mo," 08Oct04: FAA reports Undel Tri; xfer Aris as N33602, unk; Sid Nanson - w/o during lifting a/c units from Raytheon bldg, Fullerton, CA, 13Mar11.
N33602 : 21jun74 with Briles, transported executives to close on the delivery of the Hughes Glomar Explorer.
1982 h-34g.i 58-749 Heeresflieger PB+204 : Sikorsky H-34G.I, c/n 58-749, ff?; del W. Ger Heeresflieger as PB+204, 31Dec57; coded PJ+361, unk; coded PY+333, unk; coded 80+08, unk; wfu & stored, unk
D-HMBC : xfer Germany as D-HMBC, unk
N65527 : conv S-58JT, unk; xfer Island Helicopter as N65527, unk; xfer Nationwide Fabricators, Jan76
C-GDRJ : xfer Nahanni Helicopter as C-GDRJ, May80; lsd Tundra Helicopter, unk; destroyed by fire, 11Aug82
1985 h-34g.i 58-750 Heeresflieger PB+205 : Sikorsky H-34G.I, c/n 58-750, ff?; del W. Ger Heeresflieger as PB+205, 02Jan58; code PJ+362, unk; coded PY+334, unk; coded 80+09, unk
D-HMBD : xfer Germany as D-HMBD, unk
Sikorsky Helicopters N65526 : reg Sikorsky as N65526, unk; conv S-58ET, 27Jun73
N65526 : 19jun73
Carson Helicopters N65526 : xfer Hawaii Leasing as N65526, byJan76; xfer Carson Helicopter as N65526, 27Oct80; NTSB reports: "Gulf of Mexico: Crashed in Gulf, Extensive damage, wreckage recovered, 3 fatalities, 20Apr85."
1987 h-34g.i 58-879 Heeresflieger PB+??? : Sikorsky H-34G.I, c/n 58-879, ff?; del W. Ger Heeresflieger as PB+???, unk; status unk.
Sikorsky Helicopters N47782 : 29apr75
Carson Helicopters N47782 : 3mar80
N47782 : w/o 1oct87
1977 h-34g.ii 58-1091 Heeresflieger - : Sikorsky H-34G.II, c/n 58-1091, ff?; del W. Ger Heeresflieger as ?, unk; status unk.
Sikorsky Helicopters N37715 : 23dec75
YV-250C : jan76
YV-250C : w/o 21jul77
1994 h-34g.ii 58-1098 Heeresflieger - : Sikorsky H-34G.II, c/n 58-1098, ff?; del W. Ger Heeresflieger as ?, unk; status unk.
Sikorsky Helicopters N82811 : 1973
Bristow G-BCDF : 8jan75
Bristow US Llc N4997E : 1978
PK-OBT : aug80
PK-OBT : w/o 29jul94
1989 h-34g.ii 58-1104 Heeresflieger PB+207 : Sikorsky H-34G.II, c/n 58-1104, ff?; reg N949 by Sikorsky, 1959; del W. Ger Heeresflieger as PB+207, unk; recoded PF+205, unk; recoded QA+474, unk; recoded PH+220, unk; recoded PH+264, unk; recoded PL+332, unk; recoded 80+39, unk; sold USA as N82814, unk; conv S-58T, unk; sold UK as G-BCRW, unk; sold South Africa as ZS-HHV, unk; rtnd USA as N24CH, unk; sold Universal Air Flight, South Korea as HL9239, unk; w/o when crashed into the sea off Ullung Do, South Korea, 13 pax killed, 27Jul89.
Sikorsky Helicopters N82814 : 1974
Bristow G-BCRW : 16jan75
ZS-HHV : feb79
N24CH : 1988
HL-9239 : jun88
1977 h-34g.ii 58-1108 Heeresflieger - : Sikorsky H-34G.II, c/n 58-1108, ff?; del W. Ger Heeresflieger as ?, unk; status unk.
D-HOSD : 3apr74
LN-OSD : 1apr74
LN-OSD : w/o 12nov77
1978 h-34g.ii 58-1112 Heeresflieger - : Sikorsky H-34G.II, c/n 58-1112, ff?; del W. Ger Heeresflieger as ?, unk; status unk.
Sikorsky Helicopters N47783 : 5may75
Carson Helicopters N47783 : aug78
N47783 : w/o 1oct78
2006 h-43 140 US Air Force 62-4514 : Kaman K-600 Huskie, cn140, ff:?; del USAF as HH-43B 62-4514, unk; converted to HH-43F, unk; wfu & xfer MASDC as HG072, 27Aug73.
N90944 : xfer Moseley Aviation as N90944, unk
N559D : xfer unknown as N559D, unk; Collided with a log pile and crashed near Metaline Falls, ID, pilot killed, 18Aug06.
1999 h-43 64 US Air Force 59-1583 : Kaman K-600, HH-43B Huskie, cn64, ff:?; del USAF as HH-43B, 59-1583, unk; converted to HH-43F, unk; wfu & xfer MASDC as HG023, 18Jan73.
N100PL : To civil registry as N100PL, 09Jun77; Crashed near Phoenix, AZ, killing both crew members, 25Sep99.
2016 h125 7821 RA-07259 : Heliport Moscow; w/o 14may16 hit power lines and crashed in Sukhodolskoye Lake, Leningrad region. 2 fatalities
2016 h125 8199 SE-JVP : Roator AB, Sweden from 11may16, test serial F-WWXL; w/o 13jun16 landing accident at Åre-Östersund Airport
2017 h125 8231 5Y-NMJ : Flex Air Charters, Kenya; w/o 21oct17 crashed into Lake Nakuru shortly after takeoff from hotel
2017 h125 8274 Airbus Helicopters UK G-CJFB : Airbus Helicopters UK Jul/Oct 2016
G-MATH : Confidentia Aviation Ltd, Isle of Man from Jan17; w/o 05may17 pictured at Wycombe Air Park, Buckinghamshire
2018 h125 8471 Airbus Helicopters Inc N469AH : Airbus Helicopters Jan18
N907PL : Chinilna Equipment Llc at Anchorage, AK from 21sep 18; w/o 28sep18 impacted shallow water on a beach in Glacier Bay National Park about 60 m NW Gustavus, Alaska. 3 fatalities; The newly acquired helicopter was on a long distance trip from Airbus Factory at Grand Prairie, Texas on ferry route from JNU to YAK airports.
2012 hb350b 1163 Helibras PP-EHH : Helibras c/n HB1009
PT-HZE : Escola de Pilotagem Ltda (EFAI); w/o 20aug12 during training at arlos Prates Airport, Belo Horizonte. No fatalities
unknown hb350b 1518 Helibras PT-HLT : Helibras c/n HB1029
YV-O-GEF-1 : Venezuela, to N8107N
Eurocopter France F-WIPJ : Eurocopter France
I-ALNA : w/o ?
unknown hb350b 1521 Helibras PT-HLW : Helibras c/n HB1032
PT-HLW : w/o unk
2013 hb350b 1640 Helibras PT-HMJ : Helibras c/n HB1047
Polícia Civil PP-EIH : Policia Civil do Rio de Janeiro (PCERJ) /01, conv to AS.350BA type
PP-EIH : w/o 02may13 crash after main rotor blades struck treetops during training at firing range at Caju, port area of Rio de Janeiro. 5 injured
unknown hb350b 1658 Helibras PT-HMP : Helibras c/n HB1053
PT-HMP : w/o unk
unknown hb350b 1665 Helibras PT-HMS : Helibras c/n HB1057
PT-HMS : w/o unk
unknown hb350b 1667 Helibras PT-HMU : Helibras c/n HB1059
PT-HMU : w/o unk
2014 hb350b 2067 Helibras PT-HNC : Helibras c/n HB1116
PT-HNC : private, noted Dec08
PT-HNC : Helimarte; 16jul14 pictured (pic1) at Aeroporto Campo de Marte
PT-HNC : Helimarte; w/o 27dec14 pictured (pic2) crashed in Bertioga, São Paulo. 5 fatalities
2012 hb350b 2069 Helibras PT-HNE : Helibras c/n HB1118
PT-HNE : private, reg 16may08
PT-HNE : w/o 31oct12 rotor seperated at Aluminio, Sao Paulo
unknown hb350b 2120 Helibras PT-HNG : Helibras c/n HB1120
PT-YCJ : conv to AS350BA type; w/o unk
unknown hb350b 2192 Helibras PT-HNJ : Helibras c/n HB1138
PT-HNJ : w/o unk
unknown hb350b 2238 Helibras PT-HNK : Helibras c/n HB1139
PT-HNK : w/o unk
unknown hb350b 2449 Helibras PT-HNW : Helibras c/n HB1149
PT-HNW : w/o unk
unknown hb350b2 2808 Helibras PT-HZI : Helibras
PT-YAM : w/o unk
2017 hb350b2 2831 Helibras PT-YZM : Helibras
PT-YZM : Heli-Rio Taxi Aereo, noted Jan09; w/o 12apr17 crashed into the sea 200m off Itacoatiara beach, Niteroi. 1 fatality
2013 hb350b2 2871 Helibras PT-HZQ : Helibras
PT-HZQ : HeliMed, noted Jan05
PT-HZQ : private, noted Apr12
PT-HZQ : w/o 27oct13 during training at Ilhéus, Bahia. Apparently tail rotor problem
unknown hb350b2 2960 Helibras PT-HZT : Helibras
PT-HZT : Unimed Air, noted 1999
PT-HZT : w/o unk
2012 hb350b2 3002 Helibras PT-YLS : Helibras
PT-YLS : private, noted Feb06
PT-YLS : w/o 22jan12 at Praia de Grumari, RJ
2018 hb350b2 3114 Helibras PT-YSO : Helibras
HK-4547 : Colombia, to HP-1914
HP-1914 : Panama, to 9N-ALR
Simrik Air 9N-ALR : Simrik Air; w/o 30jan18 landing at Grande International Hospital, Nepal
unknown hb350b2 3185 Helibras PP-EDS : Helibras
PP-EDS : w/o unk
unknown hb350b2 3429 Helibras PP-EDJ : Helibras
PP-EDJ : w/o unk
unknown hb350b2 3890 Helibras PR-EPM : Helibras
PR-EPM : w/o unk
2016 hb350b2 4898 Helibras PR-YCB : Helibras
PR-YCB : Corpo de Bombeiros SAMU Santa Catarina Mar16; w/o 25apr16 during takeoff in Piraquara, PR
unknown hb350b2 7021 Helibras PR-JGM : Helibras
PR-JGM : w/o unk
2012 hb350b3 4523 Helibras PP-BRJ : Helibras
PP-BRJ : Corpo de Bombeiros do RJ (Fire Dept); w/o 29dec12 ditch at sea near Copacabana. Aircraft was recovered, fate unk
unknown hb350ba 2704 Helibras PT-HYR : Helibras c/n HB1173 not conf
PP-EVC : w/o unk
2012 hb350ba 2756 Helibras PT-YAK : Helibras
Helisul Taxi Aereo PT-YAK : Helisul, noted 2006/2007, Amil mrks
Governo do Brasil PT-YAK : IBAMA, 2009
PT-YAK : Grupamento Aereo da Seguranca Publica do Para (Graesp), Bombeiros (Fire Dept); w/o 22feb12 near Belem, video at Ground Resonance
unknown hb350ba 2935 Helibras PT-HNS : Helibras
PT-HNS : w/o unk
unknown hb350ba 2947 Helibras PT-YPF : Helibras
PT-YPF : w/o unk
2014 hb350ba 3096 Helibras PT-YJJ : Helibras
PT-YJJ : Planalto Ind Mecanica Ltda from Jul09
PT-YJJ : w/o 07jun14 near Araguaia river, Goias, 5 fatalities including Fernandão, a soccer player who won the FIFA interclub championship in Japan 2006 beating Barcelona
1998 hb355f2 5377 Helibras PT-HNB : Helibras c/n HB3003
PT-HNB : w/o 04jan98
1986 Helistat 1 N1897Z : Piasecki PA-97-34J Heli-Stat, c/n 1, ff:?; reg Piasecki as N1897Z using a US Navy ZPG-2W blimp and four UH-34J airframes: 58-1247 (#4), 58-1324 (#2), 58-1335 (#1), and 58-1363 (#3) attached to a metal framework.
2000 hh-1k 6322 US Navy 157198 : US Navy HAL-4 /NW-206; wfu 1989, to civ as N6166S
US Navy 157198 : 16mar93 pictured at AMARC as 7H195
N896RP : from 1996 ex 157198, N6166S; w/o 29jun00
1996 hh-1k 6323 US Navy 157199 : US Navy HAL-4 /NW-201; wfu 1989, to civ as N6166R
US Navy 157199 : 16mar93 pictured at AMARC as 7H197
N6166R : w/o 04apr96 at Vail, Washington; canc Jun02
2000 hh-3f 61-634 US Coast Guard 1472 : USCG HH-3F; 1969 delivered from Sikorsky to CGAS Salem
US Coast Guard 1472 : 1972-1980 asg CGAS Sitka, Alaska. PO2 Collins, USCG aircrewman on many SAR missions in this aircraft
US Coast Guard 1472 : 22Mar93 wfu & stor AMARC as 440030
N500XL : Cinema Aircraft Restoration at Las Vegas, NV from Mar99; w/o 10jun00 collided with trees during forced landing near Wellington, NV. 2 injured; canc Apr05
1967 HRS-1 55-059 US Marine Corps 127823 : Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-059, ff:?; del USMC as HRS-1, 127823, 05Sep51
N6872C : ex 127823; w/o 09sep67
1978 HRS-2 55-105 US Marine Corps 129023 : Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-105, ff:?; del USMC as HRS-2, 129023, 22Feb52; wfu & sold Calif. Helicopters Parts, Inc.
US Marine Corps 129023 : 9nov55
N865RL : ex 129023; w/o 11jun78
2002 HRS-2 55-184 US Marine Corps 130141 : Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-184, ff:?; del USMC as HRS-2, 130141, 21Jul52
US Marine Corps 130141 : 05apr55
N94475 : ex 130141; w/o 20may02 Plains, MT
N94475 : ex Tri Corp; repaired for Smith David C, Brwester, WA a/d 29jul13
2000 HRS-2 55-238 US Marine Corps 130168 : Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-238, ff:?; del USMC as HRS-2, 130168, 05Sep52; w/o crop spraying, New Zealand, 29Aug00
US Marine Corps 130168 : Feb53 pictured with HMR-161 during Operation Haylift II
US Marine Corps 130168 : 20may55
N17754 : ZK-HSC
2001 hss-1 58-12 US Navy 137856 : USN HSS-1 d/d 14Apr55; redesig UH-34G, Oct62; wfu & xfer to MASDC as HD070 31Aug70; soc 24Mar77, Tucson; sold to Moore Aviation as S-58B, N9043P, 25Jan79; suffered left gear failure and rolled onto left side during landing, Biggs, CA, 14Jun83; rts & conv to V-leg, unk; sold Heli-Flite, unk; sold Scott A. Donley, 12Mar99; w/o Mar91 crashed and burned
N9043P : 1992 pictured lifting from Corona, CA
1993 hss-1 58-162 US Navy 138471 : Sikorsky HSS-1, c/n 58-162, ff?; del US Navy as HSS-1 138471, 06Dec55; soc as UH-34G, NARF Pensacola, 06Jun67;
Không lực Việt Nam Cộng hòa 138471 : xfer VNAF as UH-34G, 138471, unk; rtnd to USN unk;
US Navy 138471 : wfu & stor MASDC as HD0030, 09Oct69, soc 28Mar79 tt 5325.1 hrs;
N8503J : Sold John E Slater as S-58F, N8503J, 1979; xfer Arkansas Air Crane, Nov88; sold William L. Mitchell III, Mar89; soc 13Apr95; NTSB: "1Dec93: Walterboro SC. Substantial damage. Throttle seized at about half throttle."; FAA reports cancelled & destroyed 06Apr95
1994 hss-1 58-600 US Navy 143900 : Sikorsky HSS-1, c/n 58-600, ff?; del USN as 143900, 30Aug57; to HSS-1N (ASC 84), unk; to UH-34J (reported as UH-34G); soc Tucson, as UH-34G AZ, 22Apr70; wfu & stor MASDC as HD061, 02Mar70; soc 10Mar77.
HD061 : xfer James T. Robinson as HD061, unk
N46754 : xfer Orlando Helicopter Airways as N46754, 1977; xfer Hendrickson Flying Service, unk; xfer Atkinson Flying Service, Mar81, soc 10Feb95; FAA reports cancelled, destroyed 19Oct94.
1991 hss-1 58-658 US Navy 143920 : Sikorsky HSS-1, c/n 58-658, ff?; del USN as 143920, 14Dec57; to HSS-1N (ASC 84), unk; soc as UH-34J, NAS Brunswick, 06Mar72;
N33EA : to US civil registry as N33EA, unk; conv S-58ET, unk
N33EA : 2apr73
Kenting Aviation CF-KGO : xfer Kenting Aircraft, Canada as CF-KGO, May73;
Servicios Aereos De Los Andes OB-T-1041 : xfer SAASA, Peru as OB-T-1041, unk; w/o at Loreto, Peru, 30Jul74
N439DS : xfer Dick Sawyer Intl, US as N439DS, Aug81; soc 11May83;
C-GUSD : xfer Union Helicopter, Canada as S-58BT, C-GUSD, Jun83; lsd MF Air Services as C-GUSD (seen Feb85), soc May85; xfer Can-Arc Helicopter as C-GUSD, 10May85; suffered accident, 1987; to US 22Dec87;
N439DS : sold Donald Lederhos, US as N439DS, 27Nov87; xfer Michael J. Ragenovich, Nov88; xfer Skyline Helicopter, Jun89; NTSB: "16Jul90: Ovando MT. Loss of power in number one engine."; xfer Aris Helicopter, 18May91; r/n cancelled 02Nov00
1974 hss-1 58-743 US Navy 143947 : Sikorsky HSS-1, cn 58-743, ff:?; del USN as HSS-1, 143947, 05Feb58; to HSS-1N (ASC 84), unk; socas UH-34J, NAS Brunswick, ME, 06Mar72;
N85128 : xfer Chicago Helicopter as N85128, unk; xfer Tundra Helicopter as N85128, unk; [also reported converted to S-58BT 08Aug73 and w/o with SAASA at Cali, Colombia 07Jan74. This appears more probable as Rotorspot only lists 58-707 as N85128]
N40809 : 8aug73
N40809 : w/o 7jan74
1975 hss-1n 58-1050 US Navy 145707 : Sikorsky HSS-1N, c/n 58-1050, ff?; del USN as HSS-1N, 145707, 27Feb59; conv HH-34J & soc NARF Pensacola, 31Aug71;
US Air Force 145707 : USAF, ex USN 145707; 1971 301st ARS
US Air Force 145707 : 301st ARS, Homestead AFB, FL from 1971; 09May74 to MASDC/HD197 ; soc 18Oct74, 3909 TTH
TI-SPI : conv S-58ET, unk; del MAP to Costa Rica Ministry of Security as TI-SPI, 1975?; w/o ivo La Sabana, Costa Rica, 09Sep75; noted abandoned San Jose, Costa Rica, Feb80.
1986 hss-1n 58-1247 US Navy 148000 : Sikorsky HSS-1N, c/n 58-1247, ff?; del USN as HSS-1N, 148000 unk; redesig SH-34J Oct62; wfu & stor MASDC as 3H0013, 17may69.
N1897Z : xfer Piasecki Aircraft Corp, 1980 for use in PA-97 Helistat, position No 4; ff: 26Apr86; w/o 01Jul86.
1984 hss-1n 58-1272 US Navy 148014 : del USN as HSS-1N, 148014 unk; redesig SH-34J, Oct62; wfu & stor MASDC as HD088, 06Jan71; Converted to UH-34J at MASDC; xfer NARF Pensacola, FL, 28Sep71; del USAFR, 304th ARS, Portland, OR, 1971; xfer 302nd ARS, Luke AFB, AZ, unk; wfu & xfer MASDC as HD194, 28Mar74; reg to Maryland State Police as N62293; reg Canada as C-GMMR, unk.
US Air Force 148014 : USAF, ex USN 148014; 1971 304th ARS; to 302nd ARS
C-GMMR : Keystone Aerial Harvesting at Nakusp, BC 1980-1983; nicknamed IGOR;
C-GMMR : Terr-Air Rotary from Jan83; Oct83 pictured at Langley Regional airport, Langley, BC; w/o 16feb84 at Indian Arm, Vancouver, BC; canc 17oct85
1986 hss-1n 58-1324 US Navy 148940 : Sikorsky HSS-1N, c/n 58-1324, ff?; del USN as HSS-1N, 148940 unk; redesig SH-34J, Oct62; wfu & stor MASDC as 3H0244, 13may69.
N1897Z : xfer Piasecki Aircraft Corp, 1980 for use in PA-97 Helistat, position No 2; ff: 26Apr86; w/o 01Jul86.
1986 hss-1n 58-1335 US Navy 148945 : Sikorsky HSS-1N, c/n 58-1335, ff?; del USN as HSS-1N, 148945 unk; redesig SH-34J, Oct62; wfu & stor MASDC as 3H0111, 22jul70.
N1897Z : xfer Piasecki Aircraft Corp, 1980 for use in PA-97 Helistat, position No 1; ff: 26Apr86; w/o 01Jul86.
1986 hss-1n 58-1363 US Navy 148960 : Sikorsky HSS-1N, c/n 58-1363, ff?; del USN as HSS-1N, 148960 unk; redesig SH-34J, Oct62; wfu & stor MASDC as 3H0095, 16mar70.
N1897Z : xfer Piasecki Aircraft Corp, 1980 for use in PA-97 Helistat, position No 3; ff: 26Apr86; w/o 01Jul86.
2012 hss-1n 58-761 US Navy 143957 : US Navy YHSS-1N d/d 21Jan58; to HSS-1N (ASC 84), unk; soc Tucson, AZ, 09Jan70; wfu & stor MASDC as SH-34J, HD076, 05May69, soc 27Mar77;
N9043N : Moore Aviation 1988-1994, S-58B type; Echanda Jul94-1997
HeliFlite N9043N : Heli-Flite May97-2009; "Big Daddy"
N9043N : N9043N seen in California, October 1993.
N9043N : Versatile Investments Ltd from Jun09
N9043N : w/o 24jun12 at Anderson Field, Brewster, WA. Consumed by fire during agricultural flight
2009 uh-25a 18 US Navy 124925 : Piasecki PV-18 cn 18 ff: unk; del US Navy as HUP-1 124925, unk; wfu & soc unk.
US Navy 124925 : soc 23jan57
N9348R : 1960.
N183YP : reg to Joseph W Pike as N831YP, [marked as HUP-1, 124925, HU-1, UP-18, Classic Rotors Museum], 2001; crashed in Adelanto, CA, 07Nov09. Sadly, all 3 people on board were killed.
1977 hus-1 58-1438 US Marine Corps 149339 : Sikorsky HUS-1, cn 58-1438, ff:? del USMC as HUS-1, 149339, unk; redesig UH-34D, Oct62; xfer Chicago Helicopters as N66CH, unk; xfer South Africa as ZS-HCX, unk; ditched at sea off Capetown, South Africa 09Apr77.
Chicago Helicopter Airways N66CH : 11jun75
ZS-HCX : Held for SAAF Museum by 1979 (fuselage pod only)
1978 hus-1 58-1439 US Marine Corps 149340 : Sikorsky HUS-1, cn 58-1439, ff:? del USMC as HUS-1, 149340, unk; redesig UH-34D, Oct62; noted at Allied scrapyard near AMARC, 28Aug00; noted as N90940 at Carson Helicopters, Perkasie, PA, 17May01.
Carson Helicopters N90940 : 2feb76
N90940 : w/o 28jun78
1989 hus-1 58-1491 US Marine Corps 149389 : Sikorsky HUS-1, cn 58-1491, ff:? del USMC as HUS-1, 149389, unk; redesig UH-34D, Oct62; to US as N6306, unk.
Carson Helicopters N6306 : 9jan73
N6306 : w/o 8jul89
1982 hus-1 58-1659 US Marine Corps 150257 : Sikorsky UH-34D, cn 58-1659, ff:? del USMC as UH-34D, 150257, 20Jun63
US Navy 150257 : xfer USN as UH-34D, 150257, VC-5, Naha, Okinawa, Japan, unk; soc 04Oct70.
Sikorsky Helicopters N4319S : rtnd Sikorsky Helicopters as N4391S, Jul72; conv S-58ET, unk.
Sikorsky Helicopters N4319S : 2apr73
Air Greenland OY-HAR : xfer Greenlandair as OY-HAR, named "Kangoq", 27Mar73; crashed 12Apr73, rts unk, soc 17Jul78.
Air Greenland OY-HAR : Repaired after the whiteout crash in Canada and then operated in Greenlandair until sold to Chicago Hcp
Chicago Helicopter Airways N2295W : rtnd US, Chicago Helicopters as N2295W, Jul78.
Líder Aviação PT-HJR : xfer Brazil, Lider Aero Taxi as PT-HJR, 04Dec79; w/o unk.
PT-HJR : w/o 7jan82
1980 hus-1 58-524 US Marine Corps 144634 : USMC HUS-1 d/d 10Apr57; redesig UH-34D, Oct62; soc NARF Norfolk, 06Jul72
Chevron Oil N69CH : Chicago Helicopters, conv S-58T; Chevron Oil by Jan76
N69CH : 8aug75
N69CH : w/o 19jul80
1990 hus-1 58-730 US Marine Corps 145731 : Sikorsky HUS-1, cn 58-730, ff:?; del USMC as HUS-1, 145731, 03Dec57; soc as UH-34D, 7L-731, MASDC Tucson, AZ, 31Dec70;
N94495 : xfer Pacific Crown Aviation as N94495, unk; xfer Donald D Hunt, Nov82; xfer Southwind Helicopter, unk; xfer Wilsons Hatchery & Poultry Farms, Aug84; xfer Alaska Skycranes, Jan89, soc 12Apr95.; NTSB: "21May90: Juneau AK. Destroyed in crash."; [Also reported as the aircraft at the Reynolds Museum in Canada, but aircraft there is V-legged.]
1964 hus-1a 58-581 US Navy 144660 : Sikorsky HUS-1A, cn 58-581, ff:1957; del USMC as HUS-1A, 144660, 28Jun57; redesig UH-34E, Oct62; xfer HU-4, Det 90, unk; w/o aboard USS Altair (AKS-32), HU-4, Det 90, 27Feb64;
144660 : xfer Allied Aircraft Sales, unk; reported 1994.
2006 k-max A94-0005 N133KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0005, ff:1994; reg Kaman Aerospace as N133KA, 27Jun94; lsd Scott Paper Co. as N133KA, Oct94; renamed Kimberly-Clark Co. 1996: del Grizzly Mountain Aviation as N133KA, 02May03; airframe suffered major damage when the engine had experienced an overspeed/over-fueling event during logging operations in the vicinity of Dexter, OR, 12Mar06; w/o 26Mar06.
2004 k-max A94-0008 Kaman N136KA : Kaman from 27Jun94; Weyerhaeuser Co 1994, lsd Kaman
N136KA : Heli Union ops in Bolivia 1994-14Mar97, lsd from Kaman
Rotex Helicopter AG HB-XQA : Rotex Helicopter AG from 07Apr97; w/o 11oct04 crashed at Grandvillard, Switzerland
2004 k-max A94-0010 N162KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0010, ff:?; reg Kaman Aerospace as N162KA 27Oct94; used for US Navy vertrep trials, unk; del Superior Helicopter as N162KA, Dec03; suffered fatal crash in West Fork, OR, 12May04.
2007 k-max A94-0014 Kaman N164KA : Kaman Aerospace from Aug95
N164KA : Mountain West Helicopters from Jun97; 04Nov99 dam at Santa,ID; rtn Kaman 18Oct00
Eagle Helicopter AG HB-ZEH : Eagle Helikopter AG from Sep02; w/o 02oct07 crashed at Illgau, Switzerland; canc 08Feb13
2003 k-max A94-0015 N314KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0015, ff:1995; reg Kaman Aerospace as N165KA, 01Feb96; del Midwest Helicopters Ltd as C-GMHO, 25Mar96; rtnd Kaman Aerospace as N165KA, 09Jul99; rereg Kaman Aerospace as N314KA, 10Aug99; del Daily Air/Superior Helicopter LLC, Taiwan, as B-55589, (repl. # 027), 07Oct02-06May03; rtnd Superior Helicopter LLC, US as N314KA, 18Jun03; suffered fatal crash in Keller, WA, 25Jul03.
2000 k-max A94-0017 N311KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0017, ff:1996; reg Kaman Aerospace as N311KA, 24May96; del Superior Leasing LLC as N311KA, 12Aug96; w/o at Cusick, WA, 11Jul00.
1999 k-max A94-0018 D-HFZA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0018, ff:1996; del Heli-Air Zagel as D-HFZA, Nov96; crashed at Arlberg, Austria, 13Sep99.
1998 k-max A94-0022 N224GM : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0022, ff: 1997; reg Kaman Aerospace Corp. as N224GM, 10Oct97; del Grizzly Mountain Aviation as N224GM, 03Nov97; w/o at La Grande, OR, 21Apr98.
1998 k-max A94-0023 N135KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0023, ff: 1997; reg Kaman Aerospace Corp. as N135KA, 14Nov97; w/o at Bloomfield, CT, 27Jan98.
2006 k-max A94-0033 N263KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0033, ff: 2002; reg Kaman Aerospace Corp. as N263KA, 01May02; lsd Grizzly Mountain Aviation / Kaman Aerospace Corp. as N263KA, Jul04; del Grizzly Mountain Aviation as N263KA, 20Aug04; crashed at John Day, OR, 17Mar06.
2005 k-max A94-0034 HL9167 : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0034, ff: 2002; reg Kaman Aerospace Corp. as N264KA, 01May02; del Superior Helicopter / Kaman Aerospace Corp.as N264KA, Jun04; lsf Kaman 24Jan05; del Lucky Air Co. as HL9167, 25Feb05; crashed in Korea, 28Apr05.
2008 k-max A94-0037 N267KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0037, ff: 2003; reg Kaman Aerospace Corp. as N267KA, 30Jan03; lsd Superior Helicopter / Kaman Aerospace Corp. as N267KA, 2003; sold Superior Leasing LLC as N267KA, 11Jul05; crashed at Santa Clarita, LA, 17Dec08.
2005 ka-26 7202510 Аэрофлот CCCP-19371 : c/n 72 025 10 / 7202510; Aeroflot serial SSSR-19371, to LY-HAL
LY-HAL : Lithuania, to HA-MZH
HA-MZH : Hungary Dongó Kft Jul92-feb98; Gergely Air Bua from Mar03; w/o 21jul05 at Csanadpalota
2009 ka-32 5235001583602 UR-AAC : Rosavia, w/o 18jun09. 2 of 5 died
Orman Genel Müdürlüğü UR-AAC : 26Jun09 pictured during wrek rescue
2011 ka-32 9816 B-7810 Chinare: Ka32A11BC; Chinare d/d 2009 Snow Eagle; w/o 08dec11 in Antarctica on route from Zhongshan research station to the Xuelong expedition ship
2014 ka-32t 8805 RA-31598 : to RA-31098
RA-31098 : to RF-31098
МЧС России RF-32839 : conv Ka-32A c/n 8805/08; Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations; w/o 11nov14 near Village Dry Padina, Mineralovodsky District. 3 fatalities
1988 has.2 060 Fleet Air Arm XZ243 : RN HAS.2 f/f 15May78; NASU Yeovilton coded 02Jun78 coded 327-AL; 702 Squadron, HMS Alacrity Flight 07Sep78; 815Squadron HMS Alacrity flight coded 327-AL transferred 07Jan81; RNAY Fleetlands 19Nov81; 702 Squadron coded 640.PO 30Jun82
Fleet Air Arm XZ243 : RN Type: Lynx HAS.2 noted at HMS Heron RNAS Yeovilton 15nov78 with 815NAS coded AG-341 asg HMS Alacrity Flt (F174)
Fleet Air Arm XZ243 : 815Sq Alacrity Flt/327-AL visited RCH on 17 Nov 1981.
Fleet Air Arm XZ243 : conv HAS.3 type; NASU Yeovilton 01Nov85
Fleet Air Arm XZ243 : 702 Squadron coded 635-PO by 21Nov86
Fleet Air Arm XZ243 : w/o 10mar88 as /635 in Portuguese waters 40 miles off Cabo Roca. During long range night training exercise crashed into the sea on return 0.5 miles from the stern of parent ship RFA Engadine (K08), 2 fatalities; pictured (top) 2 day before the accident; pictured (bot) the morning after the crash
XZ243 : RIP: CAWTHORNE, Richard A, Sub Lieutenant, C032051W (HMS Osprey) and DAVIES, Anthony P G, Lieutenant Commander, C023660H
Fleet Air Arm XZ243 : Portland Air Engineering Department Ground Trainer, Shell Only uncoded with no regi, Total Airframe Hours at crash 2516:15; HMS Sultan Air Engineering Training School, shell only, BDR trainer by Dec97
2001 ah1 221 Army Air Corps XZ664 : AAC AH.1 f/f 27mar81, d/d 10apr81; conv AH.7; 2006 to civ
Army Air Corps XZ664 : 23 Jun 1988 forced to land under fire while with 665 Sq, near Silverbridge, NI.
Army Air Corps XZ664 : AH.7 663 Sq, 3 REGT during Jul 1999
Army Air Corps XZ664 : crashed following tail rotor failure while with 3 REGT, near Leeming on 23 Feb 2001.
XZ664 : to Barby paintball site as hulk, by May 2010, until late 2017.
Army Air Corps XZ664 : Jul13 pictured at paintball range "Warfighters R6 Centre" near Barby (TO212)
2014 md500e 0142E TI-SPY : Costa Rica, to MSP018
Fuerza Publica de Costa Rica MSP018 : Costa Rica Police 2006-2012, reser MSP013
Fuerza Publica de Costa Rica MSP013 : Costa Rica Police from 2013 w/o 03feb14 at Cerro Chirripó, Cartago
2001 md500e 0177E SE-HRB : Sweden, to LN-OMP
heliflyg LN-OMP : Helifly A/S; w/o 21jun01 at Tuddal, Telemark during sling-load operations
2014 md500e 0219E N1601U : to N21BN
N21BN : to JA9482
JA9482 : Japan, to N127M
N127M : Mike Green Assoc at Austin, TX Feb/Jun 2000
VH-PCQ : Australia, to ZK-ITJ
ZK-ITJ : Hill Country Helicopters from Mar12; w/o 28oct14 hit wires during spraying. 1 fatality
2004 md500e 0301E State of Florida N312JP : City Of Jacksonville, FL 1989-2001 ?; Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO)
N42928 : 5K Aircraft Sales Inc at Fort Myers, FL May01; w/o 19aug04 at Big Cypress National Preserve, in Ochopee, Florida; canc Jun07;
2010 md500e 0365E D-HLIS : 369E
G-VICE : ex D-HLIS; first reg UK as G-VICE May 1995.
G-VICE : 24 May 2010, seriously damaged during a wire-strike while landing at Poundsgate, Devon.
2017 md500e 0427E D-HFAZ : Germany to OH-HWE
OH-HWE : Finland, to SX-HBB
SX-HBB : private Greece; w/o 23jun17 hit power lines during spraying. 2 fatalities
2013 md500e 0434E N1608D : Freelance Air at Atlanta, GA from Oct11
US Department of Justice N1608D : Dept of Justice, DEA; w/o 29jul13 hit wires (?) near Evanston, Breathitt County, Eastern Kentucky
2017 md500e 0473E D-HHMC : Deutscher Helikopter Dienst, 1998/99
YL-HMC : Latvia from May01
G-MRRR : Estate Air Ltd Feb06-Aug10
G-MRRR : private Aug10-Dec14; 24sep13 at London Helitech 2013
G-MRRR : Helos Aviation from Jan15; w/o 24mar17 crashed next to the River Thames near The Warren, Caversham, Reading, Berkshire.
2015 md500e 0486E N101LH : Gantt Aviation at Georgetown, TX Jul93-Sep95, test serial N1608Z
G-DRAR : Readmans Ltd Sep95-May01
G-JIVE : First Flight Long Acre Brimpsfield May01-Mar02
G-JIVE : Sleekform Ltd Mar02-Jan13
Eastern Atlantic Helicopters G-JIVE : Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd at Shoreham Airport Jan/May 2013
G-JIVE : Lima SP Zoo at Golub-Dobrzyn, Poland May/Jul 2013
SP-SOO : SG Equipment Leasing Polska; w/o 27sep15 struck power lines at Burkatów while surveying infrastructre for electrical company
2013 md500e 0535E N687F : to N62PJ
US Department of Justice N62PJ : Dept of Justice Mar01; w/o 12aug13 engine failure; canc Nov13
2018 369f 0005F N5217Y : Mc Donnell Douglas 1984
N530R : Smoky Mountain Helicopters Inc at Yorklyn, DE, canc 2011
N530FU : Air 1 Sandpoint Helicopters Inc at Las Vegas, NV from Jul11; w/o 21aug18 hit powerlines in n Williamson County, Texas. 2 fatalities
2017 369f 0044FF I-AZOR : Italy, test serial N5262X; N530FF ntu
LV-ZRR : Argentina, noted Apr04
Mustang Helicopters C-FJAU : Mustang Helicopters at Red Deer, AB Jan/Sep 2007
N530KD : Smoky Mountain Helicopters at Hanapepe, HI Sep07-Aug09
N530KD : Overseas Aircraft Support Inc at Lakeside, AZ Aug/Oct 2009
N530KD : Dyncorp International at Ft.Worth, TX Oct09-Apr11
N530KD : Eaglewing Rentals Llc at Wheat Bridge, CO May/Sep 2011
State of California N530KD : Rogers Helicopters at Fresno, CA from Oct 11; w/o 14mar17 slinging power cables at White County, SE of Chalmers, IN. 1 fatality
2007 369f 0049FF N911VC : 2004. w/o 11mar07 Haena Hawaii, 1 fatality
N911VC : 2011 brought from Hawaii to Mesa, AZ; left for Idaho where it sit in a Hangar for parts
2016 MD500E 0542E N31675 : to N554CP
N554CP : to N554CR
N554CR : to N629JK
N629JK : Padgett Ag Air Llc at Palmer, AK
N629JK : Rotor Blade LLC; w/o 04may16 during power line installation in Manitowoc County, NW Maple Grove, Wisconsin. 1 fatality
2014 md520n LN014 MD Helicopters N16113 : MD Helicopters, to N317PC
N317PC : to XA-TQB
XA-TQB : Mexico, to N18GH
N18GH : Kabrit Llc at Salt Lake City, UT from Apr11; w/o 11aug14 crashed in pilot house, 5m S Idaho Falls, ID
2016 md600n RN012 N176SP : to N660MC
N660MC : Dw Aviation Inc at Lighthouse Point, FL from Feb06; 11feb12 pictured at HeliExpo 2012, Dallas, TX
N660MC : Asia American Helicopter Service Inc at Pasadena, CA May/Jun 2012; to Kazakhstan as UP- unk
Kazakhstan Government UP-MD004 : Аk Aspan, Kazakhstan; HEMS helicopter; w/o 27jan16 3km from Almaty-Ust-Kamenogorsk highway. 5 fatalities
2014 md600n RN018 Eastern Atlantic Helicopters N958SD : Eastern Atlantic Helicopters at Wilmington, DE Jun03-Oct05
G-NELY : Ottoman Empire Ltd Oct05-Jun07
Eastern Atlantic Helicopters G-NELY : Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd Jun07-Mar09
SE-JKJ : HeliAir Sweden; w/o 14jul14 at Lennartsnäs, Norrkoping, UpplandsBro
2017 md600n RN021 YV2075 : Venezuela, test serial N92302
YV245T : Venezuela, to N245SE
N245SE : Overseas Emily Corp at Dover, DE Nov09-2010
N245SE : Rotor Group Holding Corp at Miami, FL 2010-2012
TG-MDD : Guatemala, rtn to N245SE
N245SE : Aerownership North American Services Inc at Dover, DE from Nov14; w/o 07feb17 at La Aurora Airport , Guatemala. 4 fatalities
2009 md600n RN024 State of California N626SB : SBSD San Bernardino County Sheriff Dept Mar98-Aug05
C-GAAJ : Ruperts Land Operations Inc at Bonnyville, AB Nov07-Jun08
C-GOHN : Oceanview Helicopters at Powell River, BC from Jun08; w/o 25mar09 near Toba Inlet, BC
2018 md600n RN025 US Department of Homeland Security N602BP : CBP
N602BP : Classic Rotors Museum at Ramona, CA Sep11-Feb18
N602BP : FTAV Llc at Mesa, AZ from Feb18; High Line Helicopters; w/o 08apr18 during maintenance of power lines near Smethport, PA. 2 fatalities
2014 md600n RN035 US Department of Homeland Security N606BP : CBP
N606BP : Classic Rotors Museum from Sep11; w/o 27apr14 at Adelanto, CA
2015 md600n RN036 US Department of Homeland Security N607BP : CBP
N607BP : Military Museum of Texas from Oct11; w/o 07dec15 at Brazoria County Military Museum near Angleton, TX
2004 md600n RN054 MD Helicopters N3218G : MD Helicopters Oct99
N654S : Desert Helo Llc at Dover, DE Mar01-Mar04
D-HJER : w/o 04jun04 during instruction flight at Saint-Salvy-de-la-Balme, Mazamet, France. 3 fatalities
2010 md600n RN055 MD Helicopters N70415 : MD Helicopters, to B-2118
B-2118 : Guangdong General Aviation Company China; 2000 to 2007; to HA-FLY
Fly 4 Less HA-FLY : flew in 2006/2007 for FLY 4 LESS to D-HHWR
D-HHWR : Sky Heli GbR; w/o 28dec10 near Jena
2013 md600n RN078 MD Helicopters N42824 : MD Helicopters Mar10
N42824 : Antonov Group FZE at Windermere, FL Feb11-May12
Meghna Aviation S2-AFZ : Meghna Group, Bangladesh; w/o 12feb13 hit a tree at Nimertek, Rupganj
2003 md900 900/00021 N9021T : Georgetown Interstate Aviation at Kirkland, WA from 06sep95; 12mar96 pictured (pic1) at San Jose, CA
N811CM : Georgetown Interstate Aviation at Kirkland, WA 09jul96
N179PA : Gulf Inc at Kirkland, WA from May98
Papillon Grand Canyon N179PA : Papillon Helicopters, op for NPS; pictured (pic2)
NPS N179PA : National Park Services, op by Papillon Grand Canyon; pictured (pic3) w/o 16oct03 at Fredonia, AZ
2016 mi-17 586M49 Pakistan Army Aviation 58649 : Pakistan, reser AP-BGX
AP-BGX : Government of Punjab, Pakistan; w/o 04aug16 on its way to Uzbekistan for maintenance crashed at Azra district, Logar province, Afghanistan. 7 crew captured by Taliban
2010 mi-17-1v 95663 CCCP-25515 : Russia
RA-25515 : Russia, to Mexico
Policia Federal de Mexico XC-PFF : Policia Federal PF-303 2000
Policia Federal de Mexico PF-203 : Policia Federal; w/o 03may10; to be confirmed
2015 mi-17-1v 96621 ER-MGM : Valan International Cargo Charter, Moldova; w/o 24nov15 Faryab province, Afghanistan. 3 fatalities
2017 mi-171c 171C00643116106U RA-22312 : Konvers Avia; w/o 26oct17 North of Cap Heer, Barentsburg, Spitsbergen, Norway; pictured after being recovered from 209 meters depth. 8 fatalities
2013 mi-171e 171E00064402407U OB-1862 : c/n 171E 00 064 40 2407U / 064402407; Peru
Helistar Ltda HK-4770 : Helistar; w/o 07oct13 landed in a mine field at Orito, Putumayo
2014 mi-2 526506010 PZL Swidnik 65 05 : PZL Swidnik c/n 52 6505 010 / 526505010
SP-SFC : 526506010 f/f Jan80; w/o 01may14 at Czysta near Smoldzino, Poland
2014 mi-2 5410642078 PZL Swidnik 106 42 : PZL Swidnik c/n 54 10642 078 / 5410642089
RA-14279 : c/n 5410642078; w/o 13nov14 at Shosha River, near Novozavidovsky, Moscow Oblast
2015 mi-2 548541024 PZL Swidnik 85 41 : PZL Swidnik c/n 54 8541 024 / 548541024
RA-23786 : Purga AON; w/o 30nov15 at Yelizovo, Kamchatka Krai, Russia. 1 fatality
2014 mi-2 549304065 PZL Swidnik 93 04 : PZL Swidnik c/n 54 9304 065 / 549304065
RA-23721 : c/n 549304065; w/o 10jul14 hit wires at Varyeganskiy oil field, 1 fatality
2006 mi-26 34001226210 RA-29112 Vertikal-T: Mi-26TS chartered ISAF forces. w/o 02dic06 hit mountain in route from Kandahar to Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan
2012 mi-8 223M104 OB-1586 : HeliSur; lsd Transportadora de Gas del Peru; w/o 06oct12 destroyed at night parked at Kiteni Airfield, Cusco by bomb attack
2017 mi-8mtv-1 95522 Аэрофлот CCCP-25183 : c/n 9 5522 / 95522 built by Kazan; 1991 Aeroflot serial SSSR-25183; re-registered to RA-25183
Аэрофлот RA-25183 : 1993 Aeroflot
RA-25183 : w/o 26oct17 crashed at Barentsburg, Svalbard, Norway
1999 mi-8mtv-1 95954 Court Helicopters RA-27127 : Court toward new owner Eagle
RA-27127 : Eagle toward new owner Heyns
heyns helicopter pty ltd RA-27127 : Heyns re-registered to ZS-RIP
heyns helicopter pty ltd ZS-RIP : Heyns; 2feb99 w/o
2018 mi-8mtv-1 UP-MI861 : 02may15 pictured
UP-MI861 : w/o 04mar18 on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan
2013 mi-8ps 108 33 Policie České Republiky B-8733 : Czech Rep Police, noted 2000
OB-1916-P : Helicopteros del Pacifico (HeliPac), Peru; w/o 07abr13 serving Perenco Peru crash at Loreto region in route from Iquitos to Block67 an oil rich jungle area. 13 fatalities
2016 mi-8t 7590 Аэрофлот CCCP-22821 : Aeroflot, to RA-22821
RA-22821 : Sibir Avia; w/o 16jun16 20km village Kedrovy, Tomsk oblast, Russia
2015 mi-8t 78 02 Аэрофлот CCCP-22559 : to RA-22559
RA-22559 : JSC Vostok; w/o 15aug15 crashed into the sea and sank at Onhonchan Bay, Khabarovsk Krai, Russia. 5 of 16 fatalities
2014 mi-8t 8241 Аэрофлот CCCP-24614 : to RA-24614
RA-24614 : Tuva Airlines; w/o 10oct14 declared missing 220km E Kyzyl, Siberia in route to Kyzyl Airport,
2018 mi-8t 8548 Аэрофлот CCCP-06169 : Aeroflot
RA-06169 : Russia
RA-22330 : Eltsovka; ambulance; w/o 12feb18 42km Alexandrovka , Tomsk region
2017 mi-8t 9 82 06975 Аэрофлот CCCP-25377 : Aeroflot, to RA-25377
RA-25377 : Vityaz-Aero; w/o 19apr17 at Kamchatka, near the Mutnovsky Volcano
2018 mi-8t Ulan 9 82 06730 Аэрофлот CCCP-25350 : c/n 98206730; Aeroflot
RA-25350 : Polar Airlines / Polyarnyye Avialinii; w/o 01jun18 Petrovka, Omsk District
2015 mi-8t Ulan 9 82 06821 Аэрофлот CCCP-25361 : Russia, to RA-25361
RA-25361 : Turuhan Avia; w/o 26nov15 10km Igarka, Krasnoyarsk Krai. 13 fatalities
2016 mi-8t Ulan 9 83 11615 Аэрофлот CCCP-22771 : c/n 9 83 11615 / 98311615; Aeroflot
RA-22771 : Delta-K; w/o 10oct16 at Zeysky District, Amur Oblast
2015 mi-8t Ulan 9 85 20315 Аэрофлот CCCP-22919 : Aeroflot, to RA-22919
RA-22919 : Vitjaz-Aero; w/o 23apr15 Esso, Bystrinskij rajon, Kamchatskij kraj
2014 mi-8t Ulan 9 85 22735 Аэрофлот CCCP-24541 : to RA-24541
RA-24541 : AeroVir; w/o 30jun14 during fire-fighting at Berezovoy
2015 mi-8t Ulan 9 86 25131 Аэрофлот CCCP-24402 : c/n 9 86 25131 / 98625131; Aeroflot
RA-24402 : Vityaz Aero; w/o 16dec15 77km from Sobolev, Sobolevsky District, Kamchatka Krai, Russia, 1 fatality
2014 mi-8t Ulan 9 86 28891 CCCP-06138 : to RA-06138
RA-06138 : w/o 07dec14 Naryan-Mar offshore, 25km of Varandy, Russia. 2 fatalities
1998 mini 500 076 N500GH : w/o 29Nov98
1997 mini 500 087 N800GL : w/o 13Sep97
1997 mini 500 203 N727EB : w/o 19Dec97
2014 oh-13h 2383 US Army Aviation 58-5370 : US Army
N4690 : conv ot 47G-2 type; w/o 10aug14 Jeanerette, Louisiana. Pilot killed
2013 OH-23B 359 US Army Aviation 51-16190 : US Army, to civ
N9041U : UH-12B type; w/o 26jan13 crash west of Adams Ranch, FL (see here)
2016 OH-23B 534 US Army Aviation 51-16322 : US Army
N5776 : Tynan Flyers; w/o 10dec16 at Tynan, Texas
2011 oh-58a 40043 US Army Aviation 68-16729 : US Army
State of Florida N82772 : Bay County Sheriffs Office at Panama City, FL May95-2015
State of Florida N82772 : BayCountySO /Air 2; w/o 27may11 crashed while taking off at the old Panama City airport . No injuries
? : 18mar16 GSA sold to Stephen Ratliff USMC Ret., Huntsville, AL. wolf
2010 oh-58a 40419 US Army Aviation 69-16198 : US Army; toward N9286U
N9286U : 1997 new private; 02feb10 w/o
2013 oh-58a 40494 US Army Aviation 69-16273 : US Army
N911RN : Arrow Falcon Exporters OH-58A+ type; Morris Equipment at Yuma, AZ from Oct08; w/o 04may13 crash during crop-dusting duties
1999 oh-58a 40674 US Army Aviation 70-15123 : US Army
N911RN : Huntington Beach Police Department (HPPD), Huntington Park, CA from Sep98; w/o 06nov99 at La Puente, CA. Airframe 3,550 hs; canc Jan00
2001 oh-58a 40896 US Army Aviation 70-15345 : US Army
US Army Aviation 70-15345 : Converted to OH-58C
US Army Aviation 70-15345 : 28 May 1999 OH-58C In storage at Bay County. Carrying N91335 markings.
N91335 : Registered N91335 by Jan 2000; w/o 12 Apr 2001 (on Mosquito control flight ?) at Panama City Beach, FL
2013 oh-58a 41217 US Army Aviation 71-20356 : US Army OH-58A-BF, conv OH-58C
N911PT : Blair Helicopter Service at Lemoore, CA 2008
N911PT : w/o 08jan13 impacted terrain during agricultural spraying/crop-dusting near Highway 41 and Harlan Avenue east of Riverdale, CA, no fatal
2017 oh-58a 41228 US Army Aviation 71-20367 : US Army, conv to OH-58A+
State of Oregon N993YC : Yamhill County Sheriff (YCSO) at Mcminnville, OR Aug01-Dec11
N993YC : Select Aviation Services Inc at Hamilton, MT May/Jun 2012
N993YC : Klinkborg Aerial Spraying & Seeding Inc at Parkersburg, IA from Jul12; w/o 07may17 hit powerlines during agricultural work at Foster Pond, Bluff Precinct, Monroe County, IL
2011 oh-58a 41251 US Army Aviation 71-20390 : US Army
State of Florida N213FL : St Lucie County Sheriffs Office Dec08-Sep11, also as N911SL
State of Florida N911SL : St Lucie County Sheriffs Office Dec08-Sep11; w/o 29may11 near Interstate 95 and Okeechobee Road, St. Lucie County, FL; canc 12sep11
N911SL : Feb/Mar 2015 pictured for sale as salvage airframe on GSA Auctions
2016 oh-58a 41257 US Army Aviation 71-20396 : US Army, conv to OH-58C
N9288Y : unk, Garlic type
N139RD : Chem-air Inc at Shreveport, LA May02-Mar14
Helicopter Applicators Inc N139RD : Helicopter Applicators Inc at Gettysburg, PA from Mar14; w/o 01nov16 during agricultural ops at Moore County, NC
2013 oh-58a 42003 US Army Aviation 72-21337 : US Army; 1996 7/6th CAV.
State of Texas N337PW : Texas Parks And Wildlife Department (TPWD) from Dec96
N337PW : w/o 14feb13 collided with terrain near Pine Springs, Texas. No fatalities
N337PW : Feb15 being sold as salvage on GSA auction website
2016 oh-58a 42098 US Army Aviation 72-21432 : US Army
N588MP : reg Aug98
N588MP : Tri Rotor Spray & Chemical Inc at Ulysses, KS from Jun03; w/o 10jul16 impacted farm field terrain during an agricultural aerial application flight in Maricopa County, AZ
2009 oh-58a HI-855 Kellisa: w/o 02feb09 impacted terrain after loss of engine power. no fatalities
2013 oh-6a 0757 US Army Aviation 67-16372 : US Army
N372PD : to N72PD
N72PD : to N910WC
N910WC : Smr Venture Llc at Wilmington, DE from Nov11; w/o 26mar13 crashed into pond during agricultural work. 1 fatality
2012 oh-6a 118 0900 US Army Aviation 67-16515 : c/n 1180900; US Army
N515PD : to N13PD
N13PD : to N368PD
State of Georgia N368PD : Atlanta Police Dept (APD) from Jul96; w/o 03nov12 22:45 hs hit power lines. 2 fatalities
2017 oh-6a 118-0860 US Army Aviation 67-16475 : US Army
State of Missouri N50MP : Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) 1998-2004
N50MP : Lancaster Helicopters at Landisville, PA Oct04-Mar13
N50MP : N101SY Llc at Missoula, MT Dec13-May14
N50MP : Air America Llc at Missoula, MT May14-Aug16
N50MP : Lyft Llc at Missoula, MT from Aug16
N50MP : w/o 02sep17, reportedly destroyed in accident at Burnet, Texas
2009 pv-18 18-1 N183YP : 07nov09 collided with high tension wires and crashed near Adelanto, California. 3 fatalities; Remembering Joe Pike
1990 r22 0160 OO-DHA : 12jun83 pictured at Watermael-Boitsfort during Race Track Hot Air Balloon meeting; w/o 20may90 at Dinan, France. 2 fatalities
2005 r22 3758 PH-CVW : A.F.C. van Westerop, orange livery; w/o 25may05 at Lelystad airport, replaced by PH-CVW[2]
2014 alpha 0494 State of Florida N22431 : Palm Beach Helicopters at N Palm Beach, FL Aug89-Jun13
N22431 : 09jul94 damaged, scrap ?
none : Poland; fitted with old tail boom of R22 Beta G-OLRT and tail rotor blades of another R22 Mariner and had no valid airworhness certificate
none : w/o 19may14 crashed nearby Kruszyn village, Boleslawiec, south-west Poland. Pilot and passenger were injured.
2015 beta 0585 N344WA : to N86EH
N86EH : Atlantic Coast Helicopters; w/o 19aug15 during training at Long Island MacArthur airport, NY
2000 beta 0680 G-BNUZ : w/o 2Dec00
1995 beta 0736 G-XIIX : 1988-1996, many owners; w/o 16nov95 autorotate at Blackpool Airport, Lancashire, no injuries
G-XIIX : Helitech Ltd, Sep96-Nov99, wfu
G-IRDM : fake serial; 24sep13 pictured with Essex Helicopter mrks at London Helitech 2013
2015 beta 0901 VH-HRW : Australia; w/o 28may15 100km N of Mitchell, QLD
2015 beta 1070 RP-C1335 : to VH-APP
VH-APP : Australia from May99
VH-APP : Rossy Rotor Aviation Pty Ltd from May06; w/o 11feb15 54km NNW Kalbarri aerodrome, WA
2014 beta 1368 N4014G : to SE-HVX
SE-HVX : Sweden, to G-BXLA
Bristow G-BXLA : Bristow Aug97-Aug99
G-BXLA : Fast Helicopters Ltd Aug99-Mar03
G-JBII : private Mar03-Jan07
G-JBII : Fast Helicopters Ltd Jan07-Feb11
G-JBII : Alan Mann Aviation Group Feb11-Jul13
G-JBII : Swift Helicopters Services Ltd Jul/Aug 2013
G-JBII : Startrade Heli GmbH Aug13-Mar14
D-HSTH : Germany from Apr14; w/o 20jul14 at Melle-Grönegau airfield
2014 beta 1378 Robinson Helicopter N4014R : Robinson May90
G-OLRT : Reg 21May90, many owners until 2005
G-OLRT : Rotormotive Ltd Aug05-Aug06
G-OLRT : Henderson Group Aug06-Sep13
G-OLRT : Swift Helicopter Services from Sep13
G-OLRT : An old tail boom was used by a rebuilt aircraft in Poland
2015 beta 1409 N4003S : California Aviation Services Inc; w/o 03mar15 at San Bernardino Intl airport
1991 beta 1589 F-GKMH : w/o 12aug91 in an accident
F-GKMH : 2011 pictured preserved at the Centre d Etudes et de Loisirs Aerospatiaux (CELAG meseum), Grenoble France
2011 beta 1610 G-JERS : Dec90-Sep92
G-JERS : Ravenheat Manufacturing Ltd Sep92-Jan99
G-JERS : Preveda Ltd Jan99-Sep02
Sloane Helicopters G-JERS : Sloane Sep02-Mar10
Scotia Helicopters G-JERS : Scotia Helicopters from Mar10; w/o 15jul11 at Cumbernauld airport during traning
2004 beta 1673 VH-HBT : w/o destroyed 14sep04
2015 beta 1813 F-GLSF : Heliclub du bassin dArcachon; w/o 05nov15 during training
2014 beta 1927 N4081H : w/o 23may14 near Santa Paula airport, CA. 1 fatality
2015 beta 1980 N980SM : to Australia
VH-RBT : Australia from 2008; w/o 23jun15 10km SW Boyup Brook, WA
1999 beta 2009 OY-HFT ?: toward SE-JFM
helikopter assistance ab SE-JFM : ex OY-HFT w/o 25apr99
2007 beta 2185 D-HBXL : Robinson test serial N2342N
Böhm Stirling-Technik e.K. D-HBXL : Bohm 1998-2002, 700 hrs flown including 4 tours to northcape Norway, Sweden and Finnland
Böhm Stirling-Technik e.K. D-HBXL : 2000 pictured (middle) on Bretagne, France; 2002 pictured (bot) on Lofoten, Norway. Widerøe airlines Bombardier Dash-8 on background; 2002 sold to Heliplus Flightscool Stuttgart
D-HBXL : Heliplus GmbH from 2006; w/o 18jul07 at near Zaiserweiher. no fatalities
2015 beta 2258 Policias Provinciales LQ-BJC : Police Serial B258 1993-2001 to N348VH
N348VH : private at Hayward, CA
N348VH : American Rotorcraft Llc at Boulder City, NV Jan/Sep 2009
N348VH : Primos Enterprises Llc at Las Vegas, NV Oct/Nov 2009
N348VH : Vertical Solutions Helicopter Company Llc at Dover, DE from Nov09; w/o 10jan15 at Cataño Bay, near the ferry terminal, Puerto Rico. 1 fatality
2013 beta 2448 Robinson Helicopter N83117 : Robinson Jul/Sep 1994
D-HFGH : private Germany , Apr10 to France
F-GPKA : Aero Service Littoral; w/o 26oct13 at Torreilles, Pyrénées Orientales, southern France
2014 beta II 2644 N771MM : Illinois Helicopter Co at Metamora, IL , canc Dec10
N771MM : private at Princeton, IL Dec10-Sep12
N771MM : SMTM Holdings Llc at Houston, TX Sep12-Feb13
N771MM : LLB Enterprises Group Inc at Fort White, FL from Feb13; w/o 29dec14 N of Palm Beach County Park/Lantana airport, Lantana, FL
2016 beta II 2663 JA888Y : Japan, to ZK-HCB
ZK-HCB : Aurum Helicopters, New Zealand; w/o 30apr16 at Lindis Pass, Central Otago, South Island. 1 fatality; to be confirmed
2015 beta II 2701 Robinson Helicopter N701RH : Robinson, to N475AT
N475AT : LLB Enterprises Group Inc at Fort White, FL from May12; w/o 28jan15 midair collision with Piper PA-28 N54380 at Palm Beach County Park/Lantana Airport, West Palm Beach, FL
2016 beta II 2837 N7020U : Binner Enterprises at Henderson, NV from Nov15; w/o 22jan16 NW of North Las Vegas Airport , Las Vegas, NV
2004 beta II 2852 G-JRBH : from 1998 to 2000 toward D-HUBS
Heli Transair D-HUBS : Heli Transair ex G-JRBH; 12nov04 w/o
Heli Transair D-HUPS : Nowadays preserved at Egelsbach with fake serial D-HUPS
2015 beta II 3023 C-GRIA : Canada Jan00-Jul07
N94594 : Light Helicopter Depot Llc at Tujunga, CA Jul07-Aug08
OE-XJK : Austria from 2008; w/o 31may15 at Kasten bei Böheimkirchen
2015 beta II 3057 N441MM : Chopper MM Llc at Maquon, IL from Apr04
N441MM : Corestone Managment at Newark, DE from Feb14; w/o 12jul15 Garfield County, W of Escalante, UT
2013 beta II 3135 VH-HVW : reg Jan01; Astaline Pty from May05; w/o 01sep13 crash on Lake Nash Station, NT near the Queensland border
2016 beta II 3176 PR-RCA : AGD Aviation Escola de Aviação Civil, test serial N7195K; w/o 02may16 at Cubatão, Sao Paulo. 2 fatalities
2015 beta II 3204 JA7963 : Japan; w/o 22nov15 Matsuidamachihara, Gumma. 2 fatalities
2009 beta II 3209 ZK-HXC : New Zealand, to ZK-HMT
ZK-IMG : 66802 Rotorworx (NZ); w/o 16apr09 during mustering hit hillside at Cardrona Valley near Wanaka
2014 beta II 3255 VH-HEP : Blue Dog Helicopters from Oct06; w/o 13may14 during aerial mustering operations clipped a tree and destroyed by fire 40km NE of Hughenden, Queensland
2016 beta II 3326 VH-WGB : Grenleigh Pty Ltd at Port Wedland, WA from Jun02; w/o 12may16 during agricultural tasks at Wallal Downs Station, WA
2013 beta II 3383 G-EROM : Airtask Group Nov02-Nov09
Heli Air Ltd G-EROM : Heli-Air Nov09-Mar10
G-EROM : EBG Helicopters from Mar10
G-EROM : w/o 11apr13 during solo training flight at Redhill Aerodrome
2018 beta II 3388 ZS-RNW : 43 Air School (Pty) Ltd, South Africa; w/o 13mar18 at Brackendowns, Alberton
2015 beta II 3462 G-THLA : Thurston Helicopters; w/o 13feb15 Snargate Lane, in Brookland, near Brenzett
2014 beta II 3499 VH-ZZM : Australia from Nov03
VH-ZZM : Stock Air Heliworks from Mar12; w/o 12jul14 collided terrain 115km W Rockhampton
2015 beta II 3609 D-HDIM : 16-20may06 Berlin air show
D-HDIM : Helicopter Solo Around the World; w/o 25jul15 crash into the water at Davis Strait between Baffin Island and Greenland. Helicopter sank in 30 seconds. Pilot Sergey Ananov rescued by Canadian Coast Guard
2015 beta II 3671 I-JESS : to G-LSWL
G-LSWL : many private Nov05-Jan10
G-ECMC : many private from Jan10
G-ECMC : Phoenix Helicopters from Sep14; w/o 12feb15 Chichester/Goodwood airfield, Westhampnett, West Sussex
2013 beta II 3676 N712U : Tumbleweed Leasing Co at Park City, UT; Op by Upper Limit Aviation; w/o 08jul13 crashed during training at Tibble Fork Reservoir area, American Fork Canyon, Utah
2015 beta II 3860 N313DA : to VH-YLP
VH-YLP : Platinum Helicopters Pty Ltd, NSW from Dec10
VH-YLP : w/o 10feb15 during training at Orange airport, Orange, NSW
2014 beta II 3950 N970SH : Parker Helicopter at Capitola, CA Sep09-Jun11
PP-ABW : Sky Clear Aviação; w/o 12jan14 crashed trees at Santa Maria Madalena, Rio de Janeiro during instruction flight
2009 beta II 3972 VH-LTD : Helicopter Training Pty Ltd; w/o 14nov09 force land on the oval of La Page Primary School in Cheltenham, Victoria
2014 beta II 3988 VH-HPH : A.A. Company Pty Ltd Australia from Nov13; w/o 18nov14 at Lavelle Station, NT
2017 beta II 4013 EC-JSC : European Flyers school; w/o 15dec17 at Cuatro Vientos, Madrid
2016 beta II 4040 State of Nevada N467SH : Silver State Helicopters at North Las Vegas, NV Jun06-Sep08
State of Oregon N404LE : Leading Edge Aviation at Bend, OR Feb/Aug 2009
N404LE : Nebo Helicopter Rebuilt Llc at Spanish Fork, UT Aug09-Aug11
N404LE : November Alpha Llc at Los Angeles, CA from Aug11; w/o 27jan16 at Copiague, Suffolk County, Long Island, NY
2015 beta II 4223 VH-CMK : Jetpoint Pty Ltd; w/o 28feb15 at Archerfield airport, Brisbane, Australia
2014 beta II 4271 N240SH : Net Aviation at Nantucket, MA Jul09-Jun10
PT-LNA : Brazil private; w/o 17oct14 at Juatuba, MG
2017 beta II 4335 VH-HGU : Cloncurry Mustering Company Pty Ltd; w/o 02aug17 mustering cattle 7km NW of Cloncurry, QLD. 1 fatality
2014 beta II 4399 N4187W : Oho Cattle Co Inc at Klamath Falls, OR from Oct08; w/o 27aug14 Pine Nut Mountains, near Gardnerville, NV
2014 beta II 4412 VH-HAY : Gogo Station Pty from Apr12; w/o 18may14 during aerial mustering operations collided with terrain near Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia
2015 beta II 4430 VH-NCL : private at Meekatharra, WA, Australia from Jan09; w/o 06nov15 Newman Airport
2016 beta II 4482 VH-LYW : Spreadborough Aerial Services Pty Ltd at Roma, QLD, Australia from Aug15; w/o 20feb16 hit powerlines during aerial mustering operations at Waikola Station, 88km NE of Roma, Queensland
2016 beta II 4491 VH-YLY : private at Mareeba, QLD, Australia from Jun15; w/o 07apr16 crashed into the sea off Noah Beach, Cape Tribulation, Shire of Douglas, QLD
2015 beta II 4520 VH-ZBH : QNT Contracting Pty Ltd from Aug11; w/o 23jan15 during agricultural task at Herbertvale Cattleyard
2014 beta II 4613 PP-SSP : Serpas Transportes e Locação Ltd Sep13; Aces High Escola de Aviação Civil; w/o 23mar14 crashed at Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo. 2 fatalities
2015 beta II 4636 Heliflite Australia VH-LVW : Heliflite from Mar14
VH-SSD : Spreadborough Aerial Services Pty Ltd from Jun14; w/o 16jan15 during aerial mustering 23km NE Roma, QLD
1989 hp 0249 ZS-HLS : w/o 02jan89
1985 hp 0338 N8386B : w/o 19May85
2016 mariner 1585M YV-671CP : Venezuela, test serial N40360
XB-LBN : Aero Anáhuac, Mexico; w/o 23mar16 during aerial spraying at Santa Rosalía, Baja California Sur
2004 mariner 1771M SE-JAL : Sweden 1991-1998
G-ISPL : Selectpile Ltd Feb/Aug 1999
G-ISPL : County Garage (Cheltenham) Ltd Aug/Dec 1999
OH-HTE : Helitour Oy, Finland; w/o 16oct04 force landing after power lost 14km N village Naruska, community of Salla
2018 mariner 1923M N923SM : Boatpix; w/o 02may18 Gulf of Mexico off Panama City Beach, FL
2009 r44 0821 G-EKKO Pinetree Car Centre: w/o 29mar09 at Swansea Airport
2011 r44 1129 LV-ZYO private: R44 Raven; operated on behalf Argentine Agencia Nacional de Seguridad Vial (ANSV) ( routes surveillance ); january 2010 pictured at Santa Teresita Airport; 02jan11 missing off coast of Buenos Aires on route from Coronel Brandsen towards Santa Teresita piloted by Alejandro Farzola; 09jan11 an oil stain was discovered by rescue aircraft on the water of the Samborombon Bay that it could have come from the r44
2013 r44 1610 N3101H : Bravo Helicopters at Miami, FL; w/o 03apr13 crash in a parking lot 2m E of Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport
2011 r44 1953 VH-HOT private: 03jan11 ditched at sea after engine failure at Cairns, 1 km off the mouth of Barron River in a joyride to the Great Barrier Reef. Pilot and three Chinese tourists unhurt
2014 r44 TG-AAA : w/o 03mar14 at El Pajal, Guatemala. 3 fatalities
2016 r44 V5-HFW : Etosha Helicopters Company; w/o 09apr16 17m SW Hosea Kutako International Airport
2004 astro 0011 RA-01741 : Russia private, Robinson serial N2359K
RA-01741 : w/o 07jul04 near the village of Bilimbaj, 4 fatalities
2010 astro 0024 G-NTEE : Dec93-Nov01
G-SMJH : Nov01-Sep04
MidtNorsk Helikopterservice LN-OCV : MidtNorsk Helikopterservice
MidtNorsk Helikopterservice LN-OCV : w/o 27jan10 fatal crash near Horten, Norway
2006 astro 0025 ZS-REM : w/o 14Jan06
ZS-REM : w/o in the Sutherland area at Northern Cape, South Africa. Took off with tailwiind, overpitched lost RPM. Crashed and rolled over
2001 astro 0028 OY-HFU ?: from 1994 to 2000 toward SE-HUA
helikopter assistance ab SE-HUA : Helikopter Assistance from 2000 w/o 8jul01
2016 astro 0055 VT-PHB : Aman Aviation, India; w/o 11dec16 at Aarey Colony, Mumbai. 2 fatalities
2009 astro 0075 D-HWWG : w/o 23aug09 mid-air collision with Cessna 182 D-EBDD at Erpfental near Ellwangen, Germany
2000 astro 0195 OY-HFW ?: flying from Roskilde w/o 13oct00
2016 astro 0350 VH-HXY : private at Hughenden, QLD, Australia from Feb10; w/o 14feb16 mustering cattle hit powerlines near Boonacarbaroo Station, Hughendon, QLD
2014 astro 0400 PT-YPW : w/o 13dec14 around 22hs rural area of Buritama, São Paulo State
2017 astro 0467 PP-MAM : WSFly; w/o 22jan17 during scenic tours at Rio Turvo, Minas Gerais
2009 astro 0468 N440M : Universal Aviation Vertical Group at Vega Alta, PR from May98; w/o 05nov09 Morovis, PR rolled over on emergency landing. 3 pob, no injuries
2014 astro 0510 LV-ZHW : 11jul11 pictured at Buenos Aires, Argentina
LV-ZHW : Cielo Patagonico del Sur SRL; w/o 14dec14 El Chalten during an attempt rescue of a mountain climber. Pilot killed
2014 astro 0523 PT-YHP : w/o 07dec14 Parque de Exposição de Terra Boa, Paraná . serial expired 05sep12
2013 astro 0567 F-GPJG : w/o 20dec13 crash into Dordogne River, Gironde. 4 fatalities, including Lam Kok head of the Hong Kong-based Brilliant group while surveying his new vineyard
2015 astro 0595 C-GZFX : Aviation Normand Dubé Inc at Sainte-Anne-Des-Plaines, QC Jul03-Nov05, test serial N441GS
C-GZFX : Gogal Air Services Ltd at Snow Lake, MB Dec05-Dec09
C-GZFX : Countryview Farms Greenhouses & Nursery Ltd at Palmerston, ON Dec09-Apr14
C-GZFX : Apex Helicopters at Wingham, ON from Apr14; w/o 09sep15 near Foleyet, ON
2017 astro 0662 OK-EIN : Czech Rep private; w/o 07dec17 near Brno-Turany airport
2016 clipper 0869 HP-1428HV : Panama, ex HP-1428HC; w/o 22jul16 at Chepo
2013 clipper 2009 OO-PIV : 12aug12 pictured at Schaffen airport, Diest
Paramount Helicopters NV OO-PIV : Paramount Helicopters; w/o 23apr13 at Geel
2014 clipper II 11709 OY-HRG : Denmark from 2007
OY-HRG : w/o 05sep14 at Sea between Sjælland and Samsø. 4 fatalities
2017 clipper II 12330 G-DORM : w/o 12mar17 at Top Hill near Carlingford, Cooley Mountains, Co Louth, Ireland
2015 II 10166 N444KD : Marcotte Veterinary Clinic PC at Vinita, OK from Dec14; w/o 25aug15 lost tail rotor assembly E of South Grand Lake Regional airport, Afton, OK
2009 II 10269 N222UH : to N29LE
N29LE : w/o 27sep09 Mount Charleston, Nevada
2014 II 10281 N7518Q : Iced Air at Effingham, IL Jun06
N7518Q : private at Shuylkill, PA from Jul07
N7518Q : Fly for Fun Llc at Rockville, MD from Sep14
N7518Q : w/o 23oct14 midair collision with a Cirrus SR22 during training near Frederick Municipal airport. 3 fatalities
2015 II 10524 XB-KKI : Mexico, test serial N7531X
Gobierno de Mexico XC-LKJ : Mexico, to Paraguay
Policia Nacional Paraguaya A-01 : Paraguay Police, reser A-02 ?
Policia Nacional Paraguaya ZP-HAL : to be confirmed!; Paraguay Police A-02; w/o 14aug15 at Limpio. 1 fatality
2016 II 10561 N789MR : Floyd Vuncannon Aviation Inc; w/o 12jun16 at Jonesboro Municipal Airport. 1 fatality
2014 II 10602 N571AC : Translift Inc at Holly, MI from Jul08
N571AC : Capital Helicopters at Tallahassee, FL from Sep12; Tallahassee Helicopters; w/o 08feb14 hit trees close to Wakulla County airport, Panacea, FL. 2 fatalities
2008 II 11054 N74850 : to N911GJ
State of Florida N911GJ : Polk County Sheriff Office (PCSO) from Dec06; w/o 15may08 during training at Lake Wales Airport, Polk County, FL
2013 II 11349 N569BC : Lucas Oil at Corona, CA from Apr11; w/o 24may13 3m Cross Timbers, Missouri. 2 fatalities
2017 II 11489 N744WT : New Orleans Helicopters LLC; w/o 29nov17 at Lakefront Airport, New Orleans, LA
2018 II 11530 N878BC : w/o 26jan18 crashed at Loveland, collision with Beech light aircraft.
2015 II 11550 N3183T : Sky Surveillance Corp at San Juan, PR Jan07-Aug11
N3183T : Flight World at San Juan, Puerto Rico from Sep11
N3183T : Isla Grande Flying School; w/o 02jan15 at San Juan
2014 II 11654 N3234U : Civic Helicopters at Carlsbad, CA Apr/Jun 2007
N3234U : Inexco at Carson, NV Aug07-Apr12
N3234U : Native Range Capture Services at Henderson, NV from Feb14; w/o 02dec14 North Salt Lake City, UT. 2 fatalities
2015 II 11784 N30242 : Star Services Of Orlando Llc at Orlando, FL from Feb08
N30242 : private at Howard, CA from Dec14
N30242 : HQ Aviation LLC; w/o 22mar15 2m WNW Orlando Executive airport, FL
2018 II 12125 PR-VIA : Alter Aviation SAE Ltda, ex N215JD; w/o 05may18 during wedding ceremony
2018 II 12180 ZS-SDK : South Africa, to ZS-MZS
ZS-MZS : w/o 02jun18 at Lumary farm near Zebula lodge, Limpopo. 2 fatalities
2018 II 12991 PP-WVR : w/o 01apr18 in a farm at Rosário, Maranhão. 4 fatalities
2015 II 13030 PP-BAO : Brazil private from Mar14; w/o 25oct15 crashed into a lake at Guarani, Minas Gerais. 1 fatality
2013 II 13184 ZS-HLS : Lion Sands; w/o 23apr13 at Schoemanskloof valley, Mpumalanga, South Africa. 4 fatalities
2014 II 13226 PR-CIG : Siderúrgica Gage, Brazil; w/o 20sep14 crashed in lake near Fama, MG. 2 fatalities
2014 II 13304 N174CD : Over & Out Inc at Clovis, NM from Jul12; w/o 29dec14 landing on a portable helipad at Horseshoe Bay Resort airport, Horeshoe Bay, TX
2015 II 13312 N445HS : Perfect Filler LLC at Magnolia, TX from Nov12; w/o 22aug15 shooting footage for a reality show near County Rd 157, N Gibbons Creek Lake, Grimes County, TX
2016 II 13413 5H-FCG : Friedkin Conservation Fund, Tanzania; w/o 29jan16 at Maswa game reserve, Serengeti National Park shot down by elephant poachers
2016 II 13529 VH-MTD : Australia, to ZK-HTH
ZK-HTH : Helinorth, NZ; w/o 31oct16 at Glenbervie Forest, NE of Whangarei. 2 fatalities
2016 II 13676 B-7549 : Guilin General Aviation Company; w/o 26apr16 at Guilins Yongfu County, Guangxi, China. 2 fatalities
2015 II 13685 N255VS : Vertical Solutions Llc at Valdez, AK from Mar14; w/o 16dec15 at Valdez, Alaska
2013 news 0517 N7187B : Amw Aerospace Llc at Ogden, UT from Jan11; w/o 28jun13 crash during training 1m N of Beaver Dam, UT
2018 news 10026 N401TV : Sky Helicopters at Eustace, TX Mar03-Dec10
PP-HLI : Helisae Helicópteros do Nordeste for Rede Globo de Television from Feb11; Globocop Pernambuco; w/o 23jan18 at Praia de Pina, Recife, PE. 2 fatalities
2014 raven 0941 N7194H : Sevier County Choppers Llc at Sevierville, TN from Aug11
N7194H : Shenandoah Agricultural Spray Service Inc from Mar14; w/o 31jul14 hit power lines during crop spraying NE of Concord, Nebraska
2016 raven 1216 N141TM : Ryan Rotors Inc; w/o 17jun16 at Crows Pond, North Chatham, Barnstable County, Cape Cod, MA
2016 raven 1239 Heli Air Ltd G-RFUN : Heli-Air Ltd Jul02-Aug03
G-RFUN : Many owners Aug03-Dec14
G-RFUN : Southport Golf Complex Ltd at Sheffield from Dec14; w/o 05aug16 near Glossop, Derbyshire
2016 raven 1258 F-GVSB : Héliclub du Beaujolais; w/o 10apr16 at Frontenas airfield
2015 raven 1277 N227G : to N442RP
N442RP : Woodley Aerial Leasing LLC at Walnut, IL from May15; w/o 05oct15 near Parkston, South Dakota
2014 raven 1294 EI-TOY : Ireland, to N60JD
N60JD : Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee at Cornwall, UK from Jul09
N60JD : w/o 05sep14 car rally Omloop van Vlaanderen, Roeselare, Belgium. 2 fatalities
2014 raven 1381 G-OAJC : private May04-Nov06
Sloane Helicopters G-OAJC : Sloane Nov06-Mar07
G-OAJC : Adare Intl Transport Ltd from Mar07; w/o 01aug14 crashed at Kinnitty, County Offaly, Ireland
2013 raven 1445 VH-HWQ : Australia from Dec04
VH-HWQ : Bankstown Helicopters from Feb10
VH-HWQ : w/o 21mar13 collided with terrain during landing at a function centre at Bulli Tops, New South Wales. Aircraft was hired by private pilot. 4 fatalities
2018 raven 1504 EI-EJR : Ireland, to G-CHKW
G-CHKW : private; w/o 13mar18 rolled over at Perth Airport, Perthshire
2015 raven 1558 EI-HAZ : Ireland, to VH-KJJ
VH-KJJ : Australia from Jan12; Helistock Pty Ltd at Katherine, NT from Mar13; w/o 14jun15 150km SW Timber Creek, Northern Territory
2016 raven 1601 RA-04195 : Heli Crimea; w/o 27nov16 Vinogradnoye, south of Alushta, Crimea. 3 fatalities
2015 raven 1639 G-CEDG : from Aug06
Heli Air Ltd G-CEDG : Heli Air Aug06-Jan07
G-CEDG : 19jun11 pictured at AeroExpo Sywell. R-66 N66UK on background
G-CEDG : 10mar12 picture at Denham
G-CEDG : w/o 25feb15 crashed in field in Aspley Guise
2016 raven 1701 OK-GES : GES AIR, Czech Republic; w/o 16aug16 at Kaznějov. 2 fatalities
2015 raven 1702 N66PH : Patriot Helicopter at Stoneham, MA May/Aug 2007; Sail Helicopter at Fort Lauderdale, FL Sep07
Lloyd Helicopters Europe Ltd G-LHXL : Lloyd Helicopters Europe Ltd May08-Jun13
G-LHXL : Phoenix Helicopter Academy Ltd at Goodwood airfield from jun13; w/o 17aug15 whilst parked struck by taxying Boeing 75 Stearman N56200
2016 raven 1738 N776JM : Sea Air Inc at Wilmington, DE from Aug07; w/o 27mar16 at Greene Township near Hawley, Pennsylvania. 1 fatality
2014 raven 1801 VH-SMF : Australia, to VH-YYS
VH-YYS : Aqua Holdings (QLD) Pty Ltd from Jan12; w/o 23nov14 NNW Coen, Cape York, Queensland
2017 raven 1878 OO-PMI : w/o 15jul17 during training at Nancy-Tomblaine airport, France
2015 raven 1916 RA-04383 : w/o 08aug15 collided in mid-air with a Cessna U206F floatplane at Istra Reservoir, Moscow Oblast, 4+5 fatalities
2014 raven 1974 RA-04288 : Ak Bars Aero; w/o 05jul14 at Novosheshminskij rajon
2015 raven 2090 VH-YYF : Blue Dog Helicopters Pty Ltd from Nov10; w/o 01feb15 near Hughenden aerodrome, Hughenden, QLD
2015 raven 2150 ZS-HIG : South Africa; w/o 06oct15 near Lephalale, Limpopo
2014 raven II 10029 N824AM : Island Helicopters at Atlanta, GA Nov04-Apr08
I-TMVM : Italy, to OK-SPW
OK-SPW : w/o 01may14 at Solice, Czech Republic
2015 raven II 10187 F-GOLT : Societé Hélitravaux, Macon; w/o 05mar15 at Beaune
2015 raven II 10202 ZK-IWL : Simcox Construction Ltd, NZ; w/o 13mar15 hit power lines between the South Island mainland and D Urville Island and crashed in the sea. 1 fatality
2015 raven II 10380 N123KP : World Aircraft Inc at Wilmington, DE Jul04-Jul06
CC-PTR : Chile; w/o 12jun15 El Rosario airport, Cartagena
2012 raven II 10421 VH-COK : Bankstown Helicopter Pty; w/o 04feb12 hit terrain 2km SW of Berry, NSW, Australia. 2 fatalities
2013 raven II 10472 C-GOCM : Gemini Helicopters at Grande Prairie, Alberta; w/o 28jan13, 1 fatality
2013 raven II 10481 N25WH : w/o 27jul13 Thompson Falls, MT. 1 fatality
2017 raven II 10495 CC-PNJ : Chile; w/o 22mar17 blade struck a flagpost during takeoff from a parking lot at a fruit packing plant at Parque Lantaño, near Chillán
2011 raven II 10503 OO-HNE : Heli Promotions, Belgium
OO-HNE : Pierre Cooremans; w/o 09jul11 Luzoir, 2 fatalities
2014 raven II 10516 ZK-HBQ : Helicopter Charter Karamea; w/o 07oct14 declared missing. Kahurangi National Park, west of Motueka, New Zealand
2014 raven II 10619 ZS-RUU : EScape Airtours Charters, South Africa; w/o 22sep14 Underberg area. 2 fatalities
2015 raven II 10624 Heli Air Ltd G-CDXX : Heli-Air Ltd Jan/Apr 2005
G-CDXX : Emsway Developments Apr05-Mar12; Nedroc Aviation Services Mar12-Apr15
Helicentre Aviation G-CDXX : Helicentre Aviation from Apr15; w/o 15jun15 Leicester airport, Stoughton, Leicestershire
2015 raven II 10791 CC-PHY : Forestal Comaco; w/o 13feb15 hacienda San Lorenzo, comuna de Santa Bárbara
2016 raven II 10881 ZS-RXW : South Africa; w/o 03aug16 at Msikaba River near Lusikisiki, Ingquza Hill. 4 fatalities
2014 raven II 11220 State of Alaska N74713 : Alpine Air Alaska; 2006 Ace Flyers at Anchorage, AK
N74713 : Quicksilver Air at Fairbanks, AK from Jul12; w/o 18jun14 crashed landing at Coldfoot, Alaska
2014 raven II 11238 N392GP : Global Positioning Services Inc at Anchorage, AK from May06; w/o 28may14 at Birchwood Airport, Chugiak, Alaska. 1 fatality
2015 raven II 11540 A6-FTT : UAE, to ZS-HFO
ZS-HFO : Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA); w/o 10apr15 Verulam
2015 raven II 11752 VH-ZWA : Greenlip Enterprises Pty Ltd from Apr14; w/o 07oct15 rolled during takeoff at Darwin Intl airport
2015 raven II 12073 ZS-SDJ : Central Africa Transport Pty Ltd; w/o 02dec15 at Musina, Limpopo, South Africa. 2 fatalities
2010 raven II 12138 N4146L : to D-HMMB
D-HMMB : Heli-Life International GmbH; w/o 24oct10 tail rotor hit trees at Altenbeken near Paderborn, Germany
2016 raven II 12305 Heli Air Ltd G-OTJS : Heli Air Ltd Jul/Sep 2009
Eastern Atlantic Helicopters G-OTJS : TJS Self Drive Sep08-Jun12; Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd Jun/Aug 2012
G-OTJS : Kuki Helicopters Sales Ltd from Aug12; w/o 17nov16 Blown over by sudden storm whilst parked outdoor at Retford (Gamston) Airport, Retford, Nottinghamshire
2013 raven II 12317 N4168P : Old City Helicopters Sales at St Augustine, FL 04/06 June 2008
D-HVTC : Aerotechnik Neuhausen GmbH, Jul/Nov 2008
HB-ZJX : VTC Vosseler Trading Consulting GmbH Nov08-Aug12
Heli Transair D-HOMI : Heli Transair; Sep13 homebase
Heli Transair D-HOMI : w/o 19nov13 Near Neuhausen/Eck. 2 fatalities
2016 raven II 12418 TG-BBG : Guatemala, reser TG-BBO
TG-BBO : w/o 09jul16 at Lake Atitlán, Sololá, Guatemala
2015 raven II 12464 OK-FTW : Czech Rep, to OK-RRJ
OK-RRJ : w/o 29mar15 umava mountains near Modrava, west Bohemia. 1 fatality
2013 raven II 12507 SP-WNP : w/o 13sep13 near Wygonin, Poland. 3 fatalities
2016 raven II 12560 PR-TUN : Helicopter Charter Service do Brasil Taxi Aereo; w/o 04dec16 at São Lourenço da Serra. 4 fatalities: Rosemere Nascimento Silva, 32, who was on her way to her wedding, her brother, a pregnant photographer and the pilot of the aircraft
2013 raven II 12844 ZP-HAH : Helitactica at Asuncion, test serial N4266E; 2010 Heliraid Patagonia. Five R-44s and a Bell 206 flew all the way from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia and back to take part in the celebration of the Argentina 200 year
ZP-HAH : 2013 based at Asuncion airport, Paraguay
ZP-HAH : w/o 02feb13 crashed near Puerto Antequera, northern Paraguay when decided to fly in night and bad weather. 3 fatalities including retired general and presidential candidate Lino Oviedo
2017 raven II 12899 N728CB : Chesapeake Bay Helicopters; w/o 27apr17 at Catawba County, Newton, NC
2017 raven II 13016 Heliflite Australia VH-KWT : Heliflite from Oct10
VH-KWT : Notuse Pty Ltd from Mar11
VH-KWT : w/o 10aug17 ~1500 hs landed heavily at Daly Waters Pub NT and chopped its own tail assy off. No injuries sustained by 3 on board at the time
2015 raven II 13110 RA-04339 : LLC Kogalym Express, test serial N4602Y; w/o 14aug15 at Yakutia, Neryungri railway station
2014 raven II 5H-TWA : Tanzanian Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources; w/o 29nov14 on approach at Dar-es-Salaam airport. 4 fatalities
2016 raven II YN-CIN : Fly VIP, Nicaragua; w/o 11nov16 near Managua
2011 r66 0010 N266CY : w/o 01oct11 crash 1m south of Philip, SD, USA. 1 fatality
2016 r66 0015 ZK-HAG : Heliops Southland Ltd; w/o 14nov16 during spraying run near Winton, Mandeville
2016 r66 0032 RA-1981G : w/o 09apr16 near Sidorenky, Serpukhov district, Moscow oblast
2014 r66 0040 RA-1588G : OOO Tehnodrom; w/o 28jun14 at Apsheronsky. 4 fatalities
2016 r66 0042 N117TW : Zions Credit Corp; w/o 23jun16 impacted terrain in Maricooa County, Wikieup, Arizona. 2 fatalities
2013 r66 0078 VH-KJJ : to ZK-IHU
ZK-IHU : w/o 09mar13 Crashed at Oamaru Valley, near Taupo, New Zealand. One fatality
2017 r66 0174 RA-06375 : Altai-Avia, Russia; w/o 12feb17 after take off at 20.20 LT, night, near lake Teletsk, (Republic Altai in RF) immediately impact in waters of lake, 5 fatalities
2015 r66 0181 RA-06354 : LLC Sfera; w/o 21aug15 near Khlyupino, Odintsovsky District, Moscow Oblast, Russia
2013 r66 0195 PR-MXM : Resort PortoBello Nov12; w/o 20nov13 ditched off Guaiba Island, Mangaratiba, RJ. 1 fatality
2016 r66 0212 RA-06347 : Helicopter Club Solnechny, Russia; w/o 07aug16 hit power lines at Borki, Ramonsky area, Voronezh Oblast
2013 r66 0409 N646AG : w/o 27jul13 8m Skyhaven airport, Tunkhannock, PA. 5 fatalities
2017 r66 0412 S2-AGT : Square Air Limited; w/o 01oct17 Pabna, Bangladesh
2015 r66 0430 RA-06382 : OOO Ferma Lugovaja; w/o 05apr15 Gorodki, Orenburgskaja Oblast
2015 r66 0459 RA-06205 : Kustard; w/o 20jan15 Tashanta Kosh-Agach district, Altai Republic
2016 r66 0484 RA-06233 : w/o 18apr16 at Island Belyi, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia. 3 fatalities
2015 r66 0581 Heli Air Ltd G-LROK : Heli Air Feb/Mar 2015
G-LROK : London Rock Supplies Ltd from Mar15; w/o 12sep15 at Denham Aerodrome, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire
2016 r66 0634 OE-XHA : Austria private; w/o 08sep16 near Heiligenblut, Großglockner. 1 fatality
1964 S-55 55-270 Los Angeles Airways N405A : Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-270, ff:?; del Los Angeles Airways as N405A, 06Oct52.
New York Airways N405A : New York Airways, noted 1957
N6489 : ex N6489
1987 S-55 55-279 Los Angeles Airways N414A : Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-279, ff:?; del Los Angeles Airways as N414A, 23Sep52.
N414A : w/o 23apr87 De Quincy, LA
1975 S-55 55-789 Royal Canadian Air Force (1945-1968) 9625 : Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-789, ff:?; ordered by P&WC for RCAF; del RCAF as 9625, 26Oct54.
CF-JTF : ex 9625; S-55T w/o apr75
1976 S-55 55-790 Royal Canadian Air Force (1945-1968) 9626 : Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-790, ff:?; ordered by P&WC for RCAF; del RCAF as 9626, 01Nov54.
CF-JTG : ex 9626; S-55T w/o 10apr76
1965 S-55 55-807 Royal Canadian Air Force (1945-1968) 9627 : Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-807, ff:?; ordered by P&WC for RCAF; del RCAF as 9627, 23Nov54.
CF-JTH : ex 9627; C-FJTH w/o 25jan65
1964 S-55C 55-1190 PT-HAJ : Sikorsky S-55C, cn 55-1190, ff:?; del Hydro-Electic Brazil as PT-HAJ, 03May58
Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil N-7014 : xfer Brazilian Navy as N-7014, unk; [w/o] unk.
Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil N-7014 : w/o 28nov64
1987 S-55C 55-482 New York Airways N418A : New York Airwayss d/d 16Jun53;
N418A : private; w/o 03feb87 during agricultural work at Kurthwood, LA
1958 s-58b 58-456 N861 : Sikorsky S-58B, c/n 58-456, ff?; del Humble Oil as N861, 19Feb57; destroyed after emergency water landing near Grand Isle, LA, 01Feb58.
1961 s-58b 58-470 N862 : Sikorsky S-58B, c/n 58-470, ff?; del Humble Oil as N862, 19Feb57; sold Okanagan Helicopters as CF-LWC, unk; w/o 03Apr61.
Okanagan Helicopters CF-LWC : Okanagan Helicopters; w/o 03apr61 went missing between Hopedale and Goose Bay with the pilot and six passengers on board. After the long search was called off and quite a while later a local Inuit trapper noticed a coloured item just below the surface of a lake. This was the S-58, it had had a sudden engine failure and had gone in with no survivors
1958 s-58b 58-539 N864 : Sikorsky S-58B, c/n 58-539, ff?; del Humble Oil as N864, 04May57; destroyed in crash at sea near Grand Isle, LA on 01Jun58.
1988 s-58b 58-692 Sikorsky Helicopters N4373S : Sikorsky S-58B, c/n 58-692, ff?; reg N4373S by Sikorsky for testing, 1958; del Israel Defense Force / Air Force as 13, 11Feb58;
Heil Ha'Avir 13 : To IAF 11.2.58.WFU,Sold.CNVTD TO S-58BT BY Okangan Hlcpt.TO CF-OKG OKANGAN HLCPTRS 28.5.71 canc.2.80.TO N5594C THE ROTOR WORKS 25.2.80. to Southetn Hlcptrs Inc.13.3.80.ACCIDENT @ Sacramento CA. 2.4.80 Minor damage. Worker atop tower accidentally dropped a rope onto helicopter, causing damage to rotor blades. Copter landed safely .to California Hlcptrs Inc.TO Aris Hlcptrs Inc.5.87.RR N94AH ARIS HLCPTRS.Crashed @ Marina Bay,Los Angeles CA. Collision with antenna tower.1.7.78.Rgn canc 8.90
Okanagan Helicopters CF-OKG : rtnd Sikorsky 1971 [ as partial payment fo rS-65C-3]; conv to S-58BT std, 1971; sold Canada as S-58BT, CF-OKG, 28May71;
N5594C : xfer Southern Helicopter as N5594C, 25Feb80; NTSB: "Incident 02Apr80: Sacramento CA. Minor damage. Worker atop tower accidentally dropped a rope onto helicopter, causing damage to rotor blades. Copter landed safely."; xfer California Helicopter as N5594C, unk
N94AH : xfer ARIS Helicopter as N94AH, Apr85; NTSB: "Incident 01Jan87: Los Angeles CA. Collision with antenna tower." Crashed at Marina del Rey, CA, 01Jul88.
1966 s-58b 58-898 World Wide Helicopters N871 : Sikorsky S-58B, c/n 58-898, ff?; del World Wide Helicopters as N871, unk;
World Wide Helicopters N871 : World Wide Helicopters in New Guinea 1959
VH-WWG : World Wide Air Services Pty Ltd, Port Moresby 1960; rtn to N871
VH-UTW : Helicopter Utilities, Mascot, NSW by 1965; w/o 08jul66 while landing Kieta, Bouganville when main rotor struck an object.
1961 S-60 60-001 Sikorsky Helicopters N807 : Sikorsky S-60, c/n 60-001, ff 25Mar59, reg N807; retained by Sikorsky for test, certification and demonstration flights to US military and civil operators; w/o in crash in Apr61.
N807 : 2011 being restored by the Connecticut Air and Space Center in Stratford, CT
2013 s-61a-4 61-781 Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia FM-1718 : Sikorsky S-61A-4 Nuri d/d 29nov76
Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia M23-15 : RMAF reser 1984; w/o 22dec13 crash on small island and slide down a slope at Pulau Perak, Kedah
- : airframe sold off for scrap
1968 S-61L 61-060 Los Angeles Airways N303Y : Sikorksy S-61L, c/n 61-060, ff?; del Los Angeles Airways as N303Y unk;w/o 22May68 as Los Angeles Airways Flight 841 when crashed in Paramount, California resulting in the loss of 23 lives.
N303Y : My father in law was the pilot, John (Jack) Dupies. Founding president of P.H.P.A.
2002 S-61L 61-425 New York Airways N617PA : PanAm (operated by New York Airways), test serial N6961R
New York Airways N617PA : 09jul70 pictured at New York JFK airport
Okanagan Helicopters C-GJDK : Okanagan Helicopters canc Jun83, N144EH ntu
Okanagan Helicopters C-GJDK : Okanagan Helicopters Feb84-Dec89
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GJDK : Canadian Helicopters Dec90-Feb93
N425HL : HeavyLift Helicopters 1994-1995
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GJDK : Canadian Helicopters Mar96-May99
Croman Corp N346AA : Croman Corp from Jun02, S-61 Short type; canc Jul05
Croman Corp N346AA : w/o 02aug02 at Wendle Creek, BC. 2 fatalities
1988 S-61N 61-223 Sikorsky Helicopters N317Y : Sikorsky S-61N, c/n 61-223 ff?; del Sikorsky as N317Y unk.
Mitsubishi JA9507 : del Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in kit form 1963; reassembled as Mitsubishi-Sikorsky MS-61N, c/n M61-003, reg JA9507, 1964; rtnd Sikorsky, USA as S-61N, c/n 61-223, N317Y, 08Apr74.
N317Y : San Francisco Oakland (SFO) Airlines Apr74-Nov76
British Airways Helicopters G-BEID : sold UK as G-BEID, 24Nov76; engine fire warning, a/c ditched in North Sea, all 21 occupants rescued; a/c burned and sank, 18Jul88.
G-BEID : gone from Hanningfield Metals by May 1995. Scrapped ?
1973 S-61N 61-467 Sikorsky Helicopters N6967R : Sikorsky Apr/May 1969, to I-EVME
Elivie I-EVME : Ischia - Elivie (Napoli-Capri-Sorrento shuttle), to VR-BDU
VR-BDU : Brunei, to G-AZNE
Bristow G-AZNE : Bristow from Feb72; w/o 04apr73 ditch near Glomar Oil Rig, North Sea
Bristow G-AZNE : suffered a hard landing on the drill ship Glomar north Sea, in which the rotors drooped down over the top of the cockpit, damaging the engine controls and circuit breaker panels. The pilot was unable to shut down the engines. Passengers and co-pilot were evacuated and the pilot lifted off the deck and landed on the sea. He was able to evacuate and swim away, leaving the aircraft burning and turning on the water for 2 hours until fuel ran out. The aircraft rolled over and sank. No loss of life, lots of loss of face. Shift engineer on duty at BHL at the time of the incident
Bristow G-AZNE : I was on that chopper, and I s---t myself and Iam still going on the blinking things but not for long
2010 S-61N 61-714 Bristow G-BBHN : Bristow Dec73-Oct78, to Malaysia
Bristow Malaysia 9M-AWN : Bristow Malaysia
N160J : Washington Times Aviation Jul04-Nov05
Tongil Air HL9287 : South Korea, Tongil Air; w/o 27feb10, burnt out after emergency landing
1993 S-61N 61-743 Air Greenland OY-HBJ : Sikorsky S-61N-49; Greeland Air d/d 30may75; 1984 to N221RA
N221RA : CIT group/Equipment Financing at New York Jun91-Jun92
Coulson Aircrane C-FWYN : Coulson Aircrane; w/o 02apr93 crashed during logging operations at Canoe Creek, BC
1997 S-61N 61-748 Sikorsky Helicopters N4041S : Sikorsky S-61N-58, c/n 61-748, ff:? reg Sikorsky as N4041S, 1976
N17AZ : xfer US as N17AZ, unk
VH-BHJ : xfer Barrack Helicopters as VH-BHJ, unk
C-FMAB : xfer Canada as C-FMAB, unk
N17AZ : xfer US as N17AZ, unk
C-FMAB : xfer Canada as C-FMAB, unk
N17AZ : xfer First Security Bank, UT as N17AZ, 11Jun93.
Coulson Aircrane C-GBRF : Coulson Aircrane Ltd from Jun94; w/o 19apr97 during heli-logging ops, pilots lost cyclic control and crashed ivo Stave Lake, BC; canc 1997
1997 S-61N 61-810 LN-ORR : Sikorsky S-61N-80, c/n 61-810, ff:? reg D-HOSB (ntu); del WIKING as LN-ORR, 18Jul78; other regs: PT-YAF, w/o 24Jun97.
2002 s61n.mk2 61-713 Bristow G-BBHM : Bristow Dec73-Dec91, Sikorsky serial N4033S; lsd Maldives
Bristow G-BBHM : noted at Aberdeen EGPD 11jul78
8Q-HUM : Maldives Islands Dec91-May93, rtn Bristow
Bristow G-BBHM : Bristow May93-, w/o 15jul02
Bristow G-BBHM : 1997 Aberdeen to Dhaka, Bangladesh
HM Coastguard G-BBHM : HM Coastguard, op by Bristow; 2002 based at Portland on the UK south coast, as the secondary SAR machine; w/o 15jul02 destroyed by a No.2 engine fire following emergency landing at Royal Marines base at Poole
1988 s61n.mk2 61-747 British Airways Helicopters G-BDES : Sikorsky S-61N-50, c/n 61-747, ff:?; del British Airways Helicopters as G-BDES, 31Jul75; crashed in the North Sea, 90 nm north- east of Aberdeen on 10Nov88.
G-BDES : gone from Hanningfield Metals by May 1995. Scrapped ?
1973 s-62a 62-010 Sikorsky Helicopters N980 : Application for reg 01aug60; registered to Sikorsky 22sep60; Sold to D.H. Braman, Victoria Bank
ANSETT-ANA VH-ANE : Ansett Transport Industries 1967, ex N980; Mar68 to Airfast Services Pty
VH-ANE : Airfast Services Pty from Mar68; w/o 26may73 crashed near Polmaise Island, Qld en-route Gladstone-Heron Island. Landed safely without injuries to any of the 9 occupants. It was taken in tow but rolled over and sank
1978 s-62a 62-079 Sikorsky Helicopters N10058 : Sikorsky S-62A c/n 62-079, ff ~1965; del Grumman as N10058, 1965 - 1975
Okanagan Helicopters CF-ELO : sold Okanagan as CF-ELO, 1975
Briles Wing and Helicopter N54516 : sold Briles Wings & Helicopter as N54516, 1977; lsd Catalina Airlines, 1977; ditched due to engine failure & w/o at San Pedro, CA, 07Jul78.
N54516 Catalina Airlines: January 1977 pictured at HAI convention, Florida
2012 s-76a 76-0052 N104BH : to G-BJVW
Bristow G-BJVW : Bristow Jan/Dec 1982, to Malaysia
MHS Aviation 9M-AYD : MHS Aviation, 1996 to Brazil
PT-YDM : Ar Air Taxi Aereo Brazil from May96, rtn to Malaysia
9M-BDG : Malaysia, to Australia
VH-XHZ : Australia, to Canada
Helijet International C-GHJT : Helijet International from Jan03; w/o 13aug12 land on water off Langara Island, BC
2013 s-76a 76-0055 Bristow US Llc N105BH : Bristow, ex N176PB, to G-BKJU
Bristow G-BKJU : Bristow Nov82-Feb85, to N105BH
Bristow G-BKJU : Bristow Nov85-Feb87, to C-GRJC
C-GRJC : Mar87-Jun88
N376LL : MDFC Equipmeant Leasing at Long Beach, CA Jul88-May99
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GIMY : Canadian Helicopters
Government of Canada C-GIMY : Ontario Ministry of Health Air Ambulance, op by Canadian Helicopters, noted 2009
C-GIMY : 7506406 Canada Inc from Jul12
Canadian Ambulance Services C-GIMY : Ornge; w/o 31may13 impacted terrain shortly after takeoff from Moosonee, Ontario. 4 fatalities
2000 s-76a 76-0071 UAE Government A6-HRD : UAE Gvt. toward DU-111
Dubai Air Wing DU-111 : Dubai Air Wing ex A6-HRD toward VH-XHP
VH-XHP : ex DU-111 toward PK-PUK
Pelita Air Service PK-PUK : Pelita Air Service ex VH-XHP w/o 8mar00
2006 s-76a 76-0096 N257AE : to C-GHJT
Helijet International C-GHJT : Helijet Airways Nov89-Mar90
PHI Inc N22342 : PHI Inc from Oct94; w/o 22oct06 crash Gulf of Mexico
2003 s-76a 76-0175 PT-HQJ : lsd from N5446E
N5446E : Offshore Logistics at Lafayette, LA from Feb91; canc Sep95
Air Logistics N5446E : 13mar95 pictured at Patterson/Williams MAP, LA
Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PT-YAU : Aeroleo from Oct95; w/o 22aug03 during training at Macae Airport, RJ
1999 s-76a 76-0190 N110AG : Keystone Helicopter, PA 1994
Norrlandsflyg AB SE-JES : Norrlandsflyg AB d/d 1994; ex N110AG; w/o 03apr99 crashed near Lake Kamasjaure, 25km NE Tornetrask, 2 fatalities
2008 s-76a 76-0260 N902H : to N176SH
State of Michigan N176SH : Spectrum Health Hospitals at Grand Rapids, MI Jul97; Aero Med; w/o 29may08; canc Jul10;
2004 s-76a 76-0274 N274TC : to ZS-RLG
ZS-RLG : to N579EH
ERA Helicopters N579EH : ERA Aviation from Jun01; w/o 23mar04 crash in Gulf of Mexico. 10 fatalities
2004 s-76a 76-0288 N3ZE : to C-GHJT
Helijet International C-GHJT : Helijet Airways Mar91-Sep94
Air Methods N770AM : Air Methods Sep95-Jul96
Líder Aviação PT-YBG : Lider Taxi Aereo from Dec99; w/o 20apr04 crashed into trees during night test flight at Macae, RJ
2013 s-76a 76-0369 JA6640 : S-76A+, to N622LH
ERA Helicopters N574EH : ERA Helicopters from May05
ERA Helicopters N574EH : w/o 15mar13 crash on maintenance test flight, 5m SE of Lake Charles airport, Louisiana. 3 Fatalities
1997 s-76b 76-0340 N61QP .: toward PH-KHB
KLM helikopters PH-KHB : KLM ex N61QP w/o 20Dec97 in North sea
2017 s-76c 76-0717 N767J : Keystone S-76C-2 Mar08
TC-HEZ : Swan Aviation, Turkey; w/o 10mar17 Büyükçekmece district, Istanbul. 7 fatalities
2017 s-76c 76-0766 N766Y : S-76C2; Wells Fargo Bank Jul/Dec 2009
Omni Taxi Aereo PR-MEY : Omni Taxi Aereo from 2009
- : Jun/Jul 2015, sold Sikorsky S76C++ 2009 - Located Brazil offshore equipped, OGP compliant helicopter. Engine And Gearbox PBH Programs. 5468 Hours Total Time hours
Omni Taxi Aereo PR-MEY : w/o 01mar17 significant damage during landing on the stern mounted helideck of a Petrobras FPSO, Offshore Installation P-37, Marlim Field, Campos Basin
2014 s-76c 76-0821 N821A : Wells Fargo Bank Nov11-Apr12
PK-PUX : Matak Indonesia CFIT; w/o 12may14 ditch into water. Crew allowed aircraft to settle into water while attempting to locate destination in low visibility. No injuries, aircraft substantially damaged
2008 vvip 92-0020 N8127N : Washington Times Aviation Inc at Washington, DC Sep05-May06
Tongil Air HL9292 : Times Aerospace Korea LLC at Seoul from Jun06 op by Tong-il Aviation
HL9292 : w/o 19jul08 at Gapyeong, South Korea. No fatalities, Rev Sun Myung Moon and 15 passengers received minor injuries.
1974 sa315b 2298 OE-EXX : written off 1974
2016 sa315b 2321 F-BUYA : SA Hemet Exploration Oct73-Feb75
Air Glaciers SA HB-XEO : Air Glaciers from Mar75; Feb13 reached 16,000 flight hours; w/o 30aug16 pictured blade hit and crashed at Salvan Gorge, near Tretien
unknown sa315b 2389 Ejercito de Chile 154 : Ejercito, wfu 2003
CC-PQI : Chile, to CC-CGR
Alfa Helicopteros CC-CGR : Alfa Helicopteros, Chile noted 2003-2007; w/o unk
2004 sa315b 2445 HB-XFX unknown: from 1976 to 1980 to Air Glaciers
Air Glaciers SA HB-XFX : Air Glaciers from 1980 to 1981 ex owner(s) ??? to owner(s) ???
HB-XFX unknown: from 1981 to 1982 ex Air Glaciers to Air Zermatt
Air Zermatt AG HB-XFX : Air Zermatt from 1982 ex owner(s) ??? on 10 July 2004 w/o
2014 sa315b 2461 TG-WAT : Guatemala, to N461E
N461E : Eckhart Helicopters Sales at Libertyville, IL Aug89-Sep90
F-GKSA : France, to CS-HBR
CS-HBR : Portugal, to F-GIIB
F-GIIB : France, to I-PITO
I-PITO : Star Work Sky, noted Dec03
Airstar Elicotteri I-PITO : Airstar Elicotteri, noted 2008
Airstar Elicotteri I-PITO : w/o 21sep14 at Roccapietra
2015 sa315b 2553 Ejercito de Chile 163 : Ejercito, wfu 2005 to CC-CLD
CC-CLD : Discovery Air; w/o 12mar15 Termas del Flaco, 1 fatality.
unknown sa315b 2554 Ejercito de Chile 164 : Ejercito, wfu to N3835W
N3835W : to F-GFCY
F-GFCY : w/o unk
2006 sa315b 2595 Gobierno de Mexico XC-DOS : Mexico Gov, to ZK-HBR
ZK-HBR : New Zealand, to F-GHCP
F-GHCP : Fraissinet Aviation at Lausanne Jan/Apr 1989
Heli Bernina AG HB-XUA : HeliBernina from May89
HELOG HB-XUA : Helog 1998 lsd, rtn
Heli Bernina AG HB-XUA : w/o 30jun06 Klosters
1993 sa315b 2648 F-GDJI : 1982-1984; to HB-XOS
HELOG HB-XOS : HELOG from Oct85; w/o 22jul93 at Giswil