gibraltar Gibraltar International Airport


2.2199 Gibraltar Harbour,
28.9172GECT Ceuta Heliport, Ceuta
83.9297 Carraca Naval Base, Andalusia
89.6297 Navantia, Andalusia
91.7316LEJR Jerez, Andalusia
95.9 52LEMG Malaga, Andalusia

1915 to present

36 9 N - 5 21 W
1nm N of Gibraltar - North Front
Elevation: 15 feet

RAF Gibraltar
Opened in 1915 on the old Gibraltar racecourse, it became an RAF base after WWI.

Following concern over Italian activity in Abyssinia (Ethiopia) work began on an emergency landing ground to operate in concert with the racecourse, on 3 Sep 1934. It transferred briefly to RN adminstration in Sep 1940 under HMS Cormorant until Aug 1941, when it was handed back to the RAF and by mid Dec 1941 intensive work to enlarge the facility and extend the runway into Gibraltar Bay had begun. Impetus was given by the bombing of Malta and the need to complete a further extension to 1800 yards (ready by Jul 1943) for Operation Torch.

Shortly after the last permanently based RAF unit withdrew, RAF North Front was renamed RAF Gibraltar on 30 Nov 1966 and came under Coastal Command direction. RAF aircraft still stage through and RN Ships Flights often alight here, while the parent ship is visiting the nearby naval base. Between 1982 and 1991, the Royal Navy based a Flight for maritime surveillance of the narrows between here and Tangiers.

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1982UK 824 squadronsea king 1982/89
sea king 1982/84
sea king 1977/83
1966UK 846 squadron


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1969-jan AccidentUK Royal NavyType 81 Tribal classF119 HMS Eskimo
1983-jun UK Fleet Air ArmLynx HAS2XZ735
1984-aug UK Fleet Air ArmLynx HAS3ZD258
2014-sep-29 Dolphin 1UK Fleet Air ArmMerlin HM.1ZH864
2015-mar UK Fleet Air ArmLynx HAS3SZF560
2016-jan-10 UK Fleet Air ArmMerlin HC.3ZJ121
2016-jan-10 UK Fleet Air ArmMerlin HC.3ZJ129
2016-may-05 UK Fleet Air ArmAW159 Wildcat HMA2ZZ522
2016-may-05 UK Royal Fleet AuxiliaryBay classL3008 RFA Mounts Bay
2016-aug-09 DeploymentUK Fleet Air ArmMerlin HC.3ZJ121

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