Agusta ab212 in italy Polizia di Stato

Italian Police

Del'd: 24 - 1976 to present

Polizia di Stato ab212

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1997/    2 RV Milano Malpensa
1983/    5 RV Reggio Calabria
1976/    1 RV Pratica di Mare
4 RV Palermo/Boccadifalco
6 RV Naples Capodichino
3 RV Bologna

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    5557     MM80742: PS-42 ex PS-51; 1998 1RV
Agusta Spa -: converted from Bell 212 c/n 30709
    5558     MM80743: PS-43. ex PS-52. ex Bell 212 c/n 30711
Agusta Spa -: converted from Bell 212 c/n 30711
    5621     MM80746: PS-46. ex PS-53
    5622     MM80750: PS-50. ex PS-54
Austrian Air Force 5D-HZ: Possible 5D-HZ ?
    5671     MM80755: Polizia PS-55
    5672     MM80756: Polizia PS-56
    5673     MM80757: Polizia PS-57
    5674     MM81642: Polizia PS-60
    5676     MM81647: Polizia PS-70
    5833     MM81648: Polizia PS-80
    5834     MM81649: Polizia PS-81
    5835     MM81650: Polizia PS-82
    5837     MM81651: Polizia PS-89; 1997 2RV
    5838     MM81652: Polizia PS-93
    5839     MM81653: Polizia PS-94 Esercitazione Grifone 2017
    5840     MM81654: Polizia PS-95
    5841     PS-100: Polizia; 1998 1RV
    5842     PS-101: Polizia PS-101
    5843     PS-102: Polizia; 1998 1RV
    5844     MM81660: Polizia PS-103
    5845     MM81665: Polizia PS-104 With Chief of Italian Police Alessandro Pansa
    5846     PS-105: Polizia PS-105; 22jul10 pictured at Rende (CS)
    5847     PS-106: Polizia
23 C/N.

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