Boeing-Vertol CH-46F

This model is a version of 107M H-46 Sea Knight

c/n 2493

Year 1969 to 1983

Helicopter Boeing-Vertol CH-46F Serial 2493 Register 156423 used by US Marine Corps. Built 1969. Aircraft history

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usa 156423
US Marine Corps
BV-107M, c/n 2493, ff?
accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46F 156423 27Jan69
xfer HMM-162 06Feb69
xfer H&MS-26 09Nov72
xfer HMM-162 13Jan73
xfer HMM-261 20Sep73
further unit xfers unk
conv CH-46E unk
noted HMM-261, EM-?, unk
w/o 20Dec83.
usa 156423
US Marine Corps
LB off Lebanon accident ( 20-dec-83 )
Blade strike to ship superstructure USS Merrimack (AO-179) during unrep off coast of Beirut. Aircraft broke at the aft 410 section and post accident investigation survey, was pushed overboard and now rests on floor of Mediterranean Sea. Non-standard ops (nose of aircraft pointing towards ship stern for landing).

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