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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    3699 as350b3     CS-HIA: Autoridade Nacional de Protecção Civil op by Everjets /26 +

    - I-HORT: Italy, to CS-HIA
    3702 as350b3     CS-HIB: used in DECIF2017 based at Santa comba dão
    EliFriulia I-HPLC: Elifriulia, op for Sistema Regionale Antincendio Bosch+

    - EC-NJR: Spain 2020
    3940 as350b3     CS-HIC: Everjets; used in DECIF2017 based at Guarda
    EliFriulia I-HBLU: Eli Friulia, test serial F-WWPE
    4243 as350b3     CS-HID: Everjets; used in DECIF2017 based at Baltar
    - SE-JJP: AS350B3+; Sweden, test serial F-WWXB

    - I-DION: Icarus Elicotteri Jun09
    3507 as350b3     CS-HIG: Everjets; used in DECIF2017 based at Vila Real
    Air Service Center I-AMVN: Air Service Center, noted 2006

    - EC-MYU: at Miguel Barros Heliport in all grey color scheme
    3342 as350b3     D-HAUO: Everjets, lsd Meravo for DECIF2017; at Fafe heliport
    Meravo Air Shipping Company Ltd D-HAUO: Meravo from Oct05, test serial F-WQDN

    HeliBravo D-HAUO: HeliBravo 2005; firefighting
    3170 as350b3     D-HAUW: Everjets, lsd Meravo for DECIF2017; based at Covilhã
    Meravo Air Shipping Company Ltd D-HAUW: Meravo Mar99
    3400 as350b3     D-HCLA: Everjets, lsd SP for DECIF2017; based at Castelo Branco
    S.P. Helicopter-Service GmbH D-HCLA: S.P. Helicopter Service GmbH 2001

    HeliBravo D-HCLA: HeliBravo / Helicopter Service GmbH 2002
    2814 as350b2     D-HCOL: Everjets, lsd; as /24, operated for Portuguese Gov during+
    Meravo Air Shipping Company Ltd D-HCOL: Meravo, test serial F-WYMI
    3124 as350b3     D-HDAN: Everjets, lsd SP for DECIF2017; Jul17 based at Vale Cambra
    S.P. Helicopter-Service GmbH D-HDAN: S.P. Helicopter Service GmbH Jul02

    HeliBravo D-HDAN: HeliBravo 2004; firefighting
    2827 as350b2     D-HERI: Everjets, lsd SP for DECIF2017; 11jul17 pictured as /42 at +
    - N60972: RTS Helicopter Services at Montvale, NJ Jan/May 1995

    S.P. Helicopter-Service GmbH D-HERI: S.P. Helicopter Service GmbH Oct05

    HeliBravo D-HERI: HeliBravo 2005
    2727 as350b2     D-HMMW: Everjets, lsd from SP for DECIF2017; 02aug17 pictured as /41+
    S.P. Helicopter-Service GmbH D-HMMW: S.P. Luftbild GmbH Sep93, test serial F-WYMT

    HeliBravo D-HMMW: HeliBravo 2002
    4066 as350b3 2006     F-HADE: Everjets, lsd Mont Blanc for DECIF2017; based at Figueiró +
    JCE Helicopteres F-GSYG: JCE / Heli Challenge at Tallard May06, test serial F-WW+

    - EC-JSV: Spain, May06-May09

    Mont Blanc Helicopteres F-HADE: Mont Blanc Helicopteres from May09
    3215 as350b3 1999     HB-ZSE: Everjets, lsd for DECIF2017; based at Coimbra
    Heli-Europe F-GTBE: Helipaca Feb00-Dec05

    Heli-Europe 2006

    Mont Blanc Helicopteres F-GTBE: Mont Blanc Helicopteres Apr14-Feb15

    swift copters sa HB-ZSE: Swift Copters from Feb15
    4389 as350b3     OE-XHE: Austria
    - I-AMVH: Italy, to TC-HFD

    - TC-HFD: Turkey, to OE-XHE
    4512 as350b3 2008     OE-XHG: Austria
    - SE-JKT: AS350B3+ type; Sweden, to G-IHDC

    - G-IHDC: Rockfield Aviation Nov08-Mar09

    - G-IPLG: Rockfield Aviation Mar09-May10

    - G-VGMT: Arianne Developments Ltd, Dublin, Ireland May/Oct 2010

    - TC-HSN: Turkey, to OE-XHG
    3812 as350b3     OE-XHP: Everjets; Aug17 used in DECIF2017 based at Ribeira de pena
    Wucher Helicopter OE-XHP: Wucher Helicopter

    Wucher Helicopter; pictured at Perpignan
    4136 as350b3     OE-XPP: Everjets; Aug17 as /34, op for Portuguese Gov fire fighting +
    Helicopter Travel Munich D-HHHH: HTM 2006, test serial F-WQDC

    Helicopter Travel Munich OE-XPP: Austria 2007
    7148 as350b3 2011     OE-XTM: HTM Austria
    3414 as350b3 2001     OM-XBC: Slovakia; Oct16 with "Autoridade Nacional Protecção Civil+
    Air Grischa Helikopter AG HB-ZDD: Beroco AG Jun01-Dec08, test serial F-WQDY

    Air Grischa Dec08-Jun09

    Fuchs Helikopter HB-ZDD: Robert Fuchs AG Jun09-Nov11

    Eagle Helicopter AG HB-ZDD: Eagle Helicopter Jan/Apr 2011

    - OE-XBC: Hubschraub-air True Colors GmbH Austria from Apr12; can+

    - OM-XBC: SennAir Helicopter ?; at Sennair Zell am see, Austria