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  • united kingdom Piper Alpha, Occidental

    Block 15, Piper Field, Offshore UK

    United Kingdom

    Oil and Gas Energy Industry

    Satellite and aerial maps of Piper A platform with nearby locations

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    25.8003BAF Brae A platform, Offshore UK
    30.4016 Miller platform, Offshore UK
    39.6104ENSL Sleipner A platform, Offshore Norway
    41.8188 c 22nm SSW Piper Alpha, Offshore UK
    45.0144MRN Maureen A platform, Offshore UK
    45.6192ARN Alba North platform, Offshore UK

    1975 to 1988

    58° 27' 35'' N - 1° 15' 4'' E
    Northern North Sea

    History of this Location

    Constructed in 4 main modules and floated out during 1975, the platform began producing oil from the northern North Sea Piper Field in 1976. It was later adapted to handle gas condensate, in addition. The platform was destroyed by explosions and fire on 6 Jul 1988.

    Its role has been taken over by the relatively closeby Piper Bravo platform.

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    List of aircraft and events at Piper A platform

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    1988-jul Piper FieldRN Towed Array Exocet Leander class F42 HMS Phoebe
    1988-jul-06 Piper FieldHM Coastguard S61N.MK2 G-BDOC

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