Bell 206
japan Keisatsu-chō

National Police Agency

1979 to present

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1991/13Tottori prefectural police aviation unit Tottori airfield
1987/09Okayama prefectural police
1986/96Toyama prefectural police aviation unit Toyama airport
1985/98Wakayama prefectural police aviation unit
1981/    Kyoto prefectural police aviation unit
1974/    Kanagawa prefectural police aviation unit

List of Aircraft

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

52337 206l-4 2006     JA07KP: Kanagawa police from Jan07
Mitsui Bussan Aerospace N7512R: Mitsui Texas Sep06-Jan07, test serial C-GLZQ
52209 206l-4     JA31MP: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Keishichō from Nov98, test serial+
52197 206l-4     JA33MP: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Keishichō from Nov97, test serial+
51377 206l-3 1990     JA6024: Fukui prefectural police Sep90-Jan12
- VH-CWQ: Reid Heliwork Pty Ltd at Emerald, QLD from Dec12
51385 206l-3     JA6025: Kochi Prefecture Police Oct90-Nov11
51482 206l-3 1991     JA6099: Tottori Prefecture Police Sep91-Oct13
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FKPY: Bell Canada Jul/Oct 1991

- VH-ANC: Air Precision Pty Ltd from Jul16
51574 206l-3     JA6125: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Keishichō Mar93-Dec13
- ZK-ILT: New Zealand from Nov14

T & P Williams, New Zealand Feb15

w/o 25jan19 hit high tension power Lines north of Taup+
52031 206l-4 1993     JA6134: Miyagi Prefectural Police Dec93-Oct15, test serial N7059H
- N206TL: Turbines Ltd at West Point, NE from Apr16

Jul/Nov 2016, sold Bell 206 1993; Empty Weight: 2809 L+
52096 206l-4 1994     JA6148: Kyoto police from Dec04
- 9M-BCA: Malaysia ntu, Bell serial N87680

Mitsui Bussan Aerospace N41062: Mitsui Texas Aug/Dec 1994
52136 206l-4 1995     JA6171: Osaka police Dec95-Jun14, test serial N2123E
Hawker Pacific VH-EGD: Hawker Pacific from Apr15
52144 206l-4     JA6172: Niigata Prefectural Police Nov95-Jul02; w/o 12jun02
52145 206l-4     JA6173: Kanagawa police Nov95-2011, test serial N64050
52147 206l-4 1995     JA6174: Fukuoka Prefectural Police from Nov95
Mitsui Bussan Aerospace N64049: Mitsui Bussan Aerospace Sep/Nov 1995
898 206b-2     JA9092: Kyoto police Mar94-May96
1013 206b-2 1973     JA9103: Osaka Police Aug73-Jul96
- N5789X: USA from Dec97, to N727WZ

- N727WZ: to N206SA

Coastal Helicopters N206SA: Universal Aviators Academy at El Monte, CA Jan10-Feb14

Coastal Helicopters at Camden, DE from Mar14
1343 206b-2     JA9130: Kanagawa police Nov74-Jun96
1529 206b-2 1974     JA9140: Fukuoka Police Aug75-May96, Bell serial N47073
- N7250E: private Bakersfield, CA from Nov97
1530 206b-2     JA9141: Niigata Prefectural Police Aug75-Jun96, test serial N47042; +
1998 206b-2     JA9157: Hyogo Prefectural Police Sep76-Nov97
2205 206b-2     JA9178: Hokkaido police Nov77-Jul98
2411 206b-3     JA9205: Saitama Prefectural Police Sep78-May00
2414 206b-3     JA9206: Osaka Police Sep78-Aug01
2417 206b-3     JA9207: Shizuoka Prefecture Police Sep78-Jul01; wfu
2548 206b-3     JA9216: Akita prefectural police 1979-2001
2693 206b-3     JA9237: Hokkaido police Jul79-Oct01
- N96AZ: to N97AZ

- N97AZ: Arizona Helicopter Adventures Llc at Sedona, AZ from Ma+
3371 206b-3 1981     JA9299: Kyoto police Sep81-Apr03
- N712EB: to N928LA

- N928LA: Executive Helicopters at El Centro, CA from Mar10
3646 206b-3     JA9329: Fukushima Prefectural Police Jul82-May04
- N946M: Bemer Aviation at Glastonbury, CT
3643 206b-3 1982     JA9330: Kanagawa police Jul82-Mar07
- N364M: Global X Group Apr/May 2008

national army of guyana GDF-2: Guyana
3648 206b-3     JA9331: Hiroshima Prefectural Police Jul82-Apr04
3797 206b-3 1984     JA9388: Hyogo Prefectural Police Dec96-May06
osterman helikopter SE-JKP: Osterman Helicopter from 2007; pictured at Linkoping-M+

- SE-JKP: Heliair Sweden; w/o 09jan14 during power lines control
3878 206b-3 1985     JA9413: Wakayama police Aug85-Jul98
- N38KK: K K Aircraft Intl at Wilmington, DE Dec12-Jan08

- SE-HJJ: HeliAir Sweden 2008
3879 206b-3 1985     JA9414: Miyagi Prefectural Police Aug99-Apr07
- N96JJ: Avitech at Bellevue, WA Jul/Nov 2008

Guardian Helicopters C-FRGK: Guardian Helicopters at Calgary, AB -Jan13

- C-FRGK: Aero Support Canada Inc at London, ON Oct13-Jun14

State of Oregon N206HA: Hillsboro Aviation at Hillsboro, OR Jul/Dec 2014

US Department of State N206HA: State Dept Jan/Nov 2015; to Colombia as unk
3922 206b-3 1985     JA9424: Tochigi Prefecture Police Mar86-Aug99, test serial N3194J; t+
- N28BE: USA 2000-2008

- C-FTXZ: Westcan Aircraft Sales & Salvage Ltd at Kamloops, BC Ap+

- N28BE: Avitech at Bellevue, WA Jan08-May10

- C-GBUX: Westcan Aircraft Sales & Salvage Ltd at Kamloops, BC 1+

- N28BE: private at Magnolia, TX Sep09-Oct10

- 5X-AUK: Uganda from Nov10
51182 206l-3 1986     JA9440: Saitama Prefectural Police Oct86-Aug10, test serial N3212K
- N31KK: K K Aircraft International Inc at Wilmington, DE 11-17 +

- VH-NPI: Paton Air Pty Ltd at Maindample, VIC from Apr12

Jan19 still
3942 206b-3 1986     JA9444: Ishikawa police Sep86-Sep99
- C-GXBH: Bailey Helicopters Ltd at Fort St John, BC Apr09-Nov18

Embark Enterprises Inc at Sundre, AB from Nov18
51214 206l-3     JA9499: Okinawa Prefectural Police Dec96-Apr09
- N107KK: K K Aircraft Intl at Wilmington, DE 19/31Aug10

- SE-JJU: Sweden from 2010
51224 206l-3 1987     JA9706: Okayama prefectural police Nov87-Jan09
- VH-ONI: Forest Air Helicopters (Aust) Pty Ltd from 2003

pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport

Paton Air Pty Ltd from Mar17
51259 206l-3 1988     JA9774: Osaka Police Nov88-Jun12, test serial N911SB
- SE-HVJ: Fiskflyg from Dec12
51263 206l-3 1988     JA9776: Nagano Prefectural Police Jan89-Sep14
- VH-BYJ: HM Aircraft Holdings Pty Ltd at Kununurra, WA from Jun1+

pictured on display at the 2015 International Airshow +
51262 206l-3 1988     JA9778: Kagawa Prefecture Police Dec88-Oct98
- N50KK: K K Aircraft International Inc at Wilmington, DE 2011

Osborne Helicopters Inc at Wilmington, DE May11-Apr13

- VH-OSS: Australia from May13; Osborne Aviation Services Pty Ltd+
51302 206l-3 1989     JA9844: Tokushima Prefecture Police Nov89-Jul11
- VH-ANL: Australian Native Landscapes Pty Ltd from Sep12