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Satellite and aerial maps of Payerne with nearby locations

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23.6250LSGY Yverdon-les-Bains, Yverdon-les-Bains
24.2289LSTO Motiers, Motiers
28.3340LSGC Les Eplatures, Les Éplatures
30.8153LSGT Gruyeres, Gruyeres
31.1227LSGL Lausanne / La Blecherette, Lausanne
39.5 45LSZP Biel-Kappelen, Biel-Kappelen

1921 to present

46 50 35.55 secs N - 6 54 54.21 secs E
1nm NW of Payerne
Elevation: 1465 feet

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List of aircraft and events at Payerne

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2002-jun-19 AS532UL CougarT-336
2002-sep-27 AS332M Super PumaT-312
2002-sep-27 AS332M1 Super PumaT-318
2002-sep-27 SA316B Alouette IIIV-262
2003-apr-25 AS332M1 Super PumaT-320
2003-sep-26 AS332M1 Super PumaT-321
2004-sep-03 AS332M1 Super PumaT-321
2004-sep-03 EC145HB-ZRE
2004-sep-03 mi-24du6050
2004-sep-03 S-61A-1U-240
2004-sep-04 A129CBTMM81429 / EI-959
2004-sep-04 AS532UL CougarT-342
2004-sep-04 Bo105P PAH-18666
2004-sep-04 Bo105P PAH-18780
2004-sep-04 CH-47D ChinookD-662
2004-sep-04 Merlin HC.3ZJ122 / F
2004-sep-04 SA316B Alouette IIIV-277
2004-sep-04 SA316B Alouette IIIV-281
2007-may-23 SA316B Alouette IIIV-250
2008-apr-22 SA316B Alouette IIIV-255
2009-may-04 AS532UL CougarT-334
2009-oct-27 SA316B Alouette IIIV-270
2009-nov-25 AS332M1 Super PumaT-316
2010-mar-22 AS532UL CougarT-338
2010-may-26 AS532UL CougarT-333
2011-mar-15 AS532UL CougarT-332
2011-may-05 AS532UL CougarT-333
2011-jul-12 EC635P2+T-365 / 65
2011-nov-30 EC635P2+T-360
2012-feb-09 AS532UL CougarT-336
2012-sep-13 EC635P2+T-360
2013-mar-19 AS332M1 Super PumaT-316
2013-jul-19 EC635P2+T-360 / 60
2014-jan-24 AS532UL CougarT-338
2014-mar-27 AS332M1 Super PumaT-316
2014-aug-30 EC635P2+T-360
2014-sep-04 A109BAH27
2014-sep-06 Payerne Flugshow Air 2014   Schweizer LuftwaffeAS332M1 Super PumaT-316
2014-sep-06 Payerne Flugshow Air 2014   Schweizer LuftwaffeAS332M1 Super PumaT-317
2014-sep-06 Payerne Flugshow Air 2014   AS332M1 Super PumaT-323
2014-sep-06 Payerne Flugshow Air 2014   Schweizer LuftwaffeAS532UL CougarT-340
2014-sep-06 Payerne Flugshow Air 2014   REGAEC145HB-ZRD
2014-sep-06 Payerne Flugshow Air 2014   Schweizer LuftwaffeEC635P2+T-368
2014-sep-06 Payerne Flugshow Air 2014   Schweizer LuftwaffeEC635P2+T-353
2014-sep-07 AW109SP GrandNewHB-ZRP

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