McDonnell Douglas md500

MD369F / MD500F


Hot and high version of the 500E powered by an Allison 250-C30B.
From 1999 known as MD Helicopters MD530F

Model News

Crashworthy Fuel System for MD369FF, 02-Aug-17 : MD Helicopters and Robertson Fuel Systems partnership to create the next generation of ballistic tolerant crashworthy fuel systems (BTCWFS) for 369FF series of military helicopters

Aspen Glass Cockpits for MD 369/530F/530FF/520N, 01-Mar-15 : Heli-Expo 2015 Phoenix Heliparts announced the approval of a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that allows installation of the Aspen Avionics Evolution Flight Display System in a range of MD Helicopters.

List of Operators of McDonnell Douglas MD369F / MD500F

From Organisation with model MD369F / MD500F
chile Ejercito de Chile
    21 1989/   
mexico Fuerza Aerea Mexicana

usa State of California
Construction Numbers on database of MD369F / MD500F


Construction Numbers

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0009F 1984 US N5185G : LVMPD from Nov86
0015F 1985 US N521PA : Patriot Aviation from Sep12
04jun15 at Casper, WY
0044FF 1987 IT I-AZOR : Italy, test serial N5262X; N530FF ntu
AR LV-ZRR : Argentina, noted Apr04
CA C-FJAU : Mustang Helicopters at Red Deer, AB Jan/Sep 2007
US N530KD : Smoky Mountain Helicopters at Hanapepe, HI Sep07-Aug09
Overseas Aircraft Support Inc at Lakeside, AZ Aug/Oct 2+
Dyncorp International at Ft.Worth, TX Oct09-Apr11
Eaglewing Rentals Llc at Wheat Bridge, CO May/Sep 2011
US N530KD : Rogers Helicopters at Fresno, CA from Oct 11; w/o 14mar+
0049FF 1987 US N911VC : 2004. w/o 11mar07 Haena Hawaii, 1 fatality
2011 brought from Hawaii to Mesa, AZ; left for Idaho wh+
0058FF 1994 CL H184 : Ejercito, to CC-CVH
CL CC-CVH : Chile, to N58FF
US N819BP : BP Aviation at Tampa, FL Dec06-Apr12
NZ ZK-HIP : Helisika Agricultural Ltd, New Zealand from Jun12
0063FF CL H185 : w/o 21sep00
0064FF CL H186 : wfu to N64FF
0067FF 1989 CL H188 : Ejercito, sold
CL CC-CVO : Chile, to N67FF
US N67FF : Summit Helicopter at Pacoima, CA from Sep05; 2017 Welk+
0079FF MX XC-PFV : Policia, test serial N1607Y
MX XC-PEP : Policía Estatal Preventiva (PEP); w/o 13mar17 , struck+
0081FF MX XC-PFY : Mexico, test serial N1608H
US N530MD : Smokey Mountain Helicopters at Yorklyn, DE Aug05-Mar11
Air 1 Sandpoint Helicopters Inc at Las Vegas, NV Apr1+
CA C-GWLR : Ascent Helicopters from May15
0082FF MX 1131 : FAM as BRE-1131
0083FF MX 1132 : FAM as BRE-1132
0086FF MX 1133 : FAM as BRE-1133
0087FF MX 1134 : FAM as BRE-1134, test serial N52166; w/o 10oct16 at Tam+
0088FF MX 1135 : FAM as BRE-1135
0089FF MX 1136 : FAM as BRE-1136
0092FF MX 1137 : FAM as BRE-1137
w/o 06apr17 San Bartolo, Huehuetoca
0093FF MX 1138 : FAM as BRE-1138
0094FF MX 1139 : FAM as BRE-1139
0095FF MX 1140 : FAM as BRE-1140
0096FF CL H189 : ex N52247
0097FF CL H190 : ex N52248. wfu to N97FF
0098FF CL H194 : ex N5226F. w/o 20oct04
0099FF CL H192 : ex N5225A. wfu to N199FF
0100FF CL H193 : ex N5225L. wfu to N900FF
0101FF CL H191 : ex N52257
0102FF CL H195 : ex N52262
0103FF CL H196 : ex N52281. wfu to N303FF
0104FF CL H197 : ex N5229N
0105FF CL H198 : ex N5229Y. wfu to C-GDMH
0106FF MX 1144 : FAM as BRE-1144, MD530MG; crash 17feb09
US N530FT : Infinity Transport Consultancy Inc at Henderson, NV Jun+
NZ ZK-HAS : New Zealand
0107FF MX 1145 : FAM as BRE-1145, MD530MG
0108FF MX 1146 : FAM as BRE-1146, MD530MG; w/o unk
0109FF MX 1147 : FAM as BRE-1147, MD530MG
0110FF MX 1148 : FAM as BRE-1148, MD530MG
0111FF MX 1149 : FAM as BRE-1149, MD530MG
0112FF MX 1150 : FAM as BRE-1150, MD530MG; w/o unk; scr by Feb09
0113FF MX 1151 : FAM as BRE-1151, MD530MG; sold
0114FF MX 1152 : FAM as BRE-1152, MD530MG; w/o 15oct04
0120FF CL H131 : Ejercito from 1997
0121FF MX 1153 : FAM as BRE-1153, MD530MG; w/o 28may11
0122FF MX 1154 : FAM as BRE-1154, MD530MG; w/o 15oct04
0123FF MX 1155 : FAM as BRE-1155, MD530MG
0124FF CL H132 : Ejercito from 1997
0125FF CL H133 : Ejercito, ex N9208Z; w/o 26mar10, 2 injured
0126FF CL H134 : ex N92264
0127FF CL H135 : ex N92275
0128FF CL H136 : Ejercito, ex N92266
27mar14 pictured at Santiago during FIDAE 2014. Co Iman+
48 C/N.                 continue at MD Helicopters MD530F

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