NH Industries MRH90 Taipan

This model is a version of NH90

c/n 1189

Helicopter NH Industries MRH90 Taipan Serial 1189 Register A40-013 used by Australian Army Aviation (Australian Army) Fleet Air Arm (RAN) (Royal Australian Navy). Aircraft history and location


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australia Fleet Air Arm (RAN)

Feb13 RAN 808Sqn
australia Australian Army Aviation

2017-02-28AYMAV on display at Avalon 2017 Leonardo at Avalon 2017
2018-12-09 SAXN49 Ipswich, Queensland
2019-01-15 DEST129 Townsville, Queensland
2019-11-21 HSLR9 Toowoomba, Queensland
2020-01-09 ANGL21 Nowra, New South Wales
2020-02-05 ANGL22 Bairnsdale, Victoria
ANGL22 Hume, Australian Capital Territory
2020-02-06 ANGL21 Taree, New South Wales
ANGL21 Richmond, New South Wales
2020-02-13 ANGL21 Albury, New South Wales
2020-02-15 ANGL21 Lilydale, Victoria
2020-02-19 ANGL23 Bairnsdale, Victoria
ANGL23 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
ANGL23 Sydney, New South Wales
ANGL23 Tamworth, New South Wales
2020-02-20 ANGL23 Oakey, Queensland

Call sign for this aircraft: ANGL21 ANGL22 ANGL23 ANGL24 CWBY CWBY1 CWBY2 DEST103 DEST104 DEST11 DEST112 DEST113 DEST115 DEST127 DEST129 HSLR1 HSLR9 JAKL PEGS9 SAXN48 SAXN49 SNDY112 SNDY128 SNDY21 WHSE243 WHSE7

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