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    HSS-1 Seabat


    This was a licence-built version of the Sikorsky S-58 for the French Navy.

    List of Operators of Sud Aviation HSS-1 Seabat

    From Organisation with model HSS-1 Seabat
    france Aéronautique Navale
        61 1957/79
    belgium Force Aérienne Belge
        5 1961/86

    Construction Numbers on database of HSS-1 Seabat


    Construction Numbers

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    SA.39 FR SKY.922
    SA.40 FR SKY.932
    SA.41 FR SKY.944
    SA.42 FR SKY.954
    SA.43 FR SKY.961
    SA.44 FR SKY.971
    SA.45 FR SKY.983
    SA.46 FR SKY.994
    SA.47 FR SKY.1004
    SA.48 FR SKY.1005
    SA.49 FR SKY.1006
    SA.50 FR 129 fake,7,SKY.1007
    SA.119 FR SA.119
    SA.120 FR SA.120
    SA.121 FR SA.121
    SA.122 FR SA.122
    SA.123 FR SA.123
    SA.124 FR SA.124
    SA.125 FR SA.125
    SA.126 FR SA.126
    SA.127 FR SA.127
    SA.128 FR SA.128
    SA.129 FR 129,SA.129
    SA.130 FR SA.130
    SA.131 FR SA.131
    SA.132 FR SA.132
    SA.133 FR SA.133
    SA.134 FR SA.134
    SA.135 FR SA.135
    SA.136 FR SA.136
    SA.137 FR SA.137
    SA.138 FR SA.138
    SA.139 FR SA.139
    SA.140 FR SA.140
    SA.141 FR SA.141
    SA.142 FR SA.142
    SA.143 FR SA.143
    SA.144 FR SA.144
    SA.145 BE B4
    SA.146 BE B5
    SA.147 FR SA.147
    SA.148 FR SA.148
    SA.149 1961 FR 149
    SA.150 FR SA.150
    SA.181 BE B6
    SA.182 FR 182,SA.182
    SA.183 FR SA.183
    SA.184 BE B7
    SA.185 BE B8,OT-ZKH
    49 C/N.