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  • united kingdom c 22nm SSW Piper Alpha platform

    Block 15, Piper Field, Offshore UK

    United Kingdom


    Satellite and aerial maps of c 22nm SSW Piper Alpha with nearby locations

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    4.8228ARN Alba North platform, Offshore UK
    33.2081MRN Maureen A platform, Offshore UK
    41.8008 Piper A platform, Offshore UK
    43.4199BX Forties D platform, Offshore UK
    43.8203 Forties C platform, Offshore UK
    44.0091ENXV Varg A platform, Offshore Norway

    58° 5' 18.5'' N - 1° 8' 25.5'' E
    Northern North Sea

    History of this Location

    Area of North Sea on route of scheduled offshore rig services between Brae Field and Aberdeen.

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    List of aircraft and events at c 22nm SSW Piper Alpha

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    1995-jan-19 AccidentBristow AS332L G-TIGK

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