france Orléans Bricy

Orléans, Centre, 45 Loiret

Satellite and aerial maps of Bricy (BA123) with nearby locations

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29.6285LFOC Chateaudun (BA279), Centre, 28 Eure-et-Loir
32.6286 Caserne Kellermann, Centre, 28 Eure-et-Loir
49.5 27LFOX Etampes, Ile-de-France, 91 Essonne
55.0341LFOR Chartres (BA122), Centre, 28 Eure-et-Loir
69.6 37 Montmirault, Ile-de-France, 91 Essonne
71.1 36LFFQ La Ferté-Alais, Ile-de-France, 91 Essonne

47 59 16 secs N - 1 45 38 secs E
Elevation: 412 feet

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List of aircraft and events at Bricy (BA123)

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2004-sep-16 SA330B Puma1657 / AX
2006-jun-11 EC725R2 Caracal2626 / SD

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