MBB Bk117



Powered by two Lycoming LTS 101-650B-1 engines.

List of Operators of MBB Bk117A-1

From Organisation with model Bk117A-1
germany MBB
    Bk117 331 1979/92
germany ADAC Luftrettung GmbH
    Bk117 16 1983/   
spain Guardia Civil
    Bk117 9 1983/   
germany DRF Luftrettung
    Bk117 1984/   
south africa Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag
    Bk117 9 1994/   

canada Canadian Ambulance Services
usa PHI Inc
usa State of North Carolina
Construction Numbers on database of Bk117A-1


Construction Numbers

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7002 1983 DE D-HBKD : MBB, to N39180
US N39180 : MBB USA, to N122LF
US N122LF : Geisinger Medical Center at Danville, PA canc Dec97, +
DE D-HLFR : bk117b2 B-2 type, to C-FKCM
CA C-FKCM : Stars Aviation from Dec05, B-2D type
CA C-FKCM : STARS from Mar11
7004 US N39183 : USA, test serial D-HBKF
ID PK-XKA : Indonesia, to PK-FGW
ID PK-FGW : Surya Air, BK117A-4 type
7005 1982 DE D-HBKG : MBB BK117A-1 type toward D-HDAC
DE D-HDAC : ADAC, conv to A-1,A-3,A-4 and B-2 types
bk117b2 BK-117B-2 type from 1994/1995; Apr05 Christoph 6; Aug06+
7006 US N39184 : MBB Corp; to HK-3081P
CO ARC-218 : Colombia Navy d/d Dec.05; conv A-3; ex HK-3081P
7007 1983 DE D-HBKI : from 1983 toward 1989
FR F-GMBB : from 1989 toward 2000
DE D-HMBB : from 2000 toward 2000 (Eurocopter)
DE D-HBUR : from 2005
IT D-HBUR : Freeair/Elitaliana 2008; conv A-3, B-1, C-1 and B-2
7008 ID PK-NZH : to D-HDDD
DE D-HDDD : bk117b2 Air Rescue Austria (ARA) Jan03, b2 type
AT OE-XAS : Air Rescue Austria (ARA) Dec04
7009 1983 DE D-HBKK : bk117a3 MBB Rescue Demonstrator mar87, BK.117A-3 type, all red +
DE D-HBKK : bk117b2 ADAC; Jan10 type:B-2 Christoph Murnau
Oct11 type:B-2 Christoph 22
21jun16 at Christoph 62 Bautzen
NZ ? : Airwork NZ at Ardmore by May18
7014 1983 US N135CP : ex N3919B; conv to A-3 type; canc May12
NZ ZK-HQC : Airwork NZ from Sep12
7015 US N3926P : MBB Corp, test serial D-HBKQ
US N117HH : Hartford Hospital at Hartford, CT, 117A3 type; LIFE ST+
7016 DE D-HMUZ : ADAC Luftrettung; w/o 23aug85, Christoph 26 NWK Sander+
7017 1984 US N317RM : USA, test serial D-HBKS
US N951AM : to N365CH
US N365CH : to N627AM
US N627AM : Rocky Mountain Holdings Llc at Englewood, CO Jun99-Dec+
NZ ZK-HNP : BK117-850D2 Airwork NZ from Mar15, conv to 850D2
7018 ID PK-NZG : Indonesia, test serial D-HBKT
DE D-HDRG : DRF Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht 2002-2004, B2 type
AT OE-XAR : Air Rescue Austria, lsd DRF 2004-2012
DE D-HAID : DRF Luftrettung from Oct12
19jul15 /Christoph53 parked blown off in severe weather+
7020 DE D-HBKV : MBB, to N3928U
US N3928U : N113 ntu, to N271
US N271 : to N789JW
US N789JW : bk117a4 A-4 type, canc Dec97
CA C-GBNH : Eurocopter Canada Dec97-Jul99; A-4D type conv to B-2D
CA C-GBNH : Stars Aviation from Dec99
CA C-GBNH : STARS from Apr11
7022 1983 DE D-HBKX : MBB toward N39281
US N39281 : bk117a3 MBB corp.(not confirmed) ex D-HBKX toward N117UV
US N117UV medical helicopter : PEGASUS ex N39281 toward EC-EZT to dec90
ES EC-EZT : Helicsa from 1991 to 2003 ex N117UV toward D-HTIB
DE D-HTIB Elbe Helicopters : bk117b2 Elbe Helicopters ex EC-EZT from 2003 to 2006?, toward n+
7027 1984 US N39257 : USA, test serial D-HBMB
CJ Systems Aviation Group at West Mifflin, PA
Jun88, conv to Bk117A3 type
US N39257 : STAT MedEvac
US N117LC : Air Methods Corp from Mar10
7028 1983 DE D-HBMC : MBB, to N3926D
US N3926D : to C-GALI
CA C-GALI : bk117a3 Alc Airlift, A-3D Type, canc Sep87
CH HB-XSG : Rüdisühli Helitransport Oct87-Mar99
DE D-HHTA : Heli Transair, noted May01
CA C-GCPH : bk117b2 Stars Aviation Canada from Nov01, B-2D type
CA C-GCPH : STARS from May11
7029 ES HU.22-01 : 09-201, conv to a-3 ?
7030 1994 US N3926M : USA, test serial D-HBME
US N922US : to N922CJ
US N922CJ : STAT MedEvac
US N922CJ : to N911NH
US N911NH : to N801CJ
US N801CJ : to N118WS
US N118WS : UH MedEvac, noted 2007-2009, A-3 type; canc
7031 DE D-HMUS : ADAC Luftrettung GmbH from Oct98, conv to A-3,A-4 and B+
7032 1985 US N4493U : USA, test serial D-HBMG
US N117LG : STAT MedEvac as Johns Hopkins LifeLine, Bk117A3 type; t+
US N912EF : to N913EF
US N913EF : PNC Bank NA Trustee at Pittsburgh, PA; CJ Systems Aviat+
7034 DE D-HBMI : MBB toward ZS-HMP
ZA ZS-HMP Ciskei Defence Force : CDF ex D-HBMI toward 386
ZA 386 : SAAF. ex D-HBMI
7036 DE D-HMBK : MBB, to N4493W
US N4493W : to N118HH
US N118HH : to N128HH
US N128HH : Life Star Hardford Hospital, to N485UH
US N485UH : EastCare (Vidant Health), noted 2004
US N485UH : Air Methods from May10, Bk.117A-4 type; Air Methods Ken+
7046 DE D-HBMU : MBB toward ZS-HNC
ZA ZS-HNC Ciskei Defence Force : CDF ex D-HBMU toward 385
ZA 385 : SAAF 15 sqd. ex D-HBMU
7047 IT I-MABR : Elilombarda, noted Jul98, test serial D-HBMV
US N547SW : Mercy Flight WNY from Nov07, 117A-4 type
US N507TJ : Mercy Flight WNY from Nov07
7048 ES HU.22-02 : 09-202, conv to a-3?
7050 DE D-HBMY : MBB cnvt. to type:BK117A-3 toward C-GMCL
CA C-GMCL ALC Airlift Canada Inc. : from Sep85 ex D-HBMY toward N507AL
US N507AL ? : from Mar91 ex C-GMCL toward N401PH
US N401PH : PHI from May93 ex N507AL toward N911WJ
US N911WJ Martin County Fire Rescue : Martin County Fire Rescue from Aug98 ex N401PH w/o 16De+
7051 1985 US N44932 : USA, test serial serial D-HBMZ
US N117CJ : STAT MedEvac /Angel Two
US N117CJ : Key Equipment Finance Inc at Superior, CO; Merrill Lync+
Ge Business Financial Services Inc at Danbury, CT from+
US N117CJ : Air Methods Apr12-May15, BK117A-4; canc
7053 DE D-HBNA : MBB toward ZS-HND
ZA ZS-HND Ciskei Defence Force : CDF ex D-HBNA toward 384
ZA 384 : SAAF 15 sqd. ex D-HBNA
7054 1984 ZA ZS-XBV : South Africa, test serial D-HBNB
LS LDF-27 : Lesotho Defence Force Air Wing 27apr85-May86
ZA ZS-HRP : South Africa, to N8765J
US N8765J : PHI Oct94-Oct14, 117A-4 type
US N8765J : Midwest Medflight, op by PHI; noted 2002-2007 white-red+
US N8765J : WellmontOne Air Transport, op by PHI; green-blue livery
IL 4X-BDN : Israel from Oct14
7055 ES HU.22-03 : 09-203, conv to a-3?
7056 1985 DE D-HBND : bk117b2 ADAC; 2007 Christoph 22
7059 1985 DE D-HBNG : MBB 1985
US N159BK : MBB Corp
US N271 : USA, to N236KH
US N236KH : Canal Air Llc at Danbury, CT Aug06-Sep13, A3 type
Helifleet 2013-01 Llc at Danbury, CT Sep/Dec 2013
NZ ZK-IED : New Zealand from Mar14
Precision Helicopters Ltd from Oct14 at Urenui, NZ; w/o+
7060 1985 US N160BK : MBB Corp, test serial D-HBNH
US N138HH : bk117a4 Rocky Mountain Holdings Llc at Englewood, CO from Jun96+
US N138HH : Hartford Hospital at Hartford, CT as N127HH LIFE STAR a+
7071 1986 DE D-HQQQ : DRF; Oct10 type:B-2 Christoph 42
34 C/N.

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