united kingdom The Long Room, Stonehouse

Plymouth, Devon, England

United Kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of Long Room with nearby locations

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0.5056 Trinity Pier, England
1.1071 Plymouth Hoe, England
1.2003 RN Hospital Stonehouse, England
1.5078 The Citadel, England
2.2093 Mount Batten, England
2.5316 HMD Devonport, England

50° 21' 42.75'' N - 4° 9' 31.75'' W
Eastern King
Elevation: 65 feet

History of this Location

HQ for the Queens Harbour Master for the Port of Plymouth and HMNB Devonport

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02-apr-8217-jun-82Operation Corporate

List of aircraft and events at Long Room

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1977-oct-05 Army Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XX379
1979-may-01 Fleet Air ArmWessex HU.5XT772
1982-apr-24 Fleet Air ArmWessex HU.5XS512
1982-apr-24 Fleet Air ArmWessex HU.5XT463
1982-apr-24 Fleet Air ArmWessex HU.5XT771

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