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    bolivia Fuerza Aerea Boliviana

    Bolivian Air Force

    1975 to ??

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    C/NBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    2420     FAB-722: FAB d/d 1979
    2422     FAB-723: FAB d/d 1979
    2426 1975     FAB-724: FAB d/d 1979, to N27443
    Roberts Aircraft Company N27443: USA

    Roberts Aircraft Apr02-Aug04

    - C-GLXZ: Dwayne Air Ltd at Dewinton, AB Jul99-Apr02

    Akagi Helicopter JA6588: Akagi Helicopter Sep04-Oct16; wfu; ( typo err as JA6558+

    - JA6588: 31dec17 photographed 88 at Arlington, WA, USA
    2543     FAB-730: FAB HB.315B type; GA51 w/o 04oct09
    Helibras : Helibras c/n HB2003, HB315B Gaviao
    2541     FAB-735: FAB HB.315B type; w/o 01nov99
    Helibras : Helibras c/n HB2002, HB315B Gaviao
    2619     FAB-739: FAB HB.315B type; w/o 07dec87
    Helibras PT-HNA: Helibras c/n HB2005, HB315B Gaviao
    2626     FAB-740: FAB HB.315B type
    Helibras PT-HNB: Helibras c/n HB2006, HB315B Gaviao

    - CP-2215: Bolivia, ex air force
    2630     FAB-741: FAB HB.315B type
    Helibras PT-HNC: Helibras c/n HB2007, HB315B Gaviao