Saunders Roe Saro P.531
united kingdom Army Air Corps

Del'd: 3 - 1961 to 1963

Short trials life for the P.531-2 before being reworked in to pre-production Scout AH.1s

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

s2/5311 1959     XP166: AAC Scout AH.1 prototype; 1960 reworked from P.531-2 to pre-+
Westland G-APVL: P.531-2 as second tranche of prototype, with 1050shp Br+

- G-APVL: Aug02-Aug10 2 private owners; 11jul09 pictured (pic1) a+

- ZK-HJG: private at Wanaka, New Zealand from 17feb11; 13may11 ch+

27mar16 pictured (pic2) at Wings Over Wanaka
s2/5312 1959     XR493: Reworked from P.531-2 to pre-production version Scout AH.1 (+
Westland G-APVM: P.531-2 built at Eastleigh as second tranche of prototy+

Converted to pre-production Scout AH.1 at Hayes in 1960+

Westland Feb62-Oct68

Royal Air Force of Oman 8040M: preserved at Royal Air Force Oman Museum at Seeb
s2/8444 1961     XR436: ah.1 Reworked from P.531-2 to pre-production version Scout AH.1 a+
Westland XR436: P.531-2 built at Hayes, for evaluation by Indian Govern+
3 C/N.