Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation ca-32 kiowa
australia Fleet Air Arm (RAN)

Del'd: 6 - 1973 to 2000

This Australian licence built version of the Bell 206 Kiowa replaced the Westland Scout in hydrographic survey work for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Although 6 airframes were used over the period, only 3 were on strength at any one time and only two of these had continuous service with the RAN. The other was initially written off after nearly 4 years and it was replaced by a series of loaned airframes from Australian Army Aviation. The story is further complicated in that two of these replacements (N17-005 & N17-006) were Bell-sourced but CAC-assembled models. The other 4 were all CAC built. The loaned airframes were eventually returned to the Army at various times and in Aug 2000, the remaining 3 Kiowas were transferred to Army use.

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1973/00723 Squadron Nowra


FFG Adelaide class
AO Moresby class

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

44505     N17-005: 723 Sq, RAN; Transferred to Australian Army as A17-005
Australian Army A17-005: type: Commonwealth CA-32 Kiowa
44506     N17-006: 723 Sq /896 until ; Transferred to Australian Army as A17-00+
Australian Army A17-006: type: Commonwealth CA-32 Kiowa
44513     N17-013: 723 Sq /892 until ; Transferred to Australian Army as A17-01+
Australian Army A17-013: type: Commonwealth CA-32 Kiowa
44531 1975     N17-031: 723 Sq /031 until ; Transferred to Australian Army as A17-03+
Australian Army A17-031: type: Commonwealth CA-32 Kiowa

- VH-JJP: Pentridge Pty. Ltd. as VH-JJP from Apr19
44532 1975     N17-032: 723 Sq until ; Transferred to Australian Army as A17-032
Australian Army A17-032: type: Commonwealth CA-32 Kiowa

- VH-XKY: Code Black Pty. Ltd. as VH-XKY from May19
45549     N17-049: 723Sq /890 until ; Transferred to Australian Army
Australian Army A17-049: ex Navy N17-049.