Del'd: 13 - 1979 to present

Agusta AB212
greece Elliniko Polemiko Nautiko

Hellenic Navy

Elliniko Polemiko Nautiko AB212

Initial batch of 11 ASW airframes began to arrive in 1979 for a phased replacement of the Alouette III, as the MEKO 200 Frigates began to enter service. These examples were equipped with a surface search radar and a Bendix dunking sonar for shipborne anti-submarine and anti-surface duties. Two further Electronic Warfare examples were acquired in 1981. The type has been part-supplemented, part-replaced by the S-70B Aegean Hawk.

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1979-    Dioikisi Elikopteron Nautikou Kotroni


FF Hydra class
FF Kortenaer class
L Jason class

List of Aircraft

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org
5178 ab212ew PN11
5179 ab212ew PN12
5138 w/o 1996 ab212asw PN21 w/o 31jan96
5139 ab212asw PN22 Hellenic Navy
5145 ab212asw PN23 Hellenic Navy; pictured at Tatoi during Athens Fly Week
5157 w/o 1980 ab212asw PN24 w/o ?
5159 ab212asw PN25 Hellenic Navy; Sep.07 pictured as /25 with 1MEN/AB212 Sminos at Marathon/Kotron...
5160 ab212asw PN26
5168 w/o 1982 ab212asw PN27 w/o 20apr82
5174 w/o 2016 ab212asw PN28 Hellenic Navy; 14aug08 pictured at Tanagra airbase (LGTG) during Archangel 2008....
5180 ab212asw PN29
5181 ab212asw PN30
5182 ab212asw PN31 Hellenic Navy; 18sep05 pictured at Archangel 2005 airshow

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