Sikorsky s-58 H-34





From Organisation with model S-58C
usa New York Airways
    4 1956/58
usa Chicago Helicopter Airways
    8 1956/67
belgium Force Aérienne Belge
    7 1963/78

    s-58 H-34
Construction Numbers on database of S-58C


Construction Numbers Help Us

58-310 1956 US N876 : Sikorsky S-58C c/n 58-310, ff?; del New York Airways as+
US N876 : sold Chicago Helicopter Airways as N876, unk
PG P2-PDM : sold Helitrans, Papua-New Guinea as P2-PDM, 16Sep75, so+
58-324 1956 BE OO-SHG : Sikorsky S-58C, c/n 58-324, ff?; del Sabena NV at the S+
BE B9 : taken on charge Belgian Air Force, Heli Flight, Koksijd+
58-333 1956 BE OO-SHH : Sikorsky S-58C, c/n58-333, ff?; del to Sabena NV at the+
BE B10 : taken on charge Belbian Air Force, Heli Flight, Koksijd+
DE D-HAUE : ferried from Koksijde to Oedheim, Germany, 31Jan78; reg+
58-341 1956 US N877 : Sikorsky S-58C c/n 58-341; del New York Airways as N877+
58-350 1956 US N878 : Sikorsky S-58C c/n 58-350, ff?; del New York Airways as+
US N878 : sold Chicago Helicopter Airways as N878, unk
BE OO-SHQ : leased to Sabena NV, Brussel, 11Jun63; delivered Brusse+
BE B14 : sold to Belgian Air Force, 13Dec67; cancelled from the +
DE D-HAUC : ferried from Koksijde to Oedheim (Germany), 31Jan78; re+
58-356 1956 BE OO-SHI : Sikorsky S-58C, c/n 58-356, ff?; del to Sabena NV at th+
BE B11 : taken on charge, Belgian Air Force, Heli Flight, Koksij+
1973 pictured at Zolder as B11/OT-ZKK
DE D-HAUF : ferried from Koksijde to Oedheim, Germany, 22Mar78; reg+
58-363 1956 BE OO-SHK : Sikorsky S-58C, c/n 58-363, ff?; del to Sabena NV at th+
58-388 1956 BE OO-SHL : Sikorsky S-58C, c/n 58-388, ff?; 27Dec56 del to Saben+
BE B12 : ex SABENA; Belgian Air Force d/d 08may63 Heli Flight,+
DE D-HAUD : ex SABENA, ex Belgian Air Force; 22Mar78 ferried from +
1979 pictured (top) at Frankfurt; 1991 pictured (bot) +
58-395 1956 BE OO-SHM : 1958 pictured at Brussels, note the modified S-58 nose
Sikorsky S-58C, c/n 58-395, ff?; handed over to Sabena +
IT OO-SHM : leased to Elipadana SpA, Milano, as OO-SHM, operated se+
BE B13 : taken on charge Belgian Air Force, Heli Flight, Koksijd+
(OT-ZKM) displayed at Musee Royal de l Armee, at least +
58-410 1957 BE OO-SHN : Sikorsky S-58C, c/n 58-410, ff?; del Sabena as OO-SHN, +
IT OO-SHN : lsd Elipadana, Italy, as OO-SHN, 1960, rtnd SABENA.
JP JA7067 : sold Asahi Helicopters, Japan as JA7067, 20Sep60; w/o I+
58-420 1957 US N879 : Sikorsky S-58C, c/n 58-420, ff:?; del New York Airways +
US N879 : sold Chicago Helicopter Airways as N879, unk; w/o as Fl+
This crash led to CHA developing pressurized blades wi+
58-432 1957 BE OO-SHO : Sikorsky S-58C, c/n 58-432, ff?; del Sabena as OO-SHO, +
1958 pictured at Brussels with Bell 47 OO-SHW
FR F-OBON : sold Compagnie Gyrafrique, as F-OBON, 20Apr60
FR F-BNON : sold Gyrafrance as F-BNON, Apr66;
US N8399 : sold City Electric (US) as N8399, unk; sold Imperial Ai+
August 1969 appears in film footage of Woodstock Music +
US N81TA : sold Trans Alaska Helicopter as N81TA, by Jan76
US N58MS : sold M. H. Schaffer as N58MS, Dec79; NTSB: "16Jan80: +
US N81TA : sold Heli-Crane as N81TA, unk; status unk.
58-449 1956 US N403A : Sikorsky S-58C, c/n 58-449, ff?; reg Sikorsky as N403A,+
US N420A : rereg Sikorsky as N420A, unk;
US N868 : del Chicago Helicopter Airways as N868, 14Apr58;
US N868 : rtnd Sikorsky as N868, Jan64; NTSB: "21Feb68: Deckers C+
58-462 1957 US N865 : Sikorsky S-58C, c/n 58-462, ff?; del Chicago Helicopter+
US N58KK :
58-519 1957 US N866 : Sikorsky S-58C, c/n 58-519, ff:?; del Chicago Helicopte+
I was the USAF pilot receiving a checkout in this airp+
58-534 1957 US N867 : Sikorsky S-58C, c/n 58-534, ff?; del Chicago Helicopter+
58-836 1958 US N869 : Sikorsky S-58C, c/n 58-836, ff?; del Chicago Helicopter+
BE OO-SHP : lsd to Sabena as N869, 11Jun63; del Brussels 24Jun63; r+
BE B15 : sold Belgium AF, 13Dec67; del Heli Flight-Koksijde, as +
DE D-HAUG : sold Meravo Luftreederei as D-HAUG, 23Mar78; ferried fr+
DE D-HAUG : Dec13 reported in the UK to be rebuilt to airworthiness+
17 C/N.

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