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  • gibraltar Gibraltar Harbour


    Satellite and aerial maps of Gibraltar Harbour with nearby locations

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    2.2019LXGB RAF Gibraltar, Gibraltar
    4.9005 Hospital Comarcal La Linea de la Concepcion, Andalusia
    7.8273LEAG Algeciras Heliport, Andalusia
    7.8253 Punta de Europa Hospital, Andalusia
    18.5338LEAA La Almoraima, Andalusia
    26.9177 Ceuta Helipad, Ceuta

    36° 7' 52'' N - 5° 21' 30'' W

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    List of aircraft and events at Gibraltar Harbour

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    By Date | By Serial

    Wave class A389 RFA Wave Knight 02sep14
    Improved Tide class A75 RFA Tidespring 15aug82
    AB212ASWMM81095 21apr89
    Type 42 (Batch 1 and 2) class D89 HMS Exeter apr86
    EC135T3N735VT 04may21
    Type 12 Rothesay class F106 HMS Brighton oct67
    Ikara Leander class F114 HMS Ajax sep80
    Type 81 Tribal class F122 HMS Gurkha 02feb84
    Type 81 Tribal class F124 HMS Zulu 83
    Broad Beam Leander class F69 HMS Bacchante 20jun82
    Broad Beam Leander class F72 HMS Ariadne jan80
    HAS.3ZD253 03feb97 03feb97
    HAS7XN307 28nov60
    HM.1ZH836 05dec15
    HM.1ZH850 05dec15
    Engadine class K08 RFA Engadine 83
    Ocean class L12 HMS Ocean 05dec15 11sep17
    Albion class L15 HMS Bulwark 02sep14
    Bay class L3007 RFA Lyme Bay 02sep14
    Castle class patrol vessel P258 HMS Leeds Castle 13aug82
    Queen Elizabeth class R08 HMS Queen Elizabeth 06feb18
    Queen Elizabeth class R09 HMS Prince of Wales 07jul21
    Improved Centaur class R12 HMS Hermes 29jun61

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