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Westland Wessex HU.5

This model is a version of wessex

c/n wa162

Year 1964

Helicopter Westland Wessex HU.5 Serial wa162 Register XS488 used by Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy) Royal Marines Gunsmoke Paintball. Built 1964. Aircraft history

  • Westland Wessex HU.5 c/n wa162
  • Westland Wessex HU.5 c/n wa162

History Help Us

united kingdom XS488
Fleet Air Arm
Westland Wessex HU.5, c/n WA162, f/f:?
del Royal Navy as XS488, 04/1964
to 9056M, GIA Gosport, Hampshire, unk.
united kingdom XS488
Fleet Air Arm
707Sq/X-CU by Jan 1965
707Sq/T-CU by Dec 1966, still Jul 1970
845Sq/E-B by May 1972.
united kingdom XS488
Fleet Air Arm
NO Ose Gratangen ( 20-mar-77 )
845Sq/E-H by Sep 1973
20mar77 crashed 1 nm NW of Ose, Gratangen, in Norway during a whiteout, while with 845Sqdn
united kingdom XS488
Fleet Air Arm
Repaired at Weston by summer 1979
772Sq/625-PO by Aug 1981
to RNAY Wroughton Mar 1982
NASU VL Apr 1982
707Sq/XK May 1982
847Sq B Flt/XK May 1982
united kingdom XS488
Royal Marines
1982 reactivated 847 NAS 07may-24sep 1982 as /XK
united kingdom XS488
Royal Marines
UK HMS Raleigh mv Atlantic Causeway ( 13-may-82 )
Operation Corporate
847Sq /XK noted here on 13 May 1982, to join mv Atlantic Causeway later that day for South Atlantic.
united kingdom XS488
Fleet Air Arm
771Sq Aug 1982, RNAY Wroughton by Sep 1982
to 9056M, G.I. Gosport /XK-F by Apr 2003
still Apr 2007.
united kingdom XS488
Fleet Air Arm
UK Gosport ( 2006 )
2006 (top) at HMS Sultan/Gosport
21sep13 at a residential address in Shropshire
united kingdom XS488
Gunsmoke Paintball
UK Layer Wood ( jan-14 )
Airframe has been extensively patched during BDRT and the main fuselage is now a composite with the tail of XR497/F (qv). Nose still bears /XK code from its 847 NAS service
11jan14 (bot) at Layer Wood, NE of Tiptree

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