MBB Bo105



List of Operators of MBB Bo105CB-2

From Organisation with model Bo105CB-2
germany MBB
    Bo105 1967/92
united kingdom Bond Aviation Group
    Bo105 1977/??
germany Landespolizei
    Bo105 1978/06
sudan Sudan Police
    Bo105 8 1978/   
chile Fuerza Aerea de Chile
    Bo105 9 1985/08
argentina Modena Air Service
    Bo105 3 2010/   

chile DAP Helicopteros
germany Bundesministerium des Innern
spain Cuerpo Nacional de Policia
united kingdom UK Police Forces
united kingdom UK Air Ambulances
Construction Numbers on database of Bo105CB-2


Construction Numbers

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S-321 1977 DE D-HJET : 1977 LeBourget, France
UK G-BFYA : conv 105DB-2 type; Helicopter Hire Ltd 1982-1986; Verit+
UK G-BFYA : Sterling Helicopters 1995-2011; to Police; 19mar05 pict+
UK G-BFYA : 2001 EAAA first helo, replaced by G-EYNL same year
UK G-BFYA : Police, from Sterling
UK G-BFYA : Alan Mann Feb11-Jul14 May12 stored
UK G-BFYA : Sterling Helicopters Jul14-Jun15
UK G-BFYA : Apr15 departing by road from Norwich as G-EYNL did a fe+
Wessex Aviation from Jun15
16aug15 at Biggin hill
S-325 DE D-HBOC : Polizei Baden-Wurttemberg
DE D-HBOC : Air Lloyd Deutsche 2004-2007
DE D-HBOC : Heli Cargo Helicopter Service from 2007
S-326 DE D-HBOD : Polizei Baden-Wurttemberg
DE D-HBOD : Air Lloyd Deutsche 2004-2005; w/o unk
S-331 1977 DE D-HDJI : MBB toward 600
SD 600 : Police ex D-HDJI
S-332 1977 DE D-HDJJ : MBB toward 601
SD 601 : Police ex D-HDJJ
S-333 1977 DE D-HDJK : MBB toward 602
SD 602 : Police ex D-HDJK
S-334 1977 DE D-HDJL : MBB toward 603
SD 603 : Police ex D-HDJL
S-335 1977 DE D-HDJM : MBB toward 604
SD 604 : Police ex D-HDJM
S-336 1977 DE D-HDJN : MBB toward 605
SD 605 : Police ex D-HDJN
S-337 1977 DE D-HDJO : MBB toward 606
SD 606 : Police ex D-HDJO
S-338 1977 DE D-HDJP : MBB toward 607
SD 607 : Police ex D-HDJP
S-415 DE D-HBOE : Polizei Baden-Wurttemberg
DE D-HBOE : Air Lloyd Deutsche 2004, to OK-IAN
CZ OK-IAN : Heliwork CZ, Czech Rep 2005 CB-4 type
S-416 1979 DE D-HDMO : Bundesministerium des Innern, KatSchutz
UK G-NAAB : Bond Helicopters Mar/Aug 1999; Bond Air Services Aug99-+
UK G-NAAB : Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance (DSAA) 1999-2007
UK G-NAAB : Bond Air Services Oct10-Dec11, to Germany
UK G-NAAB : 2013 preserved Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Institu+
S-670 1987 DE D-HDUL : to Spain CASA c/n S4-670 as ECT-702
US N5029H : PHI from 1987
US N911RS : Acadian Air Medical 1998
Sep13 to Argentina
AR LV-GID : Flight Express SA, Argentina from Oct13, CB-4 type
S-679 1984 DE D-HDUU : MBB toward Spain EC-704
ES EC-704 CASA : 105cb-4 CASA c/n S4.679 ex D-HDUU toward N679S cnvt. to CB-4
US N679S : 105cb-4 MHC ex EC-704; 1988 new toward HK-3402X
CO HK-3402X : 105cb-4 ex N679S
S-680 1984 DE D-HMUC : POLIZEI Bayern built by CASA c/n S-4.680. in 1987 cnvt.+
NO LN-OBV : Airlift AS Apr06-Mar07, to AeroService AB
NO LN-OBV : Heli Support AS, noted 2008
S-697 1985 ES EC-DXD : Policia from 1985, test serial D-HDVK; conv CASA Bo105C+
S-698 1985 ES EC-DXH : Policia from 1985, test serial D-HDVL; conv CASA Bo105C+
S-699 1985 ES EC-DXI : Policia from 1985, test serial D-HDVM; conv CASA Bo105+
S-700 1984 DE D-HDVN : MBB
ES EC-DYM : Policia from 1986; conv CASA Bo105CB-4 S4-700
S-707 1984 ES EC-DYN : Policia from 1986, test serial D-HDVU; conv CASA Bo105C+
S-710 DE D-HDVX : MBB, to CASA Spain as c/n S4-710
CL H-66 : fach d/d 1985, to CC-CHR
CL CC-CHR : DAP/Pivcevic, conv to CB-4 type; Aero Rescate
S-720 1985 ES EC-ECI : Policia from 1987, test serial D-HDRH; conv CASA Bo105C+
23 C/N.

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