Westland Lynx


Lynx AH7


Westland Lynx AH7

Upgraded version for the Army Air Corps, with Gem 41-1 engines and uprated gearbox of the AH.5 plus a larger, composite tail rotor. Twelve new build, with 107 Lynx AH.1s converted. A small number also by the Royal Marines
The final flight of the Lynx AH.7 in AAC service took place at Middle Wallop on 31 Jul 2015.

Model News

British Army Retires Last Lynx AH.7, 31-Jul-15 : British Army Air Corps retires their last Lynx AH.7 helicopter on a farewell ceremony at Middle Wallop. They will continue to use the AH.9A (until 2018) and the recently introduced Wildcat


Engine: 2 x RR Gem 41
Capacity: 2 + 8
Length: (m) 12.06
Height: (m) 3.4
Blades: 4
Rotor diam.: (m)
Disc area: (m2)
Weight: (kgs)
Speed: (km/h) Cruise: 232     Max: 330
Range: (km) 885
Ceiling: (m)
Rate/Climb: (m/min)


From Organisation with model Lynx AH7
united kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD)
    Lynx 1971/??
united kingdom Army Air Corps
    Lynx 140 1977/now
united kingdom Royal Marines
    Lynx 15 1982/13
Construction Numbers on database of Lynx AH7


Construction Numbers Help Us

021 1977 XZ173 : ah1 AAC; conv AH.7
2007 type:AH.1 653Sqn.
037 1977 XZ176 : ah1 AAC; conv AH.7
XZ176 : RM 847 Sqn
XZ176 : AAC; 2jun98 651Sqn. visit
055 1980 XZ180 : ah1 AAC; conv AH.7
XZ180 : Royal Marines; 15jan92 3CBAS./R visit Valkenburg
16jan92 3CBAS./R visit Eelde
16jan92 3CBAS./R visit Sylt
1995 3CBAS; 1997 847Sqn./R; 2000 847Sqn./R
XZ180 : AAC, noted Feb08
07sep14 pictured as /C during Air Waves at Portrush
058 1978 XZ182 : ah1 AAC for Royal Marines
XZ182 : May86 AH1 type 3CBAS /23A pictured at RNAS Yeovilton
Royal Marines; 15jan92 3CBAS./M visit Valkenburg
16jan92 3CBAS /M visit Eelde
16jan92 3CBAS /M visit Sylt
2000 847Sqn./M
05jan10 seen together with XZ177 make a nightstop at Am+
065 1978 XZ184 : ah1 AAC AH1 f/f 21jun78, d/d 06jul78; conv AH.7; 2007 671 +
15jul11 pictured (top) asg 9 Regt at RAF Fairford durin+
11jul14 pictured (bot) at RIAT 2014
part of flypast to mark 70th anniversary of 671 Sq/B an+
Preserved as Gate guardian at the Army Aviation Centre,+
069 1978 XZ185 : ah1 AAC; conv AH.7
Feb04 AH.7 type asg 672Sqn. AAC Disforth
XZ185 : May15 on display at Pima Air Museum in Tucson, AZ
089 1978 XZ192 : ah1 655 Sq by Jun 1996
XZ192 : Royal Marines; conv AH7
098 1979 XZ196 : ah1 AAC AH.1 f/f 07feb79, d/d 14sep79
Feb04 AH.7 type asg 672Sqn. AAC Disforth
18oct12 pictured as /T at RAF Northolt
144 1979 XZ219 : ah1 AAC; conv AH.7
07may96 pictured at Ilidza, Bosnia during Operation Joi+
2007 type:AH.7 653Sqn.
Oct07 9 Regt
146 1980 XZ220 : ah1 AAC f/f 17jan80, d/d 12dec80; conv AH.7
2jun98 with 651Sqn visit Elmpt Station, Germany
XZ220 : to Air and Ground Aviation, Hixon by Nov 2013
XZ220 : 29jan15 pictured what is left of XZ220 at Ream Hills Fa+
149 1979 XZ605 : ah1 3CBAS /L, noted visiting Tregantle on 23 Nov 1982
Royal Marines; 15jan92 3CBAS./Y visit Valkenburg
16jan92 3CBAS./Y visit Eelde
16jan92 3CBAS./Y visit Sylt
1993 3CBAS./Y; 1995 847Sqn./Y; 2000 847Sqn./Y
XZ605 : AAC; 2010 7 Regt AH.7 type
150 1979 XZ606 : ah1 damaged in heavy landing at Bessbrook 2 jan 1986
AAC; conv AH.7
nov06 667Sqn.
XZ606 : At delta force paintball, Billericay, Essex, by May17
152 XZ608 : ah1 AAC; 1984 652Sqn
2011 657Sqn
159 1980 XZ612 : ah1 Royal Marines; conv AH.7 type; 1993 type:AH.7 3CBAS./Y;+
24+25jul99 847Sqn. Fairford air show
2000 847Sqn /N; 2003 847Sqn embarked aboard HMS Ocean L+
15jul11 pictured at RAF Fairford during RIAT 2011
09jul13 13:44 BST seen flying fast and low heading nort+
161 1980 XZ614 : ah1 Royal Marines; 1995 3CBAS; 2000 847Sqn /X
3CBAS /Y, noted visiting on 24 Nov 1982
w/o 06may06 847 Sqn, shot down in Basra, Iraq
167 XZ616 : ah1 AAC; 2011 type:AH7 657Sqn.
part of flypast to mark 70th anniversary of 671 Sq and +
172 1980 XZ641 : ah1 AAC AH1 ff 12may80, dd 29may80; 653 Sq by 1984 still +
25 Flt by 2000; served in Northern Ireland with 655 Sq +
XZ641 : Royal Marines in 2007 type:AH7 847Sqn.
192 1980 XZ651 : ah1 AAC; conv AH.7
part of flypast to mark 70th anniversary of 671 Sq/O an+
Noted at Dishforth as Lynx AH.7 Coded 3
201 1980 XZ653 : ah1 AAC; conv AH.7
18may13 at Kassel Calden Airport with Apaches
20mar15 type AH.7 9Reg. at Esbjerg dep. to EHAM
20mar15 type AH.7 9Reg. at Schiphol night stop from EKE+
209 1980 XZ655 : ah1 AAC; conv AH.7
nov06 671Sqn./A
XZ655 : to Air and Ground Aviation, Hixon by Nov 2013
233 1981 XZ670 : ah1 AAC; conv AH.7; May05 672Sqn(9 Regt)
2007 type:AH.7 653Sqn.
part of flypast to mark 70th anniversary of 671 Sq/A an+
236 1981 XZ672 : ah1 AAC; conv AH.7
2007 type:AH.7 653Sqn.
241 1982 XZ676 : ah1 AAC; conv AH.7
2007 type:AH.7 653Sqn.
XZ676 : to Air and Ground Aviation, Hixon by Nov 2013
Feb15 on eBay £24,000
Jul15 at a campsite as accommodation. where ??; origina+
Situated at Ream Hills Caravan Park, near Blackpool. Th+
247 1982 XZ679 : ah1 AAC; conv AH.7; Jan05 672Sqn (9 Regt)
06jul08 pictured at RNAS Yeovilton, during Commando ass+
20mar15 type AH.7 9Reg. at Esbjerg dep. to EHAM
20mar15 type AH.7 9Reg. at Schiphol night stop from EKE+
274 1983 ZD272 : ah1 AAC; 1987 656Sqn
AAC; conv AH.7
24+25jul99 671Sqn. Blue Eagles Fairford air show
ZD272 : to Air and Ground Aviation, Hixon by Nov 2013
275 1983 ZD273 : ah1 AAC AH.1 f/f 09feb83, d/d 28mar83; conv AH.7
15jul10 type: AH.7 671Sqn./A
Jul13 pictured Cabin preserved for ground instruction a+
279 1983 ZD275 : ah1 AAC d/d 30mar83 AH1 type; conv AH7; 655sqd/5regt w/o 19+
656 Sq by 1984, 657 Sq by 1985 still 1991, 657 Sq/Q by +
653 Sq/F by 1993, 655 Sq by 1994, w/o by mortar fire in+
294 1983 ZD278 : ah1 AAC; 1991 662Sqn
06may12 pictured (top) as AH.7 type /F at Abingdon Air +
13jul13 pictured (bot) as AH.7 type 671 Sq /F at RNAS Y+
302 1983 ZD280 : ah1 AAC; 2000 type AH.7 651Sqn.
Conv to AH.7
20mar15 type AH.7 9Reg. at Esbjerg dep. to EHAM
20mar15 type AH.7 9Reg. at Schiphol night stop from EKE+
part of flypast to mark 70th anniversary of 671 Sq and +
306 1983 ZD282 : ah1 Royal Marines; 1985 3CBAS /24A
15jan92 3CBAS./L visit Valkenburg
16jan92 3CBAS./L visit Eelde
16jan92 3CBAS./L visit Sylt
Jul00 847Sqn./L
10jul10 pictured at RNAS Yeovilton Air Day; 23jun12 wi+
319 1985 ZE375 : ah9 AAC; 1995 AH.9 type 659Sqn.
ah.9a conv to AH9A type
320 1985 ZE376 : AAC; conv AH.9
ah9 10sep06 661Sqn. Tag der Heeresflieger
ah.9a conv AH9A type
Iraq until 2009;to 9 REGT
321 ZE377 : AAC; 657 Sqn w/o 01aug89
322 1986 ZE378 : AAC
part of flypast to mark 70th anniversary of 671 Sq and +
323 1986 ZE379 : AAC
324 1986 ZE380 : ah9 AAC; conv AH.9; 2009 672Sqn
ah.9a conv AH9A type
28jan16 pictured at Newquay Airport
325 1986 ZE381 : AAC
328 1987 ZE382 : ah9 AAC; 1998 AH.9 type 659Sqn /3
w/o 09sep04 in Czech Rpublic, 661Sqn AH.9 type
329 ZF537 : ah9 AAC; conv AH.9 type; Sep05 1Regt
672Sq (9 Regt) by Apr 2005, until Sep 2005; 1 Regt Sep +
returned to 1 REGT from Iraq, 10 Jun 2009
ah.9a conv AH.9A type
09sep16 type: AH.9A 657Sqn. at Prestwick
330 ZF538 : ah9 AAC; conv AH.9; Jan06 1 Regt
ZF538 : Royal Marines in 2007 847Sqn.
ah.9a conv AH.9A type, also with AAC
331 1987 ZF539 : ah9 AAC; 1995 type:AH.9 659Sqn.
Jun05 1 Regt
ZF539 : Royal Marines in 2007 847Sqn.
332 1987 ZF540 : ah9 AAC; 1995 type:AH.9 659Sqn.
Jan06 1 Regt
Iraq until 2009;to 9 REGT
written off in fatal crash, c 10.5 nm S of Kandahar air+
333 1987 ZD560 : Empire Test Pilots School (ETPS) Boscombe Dow d/d 1988;+
24/25jul99 ETPS. Fairford air show
13jul04 ETPS. homebase
15jul10 ETPS at Boscombe Down
09jul11 pictured (bot) again 19 years later at Yeovilto+
Aug12 at Boscombe Down, Complete and live
43 C/N.

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