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German Army Aviation

2006 to present

Heeresflieger NH90 TTH

The first three NH90 were handed over on Dec 13 2006 at the Eurocopter's Donauworth facility. The aircraft serialed 78+02,78+03 were flown to Buckeburg to commence aircrew training.  the third serialed 78+05 was delivered to Fassberg were it is being used to train maintenance personnel. 
As of 2011, 11 have been delivered. The program was delayed and have thrown up technical problems and the orders were cut from the original 122 to 80.
On February 2015, the 35 NH90 fleet was grounded after a design flaw was discovered by technicians investigating the explosion of a German NH90 engine in Uzbekistan last June.

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Safran 7-Years Contract to Support German NH90, 17-May-17 : Safran signed a 7-year contract to support RTM322 engines of around 100 NH90 (82 TTH and 18 NTH) operated by the German Army (Heer) and German Navy (Marine)

German NH90 On Their Way to Mali, 31-Jan-17 : HEER NH90 to Mali by An-124

Germany Deploying Helicopters in Mali, 12-Jan-17 : The German Army deploying 4 NH90 and 4 Tiger helicopters to Mali under UN Mission MINUSMA replacing Dutch Chinook and Apaches. Will remain in country until Mid-2018.

Rheinmetall to upgrade NH90 Bundeswehr Trainer, 27-Apr-15 : Simulation and Training business unit of Rheinmetall awarded by Germany’s defence procurement agency an upgrade of the NH90 Cockpit Trainer to IOC+ configuration with additional software modules

First three NH90 TTH to German Army, 13-Dec-06 : The first three NH90 TTH were handed over to the German Army at Eurocopter Donauworth facility on December 13th, 2006.


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2006/nowHFWS Celle-Wietzenbruch

Construction Numbers Help Us

C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    1001     78+01: HEER 1001/TGEA01 Apr08 ex 98+91
    1006 2005     78+02: HEER 1006/TGEA02 (temporarily serial 98+92) d/d 13dec06 to H+
Eurocopter Germany 98+92: Eurocopter/NHi; 20may06 pictured at ILA 2006 in Berlin
    1009     78+03: 1009/TGEA03 d/d 13dec06; 2009 HFWS
Eurocopter Germany 98+93: Eurocopter Germany; 10sep06 Tag der Heeresflieger as 7+
    1014 2006     78+04: HEER 1014/TGEA04; 2008 HFWS
Eurocopter Germany 98+94: Eurocopter toward 78+04
    1017     78+05: HEER 1017/TGEA05 d/d 13dec06; 2011 instructional airframe
    1026     78+06: HEER 1026/TGEA06 Feb08
    1030     78+07: HEER 1030/TGEA07; May08 HFWS
    1035     78+08: HEER 1035/TGEA08; Feb08 HFWS
    1037     78+09: HEER c/n 1037/TGEA09; Jan13 HFWS
    1052     78+10: HEER 1052/TGEA10, ex 98+94; Apr11 HFWS
    1059     78+11: HEER 1059/TGEA11; 2013 HFWS
    1061     78+12: HEER 1061/TGEA12
    1065     78+13: HEER 1065/TGEA13; Apr11 HFWS
    1068     78+14: HEER 1068/TGEA14; 2010 Berlin Air Show (ILA 2010) as 342
    1073     78+15: HEER 1073/TGEA15; Feb12 THR10
    1077     78+16: HEER 1077/TGEA16; Feb12 THR10
    1083     78+17: HEER 1083/TGEA17
    1085     78+18: HEER 1085/TGEA18
    1099     78+19: HEER 1099/TGEA19; May14 was 98+49
    1172     78+32: HEER TGEA32
    1003     79+01: HEER 2011
Eurocopter Germany 98+91: TTH GEAF01; Eurocopter/NHi, to 79+01
    1095     79+02: HEER 1095/GEAF09 2010, ex 79+09
    1043     79+03: HEER 1043/GEAF03; 79+03; then 98+97 for testings
    1137     79+05: HEER 1137/GEAF12
    1138     79+06: HEER 1138/GEAF13, ex 79+13; 2012 HSG64
    1139     79+07: HEER 1139/GEAF14; 2012 HSG64
    1031     79+24: HEER
Eurocopter Germany 98+93: TTH GEAF002; 07sep13 at Fassberg

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