Sikorsky S-76
united kingdom CHC Scotia

Aircraft first operated by Bond

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

760183 s-76a 1981     G-BVCX: CHC Scotia Jan05-Oct09
- N951L: N183MD ntu; Circle Business Credit at Indianapolis, IN +

Brintel Helicopters G-BVCX: Brintel Sep93-Jun99

Danish International Helicopters OY-HIW: Danish International Helicopters Jul99-Dec04

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GBVZ: CHC Oct09-May13; cancelled
760101 s-76a 1980     G-CHCD: CHC Scotia Nov00-Mar10
- YV-326C: Venezuela, to C-GIMN

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GIMN: CHC ?? , to N288SP

- N288SP: canc Nov89

Bond Aviation Group G-CBJB: Bond Helicopters Nov89-Jan98; pictured at Biggen Hill

Brintel Helicopters G-CHCD: Brintel Jan98-Jan00

Danish International Helicopters OY-HEZ: Danish International Helicopters Jan/Nov 2000

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GDVW: CHC Global from Mar10
760036 1980     G-CHCE: ex G-BOND; re-reg to CHC Scotia Apr 2001 as G-CHCE
- D2-EXJ: ex ZS-RNG; reverted to ZS-RNG

CHC South Africa ZS-RNG: ex D2-EXJ Angola, returned to South Africa

Sikorsky Helicopters N4931Y: Manufacturer test serial; to UK

- G-BOND: ex N4931Y; to G-BOND with North Scottish Helicopters, P+

to CHC Scotia, still as G-BOND by Nov 1986

Apr 1992, Accident on moving deck

CHC South Africa ZS-RNG: ex G-CHCE; to Angola
760201 s-76a 1981     G-DRNT: CHC Scotia Feb00-Oct09
- N3121G: to N3WL

- N3WL: to N3WQ

- N3WQ: to N93WW

- N93WW: canc Apr90

Bond Aviation Group G-DRNT: Bond Helicopters Apr90-May98

Bristow G-DRNT: Bristow May98-Feb00

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GBWC: CHC Oct09-Oct13
760408 s-76c 1993     G-SSSC: CHC Scotia from Oct93
Hevilift Aviation Indonesia PK-FUL: Hevilift, Indonesia by Mar16

Hevilift Australia VH-IQG: Hevilift Australia from Aug16

Sep17-Jan20, sold Sikorsky S76C 1993; Fully OGP compli+
760415 s-76c 1993     G-SSSD: CHC Scotia from Oct93
760417 s-76c 1993     G-SSSE: CHC Scotia Nov93-Sep13
Titan Helicopter Group ZS-RFU: THG, noted 2017