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    Derived from Sikorsky S-58 H-34

    Derivatives & Versions

    H-34A 1956 This was a licence-built version of the Sikorsky S-58/H-34A for the French Armee de lAir.
    HSS-1 Seabat 1956 This was a licence-built version of the Sikorsky S-58 for the French Navy.

    List of Operators of Sud Aviation S-58

    From Organisation with model S-58
    france Armée de l'Air
        H-34A 140 1956/??
    france Aéronautique Navale
        HSS-1 Seabat 61 1957/79
    belgium Force Aérienne Belge
        HSS-1 Seabat 5 1961/86
    Construction Numbers on database of S-58 or its versions


    Construction Numbers

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    C/NBuilt asYearHistory
    SA.1 H-34A 1956 FR SA.1
    SA.2 H-34A 1957 FR SA.2
    SA.3 H-34A 1957 FR SA.3
    SA.4 H-34A 1957 FR SA.4,SKY.479
    SA.5 H-34A 1957 FR SA.5
    SA.6 H-34A 1957 FR SA.6
    SA.7 H-34A 1957 FR SA.7
    SA.8 H-34A 1957 FR SA.8,SKY.507
    SA.9 H-34A 1957 FR SA.9
    SA.10 H-34A 1957 FR SA.10
    SA.11 H-34A 1957 FR SA.11,SKY525
    SA.12 H-34A 1957 FR SA.12
    SA.13 H-34A 1957 FR SA.13
    SA.14 H-34A 1957 FR SA.14
    SA.15 H-34A 1957 FR SA.15
    SA.16 H-34A 1957 FR SA.16
    SA.17 H-34A 1957 FR SA.17
    SA.18 H-34A 1957 FR SA.18
    SA.19 H-34A 1957 FR SA.19
    SA.20 H-34A 1957 FR SA.20
    SA.21 H-34A 1957 FR SA.21
    SA.22 H-34A 1957 FR SA.22
    SA.23 H-34A 1957 FR SA.23
    SA.24 H-34A 1957 FR SA.24
    SA.25 H-34A 1957 FR SA.25
    SA.26 H-34A 1957 FR SA.26
    SA.27 H-34A 1957 FR SA.27
    SA.28 H-34A 1957 FR SA.28
    SA.29 H-34A 1957 FR SA.29,SKY.705
    SA.30 H-34A 1957 FR SA.30
    SA.31 H-34A 1957 FR SA.31
    SA.32 H-34A 1957 FR SA.32
    SA.33 H-34A 1957 FR SA.33
    SA.34 H-34A 1957 FR SA.34
    SA.35 H-34A 1958 FR SA.35
    SA.36 H-34A 1958 FR SA.36
    SA.37 H-34A 1958 FR SA.37
    SA.38 H-34A 1958 FR SA.38,SKY.832
    SA.39 hss-1 FR SKY.922
    SA.40 hss-1 FR SKY.932
    SA.41 hss-1 FR SKY.944
    SA.42 hss-1 FR SKY.954
    SA.43 hss-1 FR SKY.961
    SA.44 hss-1 FR SKY.971
    SA.45 hss-1 FR SKY.983
    SA.46 hss-1 FR SKY.994
    SA.47 hss-1 FR SKY.1004
    SA.48 hss-1 FR SKY.1005
    SA.49 hss-1 FR SKY.1006
    SA.50 hss-1 FR SKY.1007,7,129 fake
    SA.51 H-34A FR SA.51
    SA.52 H-34A FR SA.52
    SA.53 H-34A FR SA.53
    SA.54 H-34A FR SA.54
    SA.55 H-34A FR SA.55
    SA.56 H-34A FR SA.56
    SA.57 H-34A FR SA.57
    SA.58 H-34A FR SA.58
    SA.59 H-34A FR SA.59
    SA.60 H-34A FR SA.60
    SA.61 H-34A FR SA.61
    SA.62 H-34A FR SA.62
    SA.63 H-34A FR SA.63
    SA.64 H-34A FR SA.64
    SA.65 H-34A FR SA.65
    SA.66 H-34A FR SA.66
    SA.67 H-34A FR SA.67
    SA.68 H-34A FR SA.68
    SA.69 H-34A FR SA.69
    SA.70 H-34A FR SA.70
    SA.71 H-34A FR SA.71
    SA.72 H-34A FR SA.72
    SA.73 H-34A FR SA.73
    SA.74 H-34A FR SA.74
    SA.75 H-34A FR SA.75
    SA.76 H-34A FR SA.76
    SA.77 H-34A FR SA.77
    SA.78 H-34A FR SA.78
    SA.79 H-34A FR SA.79
    SA.80 H-34A FR SA.80
    SA.81 H-34A FR SA.81
    SA.82 H-34A FR SA.82
    SA.83 H-34A FR SA.83
    SA.84 H-34A FR SA.84
    SA.85 H-34A FR SA.85
    SA.86 H-34A FR SA.86
    SA.87 H-34A FR SA.87
    SA.88 H-34A FR SA.88
    SA.89 H-34A FR SA.89
    SA.90 H-34A FR SA.90
    SA.91 H-34A FR SA.91
    SA.92 H-34A FR SA.92
    SA.93 H-34A FR SA.93
    SA.94 H-34A FR SA.94
    SA.95 H-34A FR SA.95
    SA.96 H-34A FR SA.96
    SA.97 H-34A FR SA.97
    SA.98 H-34A FR SA.98
    SA.99 H-34A FR SA.99
    SA.100 H-34A FR SA.100

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