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    united kingdom Army Air Corps

    Del'd: 64 - 1958 to 1967

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    C/NBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    S2/7154 1960     8024M: Jul 1968 to RAF Binbrook as G I Airframe, until c Jun / Jul +
    - XN348: at Bückeberg helicopter museum by Apr 1974, still ther+
    S2/3070 1958     XK482: Skeeter 7 returned to SARO Apr 1957 for conversion AOP.12 standard and+
    - G-BJWC: ex XK482; reg G-BJWC during Nov 1982 to a private owner+

    exported to Australia; to Tyabb, Vic for restoration by+
    S2/5064 1958     XL734: ff May 1958 to AAC Jun 1958, Trials airframe, early in its s+
    S2/5066 1958     XL735: AOP.12 to British Army May 1958
    S2/5067 1958     XL736: AOP.12 built by Saunders Roe, del Aug 1958.
    - XL736: held privately at Moordrecht; Holzerlingen, nr Stuttga+

    stored at IHM Weston-super-Mare, May 2011. Still there +
    S2/5068 1958     XL737: ff 20 Jun 1958, del AAC Helicopter Training Flt Aug 1958
    S2/5069 1958     XL738: AOP.12 del AAC Sep 1958; HTF; 651 Sq
    S2/5071 1958     XL739: AOP.12 Built by Saunders Roe del AAC Sep 1958
    S2/5074 1958     XL762: AOP.12. Appeared at 1958 SBAC Farnborough Air Show, dd AAC S+
    Museum of Flight, East Fortune XL762: Acquired by Museum of Flight, . Still present 2013.
    S2/5075 1958     XL763: AOP.12 del AAC Sep 1958; 2 Div; 654 Sq; Air Troop 15/19 Huss+
    s2/5076 1958     XL764: dd Sep 1958 to Eastleigh and on to Army Air Corps at Middle +
    Newark (Notts & Lincs) Air Museum XL764: Sold in and displayed at Nostell Priory.

    To Newark Air Museum in Jul 1980, where it wears the co+

    pictured at Newark Air Museum
    S2/5078 1958     XL765: 651 Sq 2 Feb 1959; trials at Middle Wallop between Jul and O+
    - XL765: Saunders Roe, ff 19 Sep 1958
    S2/5080 1958     XL767: to AAC; until 1969, when sold in Netherlands
    S2/5085 1958     XL769: Del Army Dec 1958
    - G-BDNS: Restoration believed incomplete. Reg G-BDNS Jan 1976, c+
    S2/5086 1958     XL770: AOP.12 Del AAC Dec 1958.
    S2/5094 1959     XL809: AAC Skeeter AOP.12 unk to PH-SRE
    - PH-SRE: ex XL809 unk to PH-HOF

    - PH-HOF: ex PH-SRE 03may84 to G-BLIX

    - G-BLIX:

    - XL809: G-BLIX, to Sywell Oct 1988 in airworthy condition

    Flying from Biggin Hill

    to Bedford area by Oct 2015
    S2/5095 1958     XL810: while with 9 Flight in Germany, hit power cables, crashed a+
    S2/5096 1959     XL811: to AAC. 651 Sq, 652 Sq, 17 Flt., Air Troop 9/12 Lancers. w/o+
    - XL811: to Northern Aircraft Preservation Society Dec 1968

    to Historic Aircraft Museum, Southend until c May 1983+

    at Warmingham by Mar 1990

    to International Helicopter Museum, W-s-M Sep 1992. Sti+
    S2/5097 1959     XL812: AAC Skeeter AOP12 d/d 13mar59; to G-SARO
    - G-SARO: to Blackpool for restoration to flying condition, compl+

    UK private Jul78-Nov00; Nov00-Apr10

    Reg Canx by CAA 14apr10
    S2/5098 1959     XL813: to Army Historic Aircraft Flight by
    S2/5099 1959     XL814: AAC Skeeter AOP12 d/d 06mar59; AAC Historic Flight; preserv+
    S2/5103 1959     XM527: AOP.12 for AAC.
    S2/5107 1959     XM553: Skeeter AOP.12; preserved at Yorkshire Air Museum, England
    - G-AWSV: ex XM553

    to G-AWSV Oct 1968; visited Farnborough Air Show 1972
    S2/5109 1959     XM555: Skeeter AOP.12 d/d 14jul59; to 8027M; on display at NELSAM,+
    S2/5110 1959     XM556: to Flint Technical College by Nov 1972. Subsequently fitted +
    - XM556: painted in German colours as SC+117 and exhibited at Ga+
    S2/5112 1959     XM557: AOP.12 built by Saunders Roe, del Jul 1959.
    - XM557: held privately at Moordrecht Oct 1969; Holzerlingen, nr+

    stored at IHM Weston-super-Mare, Jan 2011. Still there +
    S2/5116 1959     XM561: ff Sep1959. to Army Oct 1959.
    S2/5119 1959     XM564: dd Dec 1959 to Army Air Corps; 652 Sq, CFS, 12 Flt, 652 Sq, +
    - XM564: 25jun16 at Bovington Tank Museum, Vehicle Conservation +
    S2/5120 1959     XM565: AOP.12 del Nov 1959; 651 Sq
    S2/7145 1959     XN339: ff 19 Nov 1959, to Army Dec 1959.
    S2/7147 1960     XN341: dd Feb 1960 to AAC. 651 Sq, Air Troop 3 RTR, soc c 1970
    Royal Air Force XN341: arr 4 SoTT as 8022M at St Athan by Jul 1968, until sold+

    In static display at Chivenor Air Show 1970

    - XN341: To Stondon Transport Museum, Lower Stondon, since at le+

    13/21 Sep15 for sale on Ebay from seller in Shrewsbury,+

    Stands on a roof of a dumpstore in Maasbracht, Holland +
    S2/7150 1960     XN344: 652 Sq by Oct 1960; 654 Sq by Apr 1962
    S2/7151 1960     XN345: AOP.12 built by Saunders Roe, del Mar 1960.
    - XN345: held privately at Moordrecht Oct 1969; Holzerlingen, nr+

    stored at IHM Weston-super-Mare, Jan 2011. Still there +
    S2/7153 1960     XN347: del to AAC at Wroughton with 15 MU (into storage ? )
    S2/7154 1960     XN348: AOP.12 Del AAC Jun 1960
    - XN348: at Bückeberg helicopter museum by Apr 1974, still ther+
    S2/7156 1960     XN350: ff at SARO May 1960
    S2/7157 1960     XN351: 651 Sq, 652 Sq, 3 RTR Air Troop, Wroughton, Shuttleworth Col+
    Torbay Aircraft Museum XN351: on loan to Torbay Aircraft Museum May 1971. Still there+

    to Wales Aircraft Museum 1980 and into restoration, to +

    Preserved in Norwich area by Jan 2014, still in Jan 201+
    S2/7158 1960     XN352: del to 15 MU into storage
    S2/7159 1960     XN353: del to SARO at Southampton, from Cowes.
    S2/7160 1960     XN354: del to AAC
    S2/7161 1960     XN355: ff 30 Aug 1960; del to AAC into storage at 15 MU.