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    italy AgustaWestland Italy

    2000 to present


    AgustaWestland (now Leonardo) is part of the NH Industries consortium.

    Here we list manufacturer test serials numbers

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    New Plan for NH90 Customer Support, 28-Apr-21 : #NH90 NH Industries (Airbus, Leonardo and Fokker) prepared a joint situation report and outline a transformation plan to deliver a new overhaul helicopter support concept for the NH90

    Qatar Delegation Visited Leonardo, 16-Feb-21 : Qatar delegation visited Leonardo plant in Varese, Italy to review progress in the AW169 and NH90 assembly lines

    First Flights for Qatar NH90s, 24-Dec-20 : #Qatar The two variants of Qatar’s future helicopter NH90 completed maiden flights in France and Italy

    First Italian Army FOC NH90TTH delivered, 02-May-13 : AgustaWestland Venice Tessera plant delivered the first NH90 TTH in FOC (Final Operational Capability) configuration for the Italian Army

    New NH90 deliveries to Italians Army and Navy, 19-Dec-11 : Italian NH90 final Assembly Line, located at Venice Tessera completed its first year of operations and celebrated the joint delivery of an NH90 TTH to the Italian Army and an NH90 NFH to the Italian Navy

    Norway Takes Delivery of Its First NH90, 02-Dec-11 : In a ceremony held at AgustaWestland Vergiate facility was delivered the first NH90 NFH to Norway

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    1002 tth 2004     CSX81517: 1002/GITA01; Esercito E.I.200, at AgustaWestland
    Italian Army  Aviation MM81517: Arrived inside AN124 for altitude certification

    3 Reggimento di Aviazione

    International HEMS Congress
    1192 tth     CSX81547: 23aug14 pictured (pic1) (pic2) at the Jesolo International +
    Italian Army  Aviation MM81547: GITA31 Esercito E.I.230

    25 Gruppo Squadroni “CIGNO” - Italian Army Aviation+
    tth 2019     CSX81562: Leonardo; in primer colour scheme
    Italian Army  Aviation MM81562: GITA46 UH-90A /ITAR46 Esercito E. I. 245
    tth 2019     CSX81564: Leonardo Italia Callsign ITAR48
    Italian Army  Aviation MM81564: GITA48
    tth 2020     CSX81565: Leonardo Italia Callsign ITAR49
    Italian Army  Aviation MM81565: GITA49

    Exercise APT II/2020
    tth 2020     CSX81566: Leonardo Callsign ITAR50
    tth 2020     CSX81568: Test Flight
    E.I. 251
    1004 nfh 2005     CSX81577: 440004/HITN01; AgustaWestland 2006; 2011 still
    01 CSX81577 CSX81577 3-01 CSX81577 01 CSX80577/01 CSX81577/01
    Italian Navy MM81577: Marina 3-01

    50th Base Anniversary

    02dic18 on board Caio Duilio at Leghorn harbour

    Night flight
    1024 nfh     CSX81579: 440024/HITN03; flight display at Le Bourget 2009
    Italian Navy MM81579: Marina 3-03, test serial CSX81579; 2010 SAR-Meet German+

    thirtieth anniversary of the constitution of the Stazio+

    H27 on right door
    nfh     CSX81607: M.T.81607 test in Verona
    Italian Navy MM81607: HITN31 Marina 3-32 ex MT81607/Leonardo

    nfh     CSX81609: test trials
    Italian Navy MM81609: HITN33 Marina 3-34

    Marina 3-34 o/o

    At Leonardo Facility

    Onboard Flagship Nave Carabiniere

    still onboard Flagship Carabiniere
    nfh     CSX81610: Leonardo
    Italian Navy MT81610:
    nfh     CSX81611: Leonardo Italia
    Italian Navy MM81611: HITN26 Marina 3-36, type SH-90A MT81611

    Seen near Caorle (Venice)

    Test flight still at Leonardo facility Tessera (Venice)
    nfh 2020     CSX81613: Next Marina Militare
    Italian Navy MM81613:
    nfh 2020     CSX81630: MH-90A Leonardo Italia
    Italian Navy MM81630:

    1088 nfh 2007     CSX81697: at Frosinone with AgustaWestland for conversion from MOC (+
    CSX81697 CSX81697 / N-08 CSX81697/N-088 N 088
    Royal Netherlands Navy N-088: 1088/NNLN01. 440058. Agusta CSX81697. Dutch Navy 088

    handed over in ‘Meaningful Operational Capability (M+

    modified with anti-piracy kit by Eurocopter Deutschland+

    deployed aboard Zr.Ms De Ruyter from Den Helder on 20 J+

    Fist Dutch NH90 operational deployment during EU off So+

    Returned to MLD by 2018 as N-088

    Deployed aboard Zr.Ms Groningen during visit to Devonpo+

    ranged on deck of ZrMs Johan de Witt while leaving HMNB+
    1227 nfh 2010     CSX81730: AgustaWestland Italy, to N-227
    Royal Netherlands Navy N-227: 1227/NNLN07; Dec08 asg 860 Sqn stored; pre-delivery loa+

    NRN d/d at De Koy

    Approach performed. Callsign Guardian21

    Refuelled before continuing towards Hyères, France

    Feb/May 2013 860Sqn. operation Atalanta embarked Hr.Ms.+

    pictured at Luchtmachtdagen airshow, Volkel

    2014 conv to LIRH by AgustaWestland; Oct17 asg 860 Sqn +

    Type reference "M.T. 81730" instead of "CSX 81730"
    nfh 2020     CSX82012: First Test Flight
    CSX82012 QA266 PROVA 20 PROVA20
    Qatar Emiri Air Force ?: o/o
    PT1 1995     MMX612: 2009 pictured as NFH type on Paris Le Bourget Air Show, no t+
    Eurocopter France F-ZWTH: Eurocopter f/f 15dec95
    PT5 2001     MMX613: Fifth and last prototype of the NH-90, dedicated to the deve+