Sikorsky S-76
brazil BHS Taxi Aereo

Brazilian Helicopter Services Taxi Aereo Ltda

1992 to present

BHS Taxi Aereo S-76

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    76-0546 s-76c     PR-BGE: BHS
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FCHC: S-76C+ type; CHC, lsd HS-HTK

Thai Aviation Service HS-HTK: TAS Mar04
    76-0602 s-76c 2005     PR-BGG: BHS 2010
Sikorsky Helicopters N71078: S-76C+; Nov05-May06

CHC Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BIV: CHC Nigeria 2006-2009

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FGDO: CHC Feb09-Mar11

- ?: at Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico from May18
    76-0570 s-76c 2004     PR-BGJ: BHS 2012
Sikorsky Helicopters N7093W: S-76C+; Sikorsky Aug/Nov 2004

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GHRW: CHC Dec04-Jan05

CHC Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BHF: CHC Nigeria 2005-2011

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GHRW: CHC Nov/Dec 2011
    76-0603 s-76c 2006     PR-BGO: BHS from Aug12
Sikorsky Helicopters N71134: S-76C+

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GHRI: CHC Helicopters Apr/Sep 2006

- D2-EVS: Angola 2006-2009, lsd CHC

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GHRI: CHC Global Ops Jan10-Jul12
    76-0625 s-76c     PR-CHA: S-76C++ type; BHS ex N80761
    76-0004 s-76a 1979     PR-CHB: BHS, ex C-GIME
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GIME: to PR-CHB
    76-0632 s-76c     PR-CHC: S-76C++ type; BHS ex N80378
    76-0636 s-76c     PR-CHD: S-76C++ type; BHS ex N80467
    76-0642 s-76c 2007     PR-CHE: Keystone S-76C++ type; BHS ex N4NQ
    76-0657 s-76c     PR-CHF: S-76C++ type; BHS ex N4505G
    76-0658 s-76c     PR-CHG: Keystone S-76C++ type; BHS ex N658A
    76-0670 s-76c     PR-CHI: S-76C++ type; BHS ex N4514K
    76-0674 s-76c     PR-CHJ: S-76C++ type: BHS ex N4513G
    76-0687 s-76c 2007     PR-CHK: BHS from Oct08
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FRHF: S-76C++ type, test serial N2585B; CHC Aug/Sep 2008

CHC Global Dec15-Oct16; Nov16-Nov17 for sale. TTAF: 6,+

- C-FRHF: Rotor Maxx Support Ltd at Parksville, BC from Nov17; Va+
    76-0160 s-76a 1981     PR-CHL: S-76A+ type; BHS ex ZS-RJS
- C-GHJG: conv S-76A+ type, to G-BSEW

Bond Aviation Group G-BSEW: Bond Helicopters Apr90-Jan97, ex C-GHJG

CHC Helicopters Nigeria 5N-DOS: CHC Nigeria, ex G-BSEW

CHC South Africa ZS-RJS: CHC South Africa, ex 5N-DOS

- D2-EXF: lsd tmp from ZS-RJS
    76-0711 s-76c 2008     PR-CHM: BHS 2008-2015
- N757Y: Keystone S-76C-2 type; Wells Fargo Bank Apr/Oct 2008

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FWOX: CHC Global Oct/Nov 2008

CHC from Nov15

18jan16 at Boundry Bay, Delta, BC
    76-0187 s-76a     PR-CHN: S-76A++ type; BHS ex C-FIHD
- C-FCHG: ex N62WW

Thai Aviation Service HS-HTG: TAS Jul97-Sep99


Thai Aviation Service HS-HTD: TAS from Mar00
    76-0657 s-76c     PR-CHO: BHS
    76-0743 s-76c     PR-CHP: Keystone S-76C-2 type; BHS ex N743N
    76-0734 s-76c 2008     PR-CHQ: BHS from Jul09
- N677X: Keystone S-76C-2 type; Wells Fargo Bank Oct08-Apr09

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FXFK: CHC Jun/Jul 2009
    76-0213 s-76a 1981     PR-MCH: BHS Nov06-Sep12
- F-GHIN: ex N26PP, to G-BVNX

Brintel Helicopters G-BVNX: Brintel May94-Oct96


Thai Aviation Service HS-HTX: TAS Oct96-Mar04

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GIMX: CHC from Feb11

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