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  • italy Cascina Costa Agusta

    Gallarate, Lombardia



    Satellite and aerial maps of Cascina Costa Agusta with nearby locations

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    1.6265LIMC Milano Malpensa, Lombardia
    2.9268 Volandia, Lombardia
    9.7339LILG Vergiate, Lombardia
    12.6207LIMN Cameri, Piedmont
    16.5042LILN Venegono, Lombardia
    20.7005LILC Calcinate del Pesce, Lombardia

    45° 37' 53.04'' N - 8° 44' 36.09'' E

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    Cascina Costa Agusta News

    AW609 Last Prototype Moves to Italy, 18-Apr-21 : #AW609 Leonardo AW609 tiltrotor prototype #4, AC4, was transferred from Philadelphia to Cascina Costa, Italy last March 2 for the final stage of testing ahead of civil certification

    Celebrating AW139 Helicopter 20th Anniversary, 04-Feb-21 : #AW139 Leonardo celebrates the AW139 helicopter’s 20th anniversary of its 1st flight. In-service since 2004, 1,200 helicopters have been sold to 280 costumers in 70 countries and logged over 3 million flight hours

    Third AW609 Tiltrotor Prototype Closer To Maiden Flight, 04-May-16 : Third AW609 prototype completed first ground round in Italy. Now flight tests are scheduled in mid-2016 in Philadelphia with certification expected in 2018

    AW109 Trekker First Flight, 02-Mar-16 : Finmeccanica announced the maiden flight of the new AgustaWestland AW109 Trekker light twin engine helicopter prototype at Cascina Costa , Italy

    Third AW169 Performs Its Maiden Flight, 23-Nov-12 : AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that the third prototype of the new generation 4.5 tonne light intermediate AW169 helicopter recently successfully completed its maiden flight at Cascina Costa in Italy.

    11-May-12 - AW169 Completes Its Maiden Flight
    22-Dec-11 - AW189 Completes Its Maiden Flight

    List of aircraft and events at Cascina Costa Agusta

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    By Date | By Serial

    A102I-AGUT 17
    A106MM5002N 20nov65
    A109A-IIMM81318 / CC-106 23sep07
    A109A-IIMM81468 / GdiF-145 23sep07
    A109CMMM81249 / EI-872 23sep07
    A109EI-FZIT 23sep07
    A109EI-PWER 23sep07
    A109EI-VRGT 23sep07
    AB139I-ATWO 23sep07
    AB204BI-AGUG 10may61
    AB206B-3PS-90 23sep07
    AB212MM81501 23sep07
    AB212MM81501 / EI-418 23sep07
    AB212ICOMM81157 23sep07
    AB412HPMM81505 / GdiF-217 23sep07
    AB412SPMM81385 / 9-04 23sep07
    AB47MM80224 18jun88
    AB47J-3MM80728 14
    AS-61RMM80975 / 15-02 23sep07
    AW101 611MM81875 29jun20
    AW109SI-AGGR 02mar16
    AW109SI-GRND 08jun05
    AW109SYR-TIM 05mar21
    AW119KXI-AWCV 04feb19 05jun20
    AW139G-CIJW jun19
    AW139I-DPCK 23sep07
    AW139MM81910 07may20
    AW139MM81926 10apr20
    AW139MM81961 20mar20
    AW139VF-141 05jun20
    AW139MMM81798 19feb13
    AW169? 05mar21
    AW169I-AWCK 29jul20
    AW169I-AWCM 19oct18
    AW169MCSX82014 26mar21 31mar21
    AW169MMM81993 24nov20
    AW189I-AWCU 01apr20
    AW189I-PTFF nov18 11apr20
    AW189I-RAIH 21dec11
    AW609N609AG 25jul13 30oct15
    AW609N609PH 02mar21
    CH-47CMM81230 / EI-829 23sep07
    EH101PP1 oct88
    EH101PP2 26nov87
    MK110MM81480 04oct99
    MK413MM81633 / 2-18 23sep07
    MK51419602 09feb09
    MK51419603 09feb09
    NFH013 23sep07
    NH90MMX612 13may98
    S-61D-3N-3007 14dec87
    T129CSX81777 15may19
    TTHCSX81517 15jul04
    TTHCSX81517 / EI-200 23sep07

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