Bell V-22 Osprey

Bell MV-22

Six Engineering Manufacturing & Development (EMD) MV-22 were ordered by USMC, but only four built; c/n D0007 - D0010; & two cancelled, (BuNo 164943 & 164944, no c/n assigned). Additionally, two airframes were redesignated as CV-22 and transferred to the USAF for trials; D0007 & D0009.

  List of Operators of MV-22

Years Model Org
2000-    V-22 Osprey usa US Marine Corps
2005-    V-22 Osprey usa US Air Force

  Global Distribution of MV-22


Construction Numbers

C/N Year History
D0007 scrapped 2008 1997 US 164939,4939
D0008 1997 US 164940
D0009 scrapped 2008 1997 US 164941,4941
D0010 scrapped 2003 1998 US 164942

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