MBB bo105



List of Operators of MBB bo105cb-4

From Organisation with model bo105cb-4
germany MBB
    bo105 1967/92
chile Fuerza Aerea de Chile
    bo105 9 1985/08
sweden SOS Helikoptern Gotland
    bo105 1 1992/94

chile DAP Helicopteros
Construction Numbers on database of bo105cb-4


Construction Numbers

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S-140 1974 DE D-HAYE : 105c Polizei Rheinland Pfalz from 1974 to 2002
DE D-HAYE : Heliconcept from 2002 to 2006 toward D-HTDM
AT D-HTDM : Red Bull from 2006 cnvt. to Bo105CB-4 ex D-HAYE. 20 sep+
Red Bull; 16+17aug08 Kecskemet air show
20sep09 pictured at Leopoldsburg-Beverlo airfield (EBLE+
27+28aug11 Radom air show
S-231 MY 9M-LLU :
S-244 1975 NL B-44 : 105cb KLU 299sqn. cnvt. to Bo105CB-4
Nov94 299Sqn. homebase
KLU; 20feb96 299Sqn.
S-266 1976 DE D-HDHZ : 105cb MBB test regi. toward B-66
NL B-66 : KLU 299Sqn. in 1984 cnvt. to type:Bo105CB-4
26mar92 type CB-4 299Sqn. visit Twenthe
Nov94 299Sqn. homebase
S-268 1976 NL B-68 : 105cb KLu; 07nov91 Bo105CB type 299Sqn. visit Norvenich
KLU 299sqn. cnvt. to Bo105CB-4
Nov94 299Sqn. homebase
S-278 1976 NL B-78 : 105cb KLU; cnvt. to type:Bo105CB-4
Nov94 299Sqn. white c/s UN homebase
S-643 1983 DE D-HDTM : 105cbs-2 MBB toward N2785X
US N2785X : Eckhart Helicopter Sales Inc. 1984-1992 cnvt. to type C+
SE SE-JBS : SOS Helikoptern Gotland CBS-4 type 1992-1994; 31oct94 w+
S-679 1984 DE D-HDUU : 105cb-2 MBB toward Spain EC-704
ES EC-704 CASA : CASA c/n S4.679 ex D-HDUU toward N679S cnvt. to CB-4
US N679S : MHC ex EC-704; 1988 new toward HK-3402X
CO HK-3402X : ex N679S
S-687 DE D-HDVA : MBB, to Spain as c/n S4-687
CL H-62 : fach d/d 1985, to CC-CHK
CL CC-CHK : DAP/Pivcevic
S-688 DE D-HDVB : MBB, to CASA Spain as c/n S4-688
CL H-63 : fach d/d 1985, to CC-CHM
CL CC-CHM : DAP/Pivcevic
S-689 DE D-HDVC : MBB, to CASA Spain as c/n S4-689
CL H-64 : fach 1985-2002, to CC-CHN
CL CC-CHN : DAP/Pivcevic, conv to CB-4 type
S-708 DE D-HDVV : MBB, to CASA Spain as c/n S4-708
CL H-65 : fach d/d 1985, to CC-CHQ
CL CC-CHQ : DAP/Pivcevic
12 C/N.

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