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    italy Aviazione dell'Esercito

    Italian Army Aviation

    Del'd: 19 - 1983 to present

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    ITALAIR performed Medevac Flight in Lebanon, 21-Jan-16 : Since 1979 italian helicopters from ITALAIR has performed more than 39,000 hours of flying in the skies of Lebanon and Israel with over 1700 medical evacuations of sick or injured people.


    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    2008/0953 GrSqdLB Naqoura
    Rimini Miramare Federico Fellini
    2008/    UN UNIFILLB Naqoura
    1990/0220 GrSqdLamezia Terme
    Salerno Pontecagnano
    1990/    30 GrSqd Lamezia Terme
    Catania Fontanarossa
    1983/    Sirio Lamezia Terme
    Elmas - Mario Mameli
    1983/    AntaresAF Herat
    1983/    51 GrSqdViterbo

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    5637     MM81117: EI-401 EX E.I. 481 Esercito E.I.401
    5638     MM81118: E.I.402 Esercito E.I.402
    5639     MM81119: Esercito E.I.403; 1992 at Malta; w/o date unk crash at Viter+
    5640     MM81120: E.I.404 Esercito E.I.404
    UN-280: Flight line

    Heavy maintenance

    Under 100 hours maintenance
    5641     MM81121: EI405 Esercito E.I.405
    UN-274: Firefighting over mined area
    5642     MM81122: E.I.406 Esercito E.I.406
    5643     MM81123: UN-281 Esercito E.I.407
    UN-281: Task Group UNIFIL ITALAIR

    One of four in flightline

    out of duty for "heavy landing"

    Embarked back to Italy
    5644     MM81124: Esercito E.I.408
    5645     MM81125: E.I.409 Esercito E.I.409
    UN-276: Angel Rescue exercise

    Carrying United Nations' general secretary Ban Ki-moo+

    In "Multitask" function in hangar

    “UNIFIL with children fly together over barriers" da+

    51° Task Group Italair night CASEVAC/MEDEVAC


    Martia II - 2019 to prepare foreign personnel for Reg+
    5646     MM81126: E.I.410 Esercito E.I.410
    UN-275: In "Multitask" function in hangar

    5647     MM81127: UN-282 Esercito E.I.411
    UN-282: from 2° Reggimento "Sirio" sixth and last AB212 p+

    41o Task Group ITALAIR (UNIFIL)

    in "Multitask" function on flightline

    Carrying 4° reggimento “Genova Cavalleria” Standar+

    one of the three in CASEVAC (CASualty EVACuation confi+

    carrying COI chief Ammiraglio di Squadra Giuseppe Cavo +

    Active (in hangar)
    5648     MM81128: UN-278 Esercito E.I.412
    UN-278: “Angel Rescue III '15” exercise

    Dutch Veterans visit

    Fly over Tyrus for forty years mission ceremony

    In General Purpose Flightline
    5649     MM81129: E.I.0413 E.I.413 Esercito E.I.413
    5650     MM81130: Esercito E.I.414
    UN-283: united nations ITALAIR UNIFIL

    Under "heavy" (100/250 hours?) maintenance

    MEDical EVACuation Fjian Blue Beret

    UNIFIL Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) Simulation

    International Day of UN Peacekeeper

    Fly over Tyrus for forty years mission ceremony

    Active (in hangar)
    5183     MM81498: Esercito E.I.415
    5205     MM81499: E.I.416 Esercito E.I.416
    5206     MM81500: E.I.417 Esercito E.I.417. Embargoed Iraq Army
    5207     MM81501: Esercito E.I.418
    5208     MM81502: E.I.419 Esercito E.I.419

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