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    Satellite and aerial maps of off Lebanon with nearby locations

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    16.6089 Beirut Naval Base, Beirut
    16.9121OLBA Beirut International, Mount Lebanon
    17.5094 Achrafieh, Beirut
    17.7092 SGHUMC Helipad, Beirut
    17.9087 Beirut Port, Beirut
    53.3036Z190 Wujah Al Hajar AB, North

    33° 54' 0.01'' N - 35° 19' 55.20'' E

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    off Lebanon News

    Lebanon First Ever Offshore Drilling Campaign, 02-Mar-20 : #oilandgas Heli-Union launches operations with two AS365N3 helicopters in support of Lebanon’s first ever offshore drilling campaign in the Mediterranean Sea

    Operations at off Lebanon

    05-nov-8326-mar-84Operation Offcut

    List of aircraft and events at off Lebanon

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    By Date | By Serial

    1958-jul 1958-aug-23 6th FleetUSN Essex (long hull) class CV-39 USS Lake Champlain
    1958-jul 1958-aug-23 6th FleetUSN Forrestal class CVA-60 USS Saratoga
    1958-jul-15 1958-aug-23 6th FleetUSN Essex (short hull) class CV-9 USS Essex
    1982 HMM-261 CH-46F 157678
    1982-oct RN HC.4 ZA313
    1982-oct USN UH-1N 160829
    1983-sep-22 Multi-National ForceAéronautique Navale Clemenceau class R99 Foch
    1983-oct Multi-National ForceAéronautique Navale Clemenceau class R98 Clemenceau
    1983-nov-10 ditchingAéronautique Navale SE3160 279
    1983-nov-18 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Rover class A270 RFA Blue Rover
    1983-nov-18 1983-nov-28 RN County class D19 HMS Glamorgan
    1983-nov-18 RN Type 22 (Batch 1) Broadsword class F91 HMS Brazen
    1983-nov-22 RN HAS.2 XZ240
    1983-nov-26 HMS GlamorganRN HAS.2 XZ735
    1983-nov-28 1984-mar RN Fearless class L10 HMS Fearless
    1983-dec-20 accidentUSMC CH-46F 156423
    1984-jan RN HC.4 ZA291
    1984-jan-11 1984-mar-23 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Reliant class (1983) A131 RFA Reliant
    2006 Marina Militare Italiana Durand de la Penne class D 560 Luigi Durand de la Penne
    2006-jul 2006-aug-08 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Fort II class (1992) A387 RFA Fort Victoria
    2006-jul RN Type 42 (Batch 3) D96 HMS Gloucester
    2006-jul RN Type 42 (Batch 3) D98 HMS York
    2006-jul RN Albion class L15 HMS Bulwark
    2006-jul RN Invincible class R06 HMS Illustrious
    2006-jul-20 2006-jul-21 RN Type 23 Duke class F83 HMS St Albans
    2012-apr-10 Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil Niteroi class F43 Liberal
    2017-mar-05 Port VisitRN HM.1 ZH854
    2020-feb Heli-Union AS365N3 F-GVGV

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