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  • UNIFIL United Nations

The United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon started in March 23, 1978 and is renewed by United Nations Security Council annually

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News of UNIFIL

ITALAIR performed Medevac Flight in Lebanon, 21-Jan-16 : Since 1979 italian helicopters from ITALAIR has performed more than 39,000 hours of flying in the skies of Lebanon and Israel with over 1700 medical evacuations of sick or injured people.


1979/    LB Naqoura


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2008/    Aviazione dell'Esercito AB212
2008/    Marina Militare Italiana AB212
2008/    Aeronautica Militare Italiana AB212
2007/09Aviazione dell'Esercito AB412
1979/08Aviazione dell'Esercito AB205

UNIFIL List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
4015 ab205a : United Nations ITALAIR UNIFIL
Italian Army  Aviation MM80445 : Esercito E.I.255; United Nations ITALAIR UNIFIL; w/o 26apr68 at Carpegna (+
6970 as365n3+ 2013 ? : Aug18 UNIFIL Lebanon
National Search and Rescue Agency HR-3601 : Badan SAR Nasional, ex HX-3601
5650 ab212 MM81130 : united nations ITALAIR UNIFIL
Italian Army  Aviation MM81130 : Esercito E.I.414
3121 ab204b UN-237 : United Nations ITALAIR UNIFIL
Italian Army  Aviation MM80391 : Esercito E.I.237. EM-1 type
3159 ab204b UN-247 : Unifil Italair
Italian Army  Aviation MM80401 : Esercito E.I.247. EM-1 type
4125 ab205a-1 UN-276 : UNIFIL ITALAIR
Italian Army  Aviation MM80528 : Esercito E.I.276. ESC-3 type. 2 Reggimento
: E. I. 276 34 gr.sq. "Toro" /4 RALE operation GRIFONE 2011
5644 ab212 UN-279 : UNIFIL ITALAIR
Italian Army  Aviation MM81124 : Esercito E.I.408
: in painting hangar before Lebanon deployment
5643 ab212 UN-281 : Task Group UNIFIL ITALAIR
Italian Army  Aviation MM81123 : Esercito E.I.407
: w/o stored with UN 281 marks
5647 ab212 UN-282 : 41o Task Group ITALAIR (UNIFIL)
Italian Army  Aviation MM81127 : Esercito E.I.411
: 2° Reggimento dell’Aviazione dell’Esercito “Sirio”
4178 ab205a-1 1972 UN-299 : UN 299 "Asso di cuori" special color: one of four "aces" lasts AB205 to le+
Italian Army  Aviation MM80551 : Esercito E.I.299. ESC-3 type. 25 Gruppo
: exercising on duty at 55 GrSq Dragone
: still UN 299 UNIFIL marks, 2° reggimento di sostegno AvEs. Orione
4386 ab205a-1 UN-353 : 24feb18 asg UNIFIL, in Naqoura, Libano; Asso di Picche
Italian Army  Aviation MM80724 : E.I.353 AB205A 53 Gruppo Sqd Cassiopea
: 2008 Esercito E.I.353. united nations ITALAIR UNIFIL as UN-353
: at Casarsa for Change of Command Ceremony
: in Casarsa, referred still on service


mar-78LB UNIFIL / NorAir / ItalAir

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