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    Central Singapore


    List of aircraft and events at Seletar

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    By Date | By Serial

    1952-dec DeliveredRAF HC.4 XB251
    1952-dec DeliveredRAF HC.4 XB252
    1952-dec DeliveredRAF HC.4 XB253
    1953-jan Delivered194 Squadron HC.4 XB256
    1953-jan Delivered194 Squadron HC.4 XB254
    1953-jan-05 DeliveredRAF HC.4 XB255
    1964-jul 103 Squadron HAR10 XR483
    1965 AAC Sioux XT184
    1966-aug-27 AAC Sioux XT232
    1966-sep-08 AAC Sioux XT230
    1967 ScrappedRAF Type 171 Sycamore XG508
    1968 ScrappedRAF Sycamore 4 XL821
    1968-may 66 Sq / L66 Squadron Type 192 Belvedere XG466
    1969-mar-18 Accident66 Squadron Type 192 Belvedere XG453
    2009-apr-29 ESEA EC145 F-OKET
    2016-mar-21 HSS-2 N5193Y

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